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LG Lucid Receiving Update to VS840ZV9, Adds Security Patches and Removes Remote Diagnostics

LG lucid update

The LG Lucid on Verizon has an approved update on the horizon as build VS840ZV9, its first since January. The update implements “multiple Android security patches,” updates several bloatware apps, and removes Verizon’s Remote Diagnostics tool, a somewhat surprising move. We aren’t sure if the removal is because they no longer want to support the Lucid or if Remote Diagnostics hasn’t worked out as planned. Either way, we’re never disappointed when apps that allow companies to 3rd party-join and control your device are killed.

Typically when support docs arrive we see an update within a week. The update is 80.7MB in size.

More info.

  • peacock

    Hey the update sucks. Can no longer screenshot (at least not the old way), my takes a whole ten seconds to lock after I’ve hit the lock button, and there is not longer a widget you can add to homescreen to quickly amd conveniently change screen brightness.

  • Simon Belmont

    Shame they never updated this to Jelly Bean. It’s stuck on ICS.

    The hardware can EASILY run Android 4.3, but even Android 4.1 would have been nice. Oh well.

  • BaconEater

    LG What??

    • Sixto Manuel Hernandez

      LG Lucid is LG G2 big brother

  • Apostrafee


    • Trevor

      ,said no one ever.

  • iYokleezus

    Soooooo this receives an update before the Moto X? If I ever meet Lowell McAdams in person *POW*