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Google Launches Shopping Express App for Android, Still an SF to San Jose Exclusive

Google Shopping Express

If you reside in the Bay Area, San Francisco to San Jose to be exact, you should check out Google Shopping Express. The service offers same-day delivery on any type of goods you might need from the store. If your schedule doesn’t allow for the time it takes to pick up essentials from any number of exciting vendors, Google will gladly do it for you. Before now, there was no app to handle the service, but that all changes today for Android users. 

Starting today, users can order everything they need right through the app, set up a drop-off time, and that’s it. Super simple. The vendor list is quite large, ranging from Target and Walgreens, to more niche stores like Guitar Center and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. If you haven’t tried their coffee yet, then now would be an excellent time to order it.

If you have yet to sign up, installing the app and tying it to your account will snag you six months of membership for free.

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    Intriguing …

  • teejaycard

    It’s “a” not “an” Tim, YOU’RE WELCOME! 😛

    • Actually it is an for acronyms and abbreviations that start with a letter than is pronounced with a vowel sound first. So “an ess eff to…” is actually correct.

      • teejaycard

        Ahhh I just wanted to post something haha. Thanks though!

  • Between this, Seamless, and Chase quick deposit, you theoretically never need to come in contact with another human ever again. (Provided you’re self employed via the interwebz)

    I can see this being huge here in NYC

  • burn baby burn

    Kozmo take 2

  • runner30

    Google making apps for the common man

  • Ray Gray

    So i cant get my package delivered to Oakland damn you google lol

    • Will

      Same here, I work in SF but live in the East Bay. 🙁

  • rthvk

    Oh, the irony…

    Google ships to Apple HQ.

  • NexusPhan

    Google is on an extreme roll today. Coders now have their schedules clear to put the finishing touches on 4.4!
    Motorola would say we’re “days” away from seeing the invites for the Nexus 5/Kit Kat press conference go out.

  • CasperTFG

    Same-day Massengill delivery for iPhone users. San Jose is a happy place.

    • Bigsike

      That’s fresh..

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