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Dead on Arrival 2 Launches for Android, Features Non-stop Zombie Massacre Greatness


Finally exiting the beta stages, Dead on Arrival 2 for Android hit Google Play today. The game is your ticket to a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Naturally, your character is the last person that can “take the world back for the living, one bullet at a time.” 

The game features a full-on Survival mode, co-op multiplayer mode, plus a ton of customizable weapons and modifications. And for all of you Tegra-powered device owners, there are a few extra graphic-related goodies in there for you too.

The game is free to download right from Google Play, so go start killing the undead.

Play Link

  • hard pass

    The googleplay reviews are lackluster at best

  • mgamerz

    This game is DoA.

  • Is it just me, or does it feel like you are hurting your chance at success when you name a game “Dead on Arrival”?

  • moe6

    I find myself, for the past few months, ignoring anything free to play. I understand the allure of cash-whales, but they’ve left such a horrible distaste in my mouth, as a gamer my whole life on multiple platforms, as more often than not free to play games particularly on mobile platforms come crippled or are of poor quality.

    For example, I bought Punch Quest plus 2 IAP’s because the game was /worth it/. It was good, had great design, was perfectly suited to touch controls. I still play it every now and then even.

    This isn’t me saying that this game isn’t good though, just an observation.

    • youre right most of the time

      What about shadowgun deadzone? Completely free, lacks ads, and it pure awesome!

  • Too great. Its amazing that trailer. I look forward to its official release date. surely this is a big surprise

  • michael arazan

    I need a new zombie game like I need another hole in my head…. brb, getting a power drill

  • Pontefy

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  • Ray

    It was released onto the Play Store almost a week ago.

  • KleenDroid


    • hkklife

      I’d be even more excited if this was Dead Trigger 2 already!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh… Doesn’t feel the same getting games right away. I like games that Apple pays for exclusvies for under the table.

    • john

      i see what you did..hilarious..ha..ha..not