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Bigger Deal: New Nexus Phone, Android 4.4, Google Watch, or Something Else?

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Invites haven’t gone out or anything, but we’d be shocked if Google wasn’t preparing for some sort of Fall event to unveil Android 4.4 “Kit Kat,” a new Nexus phone (likely the Nexus 5), and potentially even a smartwatch (internally known as “Gem”?) or new Nexus 10. We know for sure that Android 4.4 is coming, and that a Nexus 5 has already stopped by the FCC, but other mysteries remain.

For example, what will Kit Kat bring that was worthy of an entire name change? Will there be massive UI changes, new services that we have yet to unravel, or something else under the hood that will magically make updates easier for OEMs? And what about that Nexus 5 that we seem to think we know so many details for? Will Google still find a way to surprise us? Will the price be as shocking as that attached to the original Nexus 4?

And let’s not forget that beyond the new Nexus phone and Android 4.4, there is a chance we see even more. Are you excited to see what Google can do with a smartwatch or have you seen enough from that niche thanks to Pebble and Samsung? Does something like a Nexus 10 refresh have you all hot and sweaty? Does Google have something else up its sleeve that we haven’t quite put our fingers on?

In the poll below, give us your quick vote as usual, but then take to the comments to tell us which new potential Google announcement you are most excited for.

Bigger Deal: New Nexus Phone, Android 4.4, Google Watch, Nexus 10 or Something Else?

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  • M

    The Nexus 5, Nexus 8 and 11 were all early year conspiracy theory rumors. The Nexus 5 is now real.

    What are the chances that the Nexus 8 and Nexus 11 will also be released?

  • Russell Sprague

    a new Nexus 4 would be a big deal.

  • Oli72

    Nothing like having a nexus 4 phone and getting a nexus 5 for business phone. Drop sprint in February with to T-Mobile and bought nexus 4 $300 for phone $60 for bill. Awesome move.

  • Jeff

    If Google doesn’t carry the Nexus 5 at all major carriers including Verizon, they aren’t really committed to being a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. They are just satisfied to be second string and not really playing in the major leagues.

  • KitKat by far, especially since I might not get another phone anytime soon …

    • cwillen

      I think that’s the key factor in whether people voted Kit-Kat or Nexus 5. If you just got a GS4, HTC1, G2, etc and have no plans on getting a new phone, Kit Kat is key.

      However, if you’re like me, and weren’t impressed by the Nexus 4, and have been waiting patiently on your disturbingly outdated VZW Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 5 couldn’t come out soon enough.

      However, both are pretty exciting.

  • Eric
  • KG

    Something Else- GPE Note 3, so I can get that vanilla goodness on my Verizon Note 3

  • Edward

    the biggest deal or announcement for this year would be that Motorola comes out and says all 2013 devices and also late 2012 devices will receive android 4.3 and i might get a heart attach if they said “were upgrading your device to android 4.4 Kit Kat ! ” ! o !

  • Jeff Badger

    I voted for KitKat 4.4 because I’m curious as to how Google continues on the path of getting updates to consumers without the need of OEM or Carrier approval. Ultimately, this is the most important thing for Android (at least in my mind). Let’s hear more about the new things in Google Play Services that all users, regardless of gadget, can enjoy.

  • duke69111

    I voted nexus 5, but I wonder if the Chromecast is released from beta during the announcements.

  • Bojan Tomic

    I would like a new design, because dark holo is getting old. It’s been 2 years. And every other Google app has white design now, so it wouldn’t make sense to leave everything else dark.

  • Hothfox

    New Nexus is what I’m most ready for. I’ll be F5-ing to try and get in on the first batch. I’m ready to jump ship to AT&T.
    After that, a new Nexus 10. I’m ready to replace my Xoom with something fresh and faster.

  • Droidzilla

    For me it’s the Nexus 5 hands down, but that’s just because the wife broke one of our Nexus 4s and I gave her mine, so I’m now without a phone and will purchase the 5 sight unseen.

  • NorCalGuy

    Well because I am not leaving Verizon any time soon I am holding for something to replace my gnex that is unlockable and has dev support. I know the maxx and x and have dev editions that are unlockable but they have almost noting happing I believe they both have debloated ROMs with root but I have to have some AOKP or CM running I like all the custom variable of the ROMs. Hopefully this happens soon as my gnex is running buy its getting harder.

  • Snowbo13

    Biggest Deal… well let see I bet a lot of DL readers are still rocking their G-nex from Verizon because they are waiting out the 2 year contract. I know I am (my gnex is sucking at life recently). My hope is the nexus 5 has a lte chip and will be available on US Cellular or will work on US Cellular. Im done with verizon and US Cell is a lot cheaper and has the highest satisfaction rating of any cell provider. Too bad their lte speeds are way slower then big reds… oh well

    • Drew

      I agree…. I am in the midwest currently on VZW waiting till December when my contract is up. Then I’m looking at US Cellular or I Wireless (t mobile around here).

      As of now US Cellular is not getting the G2… they have the moto x though and hopefully the Nexus 5. No At&t or Verizon for me anymore.

    • Steve B

      Could be iffy because US Cellular is CDMA. I guess we’ll see.

      • Snowbo13

        I know…. my company in on US Cellular… They are currently paying me $50 a month until my VZW contract is up. I know its unlikely they will support CDMA unless they do support verizon also… but one can hope they have a sweet chip that will do everynetwork… (isnt that what apple recently did?) Maybe I might be stuck looking at the note 3, galazy 4, or moto x…. but I want another nexus.

    • Idiot Box

      I’m with you. December rolls around and bye bye Verizon. I thought about paying for a early termination fee but just said F*ck it I will wait it out. I am tired of complaining about them and tired of them locking every phone down. Yes recently they have got a few sweet phones (a little late after they were released htc one).

      Now I will wait for the announcement and see what carrier I will move to. Was on Nextel back in the day before moving to verizon in 2002 thats 11 years I have been on VZW time for a change!

  • MKader17

    The thing I cannot believe is that more people are not hypebeasting the Palm Pre like wireless charging. If google implements this it will be the biggest step for wireless charging since Palm did it. Everyone since Palm has taken a step back.

    • Dane Carpenter

      Nexus 4 charges on a Qi wireless charger. I did like how the Palm Touchstone charger had magnets that held the phone and kept it from sliding off. The Qi chargers seem to rely on friction to keep the device from sliding off.

  • zmancbr

    Since the nexus 5 won’t be on Verizon who the f**k cares about voting for it? The last poll on DL about carriers suggested that the DL community is over 75% verizon so it would seem the nexus 5 doesn’t mean anything to the vast majority of people here much like apple products.

    • Steve B

      Actually, the majority of people who voted Nexus are the same ones who are leaving Verizon this winter when the Gnex contract is up.

      • zmancbr

        I will believe it when I see it. I bet less than 10% of those people actually leave Verizon for the same reason I don’t…the other carriers coverage blows. Believe me I wish Tmobile or Sprint were up to par with their networks so I could jump ship and get a great phone at a great price and not have to pay full price for it. But I, like many others are trapped on the giant succubus that is Verizon.

        • Steve B

          You should switch purely out of principal. Verizon has you beating down so bad it’s pathetic. Sprint is a joke but both At&t and T-mobile will suffice for those who want to leave. Vote with your wallet.

          Every comment I’ve read about “I bought a Nexus 4 and switched to XYZ carrier to leave Verizon” has been highly positive. 10% is pretty low, I’d say at least 50% will follow through just because they want a Nexus and the best phone on the market.

          • KenBarnum

            I don’t care what the percent will actually be but I will be one of them… Bye bye VZW!

          • Steve B

            Can I get an AMEN?

      • a3uge

        This. I’m a Galaxy Nexus user who’s leaving Verizon for T-Mobile. Coverage is going to suck more, but I’m sick of paying $100+ a month for just over 2 GB of data when T-Mobile is $60 per month. And now I have to compromise on a new phone? I’ll take the coverage hit and the new Nexus for a switch.

        • Skittlez

          exactly. i shouldn’t have to compromise for my phone. i got the G2 now, and it’s a great device, but i can’t do things like google wallet with tap to pay, which shows that Verizon really is handicapping this thing, plus the Nexus is a lot easier to mess with as far as ROM’s and other things go. i’ll be going to T-Mobile as well, but luckily, we have awesome coverage down here.

    • Tod Cox

      I am stuck on VZW since my phone is provided and paid for by my employer. But Nexus 5 is still the biggest deal for me. I’m just showing all y’all some love.

    • chris420o

      I agree with you…why would u leave unlimited data and the best service and coverage just for the nexus…im going moto x in november(waiting on motomaker) bc its the closest thing we will get to a nexus device

      • Skittlez

        i was thinking the same thing with the whole unlimited service thing, so i bought a G2, full price, so i can still have options when my contract is up in December and i can sell this phone, but once i installed Google Wallet, i realized that it’s time to get off verizon. The fact that i can’t use the tap to pay feature, and i have NFC just shows me that you can’t get all the features of your android phone on Verizon. i couldn’t even get ISIS to work, and i would have to order another kind of SIM. and to get Wallet to work, i would have to change the buildprop. screw that. With the GNex, it was as easy as installing the APK. Luckily for me, unlimited everything on t-mobile (who has great service in the areas i frequent) for $73 is a great option, and never again will i have to post the words “please be on verizon” again. It’s time to make sure i have unlimited options, and not Verizon limiting my options.

      • PhantomGamers

        other carriers have unlimited data… i have unlimited data on tmobile and here in NYC T-Mobile’s coverage is far superior to Verizon’s. just my two cents.

        • chris420o

          I have a good family plan(i pay 50 a month) and verizon service has been good for me so i wont leave…if i got a plan by myself on t mobile im paying 80+…ill stick with 50 and lte

          • PhantomGamers

            T-Mobile has lte and I don’t see how you would be paying 80 for the same plan on tmo

    • Skittlez

      because a lot of us have a GNex, and December is when our contract ends, so seeing that it’s time for a new phone, the nexus 5 (which i know is unlikely going to Verizon, but nothing is official until it’s official) could potentially be a next phone. and just because it’s not on Verizon, doesn’t mean people can’t be excited for it. People still have options, and in December, a lot of us Verizon customers have the option to jump ship, and get the Nexus 5 on another carrier. so yes, it is something we all should still care about, also seeing that the nexus 5 will for sure be available on 3 of the 4 major carriers.

  • Nick V

    I was going to choose Android 4.4 Kit Kat, but I chose the Nexus 5,why? Because 4.4 will come with it, so I get 2 for 1! πŸ™‚

  • djab

    Seeing as I am on Verizon and likely won’t see a Nexus phone anytime soon… I am pretty excited to see what “Kit Kat” brings and I would be interested in a Google smart watch.

    • Mike White

      I’m on Verizon too but I have a Galaxy S3 so I think I’ll be up for a new phone before the S3s see Kit Kat πŸ™

  • RaptorOO7

    Having a Google Smartwatch would be cool, but I don’t see it happening yet and Google Glass is still not there. I say 4.4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 are coming.

  • Hopefully it will not cause users KitKat disappointed. The big event will lead to nowhere and make people expect the stars? Let’s wait and see

  • imra qyasif

    Kit Kat 4.4 for sure. Minor or major updates, doesn’t matter. That’s what differentiate two Android phones, whether Nexus, GPE or others, in terms of new features and hardware-software functionality..

  • The Dude

    And the G2 is a better phone than the S4 in *every* way, including the skin! Yes, LG’s skin may look garish but it has more useful options than the truckload of features in TouchWiz that no one will ever use (like multi window).

  • The Dude

    The Nexus 5 is a given.

    Priced at $350 – shocking!
    Hangouts integrates SMS+Voice – more shocking !!

    N5 on VZW – start looking for pigs outside the window !!!

  • I would say Nexus 5, but it will never come to Verizon. So I will have to go with Android 4.4…..

    • chris420o

      my logic for my choice lol

  • kyle

    Only one real big deal …..wait for it…… GALAXY NOTE 3!

    • JoshGroff

      GPE Note 3. GG;WP

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Anyone on Verizon can’t very well vote Nexus 5 because Verizon will not be getting this phone. I voted for the Nexus 10. I’m excited for that.

    • They probably shouldn’t vote for 4.4 either, because they wouldn’t get it until mid next year with Verizon dragging their feet on OS updates to devices.

    • Ian

      They can because either they are foolishly holding out hope that it will land on Verizon or they are planning to leave when it doesn’t.

    • Skittlez

      lol they clearly did. its the top vote and the majority of the site are Verizon customers

  • If Google lets me put CM from the start on Nexus 5 I’ll get the new one, if not I’ll stick to Nexus 4 πŸ˜›

    • PhantomGamers

      it’s up to the CM team, not Google. the only control really has over CM is whether or not the device ships with an unlockable bootloader, which is all but guaranteed. i guess another limitation would be when they drop the kitkat code to aosp but i can’t imagine it would be more than a few days from the OTA, if not right away like 4.3 was.

      • Ohh I meant having CM already on Nexus 5 not the current way…
        shorta like Oppo N1

        • PhantomGamers

          oh, that’s not happening XD

  • droidrazredge

    Biggest Deal Breaker: Nexus 5 not coming to Verizon
    Biggest Deal: Nexus 5 making it somehow to Verizon.
    Bigger Deal at the moment: Moto X getting Moto Maker and Jellybean 4.3 at the same time on Verizon and it only costing me 99$ on contract.

    • Tim

      You must get a lot of sleep at night…cause your’re a damn good dreamer! I would like the same though…

  • KChristainsen

    Nexus 10 all the way for me. But curious to see what the nexus 5 looks like with price. Kit Kat doesn’t sound like it will have any noticeable new features

  • duckmanbill

    Biggest deal: nexus 5 on verizon.

  • duckmanbill

    If there were massive UI changes they’d call it android 5.

  • cwillen

    If there are any UI changes in 4.4, they’re going to be minor. Google treats it’s release numbers like a REAL software company should. 4.4 is a minor release, so we may see some tweaks (i’ve seen flatter stock icons, but nothing major), but the core UI will be the same it has been since ICS. Apple knows their base user doesn’t understand the difference between minor and major updates which is why each cycle the go up 1. If they followed traditional release standards, iOS7 would really be iOS2 (or possibly 3, depending on how much weight you want to give SIRI) since it’s the first major update in UI since it’s inception.

    When they do finally release the 5.X series, it will be a completely new UI and it will be awesome.

    However, until Android 5.0, we’ll all have to live with the current levels of awesome from the 4.X series.

    • zurginator

      Also 2.2 – 2.3 – 3.0 – 4.0 were massive changes because that’s when they got Durias. 2.3 was him learning Android (it’s effectively a skin). 3.0 was where he started experimenting, and 4.0 is where he solidified the core. All the apps there were designed differently so he could figure out which way he wanted to take them. Google Now is where he solidified that. From here it’s going to be tweaks for a few years, at least until a new design trend.

      Also they don’t want to overhaul things because it will alienate developers and scatter UIs – the main reason devs like iOS is because the guidelines don’t change much.

      I mean just look at how long it’s taken to start getting decent Holo apps – Google doesn’t want to do that again if they can help it.

      • PhoenixPath


        Say what?

        • zurginator

          My god I butchered that.

          Remember kids, don’t DL at 5am!

          Post fixed.

    • JD_26

      lmao @ios2 lol… ya they wouldnt be higher than maybe 2.0.4 haha

  • Even though I loose sleep thinking about the Nexus 5 ; ) Android KitKat 4.4 is going to change almost ALL Android devices and make a huge jump forward in the right direction!

  • joejoe5709

    I would cream my big boy panties for a new Nexus 5 on Verizon.

  • Pierito

    I picked android 4.4 because I can live without a nexus device, but I need android lol

  • guest

    motomaker with wooden backs option on verizon ..

  • dNj

    I’m excited to see what Andy Rubin had been working on. Could it be the Nexus watch? Also, Chromecast supported apps. I’m guessing, Chromecast apps will be announced with 4.4

    • John Kiser

      Andry Rubin is no longer the head of android πŸ˜› He hasn’t been for like half a year or so. The head of chrome switched over to become head of android now and Rubin was moved elsewhere in the company. The current head of Android is Sundar Pichai

      • dNj

        Andy Rubin didn’t leave Google, he just moved on to a new project(s) within Google. πŸ˜› Just because he’s no longer the head of Android doesn’t mean he’s not working on other Android related projects (i.e. Google Watch)

        • John Kiser

          I never said he left he just isn’t involved with the android team anymore. Also people figure he is working in Google X (the experimental lab) he’s an inventor and likes to tinker with hardware and software so he may be coming up with random stuff like a watch sure. It is possible that he is working on hardware there like a watch or other things we may not be thinking of (google so needs to do a sports band)

  • edmicman

    Unless it’s gonna be on Verizon the next Nexus phone is irrelevant for me. Would like to see whatever notable improvements are in 4.4, and I’ve been holding out for the N10 updates as I’d like to jump on the tablet bandwagon sometime here.

    Perfect scenario?
    There’s a MotoMaker MotoX GPE edition for Verizon that come with 4.4 already and gets direct updates from Google/Motorola from there on out.

  • muddy46

    I need to upgrade my 3 year old phone so Nexus 5, 2nd place goes to the New Nexus 10 tab.

  • Zeke

    Nexus 5… so in march i can drop verizon and get on tmobile…. my rezound sucks!

  • Nick Klenchik

    I’m hoping for a 64GB Nexus 5 at launch. Yes, I’m optimistic

    • John Kiser

      16 and 32 seems most likely

  • Orion Pax

    Looking forward to Google trying to let everyone have the latest Android experience even though they may not get the actual software upgrade with KitKat 4.4. #Android4ALL

  • scotta27

    New Nexus for sure, since I just sold my VZW unlimited plan and VZW Galaxy Nexus for good money. I switched to Straight Talk (T-Mo version). I gained: much more reliable coverage (for me), faster speeds, truly unlimited service including text, and most of all a 60% reduction in my monthly bill. No early term fees and cash in my pocket = $450 in the black today, before the monthly savings. On the downside, I am limping along on an old Windows phone for a short while. So I am banking on a new Nexus that is 300-350 off-contract, and then I will be in “phone nirvana” for a few years. Go Google!

    • Tim242

      Straight Talk is far from truly unlimited. They throttle below 2GB. They forbid video streaming of any kind. You would have been better off going to T-Mobile directly

      • scotta27

        Streaming video is working just fine for me, chief. I knew that I may not be connected in the boondocks anymore (on the rare occasions when I go there) and my service may be more limited, but I am a 6 GB user in mostly metro areas and my service has actually improved (I tested this before I switched). Bottom line for me was a $50 bill versus $120. I’m happy. Except for this junk Windows phone.

        • Tim242

          Their TOS prohibits video streaming. They will harass you, and finally cancel you. See screenshot below.

          • I would guess they mean non-stop streaming marathon. Watching youtube videos now n then should be fine. Otherwise, the number (i) prohibits calls too. πŸ˜›

          • Tim242

            They are very crazy. I’ve heard and read horror stories of them harassing, throttling, and canceling people.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I wish VZW throttled LTE after `3gbs and unlimited 3g. They need to compromise.

    • J Dub

      Tell me more about selling your contract. Testing the N4 on Net10 AT&T SIM. I think it’s going to work well. Only hiccup is the ETF on 2 unlimited lines. 2 S3’s but both have cracked screens so I don’t know about how that works. Sell the contract and keep the phones to sell?

      • scotta27

        If you have grandfathered unlimited data on VZW, then that is marketable through a VZW process called Assumption of Liability. Someone else takes over your account and contract. This is totally legit, in fact Verizon has a whole department for it. Just Google Verizon Assumption of Liability. I eBay’d my account for $200, and my VZW G-Nex separately for a little over $100.

        • moelsen8

          Its a great option.. But you have to give up your phone number in the process… Something I and most others couldn’t do. I paid my ETF on Verizon and peaced out from my unlimited plan for the nexus 4 and haven’t looked back..

          • scotta27

            Very true, good point, old phone number is gone forever in this process. I nearly cried for a couple of minutes because I had my old number for 10+ years. If it is imperative to keep the same number, don’t do it.

          • Charles Miller

            If you find someone locally to buy your contract using the AOL it is actually pretty easy to keep your number. You both go into store they transfer the account then the person can port they’re number to verizon dropping your old number or they can just take a new number still dropping yours then you can port your number to new carrier.

        • J Dub

          I see now. That makes it a lot easier to make the choice to dump $142 a month for $85 a month.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Android 4.4 baby! I’m locked to Verizon so a Nexus phone is irrelevant to me at this point. =/

  • Trevor

    100% new Nexus phone for me. Most likely leaving Verizon for it (and the beautiful world of unlocked phones) when my contract is up in December…assuming I can make it till then.

  • scotta27

    New Nexus for sure, since I just sold my VZW unlimited plan and VZW Galaxy Nexus for good money. I switched to Straight Talk (T-Mo version). I gained: much more reliable coverage (for me), faster speeds, truly unlimited service including text, and most of all a 60% reduction in my monthly bill. No early term fees and cash in my pocket = $450 in the black today, before the monthly savings. On the downside, I am limping along on an old Windows phone for a short while. So I am banking on a new Nexus that is 300-350 off-contract, and then I will be in “phone nirvana” for a few years. Go Google!

    • cwillen

      You “sold” you VZW unlimited plan? How’d you pull that off? I ask because that’s pure brilliance. I’ve got a grandfathered unlimited plan that was i just going to leave it when the N5 comes out, but selling it sounds a lot better. I just didn’t think VZW would let you transfer the account like that.

      • ROB

        search ebay for verizon unlimited…

      • scotta27

        I’m with you and I didn’t think so either, but VZW actually has a department for “Assumption of Liability” in which someone else takes over your plan with grandfathered rights. Those “rights” are marketable. I found a legit buyer on eBay, and then we communicated very well together to do the handoff with VZW over the phone.

  • Vince

    Will the Nexus 5 be on Verizon. I sure as hell hope so. Keeping it in my prayers. Dont screw us again Verizon

    • Tim242

      It’s already known that it doesn’t support Verizon bands.

      • Vince

        The newest leaks have said there are two varriants, one supporting sprint ATT and tmobile and one with verizon

        • Tim242

          I’m pretty sure that you are referring to the Verizon G2 update to the FCC that had the N5 pics.

    • cwillen

      There is absolutely ZERO chance that VZW will ever get another Nexus device. They’ve burned that bridge. The complete clusterfuck which was the VZW Galaxy Nexus has proven that VZW can’t be trusted with a Nexus device. VZW is too insistent on adding bloatware and controlling what can and cannot go on their phones to give free reign to Google to release updates as they see fit. I really wish that weren’t the case, but unfortunately, thems the breaks.

      I have a VZWGN and I haven’t upgraded yet because I knew I had to wait for my contract to end so I could jump ship when the N5 comes out.

      • A lot of people in the same boat as mine. I’m ~20 miles from Seattle. Any suggestion on which carrier I should switch to once N5 comes out?

        • cwillen

          Being on the East Coast, I wouldn’t really be able to give you a vetted suggestion on carriers. However, the N5 will almost certainly ship as an unlocked GSM phone, so really whichever GSM carrier is most reliable in your area is the one to go with. I know I’m probably migrating to a company which piggybacks on T-Mobile, but AT&T would be a viable option as well.

          Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

          • That raises another question in my mind. Why do people go for mvno services instead of going for any of the big 4 that those mvno are depending on? What are the pros and cons?

            Yea, I can google it. But I figured asking real users would be better.

          • cwillen

            Its generally based on price. The “big 4” have a lot of costs in customer acquisitions and customer service which MVNOs often can decrease. Here’s two examples.

            First, Wal-Mart has a MVNO (which i can’t recall the specific name of) which uses AT&T’s network. Unlike AT&T, Wal-Mart’s bread and butter isn’t in cell service. They can offer it to their customers, spend a small amount of their advertising getting customers in, and make a profit.

            Another route is a company like Solavei. They spend NO MONEY on advertising and rely on word of mouth and creative incentives to get new customers. Solavei gives subscribers a kickback for each referral (yes, I know… that sounds like a pyramid scheme) as opposed to spending it on advertising.

            As for the customer service element, that’s just a numbers game. Smaller pot, less problems. Even if there a correlating problem/user ratio, less customers requires a smaller customer service team.

            People also go to MVNOs because they can often bypass having to get stuck in a contract. TMobile is an exception, but unless you want to go prepaid, generally you need to be in a contract with someone. MVNOs often offer a means of sidestepping that mess. Sure, phones can be more expensive, but there’s no early termination fee, and sometimes you can make up the costs with a cheaper plan.

            But I’m not a MVNO expert, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to Google it as well.

          • Thanks for taking so much time out and explaining so much in detail. Really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  • Godzilla

    . ..

    • α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•—

      So sad it is coming to an end πŸ™

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        He dies. Well i bet him and jesse do. Only way to make sure it’s over.

        • trd105

          But not after he takes down every possible person that could possibly know how to make his meth. Man I’ve never been this excited for a TV show.

        • Jeff C

          gretchen and elliot are gonna diee. or at least i hope. they suck.

          • Skittlez

            nothing is going to happen to them. that was just to put the “bad” back in Walt

          • Jeff C

            πŸ™ crushing my dreams is a hobby of yours i see

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I need to watch the last 5 episodes before it ends.

    • Ian Smith

      what the hell does this have to do with anything, Bionic?

      • Godzilla

        It’s the bigger deal

    • Adam

      SPOILER ALERT: Well, I think we all know W.W. will join witness protection and become the dad from Malcolm in the Middle.

  • Eric

    A updated Hangouts with SMS and MMS support!

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Do you want hangouts to manage your sms? or also back it up to g+? backing up texts sounds glorious.

      • Justin Kos

        Said the NSA

      • Droidzilla

        Already have that by using Google Voice, but it would be nice to have everything in one suite.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    My interest on Nexus 5 will go purely on price. I can’t imagine a flagship specced smartphone to cost the same as the Nexus 4 did last year.

    • PhantomGamers

      the Nexus 4 WAS a flagship spec’d smart phone though…

  • LoganLopez

    The N5 and Kit Kat kind of go together in my opinion. So i am going with both of them.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Voted 4.4 because of the rumored final steps of the fragmentation solution. It is the biggest deal.

    really wanted to vote X watch because if it’s done they way i picture it, It will solve a lot of useless pocket digging to check a +1. i’m all for wearables and new product categories.

    I want to see a nexus 8.9 or 13. And a handset that’s not the nexus 5, maybe a gpe sony zed 1 or the inevitable moto nexus.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      If there is a Nexus 8.9 it needs a 2560×1600 display and snapdragon 800.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        And a good camera!!!


  • Ray Gray

    Android 4.4 will affect the most people everyone won’t go buy a nexus 5

    • Matt

      Yeah, same. I’m also pretty happy with the Nexus 4 honestly. I’ve tended to update every year, but unless the Nexus 5 has substantially better battery life or camera quality than the Nexus, I’ll probably stick with it.

      • BRNSMRF

        I bought the Nexus 4 on trial basis. Ended up being one that I can stick with for years

        • Justin Kos

          Same, I love it

        • Skittlez

          i really miss that phone. i only had it for a month to try out T-mobile, and even having the G2 on Verizon, the Nexus 4 is still my favorite

      • Droidzilla

        I wouldn’t be in the market for a Nexus 5 if the wife hadn’t broken her Nexus 4 (now she has my Nexus 4). Nexus phones really do hold up against the test of time; you can easily skip a generation with no fuss. If you had a Galaxy Nexus, the upgrade to the Nexus 4 wasn’t a big deal but the 5 will probably be worth it. Nexus 4 owners can skip the 5 and get whatever comes out next year.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      THIS. Im curious to see what Google will do. Im satisfied with my blue one on verizon, so I dont really care about a nexus unless it’s on verizon.

      • Ray Gray

        I had th read that 5 times to realize you were talking about the Blue HTC One lol..I was like blue what

      • aQuickBit

        Having come from an HTC 8X as my placeholder for my old broken GNex, I am right there with you. LOVE my Blue HTC One on Verizon. Is one kick ass android phone for being 7 or so months old and a huge upgrade from the omap GNex. It makes me enjoy Android again. Also the build quality and color are second to none. If 4.4 is meant to get rid of fragmentation and phones that are years old will be able to run it, I think my One will last me for awhile. Longer than my GNex did.

    • Neil Fujiwara

      Agreed. There are now multiple flagship phones that are multi-carrier.

    • Eric

      Yeah the most people being 1% of android users.

      • Larizard

        “It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.”

        If you think 4.4 will just be another version that will still lag behind Gingerbread, I think you’re in for a big surprise.

        • Eric

          I guess you misunderstood. I was implying only 1% will be on kitkat.

  • alarson83

    If its on verizon, nexus 5. If not then android 4.4

  • Shawn Spring

    I’m looking to potentially pull the trigger on the Pebble, but if Google comes thru with a Nexus Watch, I’m all in there instead. Come on Googs…make magic happen!

  • Austin_tacious

    I’m salivating at the thought of the next Nexus 10 & just as ready to see what 4.4 will bring.

  • Leo Sanchez

    How about more info on phones we all are stuck in a 2 yr contract for like old droid life

    • Here are some punctuation marks: . , ! ? ;

      Throw some of those in there in the appropriate spots and then try again.

      • Skittlez

        How about more info? on phones we are all stuck; in a 2 year contract, droid. life!

  • Eric

    Biggest Deal: Nexus 5 on Verizon
    No chance of happening but that would be the best announcement of the year.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      It’s called the G2 and it’s quite amazing.

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        I offended the opinion trolls, oops

        • JoeTi

          Ha! It was actually kina funny – not sure if you were kidding. Great phone, but sort of the anti-nexus or maybe just red-headed step child considering the hardware of the N5 was made from that phone. Software wise, not a nexus but you have a very valid point.

          • MasterEthan

            Rooted and Custom Recovery already on the G2, so nexus experience AOSP will be coming and the software wise will be gone. I’m highly considering the G2 and Moto X.

          • dannyWHITE

            G2 is really NICE! Even with LG’s UI, I really like the knock on feature.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Bootloader is not and will not be unlocked, so when 4.4 comes out you will be lucky to get a half kanged ROM.

          • MasterEthan

            From what I understand the exploit used to flash a custom recovery can be used to flash a kernel as well because the exploit basically tricks the bootloader to thinking it has a valid signature. So in theory we should see stock kernels flashable, at least from what I’ve read. And who’s to say they won’t find a way to unlock the bootloader as it’s happened before through exploits.

      • carluverdrm2004

        The specs on that phone are fantastic, but the software and skin turn me off(the buttons I could learn to love, possibly.)

        • Nick V

          I never liked LGs UI. It always looked so childish to me.

          • carluverdrm2004

            I’m just all about stock Android now. Haha. My Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7 spoil me with their stock appearances!

      • Adam Truelove

        I’ve heard nothing but horrible things about this phone.


        • Inquizitor

          Oh my god gizmodo KILL IT WITH FIRE

        • BobButtons

          That review is an epic fail. I’m not saying there isn’t anything to dislike about it but they leave out important information like the fact that it has wireless charging (on Verizon). While it is an opinion piece, they take things that aren’t a big deal and significantly drop the score about it. Just look at his piece about the alarm ringtone. Change it if you hate it! All you have to do is read the comments to see a large number of people exposing how poorly that author does reviews. There are countless other overly positive ones out there.

          • Booyah

            The reviews are all positive minus the UI. That UI is just a joke, and ruins the whole experience for a lot of people.

          • michael arazan

            If LG offered stock android on it, it would be wildly successful, more than it would be now

          • Adam Truelove

            There are many reviews out there that rip the horrible software to shreds.

          • BobButtons

            Yeah but you said you’ve “heard nothing but horrible things” about it. That’s drastically different from saying there’s a specific bad thing mentioned in multiple places.

        • Droidzilla

          Gizmodo? Why not just link Cult of Apple?

      • feztheforeigner

        I have it. It’s a great phone, but it’s no Nexus 5…

      • RaptorOO7

        G2 is NOT a Nexus so saying you got one on Verizon is total crap.

        • Yeah, the G2 has better hardware than the Nexus 5, such as a 3000mAh battery.

          • turdbogls

            Everything you have heard about the N5 (talking about the 2300mah battery) is just a rumor…nothing is official until they hold the phone up on stage. i doubt it will have the 3000 mah battery though….one can hope.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Would a rooted and ROM’d LG G2 suffice?

      • Steve Ballmer


      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        The G2 is without a doubt the best and smoothest phone I’ve ever used. Even better than my Note 2, Galaxy Nexus, and iPhone 5.

        • JDub

          So much hate for the G2. Sad enough, this is probably coming from the same people that couldn’t handle a negative comment about the Moto X. The same people that said don’t knock it til you try it are being complete hypocrites. Once Kellen says something he doesn’t like about a phone, a lot of people follow it as rule. The whole glossy back, faux leather thing seems to be the most popular rule around here lately. The G2 rooted and rom’d is a beastly phone. I’m waiting to see what the new Nexus has in store before deciding on a replacement for my GNEX, but as of whats out now, the G2 is top of my list.

          • Such

            Are there any Aosp roms out yet for the G2?

          • Skittlez

            not yet

          • C-Law

            My problem is the size is too big. I thought the gnex was perfect, the s3 was good, the note 2 too big, and now my s4 still feels too big. So I just can’t consider the g2

          • MasterEthan

            Thought the S3 and S4 physical size was pretty much the same?

          • Justin Kos

            That’s why I got a nexus 4

          • Michael W

            Agreed. That’s why I’m on my HTC One. Best, sexiest piece of #$%^ I’ve ever touched.

          • jayman1576

            I just got the g2 coming from gnex. The size difference is minimal. The viewable portion of the screen is much bigger though since it has smaller chin and almost no forehead πŸ™‚

          • The G2 is about the same size as the S4, it has a large screen since it’s one of the closest edge-to-edge phones you can get.

          • Joe

            The S4’s footprint is smaller than the S3, so yeah…

        • Neil Fujiwara

          I would compare apples to apples. Galaxy Nexus is a two year old phone, while both Note 2 and iPhone 5 are year old phones. I upgrading the GF from a S3 to a S4 and it looks a look smoother

        • jayman1576

          I completely agree. I just got mine from letstalk for $79 but would gladly have paid 199 from vzw. My only gripe is the stupid Verizon version volume buttons.

        • Adam Truelove

          Until the new Nexus comes out.

        • Skittlez

          i have the G2, and yea it’s super smooth, but still not as good as a Nexus 4 to me. except for the display. G2 is gorgeous

      • JoeTi

        Maybe a rooted and tweaked moto x considering its near stock and a child of goo-moto. (Is that what we’re calling them?)

        • solstice1221

          I prefer Googlerola.

      • joejoe5709

        Yes. But I might also see what 2014 brings. Flexible GS5? Who knows.

      • rreich49

        Possibly. Either that or the Nexus 5. Either way, I’m leaving vzw on December 15th.

        • CARPDM

          who you switching to? I’m leaving VZW too…

          • rreich49

            Most probably T-Mobile. They don’t lock down phones, their service is decent in southern California and they don’t charge subsidized rates.

          • MannyLegacy

            Yup,…..I’m doing the same thing,….Giving Vz the Middle-Finger and buying this on PLAY and going over to T-Mob

        • Adam Truelove

          I see you got the Gnex on the release day in 2011 as well. I’m switching to AT&T after Dec 15th as well to get the new Nexus. I’m done with the way Verizon does business.

          • MicroNix

            Ha the joke is on you then. Just wait until you see how att does business!!!

        • Droidzilla

          For the love of all that’s holy and bacon, please sell your unlimited plan if you’re still on one. It saddens me to see people leaving Verizon and just letting their unlimited plans expire; you can get $200 a line for that stuff.

          • rreich49

            Hey Droidzilla. How do you sell an unlimited plan? Oh, and I do love bacon!

          • Droidzilla

            Google “assumption of liability,” then check out for sale plans on cellphoneforums, howardforums, and ebay. If you need more direction, I’ll link you to a thing I wrote up on it. I got out of my Verizon plan when they released the Nexus 4 and made money instead of paying an ETF. It’s nice to actually make some coin off of Big Red because they’ve been sucking lately.

          • rreich49

            Thanks. I appreciate your quick response. I just read somewhere that if you do the assumption of liability, you can’t keep your phone number…unless you walk into a local store with the person you’re selling to. Is that correct?

          • Droidzilla

            The phone number transfers, so you have to work with the buyer. If you try to reassign the number, you’ll get hit with an ETF. Have the buyer take over the line, then once they transfer their old number to it your number is free to be reassigned. Then it’s probably a good time to get it ported to Google Voice so you never have to worry about number porting again (I think it’s like a one time fee of $20 or something). I switch service between T-Mobile, Straight Talk, AT&T, etc. and I never even know what my actual phone number is; I just use my Google Voice one for everything.

          • gavin

            link to more info? I also have an unlimited plan that I am going to transfer off of

          • Droidzilla

            Here’s the write up I did on it a little bit ago; should be enough to point you in the right direction:

            Prices for unlimited plans have gone up since I did it, too; expect about $200+ per line.

          • Skittlez

            yea, but if you lose your number in the process, it’s not worth it to me. talk about an inconvenience

    • Adam Truelove

      There absolutely is a chance of this happening. And that chance is 0%.

    • Eric R.

      Maybe VZW will get it but just release updates 6 months later. Like the Galaxy Nexus

      • Adam Truelove

        Nope, no chance.

      • Anon

        Not if Verizon had something to say about it.

      • DP

        It takes a long time to print twelve Verizon logos on each phone. Naturally there will be delays.

    • PhoenixPath

      People really need to just get over this. If they want a Nexus, it’s time to leave Verizon. That’s it. No need to post about it, no need to whine endlessly about how Verizon “probably” won’t get it. They won’t, and neither will anyone still on Verizon.

      • Joe

        People care because these other networks suck in comparison to Verizon. Just FYI

        • PhoenixPath

          There is so much in that comment that depends on so many other factors I don’t even know where to begin.

          Location, preference, budget…just to name a few.

          So, no; You are wrong.

          For example: If you want a Nexus….Verizon sucks compared to virtually every other carrier on the planet.

          …just FYI.

          Of course, that wasn’t at all the point. I get people care. I just don’t think we need to see this crap every time there’s a post about a Nexus. It’s obvious, it’s anything but useful, and it hasn’t been funny or telling since about 2 minutes after the first time it was posted.

      • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

        When Verizon offers the best coverage in my area, it’s hard to leave. A lot of people are in this same situation. Sure there are places where other carriers rival Verizon’s coverage but coverage should be the deciding factor, not some special device.

        • PhoenixPath

          Ya know guys, I really don’t need to know your stories. I just want the constant whining about Nexus not being on VZW to … stop.

          • Rammstein

            Listen to your advice and quit whining.

          • PhoenixPath

            Good enough for me. Ya’ll can keep whining like babies, I was just hoping to stem the tide a bit.

            Moving along…

    • crushed

      i know this will come across as a total troll comment. but googles inability to get a nexus phone out that isnt MASSIVE is actually why im going to give the 5S a shot. all i ever wanted in life was a cutting edge hardware (HTC One or S4!!! with stock). Yes. I know I can get those on ATT and pay an outrageous off contract price. The damn lg2 is big enough to double as a dinner plate. My plan is to take the 5S and googlefy it as much as possible. Hell all the services are available for it at least.

      • Maybe you should consider the Moto-X.

        Almost completely stock Android, super great build quality, optimized so well that it’s nearly equal to the cutting edge hardware experience, and it’s in your smaller form factor.

        You then have all your Google ecoysystem, full customize potential, and the awesome new voice commands we’re all waiting for in 4.4 (hopefully) and Active notifications. The 5s comes nowhere close.

        • Jacob121791

          I second this! I love my Moto X!

      • Brian Barcus

        Even if Google released a small Nexus phone there is no guarantee it would be cheaper than the Play Edition HTC One or GS4. If you like the way iOS works and want a small screen I have no doubt you would like an iPhone. But if you want something close to the Nexus experience (which I assume based on your comments) any iOS device sounds like a bad idea. If it is possible to speak of opposites in this market, Nexus and iPhone are opposite products.

      • a3uge

        “My plan is to take the 5S and googlefy it as much as possible.”

        Yeah you could just throw a launcher on it or add some widgets or something…. good luck with that.

    • Blue Sun

      I still wouldn’t get it on Verizon. My Motorola Xoom 4G LTE & VZW Galaxy Nexus are enough proof that a NEXUS DEVICE (with CDMA radios) JUST WON’T WORK WITH VERIZON.

      • Per Sarge

        Lets hope VoLTE changes all that for the better.

      • Skittlez

        my galaxy nexus is still my favorite phone on verizon. on 4.3. i only had to upgrade because battery life got really bad

  • jak_341

    Although nobody else looks excited, I am excited for the new Nexus 10.

    • Jeff C

      i am too. just preordered a note 3, setting up buyers for my S3 and new nexus 7 (dont see a need for a note and a 7 inch tablet). hope it’s worth it!

  • dcc_tech

    Nexus 5 keyboard edition! Bringing sexy back to physical keyboard phones!

    • PhillipCun

      lol i’m not sure if a lot of people are with you on this one. with inventions like swype, i simply don’t see the point of pecking at keys or screens anymore.

    • NexusPhan

      Keyboards are like iPhones. They are for old people. Sorry man. Get the Droid 5 whenever than comes out.

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      Don’t listen to the anti-keyboard haters. They’re just upset that keyboard phones don’t have flagship specs for the last few years. πŸ˜‰

    • I honestly wouldn’t mind a real key on my phone…. but I doubt that it will actually happen

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I’m set on my Nexus 4 for at least another couple of months so I’m really looking forward to 4.4

  • Tim242

    Something else: Note 3

  • runner30

    MotoMaker for Verizon!

    Does all the info still point towards November for its release, Kellen?

    • Gato Mafioso

      I vote for a more affordable off contract Moto X price πŸ˜€

      • That’s a good answer… I had forgotten we heard leaked that Moto was going to reduce the price before the holidays. …that and MotoMaker for Verizon!

    • XvierX

      I scan the topics hoping to see a confirmed date for MotoMaker on Verizon. I have it all picked out. Just waiting patiently.

  • interstellarmind

    I think the Nexus 5 we saw come out at the FCC will have a surprise. Particularly, I’m guessing that little square box that was hollowed out in the FCC pics will be some wunder-gadget-attachment. I dunno, maybe it’ll be a fingerprint scanner!

    Also, didn’t Vic Gundotra say awhile back how we’ll be really impressed with the phone on the next nexus (it was in a Google+ post where he talked about either taking his DSLR or his smartphone on vacation).

    Either way, I’m psyched to see the new Nexus unveiled and hope they stick with the $300-$350 price range.

    • interstellarmind

      meant to say: “…really impressed with the CAMERA on the next nexus…”

    • NexusPhan

      I would be pissed if there was a fingerprint reader on the Nexus 5. Colossal waste of money on a device that needs to keep costs down. But that cutout was only to remove the back. It will be non-user removable but the FCC has to get in for certification. Sorry.

      • Ian

        ^Grrr…I hate more features.

  • jbdan

    Really looking forward to the N5. I’ve been torn as of late on replacing my S4 with the motoX. Something keeps poking at me to hold off till the N5 is released. I’m stoked for it

    • sk102704

      I was going to get the Moto X but I figured I’d at least wait for the Nexus 5 to come out to decide.

      • Anthony Gomulka

        exactly my plan.

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