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Bigger Deal: New Nexus Phone, Android 4.4, Google Watch, or Something Else?

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Invites haven’t gone out or anything, but we’d be shocked if Google wasn’t preparing for some sort of Fall event to unveil Android 4.4 “Kit Kat,” a new Nexus phone (likely the Nexus 5), and potentially even a smartwatch (internally known as “Gem”?) or new Nexus 10. We know for sure that Android 4.4 is coming, and that a Nexus 5 has already stopped by the FCC, but other mysteries remain.

For example, what will Kit Kat bring that was worthy of an entire name change? Will there be massive UI changes, new services that we have yet to unravel, or something else under the hood that will magically make updates easier for OEMs? And what about that Nexus 5 that we seem to think we know so many details for? Will Google still find a way to surprise us? Will the price be as shocking as that attached to the original Nexus 4?

And let’s not forget that beyond the new Nexus phone and Android 4.4, there is a chance we see even more. Are you excited to see what Google can do with a smartwatch or have you seen enough from that niche thanks to Pebble and Samsung? Does something like a Nexus 10 refresh have you all hot and sweaty? Does Google have something else up its sleeve that we haven’t quite put our fingers on?

In the poll below, give us your quick vote as usual, but then take to the comments to tell us which new potential Google announcement you are most excited for.

Bigger Deal: New Nexus Phone, Android 4.4, Google Watch, Nexus 10 or Something Else?

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  • M

    The Nexus 5, Nexus 8 and 11 were all early year conspiracy theory rumors. The Nexus 5 is now real.

    What are the chances that the Nexus 8 and Nexus 11 will also be released?

  • Russell Sprague

    a new Nexus 4 would be a big deal.

  • Oli72

    Nothing like having a nexus 4 phone and getting a nexus 5 for business phone. Drop sprint in February with to T-Mobile and bought nexus 4 $300 for phone $60 for bill. Awesome move.

  • Jeff

    If Google doesn’t carry the Nexus 5 at all major carriers including Verizon, they aren’t really committed to being a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. They are just satisfied to be second string and not really playing in the major leagues.

  • KitKat by far, especially since I might not get another phone anytime soon …

    • cwillen

      I think that’s the key factor in whether people voted Kit-Kat or Nexus 5. If you just got a GS4, HTC1, G2, etc and have no plans on getting a new phone, Kit Kat is key.

      However, if you’re like me, and weren’t impressed by the Nexus 4, and have been waiting patiently on your disturbingly outdated VZW Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 5 couldn’t come out soon enough.

      However, both are pretty exciting.

  • Eric
  • KG

    Something Else- GPE Note 3, so I can get that vanilla goodness on my Verizon Note 3

  • Edward

    the biggest deal or announcement for this year would be that Motorola comes out and says all 2013 devices and also late 2012 devices will receive android 4.3 and i might get a heart attach if they said “were upgrading your device to android 4.4 Kit Kat ! ” ! o !

  • Jeff Badger

    I voted for KitKat 4.4 because I’m curious as to how Google continues on the path of getting updates to consumers without the need of OEM or Carrier approval. Ultimately, this is the most important thing for Android (at least in my mind). Let’s hear more about the new things in Google Play Services that all users, regardless of gadget, can enjoy.

  • duke69111

    I voted nexus 5, but I wonder if the Chromecast is released from beta during the announcements.

  • Bojan Tomic

    I would like a new design, because dark holo is getting old. It’s been 2 years. And every other Google app has white design now, so it wouldn’t make sense to leave everything else dark.

  • Hothfox

    New Nexus is what I’m most ready for. I’ll be F5-ing to try and get in on the first batch. I’m ready to jump ship to AT&T.
    After that, a new Nexus 10. I’m ready to replace my Xoom with something fresh and faster.

  • Droidzilla

    For me it’s the Nexus 5 hands down, but that’s just because the wife broke one of our Nexus 4s and I gave her mine, so I’m now without a phone and will purchase the 5 sight unseen.

  • NorCalGuy

    Well because I am not leaving Verizon any time soon I am holding for something to replace my gnex that is unlockable and has dev support. I know the maxx and x and have dev editions that are unlockable but they have almost noting happing I believe they both have debloated ROMs with root but I have to have some AOKP or CM running I like all the custom variable of the ROMs. Hopefully this happens soon as my gnex is running buy its getting harder.

  • Snowbo13

    Biggest Deal… well let see I bet a lot of DL readers are still rocking their G-nex from Verizon because they are waiting out the 2 year contract. I know I am (my gnex is sucking at life recently). My hope is the nexus 5 has a lte chip and will be available on US Cellular or will work on US Cellular. Im done with verizon and US Cell is a lot cheaper and has the highest satisfaction rating of any cell provider. Too bad their lte speeds are way slower then big reds… oh well

    • Drew

      I agree…. I am in the midwest currently on VZW waiting till December when my contract is up. Then I’m looking at US Cellular or I Wireless (t mobile around here).

      As of now US Cellular is not getting the G2… they have the moto x though and hopefully the Nexus 5. No At&t or Verizon for me anymore.

    • Steve B

      Could be iffy because US Cellular is CDMA. I guess we’ll see.

      • Snowbo13

        I know…. my company in on US Cellular… They are currently paying me $50 a month until my VZW contract is up. I know its unlikely they will support CDMA unless they do support verizon also… but one can hope they have a sweet chip that will do everynetwork… (isnt that what apple recently did?) Maybe I might be stuck looking at the note 3, galazy 4, or moto x…. but I want another nexus.

    • Idiot Box

      I’m with you. December rolls around and bye bye Verizon. I thought about paying for a early termination fee but just said F*ck it I will wait it out. I am tired of complaining about them and tired of them locking every phone down. Yes recently they have got a few sweet phones (a little late after they were released htc one).

      Now I will wait for the announcement and see what carrier I will move to. Was on Nextel back in the day before moving to verizon in 2002 thats 11 years I have been on VZW time for a change!

  • MKader17

    The thing I cannot believe is that more people are not hypebeasting the Palm Pre like wireless charging. If google implements this it will be the biggest step for wireless charging since Palm did it. Everyone since Palm has taken a step back.

    • Dane Carpenter

      Nexus 4 charges on a Qi wireless charger. I did like how the Palm Touchstone charger had magnets that held the phone and kept it from sliding off. The Qi chargers seem to rely on friction to keep the device from sliding off.