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YouTube Comments Soon Won’t be so Terrible Thanks to Google+

youtube comments

This news isn’t necessarily Android-related, but YouTube is as big of a Google service as any, and we wanted to make sure you were aware. Comments on YouTube videos and in channel discussion tabs will no longer be quite as terrible thanks to the incorporation of Google+ comments. The discussion tab comment overhaul has already begun, but comments in actual video pages won’t rollout for some time, though you can see an example of what they will look like above. 

Also, with new comments come new features. For example, as you browse through YouTube videos that have the new G+ comments, you’ll see the comments you “care about” move to the top. In other words, comments from popular personalities, friends in G+ circles, or the video’s creator will be easily seen rather than the trolling responses that fill up popular channels.. The rest of the new goodies can be found below:

  • Comments you care about move to the top: You’ll see posts at the top of the list from the video’s creator, popular personalities, engaged discussions about the video, and people in your Google+ Circles.
  • Join the conversation publicly or privately: You can choose to start a conversation so that it is seen by everyone on YouTube and Google+, only people in your Circles or just your bestie. Like Gmail, replies are threaded so you can easily follow conversations.
  • Better ways to moderate comments: You have new tools to review comments before they’re posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans. These can help you spend less time moderating, and more time sharing videos and connecting with your fans.

I know we often say “it’s about time” when referring to tech products, but holy sh*t, Google, it’s about time we overhauled YouTube comments.

And last, have you subscribed to the Droid Life channel yet? Go do it.

Via:  YouTube Blog

  • betharoo

    leave utube alone
    fine how it was…

  • Maryp1

    I want my Youtube account back, its Youtube, not Google????

  • Maryp1

    Like I want my “Google friends” to make comments whenever I do with a video. Its called PRIVACY!!!?? Its all a bunch of senseless sharing and liking like Facebook with promoting your GooglePlus page for everyone to see? You have potential hackers out there when you link email accounts to another account. Thats what it has turned into. Why cant Youtube go back to its original format?? Bunch of idiots who think they can make money out of our PERSONAL PRIVACY?? Might as well called it GoogleTube. I wouldnt be surprised if the name changes. This happened to Myspace after it was sold to new owners and everyone was so mad by the major changes. I was a member since 2004.

  • dunholm1

    “Oh good, no more racist crap” someone said. But who decides what’s racist? I’ve been accused of racism for criticising islam, which isn’t even a race. And what next? Anything that’s deemed xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, or just plain rude? This is pure censorship. We are no longer to be treated as adults, capable of making our own choices. What we are allowed to read is to be dictated by others. Namely Google. The sheer arrogance of it is astonishing.

  • trinax11

    I can’t see the comments, great.

  • Gene Novak

    People have a right to be assholes!

  • infernalone666

    I have no idea what they’re talking about. it won’t even show comments at all for me

  • Vash bane

    eh? I cant comment with out google plus … son of a

  • joshjones

    I want to comment as my username, NOT GOOGLE+. STOP ASKING ME TO

  • Except G+ allows anonymous accounts, so we’re back to square 1 in terms of comment quality anyway. Anonymity is the enemy of decent discussion

    • Gene Novak

      Anonymity lets people be more of who they are without fear of reprisal. I don’t agree with a lot of people but I don’t want to live in a world where they aren’t allowed to speak their mind.

      • Anonymity lets people be more of who they are without fear of reprisal.

        In YouTube’s case it functioned more to allow people to make racist, sexist, homophobic, and other discriminatory comments than it did to offer protection to dissidents.

        I don’t want to live in a world where they aren’t allowed to speak their mind.

        If you can’t stand behind what you say as who you are, then don’t say it.

        • Some people live in places where this is not possible without reprisal you genius.

  • tangela3brow

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  • scorn


    So you’re excited that all the offensive, unpalatable bile of unwashed humanity will no longer intrude into the precious backwaters of your benighted echo chambers…please pat your selves on the back for your moral superiority…while I vomit.

    God forbid that any of you should be exposed to anything boring, stupid, profane, unfiltered or brilliant, anything that might interrupt your narcissistic blinkered ignorance….we cant allow any uncouth heretics to say things that might be upsetting!

    Because giving pride of place to ‘celebrities’, banning users and forbidding posts containing “offensive key words” is soooo progressive….

    Yes, let’s shrink the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ public commentary and narrow discourse into the channels that we enlightened ones approve of…
    Orwell? Huxley? Nietzsche? Voltaire? Anyone? But I ask too much…

    What’s “terrible” is not so much the crude, hateful, risible all too often asinine commentary on Youtube et al, but the public’s increasing inability to stomach and tolerate dissenting views…Why? Because weak insecure people hate to be challenged or offended while strong healthy individuals invite challenges, magnanimously laughing off clowns and reveling in a good fight.

    A few here DO seem to grasp this easily observable truth, for the rest of you, a pox on your contemptible, servile maggot existences.

    • Phatnaru

      I could not have said it better myself.

    • Gene Novak

      Good stuff! I enjoyed free speech while it existed on youtube, sadly it appears those days are coming to an end.

    • crayven

      Nobel Prize, right here.
      If you can’t take the heat stay the hell out of the kitchen, I battle the racist buffoons in every comment section but i won’t adhere to this GESTAPO tactic google has.

  • BrothaDave

    G+ on Youtube is good so people can’t just spam all day, they actually have to be responsible for the racist and ignorant comments they may leave. I merged my account long ago but I don’t comment much because I learned years ago there is no point in arguing with people ESPECIALLY online.

    I use G+ to read news because, unlike Twitter, I can actually sort through the news and info without all the bs in between. I don’t talk to people on G+ (I do comment at times) but I do use it to keep up with current events and other worldly things. G+ is has its uses, just not in a Facebook or Twitter type of way

    • Phatnaru

      So, we are supposed to allow the comment system to be changed for people like you, who don’t even use the comment system in the first place. People have a right to speak their mind, no matter how wrong you believe them to be. They have a right to do it anonymously, too!

  • Chad

    Google: An amazing web search company with far too many irons in the fire.

  • Chad

    YouTube’s Android app is horrible since the last update. Millions of users feel the same (read through the reviews). And people actually use Google +?! News to me!!

  • This is good news. I interned at SoulPancake and the comments really got out of hand.

  • coolsilver

    I’m so tired of Youtube asking me to make a Google+ page. Can’t we just go by usernames anymore and not have all our crap searchable by name.

    • radiohead14

      you still can. i was given the option to stick to my old user name instead of g+ on that popup.

    • Vash bane

      seems we cant even leave a comment with out one

      • crayven

        Yeap, i think i’ll leave youtube and let them force feed theat horrendous service called Google+ to the suckers.
        I nearly ripped my hair out trying to figure it out.

        And yeah you can’t even comment now without it.

        • Vash bane

          sorry for the late reply

          it would seem ppl are using fake pages to sign in with ( for some reason you can make multiple pages for one account …. I sense some strong trolling in the future thanks to this) but if what it says is true then it will be perm after 14 days…

          freaking thing is worse then FB heck I rather use FB than this atleast its simple

          btw I still have yet to figure how to reply someone said to hit @ but didn’t include should it be after or before the name.. or use space or not. the number one thing that is weird is that it tells me who comments on a vid that’s not even mine or that I was the reply.

  • Dave858

    So long as my G+ isn’t linked to my YT comments, I’m OK with this…

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Too late.. .

      • Dave858

        If so, I’ll have to use YT through an entirely separate Google account. I have, as far as I can tell (as far as Google knows!), an absolutely unique first/last name combination. Too many insane people on YT to risk giving away my name to. I don’t try to hurt people’s feelings, but some nuts are sensitive.

  • Stuff

    It’s getting ever closer to having that fake persona going

  • n900mixalot

    Hah, WHAAAAT??!

    Droid Life is one to talk about cleaning up comments. I love you guys but come on. You know, first hand, the benefit of riled-up commenters and flame wars. Tons of your articles, and especially the live show, are incendiary, and beg comments like those posted under YouTube videos.

  • Ian Smith

    what are y’all talking about – there are an inexplicable amount of amazing youtube comments. there’s a veritable treasure trove of hilarity there, just waiting to be unearthed by us unsuspecting recipients.

    we are not worthy.

  • JBartcaps

    Does this mean it’s one step closer to having my Youtube subscriptions show up on my G+ home

    • Marc_Razia

      Only if you choose that. I think its defaults to not showing anything in your profile. Whatever the case, you can easily set it to not show them. I know I have.

  • Rob Delaney

    I CAN’T LIKE THIS ENOUGH! Should be a big decrease in trolls

  • WyattEpp

    “Comments you care about move to the top”

    Comments I…care about?

  • dtraini30

    That would be cool if DL used the Google+ comment system!

    • jose

      But Disqus is sooooo awesome o_o

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Said no one ever

        • Justin W

          I respect your opinion, but I much prefer to have one comment system across many sites. I despise the LifeFyre comment system Engadget and other tech sites use (TheVerge’s is slightly better, but still sucks), and I like the ease of use of Disqus. Not sure why so many people hate on it.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            I don’t mind this program, but it could be better. Definitely better than livefire from engagdget. And thanks for not calling names on your response.

          • The Phenom

            I like the fact you can edit your comments here on.

          • Justin W

            Yes and no… I like the edit feature on LiveFyre’s system because it’s limited to 10 (maybe 12?) minutes, so if you get into a discussion, they can’t change what they originally said, but I don’t like the Verge’s in that you can’t change it after 90 seconds.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Google+….. Where none of my actual friends reside.

    • Marc_Razia

      I love the fact that after two years some people still feel the need to post that they don’t use G+ and/or insist that no one else does either. Its like they just want to illustrate their personal angst about the fact that G+ is still around.

      • Jason Smith

        Just like Bing

        • Jason Smith

          Both of which are money pits

      • Chris

        I have a google plus account but don’t use it. Why? no one I personnaly know uses it and I can access all the crap thats on there elsewhere.

    • the_real_patrick_bateman

      But…your actual friends don’t say anything interesting, so what does it matter?

      • Chris

        at least he has actual friends. Online, imaginary and virtual friends suck,

        • Still better then the imaginary friend lives in the sky who is going to save you from all of your sins 😉

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    What a purchase…Youtube, Gmail, and Search are the key reasons Google runs things. This can push more people to use g+. Soon you’ll need an account just to search. Support.

  • Qbancelli

    And fun is over ….

    • JBartcaps

      O you still can, you just have to find them. Kinda like clicking “Show the Comment” and finding out its an entire essay of comments to get to the original comment


      Fun? The Youtube comment section is the most racist place in the world

      • Gene Novak

        I know it’s awesome!

    • michael arazan

      I see Google+ becoming even bigger with all the anonymous trolls creating fake accounts to keep trolling the YT channels.

  • duke69111

    The Android news world appears to have come to a screeching halt!

    • n900mixalot

      I can only seem to vote this up once.

    • JRomeo

      HALT, The New Nexus will be released next month…… until then, there is no other news…

    • chery123455

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  • TheWenger

    Get ready for the G+ haters saying “social networking is stupid, blah blah blah”

    • YOu mean the typical “Google+ is a ghost town” comment?

      • TheWenger

        That too. Or something about it being “insecure”, beaming ads directly into your eyeballs.

        • iDontReallyLikeTheIntegration

          I really do like Google+, it’s really nice and good. But hardly anyone I know uses it nor will they create an account to use it, and that’s a huge con.

          Another massive con is the fact that they’re trying to shove it up your ass everywhere you go. I’m just waiting for Youtube to be renamed Google+Tube or something retarded like that.

          • Marc_Razia

            I don’t get what’s wrong with Google combining all their services into one. I mean, I get that its trendy these days to bash G+, but in reality having multiple logins for all their services is such a pain that having them all be one service will be so much better.

            Imagine if Facebook had separate products for photos, for videos, for games, for chat, for social, etc. It would be a nightmare.

            Just because G+ has a social aspect doesn’t mean you are forced to use it. That’s like complaining your smart phone forces you to use a camera. Its just not true and its a ridiculous complaint.

          • SkylaC90

            +404.5 Thank you so very much, I don’t think I could have worded that better if I tried.

          • Chris

            move dont “log in” any more. they only log in once and its set.,

          • TheWenger

            This guy has it right.

          • MikeCiggy

            PlayTube. Bam, liquid gold.

          • The Phenom

            Google + is no different than Facebook they both was you to connect anything you do back to them.

      • Chris

        it kind of is. expect a few nerds and a few major organizations who else really uses it? the occusnial “normal” person?

        • Marc_Razia

          There are countless celebrities with over a million followers each on G+. and tons of special interest communities with 100,000+ members regularly posting and commenting. Just because you don’t think people are using it doesn’t make it so.

  • Tony G.

    good. tired of seeing flame wars

    • Chris

      Same, but I just ignore it and move on. Click that little close button.

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    • Svein Asleik

      Because that will end now? It really just makes it harder to post for legit users…