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Contest: Win 1 of 11 Nexus 7 (2013) Cruzerlite Cases!

nexus 7 2013 cruzerlite

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at Cruzerlite’s new cases for the Nexus 7 (2013), also mentioning that we had a bunch of them to give away. Today, we’re following up on that promise by launching an easy contest that will land 11 of you with a brand new case from our friend’s at Cruzerlite. We have colors ranging from red to grey to pink, all of which you’ll have a chance to win by tomorrow morning.

To check our Cruzerlite’s ever-growing line of affordable cases for your Android devices, hit up their store



Prizes:  11 Cruzerlite Nexus 7 cases for 11 different winners.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tomorrow (9/25), we’ll randomly choose winners at 10AM Pacific.

  • Jerry

    It will be nice to win one!!!

  • Ben S

    This is awesome! Thanks Droid-Life!!!

  • Patatat

    HDMI output!

  • coolsilver

    Looks cool with all the android robots on them

  • Rocco

    The screen look and response.

  • Shawn Mayers

    Cool, I’d love one.

  • jgmason75

    The screen is amazing!

  • PhatDongHung

    Ugly ugly ugly case. No thanks

  • coffeechip

    If I win, it will take me off the fence about buying one.

  • Craigtut

    A case would be good!

  • Ed

    Love the performance and 1080P screen. It’s also wonderful for the stock Android experience.

  • David Parrella

    My new Nexus 7 was paid off by my TF201 completely and it’s so much faster and the video/sound is amazing.I loooove google <3

  • djdlite512

    Gotta love the FULL HD display! N7-2013 baby! Sounds like a starship lol

  • Greg Young

    Fast, light… perfect!

  • Alix8821

    This screen is awesome. Obviously it’s faster and all that. But this screen….

  • Dan Cole

    I like having a camera and the speed – 2g RAM

  • Kevin Kallbreier

    Nexus 7 is the perfect size and the best tablet that I’ve used!

  • Jwrivera

    I love my Nexus 7 – I haven’t turned on my PC in weeks, which is something I never expected to say.

  • scruffykid

    I have a nexus 7 so I need this to be cool

  • Myth’s

    it’s hdmi connectivity n performance are quiet impressive

  • Kevin Chun


  • 1080p screen.

  • elite

    pick me!

  • Blue Sun

    w00t to prizes!

  • Frank Urbanski

    I just want to win something 🙂

  • Danny R

    I’m a case junkie, feed my habit!

  • Great!

  • tangela3brow

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  • XY

    I need one of those Cruzerlite case for my naked N7

  • giovanny

    HD screen!

  • Android Developer

    what are they made of?

    • michael arazan

      Recycled crocs? Oh, wait, that’s apple

      • Android Developer

        funny. here take my one-up.

    • myers08

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  • jra716

    Lightweight, great balance of power and performance.

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    Best TPU cases ever

  • zoxxo

    Things I like about the new N7, the screen looks great, it runs much faster, and it fits well in your hand!

  • Tim

    The protection it offers

  • Timothy Warne Jr

    I love Cruzerlite cases I have 2 for my gnex and 2 for my N7. I need one for my N7 2013

  • Michael veli

    HD Screen

  • Those cases are a little ugly, but protection is protection. amirite?

  • Alexandru Socol

    The dimensions.

  • Hoffman

    Much better screen and twice the speakers.

  • hfoster52

    I like the HD screen the most.

  • 2C

    Love these cases. They remind me of the limited edition Galaxy Nexus Battery door that Google gave to it’s employees.

  • Frank Drewniak

    The screen

  • Kyle Bailey

    The nexus logo on the back

  • Joeygueez

    I Need one to protect the BEST tablet out right now!

  • Ogami Itto

    It’s so thin and light…and that screen!!!

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    i love how snappy and light it is. also the look is so sexy and sleek! 🙂

  • Shane Lundberg

    Would love some color in my life!

  • jamesp352

    Screen! Power! Speed!

    better . . . stronger . . . faster

  • rlorenz

    I want one! I’m loving the screen, but it needs a case…

  • Princesation

    Makes my car look cooler.

  • Angelica Huynh

    small, and within budget

  • Aleksandra Huey

    working great, battery life, screen…

  • Noel De La Torre

    Love my Nexus!

  • Milind Shah


  • Isreal Vozales

    The best budget tablet out there!

  • jbreakfield

    Looks like decent cases

  • Dennis Payne


  • Ryan

    I would love to have a new Nexus 7 from Verizon!

  • BAoxymoron

    battery life…

  • Ben Leonardi

    Standby battery life

  • ih8legal

    The feel of the materiel on the back.

  • Edgar

    Really Nice cases they look awsome!

  • I LOVE the new FHD screen. Always beautiful.

  • reverov

    I’m addicted to cases.

  • Reza

    Been needing a case for quite some time now…

  • beyourgravity

    The new nexus 7 is so portable and fast!

  • I like the new N7’s improved screen quality and its faster processor. Good job.

  • chnsawalex

    I like the new screen make the size that much easier to bare.

  • luis abreu


  • mee

    I want one, even though I’m enjoying my poetic slimline 🙂

  • Stephan Erat

    The screen is amazing.

  • Minh Nguyen

    I love how light the new Nexus 7 is compared to the 2012 version.

  • Ron Carter

    Yowza! It’s freakin’ HD!

  • Kevin Wong

    looks to be a very durable case! =]

  • Alex Im

    I need a Nexus 7 to go with this

  • D. Sharer

    Those look awesome, would love one for my N7

  • Nowat

    Cool ’cause my nexus needed a condom anyway

  • Ry Sav

    love that it saved me $350+ on textbooks this semester!! i dont mind games and movies and whatnot as well

  • CraigBoyte

    Let me win!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Everything about it is awesome.

  • NolBi-Wan

    I want please

  • samina


  • matt

    it’s the perfect size for a compromise between size, portability and power! I love this thing!

  • Rory Green

    It’s a Nexus!

  • muddy46

    Love the HD screen resolution. Still need a case for it though. Thanks!

  • Jim

    This is great… I’ll have my Nexus 7 tablet tomorrow!!!

  • David Salsburg

    Speed. Responsiveness. Awesomesauce tastes delicious! and — IT’S A NEXUS !!

  • Kenny Ogden


  • Jonathan Ly

    I absolutely despised the Tegra 3 processor. I thought it was garbage, but really it was 4.2.2 stock that made my N7 hard to use.

    So I am super glad they went with the Snapdragon processor, even though it was the straw that broke JBQ’s back.

  • John

    The raw power!

  • Jim Morris

    The screen is frickin sweet.

  • sterling

    Love it!

  • Ruvim

    1080p screen

  • anezarati

    the screen!

  • Inquizitor

    I love the beautiful display.

  • pbolton70

    I love that the nexus 7 is pure vanilla

  • Daniel Russell

    It’s my first Nexus Device! That’s why it’s awesome.

  • AMGala

    Please choose me!

  • chris125

    Pure android goodness since I am on verizon and this is the only nexus that I am able to get

  • Serf33

    No jank!

  • Best feature is simply stock Android

  • Cubanito1967

    Best screen on a tablet!

  • duurf


  • Urko

    Nexus 7 is awesome! And that cases are amazing 😉

  • Very nice!!


    Really love how it feels in hand, whether it’s using just one in portrait or both hands in landscape.

  • 994196003


  • Rob Powell

    Awesome, loving my N7 FHD

  • Rod McNeil

    Love the screen

  • jjl207

    Sweet cases. Would love one for my N7!

  • Travis Knight

    I love the improved display and the dual speakers!

  • sincityjohn44

    The best part about my nexus 7 is that I can watch Regular Show wherever I want.
    I shine it in my friends faces and I’m like:
    La-la-la lasers! La-la-la-la lasers! Shine them in their facers, and watch them run awayzers! Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, WOOOOOOO!

  • azholio

    Will this make my butt look bigger?

  • Bin Teh

    Love the wireless charging!

  • Richard Hyde

    my nexus would look great with this one it!

  • Jason Stanton

    I like cruzerlite.

  • jdomann

    I love the increased resolution, the dual speakers, and the 7″ form factor. And with the increased resolution plus ParanoidAndroid’s DPI settings, I don’t miss my Nexus 10 as much 😀

  • Wesley

    a must have case for any die hard android fan!!!

  • Chris Hilbert


  • Philip Pongvarin

    a must have case for any die hard android fan!!!

  • Alain Lafond

    My Nexus 7 is naked without this case… In Canada it’s very cooooooooooooooold

  • Lester Washington

    I would love to win one.

  • DCX

    No way I’m taking my new LTE N7 out without a case to make it sexier than it already is!

  • sashaski

    Love the gorgeous screen!

  • Dexter Peterson

    I’ll try one out!

  • roswellraygun

    The Screen

  • geedee82

    I love playing asphalt 8 on it while I’m at work!

  • The best thing about the new Nexus 7 is its new slim body and surround sound speakers!

  • jofficus44

    I love the increased speed over the previous model – I haven’t experienced any significant slowdown,a nd love using my new N7 for everything!

  • duke69111

    the screen.

  • cleffy

    Wish the green was more lime green but the other colors are nice. I currently have the C -iBlason case one on my nexus 7 2013. I use my Nexus 7 everyday, I like it. Perfect device to check up on things fast so I don’t have to turn on computer.

  • toddersv

    addition of the rear camera

  • Kie

    Nothing slows it down. Just can’t beat that.

  • Barlog

    The screen resolution

  • Stretch44

    I’ll take one!

  • The screen!

  • Phil Austin

    who doesn’t like free stuff?

  • IT was CHEAP xP seriously the only reason i bought it hahahaha

  • Jonathan Oh

    The screen

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    Love my portenzo but wouldn’t mind a backup!

  • Neil Anderson

    I love how fast and bloatware free it is

  • Butters619

    The HD display is beautiful.

  • all the best to everyone

  • Futbolrunner


  • Eric Soriano

    In to win!

  • kk

    Nexus 7- love the screen and LTE

  • Mordy Festinger

    The new speakers

  • Andy Stetson

    the screen!!

  • KoTiell

    The screen is absolutely gorgeous!

  • The best part about the new Nexus 7 is the screen. Smaller Bezel, higher res. Awesome!

  • John

    I don’t know yet because mine is set to arrive tomorrow but the new screen was a definite plus in my purchasing one!

  • aBabyPenguin

    Send me one so my N7 will match my GNex’s backplate!

  • Flyinion

    Love the screen on it.

  • tharealoc

    i could always use a good tpu case

    i always post before reading what they want to me post in here…

    i love the screen on this thing!

  • Andrew


  • Alseddiq

    I love my Nexus 7

  • Ian Smith

    those are hideous, please, do not choose me

    • Fozzybare

      so is your mother but plenty of people hit her up.

  • AnthonyMoya

    I love how portable it is and I can hold it with one hand.

  • raynaran

    want one

  • Michael Lebowitz

    The screen is beautiful and it is the perfect size!

  • will


  • John Simonelli

    Its the perfect size for a tablet. Easy and convenient to care around.

  • shdowman

    Ease of use and size

  • I love my old Nexus 7 and 2013 is a nice upgrade 😀

  • Bob Allen

    Cruzerlite cases always add some fun character to whatever they’re on! 🙂

  • Tobias Fünke, M.D. Analrapist

    The resolution!

  • MarcusJosiah

    The screen resolution and the size of it.

  • David J

    I love it because it’s a Nexus.

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    The size and the way it feels in your hand are perfect!


    I like the speed and screen improvements

  • S2556

    The screen is dope. Going naked though I need a case!

  • edimistra

    I want the Circuit Cover in Orange or Black!!

  • Travis

    I like the new screen and the slimmed down bezel.

  • Snapdragon and FHD

  • Ryan Gullett

    The size is perfect. I sold my ipad to get one.

  • zurginator

    My god those cases are hideous.

  • Jacob

    Screen is pretty sweet and it’s thin

  • TuckandRoll84

    I love lamp.

  • Fozzybare

    i love how quick this tablet is and that it fits in my pocket!

  • Rick Wilson

    Been waiting to get a new Nexus 7 possible with LTE to take it every where to ready emails, read posts, e-books reply to IM’s and not have to lug around a laptop all the time.

  • Octotron

    The display is awesome.

  • somesoupforme

    i wanna win

  • hoby

    WOOP… Free cases!

  • Charles W.

    I did something I never hope to replicate…I dropped my nexus 7 on its back. Thank goodness it still looked new but I still need a case for it.

  • arthuruscg

    It gets the updates fast and I don’t have to wait on Verizon.

  • feztheforeigner

    Screen and the way it feels in hand.

  • Omar Amer

    Sweet, hopefully I can win one to give as a B-day for my brother.

    Can I just say, the use of social media for contest entries has become increasingly annoying regardless of the site. DL needs a new method for contests.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    The feel. I like soft touch backs.

  • I like the new screen

  • Ryan Cronin

    need a case for this gem!

  • Brian Walker

    The screen is an obvious mention, but I really like the size. The slimmed down bezel makes all the difference.

  • stunna27

    love it!

  • jbeise

    i need a case im currently unprotected!

  • marcmance

    definitely the speed and screen

  • FarmerTechno

    The screen is gorgeous!

  • Ian

    Cruzerlite FTW!

  • makivelli

    A comment.

  • John Sanatar

    Love this tablet and have been needing a case for it. The screen is my favorite feature of the new N7. This would be perfect to help me keep it protected.

  • Dilan Manatunga


  • hamiltonsfan


  • Edwin M

    Better cameras.

  • djab

    The screen!

  • DanSan

    it has a rear camera!!!

  • Camilo Martinez

    My Nexus 7 has become an indispensable tool in my academic life. I use it for textbooks, note taking and just about anything that comes to mind.

    The updated design, stereo audio and higher resolution screen make it a remarkable improvement over its predecessor.

  • Mike

    Amazing tablet!

  • reneMAC

    need one after my poetic case shriveled up in my car!!!

  • Tony Byatt

    That screen baby!

  • Jim Sheeran

    That I finally own one!

  • MReprogle

    After going from a Toshiba Thrive to the new Nexus, I have actually found out how nice it is to have a tablet. My old Thrive would just sit for months because it was too heavy to read and the screen was awful.

    Now with the FHD, I find myself grabbing it to look up just about anything. I’ve also never been a phone gamer, but my Nexus has opened up the gaming world with it’s speed and amazing screen.

  • Chris Wright

    I’ve been keeping it in the original box because I don’t have a case yet.. I need a case! But I love the Nexus 7 so much because it’s so portable, and the screen is amazing!

  • clay

    i need some protection in my life, a condom for my new nexus 7 😀

  • Dan


  • Michael C.

    that sharp screen!

  • Court Jeffrey

    Love the portability, speed and price! It’s my new computer!

  • turdbogls

    i love the screen. I just can’t get over how amazing it looks….maybe thats because i came from an OG N7, or maybe my eyes have decided for me the Galaxy Nexus screen is acceptable (its not) but the screen is nothing short of amazing.

  • Zargon42

    7″ is the perfect size for holding in my hand.

  • tyguy829

    I love the form factor. While the bezels may not look the best, you realize how perfect every proportion is once you get it in your hands.

  • Nathan Moore

    I love the form factor. 10 inch tablets are too bulky for me!

  • Lary Blodgett

    Would look great to match my OG nexus 7 Cruzerlite case.

  • ManBearPig618

    Overall form factor and improved screen. Such a nice device.

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    Love the HD screen and snappiness!

  • Joshu

    The screen

  • TeeJay1100

    The Slim design and sleek back is the best design I’ve seen so far from Google.

  • erikbjerkeli

    Affordable LTE, on Verizon, and it’s a nexus. Can’t beat it

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I love my new Nexus 7’s speed and snappiness.

  • Eric

    These look cool!! 😀

  • MettaWorldTroll

    I’ve been looking for a case for my new N7, this could be it, and since I like changing it up a bit, a free one could convince me to get more 😉

  • Aaron N

    I like using my N7 without a cover because it’s light weight, but I’ve already had a couple of close calls from my 3 and 7 year old kids, so I’m thinking maybe a cover would be a good idea.

  • gokusimpson

    Awesome speakers!

  • Danny

    Its not Apple

  • Danny

    Let me get it

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Need 1

  • Rudy Rivapalacio

    love the new nexus 7 internals. the form factor is already the right size/shape. it just got better.


    Definitely a lot better than the last year model

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Build quality is always solid with cruzerlite.

  • zepfloyd

    All around awesome. Screen, and just a nexus device with no fuss.

  • Joe Zollinger

    The beautiful screen!

  • PicoDeGiao

    Just bought my wife a new Nexus 7. She does need a case for it 😉

  • Alex Kumar

    I love the design and speed of the nexus 7

  • Pierito

    Oh and definitely the build quality…

  • Tom Luley

    Size, prompt updates, screen, battery life. I work at a hospital so having such a portable yet simple to use device is GREAT.

  • I love the new Nexus 7 plus I have only won a few things in my lifetime

  • Pet E. Bone

    I like that it’s so minimal. Every other case is just too much.

  • Pierito

    Damn I could really use this one

  • gbenj

    The screen!

  • Patrick Kahoun

    woo hoo

  • Brian L

    the screen!

  • aculbreth

    Better screen definitely.

  • stush0104

    I definitely love the screen.

  • Kamal Savla

    Red is hot…

  • Chris Batson

    Way faster than the 2012 version

  • It’s just all around awesome. Small enough yet big enough. Powerful enough yet affordable enough.

  • Ryan McFadden

    It’s a Nexus so it will always have the latest and best version of Android.

  • rthvk

    To people without nexus 7s, DON’T ENTER AND MAKE MY CHANCES SLIMMER.


  • WCM3

    it’s f*cking adorable.

  • JoshGroff

    Hard to decide between the HD screen and the lack of I/O issues and screen creaking.

  • moelsen8

    love that it’s new!

  • Metal_Link

    Dat battery life.

  • eric1743

    Red one please

  • Matthew Durst

    its just great!

  • Adam Buchwitz

    Improved screen!

  • Daniel Clifford

    Better screen and material construction. hated the silver ring around the edge.

  • Hunter

    Super fast and snappy interface. Not one hiccup yet. Wish I could say the same about a samsung device

  • Bob G

    Better screen in an easier ergonomic!