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This Coupon Will Score You $75 Off Any Samsung Tablet at Staples

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When better to buy a Samsung-made tablet than when you have a coupon that scores you $75 off? Only redeemable in-stores, this coupon can be put towards any Samsung tablet that Staples carries, so if you are in the market and have a Staples near you, don’t miss the opportunity. 

The coupon expires this coming Saturday, 9/28. If you need some inspiration as to what tablet to get, Staples currently carries the Galaxy Tab II, the Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Note 8.0, and the list truly goes on and on. They have a lot of tablets.

Link to Coupon

Cheers jb!

  • Dark Helmet

    Just wanted to say thanks. Picked up the Note 8 for $225. The store had it for $299 and honored the coupon!!!!

  • enigmaco

    Well this sucks, was going to buy the note 8 and all the stores in my area are out of stock of them.

  • Rene Rivera


  • instrument

    safari on the ipad is the onky thing that makes me want an ipad :-/ i wont buy another android tablet until we get something close.

  • D Nice

    Mods why did you delete my post?

  • Brian_2112

    The selection will vary greatly from store to store. At this time, the Staples I work at has the 7-inch Tab 3 and the Note 8.0 in stores. The 7 and 10-inch Tab 2 are on clearance and in short supply, as in most stores probably won’t be getting any more of them.

    Your best deal at the moment would actually be the Note 8.0, as in store it can be found for $299. Add that $75 off coupon, and you’ve got a kickass tablet at a kickass price. :p



    • Dark Helmet

      Staples will order it and have it delivered for free

  • Nick

    If only Staples actually honored their coupons.

  • AJ

    Take it to best buy and they will price match the coupon for you. Also, they have all the Samsung tablets.

    • Diamond010181

      But will they honor coupon if tablet is out of stock at staples?

  • Menger40

    This tempted me to pick up a Galaxy tab 3 7.0″ until I saw the Galaxy Nexus-like specs.

    • JoshGroff

      IIRC, it’s the same Exynos processor that’s in the N10, which isn’t a slouch. Nevermind, it’s an S4 dual core. (Quite a bump up from the G-Nex)

  • RaptorOO7

    This has me thinking they are dumping GN10.1 2012 Edition inventory (plus other Sammy Tablets).

  • T4rd

    If only Samsung made a tab worth buying.

  • litobirdy

    I called several stores, No galaxy tab 2. are you guys sure about the tab 2?

    • Michael

      139 is the open box/display. I picked up the galaxy 3 7″. No comparison to my n7 hd but for 125 its a great alternative to a harmony remote. And as an added bonus it will piss your wife off when you keep insisting its a universal remote not another tablet.

      • Latinwrda

        Hhhhh that’s funny 😛

    • Latinwrda

      It’s 169 + tax 179 at walmart because it’s brand new the 139 is used

  • Rev

    Now if only the Note 10.1 (2014) can make an appearance before that coupon expires…

  • Jordan Long

    If only they sold the N10

    • jbegs

      They do. It’s just listed as Google not Samsung.

    • Tim242

      That’s a Google product. : (

  • Pierito

    I’ll stick with Asus for now 🙂 But still a sweet coupon.

  • Walter Partlo

    There may not be a better time, but the real question is: Is there ever a good time to buy a Samsung tablet? 🙂

    • rphillipps16

      Nexus 10?

      • Walter Partlo

        I didn’t see it listed, but I would buy a Nexus 10.

      • CasperTFG

        Even when she lags on NFS Most Wanted, I still love my N10.

        • T4rd

          That resolution doesn’t do it any favors in games. =/

          • mustbepbs

            Or in a lot of apps. There were tons of apps that I used on a daily basis that lagged way more than on my phone and my wife’s N7. It was really aggravating.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I read that a lot too. The display was initially the reason why I wanted the N10, but then it turned out to be the reason I didn’t get it. I didn’t think that, despite it having a bleeding edge SoC at the time, it was enough to keep up with that insane resolution and keep the UI performance smooth (which Android has an issue with already).

          • mustbepbs

            I had one for about 4 months. I was really sad getting rid of it because the display was so nice, but the lag was unacceptable. My wife’s N72012 ran circles around it.

    • Yeah, I looked through the available tablets and this coupon is a reminder that screen resolutions suck on Samsung Galaxy tablets…

      • J2886M

        bad mistake I made last year buying the GT2 over the N7… fml

        • CyHawk60

          I made a big mistake in buying the GT10.1 over the Asus Transformer. I have the new N7 now and I love it.

    • crazed_z06

      Went to buy a Nexus 7 the other day and ended up liking the Note 8.0 much better. I didnt get the Note 8 because the price was too high, but this almost makes it OK.. almost

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