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Sprint Makes “One Up” Annual Upgrade Program Official

sprint one up

This morning, Sprint joined the wireless carrier early upgrade party by launching their own annual upgrade plan called One Up. Details of this new plan were leaked earlier in the week, all of which look to be spot on now that things are official. So, is Sprint’s deal any better than Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile’s? According to Sprint, you’ll save up to $45 over AT&T and Verizon’s plans. 

Sprint is offering an introductory package of $65 per month that includes unlimited talk, text, and data, along with the option to upgrade every 12 months. At $65, this is a $15 savings over the current unlimited plan which runs $80. Once you buy into the plan, there is no downpayment (at least for now) on One Up, but you will pay 24 monthly installments for the device. Once you hit the 12-month mark, you can then trade in your current phone and upgrade to a new one, which you will then pay monthly payments on.

If you are a current customer, but do not have an upgrade available and would like to participate in One Up, Sprint is allowing current customers to join the program now through the holidays.

We are planning to put together a fancy little chart later today to compare all four of the upgrade plans from the major players. For now though, I’d say that with Sprint’s introductory offer you are looking at a decent deal, just keep in mind that it’s $65 plus your monthly device payment. But since they are slashing $15 off of the plan (from $80), you are seeing somewhat of a discount, which neither AT&T nor Verizon are doing.

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  • DDT

    Sprint one up program sucks. They want you to give back your current phone plus pay full price for the next phone u upgrade on. So if your phone is worth $200 you will just be giving it away to them for free

  • kalle629

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  • Toi Scott

    I love sprints phones n their prices are awesome I just wish their service was better!

  • Prince Campbell III

    All you guys saying Sprint works good in your area OF COURSE IT DOES. But for people where Sprint is still lacking what would be the reason to jump on this??? UNTIL they have their LTE up and running in more than 185 cities (correct me if I’m wrong), the majority aren’t going to jump on the Sprint bandwagon.

  • CHRIS42060

    I have had some issues lately with Sprint in my area, but they are just upgrading the towers…….. have been for the last 10 months. When they are finished I am pretty sure I will get up to 10mbps LTE speeds. I can’t wait /s

  • Kane Desousa

    Nice, I wish sprint had nicer coverage though as e v e r y o n e said already. Can’t knock it I’m using AT&T Next and this is a cheaper option

  • mcdonsco

    Wonder if that includes hotspot use and no throttling?

  • jdenny1987

    Like most people, I used to talk bad about Sprints coverage and service. Now that 4G LTE is available in Indianapolis, I have had literally no complaints and my Note 2 is running flawlessly. I find that peoples opinions are hard to change unless they experience it first hand.

  • Perv Bear

    Sprint is one of the best in my areas which is why I’m about to switch to republic wireless soon. (Live in an old school nextel area) my only other option is us cellular and cellcom… I also live in a not so populated area so my speeds are rather good on sprint compared to most.

  • Give back my currently paid for phone in order to join the program. HAHAHAHAHA!

    “Existing customers meeting upgrade eligibility requirements also can participate in Sprint One Up. In celebration of this significant launch, Sprint is rewarding current customers with the opportunity to join Sprint One Up through the holidays. Sprint customers who are not yet upgrade eligible, but have had their current phone for 12 months, can give back their current eligible phone and sign up for Sprint One Up, provided they meet the credit qualifications”

    • InvaderDJ

      Even if you don’t take advantage of that the discount to $65 for unlimited everything is pretty sweet. I wonder if you switch to the plan would you be forced to buy a new phone and subsidize it or if you can just switch, enjoy the reduced monthly price and upgrade every two years at the normal discounted price.

      • Well right now I pay $138 after taxes/fees for 1400 minutes and unlimited everything else on 2 lines.

    • Maverick


      -Trade in the phone that’s still under contract at time of joining the program and if the existing customer is no longer under contract then they have the option of trading in or keeping the current phone and still join the program.

  • John Smith

    “$15 monthly discount expires after final installment payment.”

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Loving this. A bunch of people hate Sprint, but I’m satisfied with it in my area. Especially for the price, haha. Moto X, here I come 🙂

    • Perv Bear

      Close enough, I am going to republic wireless for this exact reason. And since 4g is not live in my area I will be happy on the 25$ plan. (Last I was told by a person who is in the know about the network development for sprint in my area they are talking mid to early next year for launch)

  • eli173d

    what they don’t tell you is the One Up program only applies to those who have certain plans (existing customers). They’ve made restrictions for existing customers! So once again Sprint craps on their existing customers.. Screw Sprint!!!! Time to jump ship.

    • Uncle Ruckus

      Almost every carrier craps on their customers. It’s to be expected.

    • loyalty888

      Lol good luck thinking you’re gonna get better treatment elsewhere. This is nothing compared to how Verizon treats their customers

  • I don’t care how cheap it is. It’s Sprint. You’d have to be a glutton for punishment to use Sprint for anything.

  • Jeff Tycz

    Mario helped come up with the name

    • Perv Bear

      No. And actually their naming it one up is beyond clever from a marketing stand point as they are one uping (beating) their competitor, interested to see their TV marketing campaign.

  • Omar Amer

    $65 a month isnt bad and they would be winning… if they had coverage that was even comparable to at&t

  • The plan sounds great, if only their service was better.

  • jbdan

    Once a year is not enough for me!

  • Greg Morgan

    Too bad Sprint sucks worse then Tmobile in my area…

    • zurginator

      *every area.

      • Perv Bear


  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    Such a shame that even most prepaid carriers have better service than Sprint. :/

    • SkylaC90

      no what’s a shame that F’in Boost Mobile has better service then Sprint

      • ¬_¬

        Not sure how that’s possible since Sprint provides service for Boost…

        • SkylaC90

          that’s why it’s a shame, my friend Pat and other friend Sarah have Sprint and Boost mobile Respectively, she gets faster speeds on her Boost Mobile phone and more reliable calls while Pat is stuck at 114kbs and and decent phone calls as well.

      • Doesn’t Sprint OWN Boost Mobile these days? haha Honestly, I think Sprint probably makes more money leasing their network to MVNOs like C-Spire, US Cellular, Appalachian Wireless, nTelos, etc. for roaming than they make off their own subscribers.

      • Perv Bear

        Boost IS sprint, lay off the crack pipe. Some phones obviously are better than others when it comes to speeds, so if that is the case for you its a phone issue not a service issue.

        • SkylaC90

          Boost Mobile vs Sprint 312kbs vs 114kbs, phones Sprint iphone 5 Boost Mobile Galaxy S2. call quality is noticeably better on Boost the Sprint yet they use the same Network. ask questions b4 making yourself look retarded.