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Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Closes on Kickstarter With Over $1,000,000 in Funding


If you were trying to figure out what product you could launch to kickstart a new company, I’ll give you your best idea for free right now – just make a smartwatch. Like seriously, just make a smartwatch and put it up on Kickstarter. These things can’t fail. The latest of the smartwatches to go wild on the crowd funding site is called the Omate TrueSmart. Having been successfully funded almost immediately after launch, the project has now closed with over $1,000,000 in funding and over 4,000 backers. 

So what is the Omate TrueSmart? It actually sounds like a pretty powerful $199 smartwatch, assuming you are ready for a smartwatch in your life. You also have to be ready for its intense size, which may be necessary once you realize how much tech has been packed into this wearable device.

You are looking at a watch that has 2G/3G connectivity, can be a standalone computing device or a companion, is water resistant, has a sapphire face, full-ultra-bright touchscreen, records 720p video (yes, it has a camera), Android 4.2.2, runs on a dual-core processor with up to 1GB of RAM, and should have at least 100 hours of standby time. It’s easily one of the most powerful (at least on paper) smartwatches we have seen to date.  It’s not going to last you a week like Pebble, but it should have the power to do so much more than Pebble.

Now that it has closed on Kickstarter, we’ll be waiting patiently for ours to arrive, because we seem to back anything with an Android pulse these days. Once we get it, we’ll do a review just as we did with Pebble and will do with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. We would imagine that Omate will begin to sell a version at retail at some point after the Kickstarter pledges have all been fulfilled.

So yeah, another smartwatch that went wild on Kickstarter. Have you bought into the smartwatch revolution yet or are you still waiting for the perfect product (whatever Google makes)?





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Via: Omate TrueSmart Kickstarter

  • Jon

    Yeah…no. I don’t want to be “that guy” that has this monstrosity on his wrist. I would much rather have a $99 smart watch that does more basic functionality and looks as “normal” as possible.

  • niania


  • james

    I ‘d rather use this to enhance my phone experience.

  • Jason

    Omate and gear are the only real contenders. Although unfortunately I am a screen quality freak so the omate will lose out to the gear because of that. And the gears other features.

    those 2 watches are soley based on your preferance on which will be best for you. Both watches are great. End of story. Cant wait to see omates reveal.

    omate main pros:
    sapphire glass
    Better water resistance
    Stand alone

    Gear main pros:
    Beautiful display 320×320
    Clasp speaker/mic system
    Nice camera location

  • Preliminary battery life results while running BETA firmware. http://omatetruesmart.wikispaces.com/Battery+and+Power+Consumption

    HUGE? It’s a sport watch that’s thinner than almost the entire Casio G-Shock line. I don’t see tons of complaints about those being HUGE.

    OLED? Really folks. How many OLED displays can you read in direct sunlight with ease?

    As far as who wants a smartwatch that can function as phone? Apparently over 4000+ people do.

    • Jeff F

      I’ve been looking forward to smartwatch that can function as a phone since this was initially predicted in 1995 after Sprint Spectrum (PCS) launched. The promise of PCS technology was to allow for significantly lower power use and miniturization to the extent that a phone would fit into a watch.

      We are finally seeing this come to be. I’m definitely in for one next year after they work the kinks out. Might wait until the battery has a quick swap option.

  • TeeJay1100

    Pebble set a standard already for price, so get the price down under $200 or Omate will be forced to when Google and all the others release their own smartwatches soon.

  • Menger40

    I wish they had skipped the camera and cell radios and made it slimmer!

    • Mike Hilal

      It’s the battery that makes it thick…600mah is big

  • joejoe5709

    A step in the right direction. If Samsung or Google had made something along these lines, I think we’d be pretty happy.

    Still.. If I may be critical – I don’t need cellular connectivity on a regular basis. And I certainly do not need a camera. I’m not looking for something to replace my cell phone. I’m merely looking for a companion to it.

  • mcdonsco

    I still want to know when I can get the SW2 – Sony removed the “coming soon” from the site for it and now it’s showing on newegg.com for pre-order, but says 9/26 – that the actual date or newegg’s estimate? I would just pre-order it from newegg, but I want the metal band…plus, seems their price may be a bit high ($199).

  • Brett Wcislo

    Most can’t even get our phone batteries to last through a work day with moderate use. What makes us think these watches will be reliable?

  • PT

    A Kickstarter funder is born every minute.

  • OrangeAttack

    Thanks for telling me about this after they closed DL…This watch finally has everything I want. Sans the design and bulkiness though.

    • tomn1ce

      I believe DL discussed this watch before. This is not the first time that they have written about it.

      • OrangeAttack

        I visit DroidLife everyday for my Android news and I can’t recall a post on this. But thanks for the link!

    • tomn1ce

      Here you go. You can pre-order it if you still want to pick this one up….http://www.omate.com/buy/index.html

  • max

    Rolex needs a smart watch. Swag

  • i just don’t

    I don’t understand the obsession with smartwatches.

  • punkroyale

    This thing is HUGE. It looks ridiculous.

  • James_75

    You had me at kittens

  • chris420o

    i still think hotwatch is the best looking smart watch coming out with the best features

  • chris420o

    If you think its to bulky you need to get with the times or go buy some captains of crush…just saying

  • Steve Ballmer

    I’d be tapping dat build number multiple times to become a developer.

  • Ray Gray

    Thing looks like a tank thanks but no thanks

  • Stewie

    Has anyone tried doing up a Pip-Boy on kickstarter yet, just to see how much they can get?

  • possomcrast1

    How about a watch that has a standard clock face, AND an OLED Screen? I imagine it would have a small indicator on the regular clock face telling you if you needed to flip the screen over (the OLED screen is on the bottom of the classic watch and is off when not facing you) to view your email or text message. It doesn’t need a camera, and it doesn’t need a 1 GHz processor or large battery; the best smart watches use bluetooth to feed off of our already powerful smartphones.

  • ToddAwesome

    dat bezel!

  • NexusMan

    Now THAT is ugly.

  • Rammstein

    So bored of the cheesy music most of these kickstarter campaigns use.

  • Pierito

    Thats one bulky watch!

  • Kevin B

    I want a smart watch that looks like a regular old watch, and can let me know who is calling, display a text, and play/pause/skip music. I don’t need the latest version of Android (or Android at all) running on my wrist.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Maybe my mind will change in a year or so, but I can’t see myself using a tiny little screen on my wrist rather than just grabbing my phone and doing it on a nice, easy to use/read screen.

  • Milind Shah

    Here is my smartwatch that I’m going to start a campaign for!
    Does Nothing!
    Is huge!
    Doesn’t tell you the time!
    And most importantly, it is 199$!
    BACK IT NOW!!!

    • Uncle Ruckus

      I’d go for a steampunk watch 🙂

    • mike davis

      it’s not big enough. please try again.

    • Captain_Doug

      I like mine better.

  • Godzilla

    This is worth $300. The gear is not.

    • chris420o

      samm yfanboys really that fickle to downvote you so much

      • ๏̯͡๏﴿

        Doubt it. Quite a few people here find him to be annoying…but you’d have to be a regular here to know that. There’s nothing wrong with his comment though.

        • chris420o

          i find gozillas antics quite comical

    • ffinder


    • Eemeli Saarelainen
  • Zach B.

    Another week, another smartwatch.