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Video: Quick Look at the Moto X PowerDock by Griffin

moto x griffin powerdock

With the Moto X PowerDock by Griffin now readily available from Motorola’s online shop, ours that was ordered prematurely back in August showed up this morning. And since it’s on our desk, we figured a quick hands-on was in store. I know that many of you are interested in grabbing a desktop dock for your new Moto X – this may be one of your only options at the moment. 

At $39.95, it’s neither cheap nor crazily overpriced. It is just a desktop dock though, which means you won’t find AUX or HDMI ports. You can sync your phone with the PowerDock, charge it, use it as a nightstand/DayDream machine, and go hands-free thanks to Touchless Control. There aren’t a ton of features to list out, but that should be expected from a desktop dock – it’s all pretty straight forward here.

I’ll say this – it seems to be a really solid dock that also looks really nice. The plastics used feel thick and sturdy, the rubber grip on the bottom should prevent slippage, and the overall design certainly won’t stand out in a bad way on your desk. If you have $40 to spend on a dock, I’m not sure you can go wrong here.




moto x griffin powerdockmoto x griffin powerdockmoto x griffin powerdockmoto x griffin powerdock

moto x griffin powerdockmoto x griffin powerdockmoto x griffin powerdockmoto x griffin powerdock

  • It’s great, I always wanted to have it with you

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  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i wonder what the accessory pipeline looks like.

  • Patrick Bateman

    No qi … No Bueno…

  • RoadsterHD1

    IS Motorola going to make a NAV Dock for the Droid MAXX? I don’t like the Griffin NAV Dock.

    • Andrew Wright

      I hope they make one for the Maxx. I am on my second dock and I can not get the dock to charge the phone when plugged in. I can plug the phone in and it charges but not in the dock…. That and when navigation is on it speaks it out of the phone unless I am playing music over my bluetooth or on a call. Not impressed with this dock at all. was hoping to by going back to a motorola phone I would have a nice car and home dock like the OG droid did…..

    • Derek Eslao

      I don’t like any of the Griffin Navigation Docks from what I’ve seen. I have the Navigation Dock for the Moto X and it works fine, charges while I have the Pro Shell Snap Case on the phone, but it takes some effort to get the phone in place. I preferred the Navigation Docks that Motorola made before like for the Droid Razr HD, it was easy to take the phone in and out of the dock.

      • RoadsterHD1

        So you have the Griffin Nav dock for your Moto X and it holds it ok. I’m thinking on getting the Griffin nav dock for my Droid Maxx until Moto can make one. You think its worth it?

        • Derek Eslao

          From what I’ve read from other people posting regarding the Navigation Dock for the Droid Maxx and Ultra, they have a hard time having it charge if they have a case on it. I would get one if you don’t use a case for your phone. I’m not sure if Moto will make one of their own. The dock holds the phone just fine, both ends that hold the phone in place are rubberized, so it’s a nice fit.

        • Derek Eslao

          This is with Google Car Home installed to have the car home screen icons. Without it installed it just puts the home screen into landscape but still will show the car mode icon on the top left.

  • George Davis

    What icons are those on the Moto X in the photos? Don’t think I’ve seen them in the UCCW/Icon Pack writeups, unless I’m mistaken…. They look nice at any rate.

  • Nw_adventure

    Any idea of when moto-maker comes to VZW ?

    • michael arazan

      November, probably late november, when ATT’s exclusivity runs out

  • chris420o

    is it just me or does anyone else truly miss the side docks…i mean nothing looked sexier then my og droid or my bionic cradled in the dock in dock mode…bionic was the best dock bc u could remove a layer to make it a lil bigger to fit a standard case on the phone it was PERFECT……to bad the bionic itself was far from…

  • Fable322

    Kellex – whats with the Nike Fuel Band? lol.. If you want a cool device that works well with Android, check out the BodyMedia site. I have been using the Bodybugg (now back with Bodymedia) for years and love it!

    • nopenope


  • Jaxon Wright

    I want that freaking spearmint green moto x!

  • Gr8Ray

    Eagerly awaiting the vehicle dock review.

  • jim

    Anyone got the. Link to side load the latest Google wallet update ?

    • GoBlue

      See androidpolice.com

    • King Lo

      You should be able to install Google Wallet on any phone now straight from the app store.

  • jbdan

    DOCK! Thanks for the review.


    I don’t see any reason to buy this

    • punkroyale

      I agree. I have bought a few docks, I like the idea of them but in the end never really used them much.

      • kashtrey

        Desktop docks don’t make that much sense to me. I had the one for my OG droid which looked cool but didn’t serve much of a purpose. Only got the vehicle dock for the Gnex and got the multimedia dock for my xoom when it was super cheap.

        • punkroyale

          I had the same, a dock for my OG Droid.

          • kashtrey

            I must say I really liked the OG dock (it had a nice heft to it) and it had that whole desktop mode that was decently useful. To me a dock needs to do more than charge the phone.

    • kendokan

      I want a dock but $40 is insanely expensive for what is essentially a couple pieces of injection-molded plastic and a micro-USB connector. Probably costs more to ship than to manufacture.

      • JBartcaps

        So like every product sold on the market?

      • Derek Eslao

        I just use my Motorola Flip Stand from my Razr HD. Works perfectly fine for me, just not the same features when plugged in compared to the Razr HD when it was plugged in.

  • fartbubbler

    How’d you get one so fast? You just announced they were available yesterday.

    nevermind, just watched the video lol

  • JBartcaps

    That Moto X color…NICE!