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Thursday Poll: Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier? Why?

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With carrier policies constantly changing (not always for the better), the introduction of tiered and shared data plans, prepaid plans becoming more appealing, and LTE rollouts happening at various intervals, we can imagine that many of you have changed wireless carriers over the last couple of years. At one time, most of the DL family was filled up with Verizon subscribers, but our comments clearly indicate that you have had changes of heart and moved on to other options.

So something we haven’t done in a while is ask which carrier you are currently signed up with. Are you still with AT&T or Verizon? Have you gone the prepaid route? Did T-Mobile win you over with their UNcarrier approach?

As always, cast your vote, but then afterwards take to the comments to tell us why you are with your current carrier.

Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • victor bolin

    4 phones 2 note 2 2s3 grand fathered unlimited data plan. Cheaper than anything offered now. Best coverage out on the road for us drivers.

  • Sean McKown

    Verizon. Have 3 smartphones with $10 unlimited data (not a typo) and a 25% employee discount. Pay a total of 200/month for 3 smartphones and 2 basic (for upgrades)


    Verizon because of their coverage. I can make and receive a call where and when I need to.

  • Matt

    Sprint’s 3G/LTE is not great in my area but I have wifi at home and work. I pay 180$ per month for 3 unlimited everything lines. Two of the phones have insurance.

  • PcRemote Support

    Tmbl because they have always helped me when I need it. Plus I have never had an issue with them banning me form doing what I want with my phone. When I BUY a phone, then I OWN that phone.. I also wave many options.

  • Philip Pongvarin

    holding onto my verizon unlimited data for dear life

  • Terry

    Verizon, for one simple reason, location, location, location! I live in a town of 7000 people, I get 5 bars at one end of town, and no less than 3 at the other. The other carriers don’t even come close. So I bite the bullet, and pay for great coverage.

  • jgemberton

    Verizon, because of coverage. My employer has VZW and Sprint repeaters throughout most of their buildings, and if you look at a map of Michigan, coverage for areas North of Lansing start getting a bit sketchy for the other carriers.

  • Skittlez

    lol tried ordering my G2 this morning, and doing the Bill To Account thing and it wouldn’t work. Wondering if it was a sign to not get it, and just wait for the Nexus 5 and switch over to Verizon

  • Skittlez

    Verizon. 450 min, unlimited text and data. $74 a month. Only with them because of that plan. Gonna try the G2, but might make the switch to T-mobile’s unlimited prepaid plan for $73 a month so i can get any device i want (nexus 5), and their LTE/HSPA+ service in my area(Pembroke Pines, Fl) is awesome.

  • Matthew Galea

    I used to be a customer on Verizon with the G-Nex, but I got so fed up with not getting what I wanted, plus now with tiered data I can possibly loose my unlimited data, I gave them the middle finger and made the switch to T-Mobile. Since I live in Long Beach, the LTE is pretty good in my area. My reasoning is; better to deal with potentially crap coverage and get what I want, then have great coverage, but be told what I can and can’t have. Verizon has the best coverage, but their customer service is non-existent. Now I have the HTC One rooted and made into a GPe with Unlimited talk, text, AND data! Plus if I want a device like the Asus Padfone Infinity that you can only get in Asia or Europe, I can buy it, have it shipped, and connect it to the T-Mobile network without having to stress if its been okay’d on their system (*COUGH!* Nexus 7 LTE!! *COUGH,COUGH!!*)

  • The Phenom

    Been with T-Mobile almost 9 years. 5 lines 240 for everything with EMP discount. Loving it am and can buy a new phone whenever I want without being forced into a 2 Year contract. Side note price will decrease when the other phones come off contract.

  • Higher_Ground

    Still on verizon because of a contract. I could see moving to AT&T for a nexus device, if the prices/plans come out about even. I haven’t checked into it much.
    I get a discount with Verizon, they had the best phones when I signed my contract, and in general they have the best reception (though that’s been somewhat neutralized by my gnex :/).
    The speeds aren’t great. AT&T coverage is catching up and I’m not outside of the city that often anyway (and when I am, I generally don’t need an internet connection).

  • FknTwizted

    VZW just because the zombie carrier and uncarrier isn’t anywhere near my city.

  • Ryan Gabbard

    Unlimited data on a 1400 Family plan.

  • xformulax

    s3 on verizon (long time VZW customer) and an S4 on t-mobile… t-mobile sucks.

  • Mbagz

    Used to be with Verizon but now I am with Flash Wireless with unlimited everything. They use both Sprint and Verizon networks. Later this month their unlimited everything plan will drop to $47/month. This is why I’m with them!

  • owan

    Verizon because I’m still grandfathered in. Getting pretty sick and tired of their BS with phones and now that my office has become a dead zone (thanks tower re-alignment!) T-mo is beckoning

  • Vernon

    When Verizon makes phones incompatible with the unlimited data feature as they have done with different features in the past I’ll leave. Until then the coverage is too good to give up. Plus, since I sell Verizon at best buy, my $140-60 single line is only $45 and runs my home network. Paying $600 for a phone to keep unlimited does suck though.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Would like to leave Verizon (even with my unlimited) but AT&T is just as bad and T-Mobile coverage sucks in San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Nathaniel Otto

    Where i live VZW has the best coverage. If i switched I would have to deal with mostly degraded service.

  • gmplr831

    Sprint, because unlimited is still unlimited, plus where I live, decent LTE coverage, so that works for me!

  • Manny

    T-Mobile, you can’t beat 5GB data for $30/month. Add $10 and I have 200 minutes of talk time, which is fine most months. If I need more, I can just add another $10, carry over the minutes for the month after that. Well, that and Nexus 4!

  • Simon Belmont

    T-Mobile. I was on Sprint for almost 3 and a half years prior to that and I actually had good service (except the text messaging delays the last six months), but I got tired of being told what phones I could use and the lack of a Nexus device (besides the G’Nex) on Sprint made me move on to T-Mobile a few months ago.

    I’ve been really pleased with my decision. Now, I pay substantially less, my data speeds are MUCH faster, and their plans seem to be a bit more transparent than other carriers. For your reference, I’m using a GSM Galaxy Nexus (waiting for Nexus 5) and I’m getting between 10-20Mbps. My wife has an HTC One and she gets the same speed and we’ve seen 35Mbps+ on LTE.

  • Scott Niemczyk

    I’m with Verizon till they take my unlimited. I use 30gbs a month by myself so I need to keep unlimited as long as I can. Trying to decide began the note 3 or the g2. I’d love if verizon gets the nexus 5 but I really doubt that will happen.

  • Travis Sorenson

    T-Mo, Moved from VZW last year because I have great service, low monthly cost, fast speeds, no contract and I like being able to get a new phone just about whenever I want. I understand people don’t have as great of service but T-Mo is great where I am at and getting better all the time.

  • s0uth

    Verizon. Strictly coverage and grandfathered unlimited.

    a lot of comments regarding Verizon slow LTE. LTE in Los Angeles is average 15mbps up and down for me.

  • tyler_216

    Love my
    job, since I’ve been bringing in $82h… I sit at home, music playing while I
    work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online…

  • Switched to AT&T to get a 32 GB Moto X on launch day.

  • Brian Trahan

    VZ simply because AT&T was preventing my wife and I from calling her dad’s military provided Yahoo number for no reason than trying to milk more money out of us. Plus they are the only carrier that can cover where her grandparents live.

  • evan brown

    verizon until contract runs up. then FREEDOM

  • lensgrabber

    AT&T. I pay $63 total each month for 450 minutes and unlimited data (grandfathered) no texting (don’t use anyway). I have over 3000 rollover minutes and also use a Microcell. I have been pleased with their service in Denver and on the road. No reason to switch. I tried T-mobile prepaid for three months and the service just is not acceptable for my area. I’d rather pay the extra $33 to get reliable, fast, service. On another note I am surprised at how many Verizon subscribers there are in this poll when people complain over and over just how bad the company is.

    • The Phenom

      I am in Denver and my T-Mobile coverage is great only time I might have a issue is with signal penetration in some older homes.

      • lensgrabber

        I’ve not tried the regular subscriber plan. I remember the days when I was under a VoiceStream and T-Mobile contract and had nothing but great coverage here. The prepaid plan was okay w/ data coverage in the area but could never beat AT&T. When I went on the road, the prepaid device almost never had data. That’s the suck of not being able to roam. Of all carriers out there though, T-Mobile is probably the business I like best. Some day AT&T will tick me off enough to switch and when I do it will be with Tmob.

        • The Phenom

          That is understandble roaming they do suck. Doesn’t make sense that they can cover Colorado better. I make a yearly trip to Amarillo and Valerio is the roaming provider.

  • John Davids

    coverage and speed. pure and simple.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    ST so it does not hurt as much.

  • JT3

    I was with Verizon forever, but thanks to the train wreck of how they handled the Galaxy Nexus, I figured I’d need to change if I ever wanted another Nexus device. That, plus a couple other things that they did to piss me off, caused me to pull the ETF cord, and jump over to AT&T.

  • omarsalmin

    Didn’t know so many people had Verizon :O

  • Keith0606

    verizon but i’m on my way out to AT&T as soon as nexus 5 hits. Done with non-nexus phones and even if verizon gets it somehow as a Galaxy Nexus owner I already know their version will have the Verizon update process to go through.

  • Redsun

    Verizon. Coverage, why else?

  • Matthew Finco

    Verizon is expensive, but their coverage is great at home and when traveling across the US.

  • Derek Jones

    I switched from T-Mo to Verizon a few years ago to get my hands on the original Droid Incredible. I stayed with them and re-upped to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I’m in a contract with them until this December. I’ve been turned off by the delay in pushing out Android updates, so I will be looking to go unlocked for the next Nexus device as soon as I can and will probably give AT&T a try (I know, not much better than Verizon)

  • jonathan fields

    no contract

  • Rob

    Att go phone. Because it’s $60 and I’m pushing 60mbps consistently on lte.

  • Nits

    Whoa.. that’s whole lot of congestion on Verizon… Time to leave !!! Hardly get 1.3 to 2 Mbps down on 4G LTE in DC area…. Its the unlimited plan keeping me with them..

  • JusticeDROID

    Leaving soon from Verizon, getting RAPED with a 500mb plan (was 300mb untill I complained at my home store) for 107.00$ a month. trying to find a carrier that will take my Note 2 if I get it unlocked. any Suggestions? or is it impossible? T_T

  • Verizon because I’ve got grandfathered unlimited data and Sprint’s coverage isn’t wonderful here. If we lose unlimited in the future or Sprint’s coverage improves (and they get phones with mega-batteries like Droid MAXX) then we’re definitely switching.

  • ParrishRSellers

    Verizon- Strictly coverage.

  • Bret

    Because I’m stuck in a contract. I’m jumping ship to AT&T as soon as my contract is up. My work phone, which is AT&T gets a much better signal just about everywhere I go, and it’s faster. Verizon has become less reliable, and just plain sucks now.

  • faganm24

    Coverage, unlimited data

    • Bret

      I’ve also got unlimited data on Verizon, but their coverage and speed is so bad that I don’t get any benefit from it. I’d rather pay double the price I’m paying on there for a more reliable and speedy connection.

  • Anon

    Left Verizon about a month ago and am now on T-Mobile. I save about $80 and T-mobile gets the job done.

  • justapotato

    tmo $30 / month no contract. I dont talk on phone so the 5gb 4g and unlimited text works great. Using N4