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Thursday Poll: Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier? Why?

wireless carriers

With carrier policies constantly changing (not always for the better), the introduction of tiered and shared data plans, prepaid plans becoming more appealing, and LTE rollouts happening at various intervals, we can imagine that many of you have changed wireless carriers over the last couple of years. At one time, most of the DL family was filled up with Verizon subscribers, but our comments clearly indicate that you have had changes of heart and moved on to other options.

So something we haven’t done in a while is ask which carrier you are currently signed up with. Are you still with AT&T or Verizon? Have you gone the prepaid route? Did T-Mobile win you over with their UNcarrier approach?

As always, cast your vote, but then afterwards take to the comments to tell us why you are with your current carrier.

Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • Verizon. i got unlimited data and i’m on my parents family account so its “cheap”. as soon as that gravy train is over ill probably switch to t-mobile

  • Zach Armstrong

    On AT&T because of they allow unlocked devices unlike Verizon

  • JRomeo

    T-Mobile, 2 Lines, Unlimited Voice,Text, 4G Data (no throttling) for $120 per month

  • dsignori

    Verizon. Best network by a mile.

    • JRomeo

      Now if only they could adopt T-Mobile’s pricing, and adopt T-Mobile’s ability to never deny an outside phone from being activated on their network, that would make Verizon even better !

  • d-rock

    AT&T…currently…best network and coverage in my region (NE Oklahoma) and I get an 18% school discount! 🙂

  • AxemRed

    I’m on a 5 person family plan on Verizon. I pay around $70 a month which includes insurance. Everyone in my family is happy with them, so I have no intention of leaving. I also like their network, and I’m cautiously optimistic that more open phones will be available once they switch to LTE-only which will happen sooner on Verizon than other carriers.

  • Raven65

    Verizon – but only because of their network coverage. As soon as somebody… ANYBODY steps up their game enough to compete on that front in my area, I’ll be switching. Sick of their greedy practices.

  • Crom Tuise

    VZW with a grandfather unlimited plan, only way to go with VZW.

  • David Narada Brown

    I like Verizon’s coverage, but ive had enough of their BS. High bill, apps blocked, no nexus. I dont think this is goin to workout, its not me its you. ur so high maintenance and you dont want to give me anything i ask for! ( breakin up with Verizon )

  • chris420o

    Verizon since my alias days…so when they gonna rerelease the og droid with a snapdragon800 2gig ram and 1080 edge it edge screen…bc id buy it tom

  • Joseph L. Simmons V

    Us Cellular is the only provider in my area. Att is supposedly building towers here soon and I will jump on that as soon as it is available. For everyone reading this, if you don’t already know, DO NOT GET US CELLULAR!!!!!!! It is the worst carrier you could possible have. HORRIBLE customer service, very poor phone selection, and they cheat you every chance they get. If I had ANY other option I would take it. I’d even pay the contract breaking fee..

  • FSFer

    Testing out T mobile. Hoping it works. Need non-locked down phones.

  • fauxshizzl

    This is finally my last month with Verizon. Just waiting on the Nexus 5 to come out now so I can leave. Although I think I will actually miss my DNA. I have become very fond of this phone.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Verizon. It’s a love/hate relationship. Love the coverage and my plan; hate that they dog food phones that I don’t want.

  • Droid22

    This site should be called Verizon Life. A lot people including myself are on Verizon.

    • Skittlez

      thats because this site was originally made for the droid line of phones which is on verizon

  • Steven Berger

    Verizon. Yes I am sick of their bloatware and lack of Nexus devices, but they have by far the best service. Plus my unlimited data.

  • Fresh360

    Verizon because when my OG Droid bit the big one I ran into the loving arms of a GNex. This was a very abusive relationship, until we started having 3somes with that hot lil thing CyanogenMod and I couldnt be happier.

    450 Mins, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Data + Insurance – Gov’t Discount = $87/Month (taxes & fees included)

  • jbegs

    With Verizon because I’m still under contract and they have the best service around me. I am looking at other options to switch to a pre-paid service. I want a Nexus!!

  • Abrahan Reyes

    Verizon, but thinking on switching to T-mo on November when contract expires.

  • disqus_SicEBwqOHs

    Verizon for grandfathered unlimited data

  • SnkBitten

    Unlimited data, coverage and discount through work.

  • unlimited data… might steal my moms upgrade and swap so i can keep unlimited data… question is: which phone?!

  • michael bourgoin

    tmobile in the nyc/li area – i was with verizon for 10+ years

    I switched to t-mobile with the nexus 4 and got the $30/month 5gb 4g data 100 min unlimited text plan

    I really have nothing to complain about. Tmob has 95% of the coverage vzw has in the area and the data speeds are faster with Tmob in the majority of areas i visit.

    i had both vzw and tmob at the same time with a work/personal phone combo and i was able to compare a lot and it was clear to me that vzw shouldnt get 2X+ the money for the same or worse service.

    I know vzw kills it for a lot of the rural areas, but i dont travel much and if i know im going to be, i’m just going to buy a month of service with AT&T and be just fine. Great thing about not having a contract 🙂

  • David Schendt

    AT&T, because that’s what my family used when I was in high school and because I still have unlimited data.

  • BobButtons

    Apparently unlimited data is one of the strongest things Verizon has going for them. It’s making people (myself included) sign their own mental contracts with them.

  • Rob Mahlert

    Verizon.. with my discounted unlimited data plan. No other carrier can beat the coverage in Mass. that verizon has here.

  • florange01

    I finally left Verizon after 20 yrs as I was just tired of their Nickel and Dime approach of charging the highest prices for everything and went to T-Mobile. After 2 months I couldn’t be happier with the price/plan, 4G LTE service and the customer service.

  • zurginator

    Now look at the pole. Is there any question why Verizon continues to rape people? They know they can get away with it, and they’re obviously right.

    • Skittlez

      the poll is like that because the site was originally created for the Droid line of phones on verizon.

  • Jeff

    Virgin Mobile. It’s cheap and I’m almost always on WiFi anyway, so I don’t care how good the network is. Moving to T-Mobile as soon as I find out if the new Nexus is worth getting.

  • yummy

    Ugh. Grrrr. Contracts. Grrr.
    Unlimited data. Grrrr.
    Very unhappy in my current

  • InvaderDJ

    Angrily Verizon. Mostly because of coverage, but also laziness. I had resigned myself to sticking with them and did an alternate upgrade for my HTC One but now I’m thinking about ditching. I think my tipping point is going to be the Nexus but the fact Verizon forced HTC to kill the HTCDev bootloader unlock a day after the phone released is also making me mad.

    I know it is pretty much confirmed Verizon isn’t getting it, but I’m going to wait just in case I’m proven wrong. If I am, I’m going to sell my HTC One, break my contract and probably go to at&t, either post paid or prepaid. Yes I’ll lose unlimited and will probably have to maintain two accounts (one for each line) if I go prepaid and the pricing won’t be much better, but I’ll have GSM so I can use whatever phone I want and will have service that is better than what I can get from T-Mobile or Sprint.

  • Juan Uribe

    Paid Verizon off to move to T-Mobile. Loving T-Mobile unlimited everything. Coverage is pretty good soon to be better than Verizon.

  • mercado79

    VZ because work foots the bil.

  • geewillikers

    Unlimited data…80gb/month baby! Saves on cable/satellite. If and when the unlimited ceases; it’s T-Mobile for me!

  • Kenny Larson

    Straight Talk. I have never had a problem with the service and I’ve been with them for almost a year now, WAAAY cheaper. Never going back to a contract again.

  • Austin_tacious

    I’m “grandfathered in” to unlimited data.

  • Adam

    I clung to Verizon forever… for some reason I thought they were the best. Then I realized I could pay $66/month for unlimited talk/text/data (with my corporate discount) at T-mobile, and not have a contract and get WAAAAAY better/faster service (in California, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach area). Eff Verizon. T-mobile blows it away where I live… and I basically live in Los Angeles. I’m on the beach a lot and Verizon sucks there. I think Verizon has everyone tricked into thinking they are awesome. I was paying $110 for sh*t.
    Better, faster, cheaper doesnt work in Military/Aerospace, but it sure works with T-mo.

  • MrWicket

    T-Mobile because I was tired of getting F@&*%# by Verizon! For me I get better reception and even when not on the fastest speeds they offer it’s still faster then what Verizon drops you on when no LTE is available.. 3G… 1X… O_o
    Anyways, been happy with them because they work well for me where I am and I am saving a big chunk of change each month, with unlimited data.. and no contract.

  • CapnShiner

    I am currently paying $77.76 after tax for 1 line with 450 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data, whatever they’re calling the top tier insurance plan now, and a 10% employer discount. I’m not sure I could get all that for the same price or less anywhere else. However, that’s not even why I have stayed with Verizon. There are 3 main reasons I am staying. In order of importance, they are 1) the network 2) my family and many friends are on it, which means I need fewer anytime minutes 3) unlimited data

  • Bradon Says

    Sprint. If I’m going to be [email protected]&ed then they better be the cheapest and have unlimited data.

  • artsr2002

    Prepaid Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular because Verizon coverage and cheaper prices.

  • Ceephus Banks

    Verizon that is.

  • Sham F. Thompson

    verizon. because of unlimited data

  • Ceephus Banks

    Because I work there and get %50 off my bill. Thats why.

  • starnovsky

    T-Mobile prepaid. Where doI vote?

  • NexusMan

    Verizon. On contract until December.

  • Tony Kuligowski

    Verizon for a few reasons. I live in Nebraska and it’s the only 4g service. I have an employee discount, and I’ll hold onto my unlimited data as long as possible. I’m buying a new phone full price soon just to hold onto it.

    Seeing these vote results..it’s clear almost everyone on droid-life is still a verizon customer, and that means around 4k people that are pissed that the Nexus 5 will not be coming to Verizon.

  • Such

    Like the majority of people here I use Verizon as well. Best coverage I’ve experienced and fast LTE speeds. I will continue to use Verizon till my unlimited data no longer exists. Purchasing phones at full price isn’t a big deal for me so I’m good with big red. Once my unlimited data goes I will probably switch to gsm.

  • Cowboydroid

    Verizon…because contract.

    In a couple months? Not verizon.

  • Verizon cause although not the fastest 4G…..I have a rock solid connection anywhere and everywhere I go!