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Official Moto X PowerDock and Car Dock Now Available From Motorola

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.37.29 PM

Earlier today, the official Griffin vehicle dock for the Moto X showed up as “in stock” momentarily through Griffin’s site before quickly selling out. We assumed (or at least hoped) this was a sign that both it and the PowerDock (desktop dock) would soon be available through Motorola’s store after prematurely going live back in August. Sure enough, both are now available for $39.95. 

We’ve got some on order, and will be doing a thorough walk-through as soon as they arrive. But if you can’t wait and have been anticipating the arrival of these two accessories since the phone first launched, we should point out that they also come with free 2-day shipping. If you order soon enough, you could have them by Monday, I would guess.

Picking either up?

Links:  PowerDock ($39.95) | Navigation Dock ($39.95)

Cheers again brent!

  • Arko

    http://adf.ly/W1AKV Wow look this !!

  • kalle629

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  • Aaron Clow

    Motorola’s support of accessories (mostly docks) is the only thing that makes this “forever Nexus” guy jealous.

  • ddom

    Back in stock at griffin this morning.

  • Tim Draper

    I decided against the Griffin car dock for several reasons.
    1) It took them a MONTH to get these on the market. In that time, I’ve already purchased a universal mount that works just fine other than not automatically activating car mode.
    2) $40 for a piece of plastic is ridiculous. I paid $12 for a universal mount from Amazon. Also, I checked today, and they want another $11 for 2 day shipping, not sure how the reporter got free shipping.
    3) After contacting both Motorola and Griffin, neither could provide me even the slightest hint as to when these docks would become available. Since they apparently didn’t want my business, I obliged.

    So yeah, for $50, I’d be able to avoid having to plug the phone in every time I put it in the dock, and avoid having to tap an icon to launch car mode. I’ll survive.

    I’m using Car Mode Controller to activate car mode and Car Home Ultra as the actual car mode display/controller. I like the extra stuff that provides as opposed to the old Google 2.0 Car Home that I had available from an older phone.

    • Tim Draper

      Another bonus factor I forgot to mention. I signed up with both companies to be notified when these were available.
      Nice job guys.

  • Jack3D

    Powerdock shows as “Not Available” once added to Shopping Cart. Vehicle Dock shows as “Available”, though.

    Was like that right away last night as well.

  • Kasey Hendrickson

    Do you have to do something special to get the free shipping from the Motorola site? It’s telling me 2 day shipping is $10.95 and standard is $4.00.

  • french toast ghost

    sold out! damn!

  • Robert Macri

    How does it enable car mode? NFC?

    • Ian

      Magnet maybe?

    • Derek Eslao

      Looks like by magnet, I have NFC off on my phone.

  • @1MPitts

    Is there something like this for the Droid DNA?

  • donny

    I laugh so hard when Moto X is touted as great but the Droid Maxx isn’t. plus now that Both are available in Dev Editions…. for SAME PRICE….who in there right mind would chose motox over the maxx

    • Justin Barrett


    • decidedtochangename

      People who are going to buy their phones subsidized? You know, the vast majority.

    • hokieputter

      anyone that values design aesthetic over battery life. IMO, the Maxx (and all of the Razrs before it) are some of the ugliest phones ever made. what’s with the obnoxiously large, pointy chin on those phones? unnecessary and ugly. the Moto X is far superior from a design standpoint. again my opinion. but i’m sure others feel the same.

    • Tim Draper

      I personally prefer the Moto very highly over the Maxx. It fits in my hand more comfortably, and I prefer the smaller size, even at the cost of a slightly smaller screen.

      • chris420o

        this^…i use my nexus 7 for my media mostly now teathered…i dont need a big bulky phone..i wanna be able to fit a phone and something else in my pocket for once

    • chris420o

      maxx is just fugly…cheap looking physical buttons and big n bulky…they shoulda built off the razr hd designs way better looking phones…a more pixelated screen? no thanks…give me that sexy moto x form factor all day and a custom build

  • Bionic2

    So the car dock does not supply power? You still have to plug the phone in before you put it in the dock each time? This is a big step down from Motorola’s previous docks.

    • Robert Macri

      It supplies power according to Griffin http://store.griffintechnology.com/vehicle-dock-for-moto-x

    • mso1

      There is a usb input at the back of the dock, but it didn’t work when I tried it with my standard usb cord. It may work with an official moto usb cord, but I didn’t bother as I was already turned off by the other shortcomings of the dock.

    • genevathompson

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    • Derek Eslao

      It supplies power with the micro usb input at the back of the dock. I use the car charging cord I got from VZW and it works just fine.

  • David Verba

    I personally like using the car docks on my desk. Might not look as elegant but the suction cup base and riser make it infinity more useful than a standard desktop dock. Of course it’s not as readily accessible for removal as a desktop dock, but I find it to be a much better experience when using the phone while sitting at my desk. I would like the desktop dock for use as a bedside dock.

  • Joe

    These are embarrassingly low quality. Compared to my Vehicle Navigation Dock for the DROID4.. these look awful!

    • Daniel Clifford

      Have you actually seen one in person? Or are you just basing this on images?

  • StephanC

    Hey, I have a Droid RAZR Maxx that just went for a swim in my pool. When I plug it in, I only get as far as the battery indicator reading, then it goes dead. If I call Asurion does anyone know what replacement they’ll offer me since RAZR Maxx is an EOL device?

    • michael arazan

      My Galaxy Nexus just got FUBAR’ed and it too was EOL for Asurion, they tried to offer me one of 2 old hideous LG Devices, I said is there something else because I hate LG, and they gave me a Samsung GS3, this was last week too. I think they were the original LG spectrum and lucid they offered me for vzw.

      • MK17

        Good to know. My screen cracked, but I didn’t want to spend $99 to get a $110 phone (ebay). For a GS3 that may be a different story.

      • chris420o

        yeah i got a brand new in box droid razr hd from asurion for my old beat up galaxy nexus 🙂 woo free upgrade…i b*tched n complained they sent me 2 non working devices and then they sent me the 16 gig bc they dont make 32 new anymore and i refused to downgrade so they offered me a gs3 or razr hd…i dislike sammy phones no more

    • Robert Valentin

      I just got my RAZR Maxx replaced by Asurion about a month ago with no issues. Of course I got a rebuilt by Asurion replacement phone but it is working fine.

    • chris420o

      not if you have water damage

  • Anon

    I’m going to repaste what I posted in the last dock article, in the hope that it will help others make a decision. IMO, caveat emptor.


    If Griffin’s docks for the Moto X are anything like the Droid Ultra/MAXX docks they made, don’t waste your money.

    The fit is poor. The bedside/nightstand dock doesn’t activate Droid
    Dream mode on my MAXX. The car dock doesn’t come with a power plug; no,
    you have to buy that yourself, and the stock ones provided by carriers
    often don’t fit. The ball mount is non-standard compared to Motorola
    OEM docks that make them more adaptable to other hardware. And don’t
    believe Griffin’s “Fits all but the bulkiest cases” on the boxes for the
    bedside dock, because it just isn’t true.

    I love my Droid MAXX, but Motorola dropped the ball by letting
    Griffin do the docks, instead of coming up with their usual stellar
    accessories. The Griffin docks don’t make the grade, and there’s plenty
    of posts on Motorola’s forums, and several on Amazon reflecting
    disappointment with them. Don’t buy the Moto X ones unless you get a
    chance to try them out first; I have no reason to think they’re any

    • maratu

      Man that’s disappointing. I’m really going to miss my gnex dock now then. Guess I’ll have to find something else. Was looking forward to moto accessories again too, but looks like Google had other plans.

    • Derek Eslao

      Moto X with the Griffin Vehicle Dock, and Google Car Home installed to show the car home screen. Without it installed, it just show the car mode icon on the top left and rotates the home screen to landscape.

  • Chris

    is there an actual car mode like HTC? Makes much more sense

    • Ryan Gullett

      The website says it will “enables car mode”.

    • Blue Sun

      I see what you did there.

    • feztheforeigner

      Android has had a built in car mode since about gingerbread or so. Btw I love your pun “makes much more sense”…

    • Derek Eslao

      Car mode just puts the home screen to landscape and starts Daydream. It isn’t like the car mode like for the Droid Razr HD where it had it’s own Car Mode Home Screen


    Ordered the power dock; I wonder if it will actually arrive sooner than the phone itself.

    • ColoradoXJ13

      no kidding…what happened with the developer edition phone? I ordered it the day they posted it up, and it is still being processed. Such for two day shipping.

      • NexusPhan

        Such = so much? Your brain was powering through that sentence faster than your fingers could type.

        • ColoradoXJ13

          Yup, and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    They both power the phone. Also: Happy day, I finally was able to get them both! FINALLY!

  • ihaveaname

    Any coupon codes for Motorola?

    • michael arazan

      Trying to find a coupon code for the Moto X Dev Edition that just came out, please help

      • Robert Willis


  • Ryan Gullett

    So what does it do? The Motorola page does not list any features…sounds like a steep price just to hold my phone…

    • Chris

      agreed. if theres no sort of car mode (no silly hideous 3rd party apps) then its sort of a waste

    • Ryan Gullett

      I would like to mention to anyone wondering about the docks. Go to the Griffin page for more information. Not the stupid Motorola page.

  • jbdan

    Look forward to the review I’ve been contemplating picking up a X, on a S4 at the moment

    • fartbubbler

      just got rid of my S4 for the Moto X and love it. I do not regret getting rid of my S4, the Moto X is just unbelievably smooth and fits great in the hand.

      • jbdan

        That’s what I thought (size in hand) when I went to check out the X in-store. Thanks for confirming. I’m ready for a phone sized phone (one handed nav)!

  • sc0rch3d

    can’t tell if the power dock is wireless charging (i’m not even sure if MOTO X has that feature) – if so….that’s a great freaking dock.

    • htowngtr

      It does not

      • sc0rch3d

        ok…well maybe if it was like an “effortless” dock and un-dock so that you can pull the phone off the dock without the plug staying in.

        I’m just hoping here b/c this dock is an outrageous price. you can get 3rd party docks with alarms and speakers and radio for that price.

    • erif

      I have the moto x and realy like it. Only thing i dont like is it seems slightly small for me.

      • fartbubbler

        that’s what she said.

  • htowngtr

    Navigation doesn’t include any power to the phone?

    • kashtrey

      According to the Griffin website there’s a charger built into the dock similar to the Gnex dock. http://store.griffintechnology.com/moto-x/vehicle-dock-for-moto-x

      • NexusPhan

        We’ll have to wait until someone gets their hands on them. Because, to me, it clearly has a spot cut out to allow access to the microUSB port aka so you can plug it in not directly through the mount itself.

        • Derek Eslao

          Yeah there’s a Micro USB port on the back of the mount itself like the Droid Razr HD mounts before. The mount itself has a Micro USB in the back to plug your Micro USB. When you mount the phone, you’re connecting it to the Micro USB in the right side of the mount/cradle.