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Moto X Vehicle Dock Now Available Directly From Griffin for $39.99


At the end of August, both the vehicle and desktop docks for the Moto X showed up as “in stock” through Motorola’s online shop. Unfortunately, that stock status was short lived, as Motorola emailed to tell us that they pre-maturely went live with stock for each, but really weren’t expecting the docks to arrive until some time in September.

We’re still without the option to buy either from Motorola, but if you’d like to pick up the vehicle dock today, Griffin (the manufacturer of each), has it available for purchase from their store for $39.99 with free economy shipping. 

The desktop dock is still unavailable.


Via:  Griffin

Cheers brent!

  • ddom

    Nav dock back in stock as of 8:34 am pacific (9/20)

  • mso1

    This look pretty similar to the Droid Maxx dock. I ordered one from vzw, and returned it the day after I received it. It was a piece of crap. The build quality is not that great, but returned it mostly due the following:

    1. Didn’t really fit with the bumper on my Maxx. It has these squishy pads that compress and are supposed to allow for some aftermarket cases or bumpers, but it doesn’t work well.
    2. Didn’t come with a usb cord, and I couldn’t get it to charge my phone using one of my existing usb cords. It may work with the official motorola usb cord, but I didn’t try it.
    3. Dock blocks the camera.
    4. The phone will always be facing slightly upwards If mounted on the dash. The design flaw prevents the phone from being truly vertical.

  • MissingLink

    A million thanks and my money to whomever can invent a wireless car dock for the Droid Maxx!

  • ROB
  • MissingLink

    I have gone through 3 griffen docks for the Droid Maxx and now only one will charge my phone when in use. They seem to have a problem with the charging circuit in these things. Stay away. Wish I had.

  • Anon

    If Griffin’s docks for the Moto X are anything like the Droid Ultra/MAXX docks they made, don’t waste your money.

    The fit is poor. The bedside/nightstand dock doesn’t activate Droid Dream mode on my MAXX. The car dock doesn’t come with a power plug; no, you have to buy that yourself, and the stock ones provided by carriers often don’t fit. The ball mount is non-standard compared to Motorola OEM docks that make them more adaptable to other hardware. And don’t believe Griffin’s “Fits all but the bulkiest cases” on the boxes for the bedside dock, because it just isn’t true.

    I love my Droid MAXX, but Motorola dropped the ball by letting Griffin do the docks, instead of coming up with their usual stellar accessories. The Griffin docks don’t make the grade, and there’s plenty of posts on Motorola’s forums, and several on Amazon reflecting disappointment with them. Don’t buy the Moto X ones unless you get a chance to try them out first; I have no reason to think they’re any better.

    • MissingLink

      I have the bedside dock and it calls up something (I’m not sure what) and I have to tap the battery looking icon, then the settings (near the bottom right) and select night mode. Then it works. I agree on the car dock. I have taken two back and I’m on my third it is not charging my phone. There has to be a better car dock out there.

  • eck79

    Just ordered mine from MotoX.com – out of stock at Griffin but placed my order at the official site.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Sold out again…FML.

  • TJWaterskier

    NOO Out of stock..(as of 4:21 Central 9/19)

  • Matt

    Really, you can only plug in microUSB OR aux cord, not both???? what happened to the days of the Pogo and no more cords? I love my gNex dock with no need to fiddle with pluging and unpluging crap, plus the Pogo charges so much faster than microUSB!

    • Ryan N

      There is a slight chance I may be wrong but I believe the closed end had a micro usb plug with access on the back. the open end just allows access to the aux out and top mic.

      • Mike Hilal

        The description says it has a micro usb provided in the closed end. The question is, where does the plug from the power outlet go? I’m guessing the back like the bionic dock

    • mike

      No, it has built-in Micro-USB (plugs in when you put the phone in the dock) and you can plug in an aux cord through the top…

  • Curtis

    Use SAVINGS15 to get 15% off. $33.99 shipped.

    Edit: Use REALPROOF2013 for 20% off

    • Brian Simon

      Doh! Too lazy to cancel my order…

    • michael arazan

      Anybody have a Coupon Code for the Moto X Developer Version?????

  • Not as good ad the GNex Dock

    • T4rd

      Ahh, the elusive pogo-pin car dock! I wanted it so bad for my Verizon Gnex, but once it was available for the GSM Nexus (which was several months after launch), you had to mod it to fit the Verizon Gnex (since it was slightly thicker) and it was too damn expensive. Pogo pins on that phone were pretty much wasted. >-(

      • CARPDM

        I got one for my VZW Gnex (back then)… modded it and it’s been awesome!

    • zurginator

      Looks absolutely gorgeous, but as an actual dock it’s questionable.

  • Brian Simon

    Order Placed…

    Code: SAVINGS15 for 15% off

  • Chippah

    No car dock will ever come close to this.


    • maratu

      Nah, I liked the GNEX pogo better. Didn’t have to plug everything in all the time.

      • Chippah

        no way, the gnex dock stinks, I used both takes 2 hands to pry in and out of the hard rubber,.. the Droid X dock was heavy duty, top spring loaded arm on top. and worked with cases.

        • MasterEthan

          I agree! Wife has a Motorola Droid Razr M and the car dock is way easier and nicer then the Galaxy Nexus one I have. I don’t have a pogo pin one as I’m on Verizon but pogo pins or not it’s a pain in the butt to get out of the dock. The Razr M dock (and I owned a Droid X one back then) you can just flip the top spring loaded thing and pull it out with one hand effortlessly! Also my GNEX dock would constantly lose suction and fall, where as the Razr M and Droid X docks has never fallen on off the window for me.

        • Blue Sun

          You love that Droid X a lot. Fond memories or still an active user?

          • Chippah

            Kellex built this site off the Droid X.

            The Droid X is what built the Droid Life Empire.

            This site will always have a soft spot for the Droid X since those original leaks of the motorola “shadow” popped up.

          • tharealoc

            This site was built off the OG Droid buddy.

          • Chippah

            But it really didnt start gaining a large following until the DX leak pics hit in June of 2010. remember the “biggest story of 2010” poll where the Droid x had like 5000 votes? lol

        • maratu

          Not gonna argue about the two-handedness. It softened up over time, but my Dx’s headphone port wore out because I had to plug it in all the time. Gnex had functioning USB and and headphone at it’s end of life.

    • Matthew Yourchisin

      Actually nothing beat the Bionic dock. It was short lived, but it was EPIC. Then a month after bionic awesomeness, I bought a Gnex and sold the Bionic to a cousin. Still have the dock, wish I could use it… 🙁

    • zurginator

      What I wonder is why Suction Tape ( https://www.inventables.com/technologies/suction-cup-tape ) hasn’t caught on… it would enable car docks like that, except without requiring a metal back plate. In fact it’s what I’m planning on using to make a tablet mount in my car.

      • Silver Veloz

        This is something I would totally be willing to try. Nice find.

        • zurginator

          I’m looking at doing a kickstarter and making my own, perhaps with wireless charging. I happen to be a designer with 4 years of engineering experience, so I should be able to make it work. Hopefully I can get DL to cover it if it happens, stay tuned.

    • jbdan

      This looks great thanks!