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Axis Icon Pack Brings Vintage, Shadowy Hotness to Your Android Device

Axis Icons

We have been testing a new icon pack over the last couple of days that we are delighted to share with you this morning, as it is now live on Google Play. It’s called Axis, and it brings you the super trendy shadow effect that so many icon packs are using these days (as seen in packs like Nox), along with a perception of depth and this really cool vintage feel. This is a keeper, folks. 

The pack itself includes over 750 HD icons (all of your favorite apps will be featured), and 6 phenomenal vintage wallpapers. The developer tells us that he was unsure what the reaction would be to the wallpapers, but told us there are plans to introduce more in future updates (sooner the better!). You’ll find multiple colors of the launcher, dialer, camera, text, and people icons to help fit into your setup. Top games are in there as well.

The pack runs $0.99 and is well worth it.

Play Link ($0.99)

axis icons

  • Chas Stevens

    lovin the icons, im trying to change individual icons with nova launcher. which folder in the file manager are the icons installed?

    • tlingitsoldier

      I found them while trying to find the wallpapers (stupid Samsung not letting me use anything else for changing the lock screen wallpaper). They are in mntasecstealthychief.theme.axis-1res.zip. They icons all seem to be in resdrawable-xxhdpi. Found the wallpapers in one of the other folders.

  • Bruno

    how can i get the watch seen on the image?


    Bought it…awesome

  • emoney

    some of these icon packs are worth it for the wallpapers. is there an app or a site that has these styles of backgrounds to download?

  • Tsabhira

    Man I’m not sure about the icons, but I like the backgrounds. Thanks for posting these.

  • Jackson

    Damn it lol I always buy these crap

  • greyhulk

    It’s too bad there’s no way to apply an icon Pack on LG’s launcher (G2). You can swap each individual icon, but there’s no blanket apply. I don’t really want to switch launchers, either.

  • jeradc

    so. If I’ve never used an icon pack, ever…. What’s my first step here?

    • Will Windham

      First step is you’ll need a custom launcher (Nova, Apex, Action, and ADW Launcher are all great). Download one of those or another one listed as supported in the Play Store. Then open the Axis application and you can apply the icons and wallpapers directly from the application. You can also individually change out icons by long pressing any homescreen icon > selecting the icon image > selecting the icon pack > then choosing the icon.

      • jeradc

        thanks, appreciate the pointers.

  • Al-Burrit0

    Do the icon packs ever come with 3rd party icons as well.

    • Bharani Krishna

      Yeah they do, few of them are stark, goolocolors. You should definitely try stark

      • Al-Burrit0

        cool thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Eric

    Isn’t this just nox with a sepia overlay?

  • Vetal

    really like it, nox is awesome and all but i really like the look of this one. I just got my N4 vintigafied

  • EW32

    can someone tell me what app was used for the thursday in the picture?

  • Ben Klene

    Damnit Kellex, you make me spend a dollar a week on icon packs..

  • turdbogls

    awesome, i always wanted an incon pack to go with my awesome grainy screen (gnex) 🙂

    • jose

      Great. Now I need to find some low-res wallpaper to match my low-res icons on my high-res 1080p display. Firstworldproblems.

  • mustbepbs

    Please don’t let me know about any more icon packs.

    I can’t afford it.



    • Will try to hold back, but can’t promise a thing. 😛

      • michael arazan

        Please keep us informed on icon packs that don’t require a launcher to use.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Am I the only one who doesn’t like these icon packs with the shadows?? Would look like someone put clay into my phone.

  • Pete Arado

    Dude, this is a straight up ripoff of Nox. Come on now. Sure, it’s got some vintage texture that Nox doesn’t have, but aside from that, they’re damn near identical!

    If I didn’t already have Nox, I’d definitely download this.

    • Goldenpins

      You do know that Nox icon style many developers make also right? They just swap out icons for newer versions or redesigned ones.

    • Guy Pierce

      In other news Apple is suing…

    • Will Windham

      Axis was definitely inspired from Nox and other icon packs that utilize the long shadow effectively. The long shadow style has been around for awhile now and this is surely not the last pack that will be designed with it used. However, that’s really the only similarity you’ll find here in Axis. If you look closely, you’ll notice even the shadow is different as it fades out in Axis. I’d argue the icon shape, style, and overall feel is completely different.

      • Pete Arado

        Don’t get me wrong, I think they look great – Stealthychief always has top shelf icons. I just think they’re too similar to Nox, that’s all.

  • T4rd

    Call me cheap or boring, but I can’t fathom paying for icon images. =-/

    • Goldenpins

      I thought the same till I found higher resolution icons sets. Now I have over 26 in just one month. I try to avoid mask icon sets and go for higher resolution 144×44 or up. I would never pay for the masking kind that just colors the stock icons.

    • Liderc

      I just make mine when I add something new. Really isn’t difficult in photoshop.

  • Shaunwin

    NOX ftW!

  • JamesU513

    Is that a Moto X? What happened to your transparent button panel? Mine did that and I had to reset it. My girlfriends Driving assist wasn’t working either and we had to reset it. They work great now.

    • I can’t get it to come back and don’t necessarily want to do a reset. It sucks though. 🙁

      • David Verba

        How did you get your bottom row icons so close together and get rid of the little line above it (that shows your what screen you’re on)? You make the best home screens and I’m trying to copy this one!

  • Cowboydroid

    The wallpapers look nice.

  • David Verba

    what clock widget is that, it’s awesome!

  • J2886M

    wonder when instagram will buy this up? Filters, Filters everywhere

    • Pierito

      I wouldn’t say its a copy…But it’s definitely not as nice as Nox…I agree with that.

    • Goldenpins

      Its meant to be a vintage icon set. Also that icon style is popular with a lot of developers not just Nox. I have 4 versions similar to that icon set and the Axis icon theme is just as nice.

    • Steve Ballmer

      Disagree, but don’t call them out when Shaded Icons by Mercs Dev came out way before Nox did.