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Monster Launches Line of Android-powered Tablets, Priced at $150

Monster M7

Monster, well known for its former partnership with Beats By Dre headphones, looks to have entered the tablet game. What kind of shocks us is that these are not overpriced tablets, either. The M7, which features specs best kept in 2012, sports a price tag of just $150, while its big brother the M10, will come with a bit-heftier tag and better specs. Details on the M10 are still unavailable. 

As for the M7, it features a 7″ HD (1280 x 800) display, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, MicroSD expansion slot, Bluetooth 4.0, stereo speakers, Android 4.1, and comes in a huge variety of colors. Mind you all of these colors look extremely tacky, but that’s just our opinion. Maybe the colors wouldn’t bug us so much if they didn’t plaster on that humungous chrome logo. Oh well.

The M7 is available for purchase at your local Walmart for $150. Perfect for a kid’s Christmas present.

Monster® M7 & M10 HD tablets Feature Pure Monster SoundTM with Time CorrectTM Bluetooth

BRISBANE, Calif., September 17, 2013 – Monster, the world leader in high-performance personal audio, connectivity solutions and headphones, today announced the launch of its first line of tablets—the Monster® M7 and M10, 7-inch and 10.1-inch tablets. The Monster® M7 tablet is first to be released, it is fully loaded with features, and is the only HD Android-based tablet with Time CorrectTM Bluetooth, a feature that movie lovers using Bluetooth speakers and headphones will adore. The Monster® tablets also feature aptX for near-CD quality sound.

A premium tablet, affordably priced, the Monster® M7 tablet is exclusively available online at Walmart.com for $149.00, in keeping with Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better.” mantra. The Monster® M10 will launch later in the fall, price and specifications to be announced.

The Monster® tablet is enclosed in a unique non-skid surface that is attractively styled in eight custom “candy” colors to match the Monster® N-TuneTM headphone line—Candy Blueberry, Candy Tangerine Orange, Candy Grape Purple, Candy Apple Red, Candy Lime Green, Cotton Candy Pink, Frost White and Midnight Black (available separately.) The Monster tablets are a perfect combination of sound, style, HD video, and high performance audio.
Other features include Monster Central® PowerControlTM that allows complete energy and power monitoring over the Internet with Monster Power modules (available separately).

The Monster® M7 is also pre-loaded with Google Mobiles Services applications, as well as popular apps such as Vudu, for instant access to all the latest movies and TV shows.

Packed with features, in an array of color options to match our headphone colors, and offered at an affordable price, we believe the new line of Monster tablets is going to surprise a lot of people,” said “Head Monster” Noel Lee.

Instant Entertainment
Out-of-the-box with popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Talk, Twitter and Vudu, both Monster® tablets offer easy ways to connect with friends and watch all the latest movies, TV shows and music hits. Vudu allows the user to stream directly to their device or download to watch anywhere, any time.

Cut Energy Waste, Save Big
With Monster Central®, it has never been easier for users to control their Monster Central® PowerControlTM smart plugs (sold separately) right from their fingertips. The Monster Central® PowerControlTM app helps households save money every day, cutting energy waste by setting up automatic timers to turn off electronics, computers or game consoles when not in use. The app also monitors the electricity and dollars used by any device plugged into the Monster Central® PowerControlTM smart plugs.

Specifications include: M7 7-inch Tablet: Equipped with a 1.5GHz dual core processor, Android operating system, HD 1280×800 resolution screen, Bluetooth 4.0 with Time CorrectTM, Micro USB input, 3.5mm headset jack, Mini HDMI, GPS, front (2.0MP) and rear (5.0MP) cameras, 16GB storage with 1GB DDR3 memory, MicroSD expansion slot and up to 8 hours of battery life, the 7- inch tablet is packed with all the latest specs with a great price.

  • bholt6

    I’m kind of disappointed I haven’t seen any reviews on this thing.

  • tendoboy1984

    Ok this tablet has been out for over 1 month. Where are all the reviews?

  • tendoboy1984

    Decent specs for the price. Looks like Monster wants to compete with the Hisense Sero 7 Pro and Asus Memo Pad HD 7. The non-skid textured back is very appealing, much better than the glossy cheap plastic on the Asus Memo Pad HD 7.

    For $149 it’s a great deal.

  • tendoboy1984

    I’m interested in this. Same specs and price as the Asus Memo Pad HD 7, and hopefully it’s durable like Monster’s other products.

    But the Nexus 7 and upcoming Kindle Fire HDX tablets have much better specs for only $80 more.

  • Terrance Steiner

    $150! Wow, what a deal. That is almost a cheap as buying one of Monster’s HDMI cable.

  • Dorian Brooks

    That chrome MONSTER logo is actually on the tablet?! I thought it was just a watermark done by the ad department. JEBUS!!!

  • fauxshizzl

    I can’t believe it doesn’t have an HDMI out. They could have sold a it as a bundle that came with one of their cables for $300.


    Will you be able to change tracks with the headphones remote? Or is that an Android problem?

  • OnlyNexus

    If that chrome logo is actually on the tablet, Verizon better watch out. They will have some “who has the gaudiest logo” competition.

  • Brett Wcislo

    How do they have a tablet that costs less than their cables?

    • Dorian Brooks


  • Elena Rico

    The Hisense Zero Pro comes with android 4.2 and it’s quad core processor for $129

  • Rob Delaney

    Nexus 7 and move along

  • BroChaos

    screw monster…just another overly-litigious company trying to sue everyone that has monster in their names.

    • FknTwizted

      only if they trademarked or registered their name in that field… cant sue Monster energy drinks if they don’t have a TM or R in that industry.

      • BroChaos
        • FknTwizted

          This is why from your link…

          “Monster Cable legal counsel David Tognotti said it has registered more than 50 trademarks covering a wide range of products, including furniture, food and clothing. “We’ve spent millions of dollars as well as countless hours building our brand,” he said.”

  • Chippah

    I bet it runs as good as a DROID X!

  • FelisLachesis

    Wow, still overpriced!

  • JoshGroff

    Sees M7, thinks HTC One.

    • BobButtons

      Sees M7, thinks N7

  • Dan

    Are these same guys that make those ridiculously priced cables? I would have expected a $2000 Android 3.0 tablet with 256mb of ram and a 4gb drive from them…

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    Nothing says premium like Walmart.com exclusivity…

    • Guest

      If that’s true then I will go to a flea market and get it cheaper.

  • 1bad69z28

    Seriously!!!! What’s next, Bluetooth will have its own line up of tablets out before Christmas. Stay tuned LOL

    It’s starting to be the Wild Wild West!!!

  • joejoe5709

    Yuck. I’d rather find a 2012 Nexus 7 on eBay. Or wait a few months for the current one to come down in price. Or heck… save up the extra $80 for a 16GB 2013 Nexus 7. Point being, this is a terrible tablet that is still priced too high. $100 would have been closer.

  • NorCalGuy

    The last line says it perfectly “a perfect tablet for your kid for Christmas” or even a parent who has seen my tablet but cant justify getting one this will be perfect. Check facebook, front facing camera for Skype what else does my mom need to do on a tablet?

  • Drew

    I honestly don’t know how to process a reasonable-priced product from Monster.

    They lost me at 4.1 though.

    • MK17

      It’s not really reasonable when you can get a Nexus 7v1 for ~$100

    • Kyle Cordiano

      Hisense Sero 7 pro has at least 4.2 at launch and will get 4.3 by this fall. $129.

  • John Burke

    A premium tablet – Not even by 2012 standards IMO
    affordably priced – Yes

  • BobButtons

    Is the charging cable sold separately for $200?

    • T4rd

      Yes, but it’s GOLD!!

    • Chippah

      Best buy moron was telling a woman in front of me that you get a better picture on your tv with these hdmi cables, When I called him out on trying to fleece the poor woman by saying “How can you get a BETTER digital signal?, isnt it just simply ON or OFF?” he tried to argue…. True story..

      • FknTwizted

        really the only reason I get monster cables is that I have been using their products back in the day when I was setting up my car stereos and they always were tougher to tear, snap, or cut then anything out at the time. its a confidence thing and I pay for that I guess but, any basic application any HDMI cable will work.

    • Jaz Potter

      One other tablet to launch this week worth checking-out offers the added benefit of a SIM card slot and provides both Internet connection and phone call capability from your tablet through GSM Wireless carriers worldwide… and in the U.S. works through AT&T, T-Mobile and Straight-talk wireless– with 3G HSPA+ connection.

      The new Novo 7 EOS($189) offers a 7-inch HD screen, 16GB Memory, MicroSD memory card slot, and Bluetooth connection – which makes it easy to use a Wireless headset for phone calls; and also offers dual cameras, Android 4.2.2, built-in GPS navigation, and a large capacity 4400 mAh battery — and with a SIM card slot, you’re able to use your current phone SIM card interchangeably with the tablet when convenient and not pay additional fees for wireless connection using your tablet device. You can also have the tablet serve as your phone-device when signing up for service – the Novo 7 EOS is made by Ainol Electronics, which won runner-up for Best-Tablet-of-the-Year at CES-CNET 2012, and offers a sleek design and is compact and easy to carry…

      More on the Novo 7 EOS model a t–Tab l e t Sp r i nt–

  • bogy25

    Stereo Speakers and it’s from Monster?

  • uhg.

  • argeebee99

    Wow, that came out of nowhere. Monster. Hmmm, interesting. Is the button placement legit from that photo? Really?