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Icons and UCCW Episode 5: Vertigo, Portal, Romow Round, Weatherlove and More

icons and uccw

We’re back with another episode of our ongoing Icons and UCCW series. This is the 5th installment, which I believe includes some of the finest work we have seen to date. The number of quality icon packs and UCCW skins continues to impress with each round of submissions. Creative folks, great work once again. 

For those new to the series, this is our little opportunity to feature some of the best icon packs and UCCW skins in the theming game. We are always accepting submissions for new quality creations.

In the top setup, you are looking at Vertigo UCCW skin, along with the Romow Round icon pack, and a wallpaper out of the free Poly pack. The Poly pack is a must have since it’s free and you’ll find more than 30 abstract walls in a variety of colors that will go with almost any theme. The Vertigo skin comes with a 15 different colors and vertical arrangements from clocks to battery percentages to weather, not just the dark transparent skin you are seeing. Romow Round features over 400 icons.

icons and uccw

In this setup, you are looking at a fantastic icon pack called Portal, paired up with one of its own wallpapers. Yes, it comes with a set of 9 amazing wallpapers and over 460 different icons. The UCCW clock skin is called Air Elegant 2, and is a similar take on the increasingly popular Elegante skin that we featured a few weeks back.

icons and uccw

In this setup, you are looking at the Stock UI icon pack, which features over 1300 HD icons and over 30 wallpapers. The wallpaper is from the newly released Trinity pack that includes over 30 triangle-based walls with a variety of different colors. The clock is actually not UCCW, but a stand-alone, free widget called Weatherlove that is absolutely awesome.

icons and uccw

In this last setup, you are looking at a set of icons called Holo Icons, which are a flatter version of the stock Android icons. They are fantastic to look at up close and personal. The UCCW widget setup is a series of skins from a pack called Infinity that can be downloaded as .uzip files below. The wallpaper is a popular wall at the moment in the theming community, originating from a Key Lime Pie concept.

The links to everything can be found below!

Icons:  Romow Round ($1.32) | Portal ($1.99) | Stock UI ($1.60) | Holo Icons

UCCW Skins:  Vertigo ($1.49) | Air Elegant 2 (.uzip) (via) | Weatherlove (not UCCW) | Infinity (.uzip) (via)

Wallpapers:  PolyTrinity Pack ($0.99) | Android 5.0 Gradient | Bonus:  Contemporary (.zip)

Tip:  .uzip files need to be downloaded to your internal storage. To use them, simply add a UCCW widget in whichever size you choose, and then upon prompt, choose the “uzip” option in the top right, and then choose the file you downloaded.

Be sure to continue to submit your beautiful icon and skin creations to be featured in episode 6!

  • Joe Cross

    What is everyone’s favorite launcher?

    • Skittlez


  • Joe Cross

    How do I get the dock icons so close together on the homescreen. Always been a fan of that look but haven’t been able to figure that out

    • Walter Partlo

      Set it to 7 dock icons, and leave the outside 2 blank.

      • Joe Cross

        FIgured that out a few minutes after the post, but I wasn’t sure if that was right

      • Skittlez

        yea, i made mine 9 rows, 7 columns

  • emoney

    these articles are my favorite

  • PolarBear

    Welcome to the 8th art!

  • Raven

    There is a free UCCW skin called Animus that would go great with that Trinity wallpaper:

    • Walter Partlo

      Nice, thanks.

  • Aaron

    I love the Holo Icons, been using them for the past few months. I try others but keep going back.

  • AC
  • DanSan

    i love when u do these posts, but my google play credit balance hates it. i have this problem, i click the link to the post, black out and magically have everything in the article lol

    • Jordan Pfingsten


  • That first setup… how do I make a drool emoticon??

    And just for kicks, because I like showing off (who doesn’t?), here’s my current Breaking Bad themed setup 🙂


  • fd2blk78

    Nox icons, one more clock widget, and a bitchin picture of Dodger stadium that Vin Scully posted on fb.

    • fd2blk78

      Whattya think?

      • Larizard

        Angels fan.

    • JamesU513

      You know why I down voted

  • mustbepbs

    As nice as these look, I can’t stand wrestling with UCCW. No matter what I do, it always winds up screwing up and it’s mega frustrating to fix.

    UCCW can rot in hell.

    • BTLS

      My problem with UCCW is that it wastes A LOT of my time! I’m never happy with the setup or I keep thinking of new ideas and so I’m constantly tweaking and revamping it!

      • Joe Thomas

        lol i had the exact same problem. I eventually just exhausted myself from dealing with UCCW.

      • Reginald Spence II

        It would be nice if there was a desktop client for creating and editing skins.

        • michael arazan

          It would be so much easier to do it on a desktop for design and then just transfer it to the phone

    • NorCalGuy

      I found a paid skin in the market and thought it would be cool if I could just edit one little bit but if you but it it just comes as an uneditable file ended up creating the widget myself (day and a half of miro movements and changes) and them decided on a new wallpaper and the whole skin was off… That was it for me back to stock clock haha

    • Apostrafee

      I’ve never had a problem at all with UCCW…honestly think it’s a fantastic app


      UCCW sucks my battery up. I prefer Zooper Widget

    • My only problem with UCCW is that I couldn’t figure out how to get the damn thing to use 12h time instead of 24h!

    • I’m still really curious about the MyColorScreen app (http://www.droid-life.com/2013/09/06/themer-app-by-mycolorscreen-to-transform-your-homescreen-with-one-click/). Imagine if it could take one of the setups from MCS and have replicate it on your phone with a few clicks. That truly would be amazing, since honestly, the reason I lust after UCCW stuff is often based on a theme that’s been posted on MCS. Alas, I doubt such a complicated task would be feasible – it would need to be similar to buzz launcher, but work across a whole slew of different launchers (and it would need to work much better than Buzz Launcher).

      • mustbepbs


        Just signed up for this, kinda the same thing.

        • Uh, I think that’s actually the app I was talking about – it says “by MyColorScreen”. Thanks for the heads up on this!

          • mustbepbs

            Oh boy, I can read.


    • irtechneo

      Mycolorscreen has very good tutorials on youtube for how to navigate and use the app. I personally love it and it is really powerful. It did take me a little while to get the hang of how to work it though. Bit of a learning curve.