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LG Nexus 5 Takes Virtual 3D Form, Lets You Go Hands-on With It Today

LG Nexus 5 render

Can’t wait until the end of October/early November to get your hands on the next Nexus made by LG? Maybe this 3D rendering of the device will help satisfy your need for all things Nexus. Published to reddit over the weekend, this mockup is clearly based off of the FCC screw-ups and premature sightings thanks to Googlers taking in statue unveilings. It could give a great representation of what we can expect when Google makes the device official next month (likely) or Google could surprise us with something completely different (not likely). Either way, you have to love creativity combined with the internet.

If you want to catch-up on all things Nexus 5, be sure to head over to this post.

To interact with the 3D rendering below, simply click and let it load. Once it hits 100%, you can use your mouse to drag the device in full 360-degree motions.

Via:  reddit | Nexus 5 mockup

Cheers David!

  • E A butler


  • Zachary Eslick

    Lol LG commercial

  • David Graves


  • Granpa0

    Where are the speakers? Here’s hoping for front-side speakers like the HTC One.

  • Nick Klenchik

    I’m perfectly content with my GS4. It does exactly what I need it to, and my battery life is amazing since I have 3 of them. I’m a music addict on a 6GB shared data plan, so I need local storage. If the N5 comes in a 64gb option, I’d have to consider mine for sure

  • jh123416

    Anybody see KitKat’s with Android on them in stores yet? I haven’t.

    • Piyush

      I have been searching for them too 🙁

  • markslomski

    Silence…… I Kill You!!

  • joejoe5709

    Despite having a pretty good clue what the phone will look like, I fear this is being spread as a factual 3D model when it’s just made from leaks. But other than that quibble, I very much appreciate this! It’s the closest thing we’ve got thus far!

    Now that I see the model, I think we’re talking something closer to GS4 in size rather than G2. Not a bad thing, really.

  • Shaggy723

    Dear god, October can’t get here fast enough.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Contextual4lyfe. Even apple is using co-processors…step your game up.

  • Joshua Dudash

    why is the camera glass area so big yet the lens is (looks like) just as small as the n4.
    and im guessing thats the status led on top and not a second camera on the front face.. kind of strange to have it on top

  • muddy46

    Spigen has a screen protector listed on amazon for a nexus 5 with a release date of 10-30 http://www.amazon.com/SPIGEN-Google-Protector-Crystal-Premium/dp/B00EV97UD6/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1379350242&sr=8-7&keywords=spigen+nexus looks like the nexus 5 will be out just in time for trick or treat and all the kit kat candies being given away…

    • joejoe5709

      Thanks. Now please go delete the 3 other duplicate posts.

  • muddy46

    Spigen has a screen protector listed on amazon for a nexus 5 with a release date of 10-30 looks like this will be released just in time for trick or treating…lots of kitkats this Halloween

  • muddy46
  • JohanV
    • amiq001

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    • fauxshizzl

      For some reason I hear this in Arnold Schwarzeneggers voice.

  • Muddy46
  • yummy

    Oh good, I want to get one of these
    for my imaginary friend.

  • s0uth

    i love pure aosp. but man i really dont like software buttons and having software button technically makes your screen smaller right? lol.

    i had the gnex. then the gs3 that was a huge upgrade and was running a aosp rom. loved it. and currently on the note 2 running aosp. lovin it even more! then i tried the s4 out last week. was to small! waiting for the note 3 now… lol.

    • joejoe5709

      Well… eventually I’m sure we’ll get PIE controls onto KitKat and that helps. Otherwise, I don’t mind it in the case of the LG G2. Even with the buttons, the screen isn’t any smaller than the GS4. And the real benefit comes when you pull up a video. Even the GNex impresses most people with its size when the buttons hide away. But if the Nexus5 comes with a 4.96 screen and a bit of that is buttons, we’ve now got something around 4.7″ of usable space and that’s kind of disappointing.

  • Bah. *waits for N6*

  • NAM37

    this won’t be on Verizon…

    • Curtis

      This is why I bought the X. Not disappointed!

      • A.Miller

        I am interested in the X, but lack of a removable battery scares me. I realize the battery life may be good, but I want to have the safety.

        Is there a way to charge your phone w/o a power source? Like a portable power source?

        • Curtis

          I do not know of any cases with a built in battery, but if you already have a portable charger then it will work just fine.

          • joejoe5709

            I invested in a chunky Anker portable battery. Even on long camping trips, jogging, or marathon shopping days with the wife, I’m never without power. Sure, you’ve got a heavy thing attached to the phone and simply changing the battery is much more comfortable, but it is an option.

        • findjaysee

          Motorola & other companies make portable charging on the go easy. Look into it.

    • Adam Truelove

      We’re aware. Though I’m not sure why you’re getting downvotes. You speak the truth. Verizon will never again get a Nexus.

      • NAM37

        I found the down votes a bit strange too…

        • Charlie

          i know the D820 model (which everyone is convinced is the N5) will not work on VZW. but, has a consensus been reached (i know there’s no ability to confirm anything at this point) that the D821 model that went thru the FCC isn’t a VZW variant that’s different than the G2? in other words, could the D821, since its model number is so close to the N5, be a VZW N5 variant, and not a G2 variant??

          i know, i’m grasping at straws here…

    • Charlie

      i know the D820 model (which everyone is convinced is the N5) will not work on VZW. but, has a consensus been reached (i know there’s no ability to confirm anything at this point) that the D821 model that went thru the FCC isn’t a VZW variant that’s different than the G2? in other words, could the D821, since its model number is so close to the N5, be a VZW N5 variant, and not a G2 variant??

      i know, i’m grasping at straws here…

  • Ted

    Looks just like an android phone. On/off switch, sound toggle, usb port and the headset jack. Wow!!!

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      “Looks just like a smartphone.” FTFY

  • Patrick Crumpler

    I like everything except that disc around the camera. Unless it is functional. Maybe it absorbs light.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’m sure there is a very good reason. It is one large camera module, which makes me think of OIS at the very least, and possibly a larger-than-average sensor similar to the one in the iPhone 5s. Or, it could be something completely innocuous. Looks like it’ll be a month or so before we know for sure.

      • fauxshizzl

        I too am hoping for everything you just mentioned, but the camera on the new Nexus 7 looks quite similar in size and shape and takes horrid pictures. Not that I take lots of pictures with my tablet anyway, but having tested its camera compared to my phone it is absolutely terrible and an after thought at best. Lets hope they get it right with this Nexus.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The Nexus 7 camera I don’t think was ever intended to be good. It must be a really cheap module to keep costs down, so I wouldn’t expect too much from it. However, this camera is most likely intended to perform much much better, as Google has admitted in the past that their camera quality was far behind its performance, and was something they wanted to fix. Whether they succeeded is a different question entirely.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    While this phone is going to be excellent like all Nexus devices are, I’m not sure I am going to upgrade from my Nexus 4 just yet. Still have a lot of fight left in it.

  • markgbe

    i can not wait to buy this. I hope it is indeed a mini 2013 nexus 7 like it appears.

  • mgamerz

    I hope that isn’t a notification LED at the top. I actually like mine at the bottom with my gnex. I thought it was weird at first but it’s quirky, and I like that.

  • Hugh Hansen

    I think going with a notification light and no speaker grill on the top is perhaps going too literally by a blurry photo.

    A little extrapolation is probably needed.

  • Mon

    Specs? Has to be great for me to give up my S4.

    • Anon

      Then you’ll probably be holding on to your S4.

    • A.Miller

      How good is the camera on the S4?

  • Cowboydroid

    I’m hoping the lack of curved edges means a step away from edge gestures…which are pretty much impossible with a case on the phone. Trying to swipe through the lockscreen with a case covering the edges feels less than stellar.

  • decidedtochangename

    About to switch my company to ATT in next 30 to 60 days. Must time this perfectly… 😛

    • Steve Ballmer

      Save yourself the wait and come on over to Windows Phone.

      • decidedtochangename

        As a former Windows Mobile user I would always give MS another chance. But there is not enough there now to make we want to try it.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Quite nice overall, but need more of a fillet on the side-to-back and side-to-front transitions.

  • Huh…I was expecting a little better viewing angle…


    • Cowboydroid


  • Ryan Powell

    This would have to come with LTE and be offered at Verizon for me to consider changing my mind over the Moto X. I hate that I’m considering buying a Moto X later this year (when it is ever more out of date) but the hardware customization, active display and as close to stock nature of the Moto X has me sold.

    • PowersUSA

      My thoughts exactly

      • Turb0wned

        Seriously, forget the specs. You will not be disappointed with the X. I admit I was ones trash talking the X… Now I own one and my HTC One is going on eBay.

        • Frettfreak

          You own the one and the X and like the X more?? Hmmmm… i am gonna have to try an X. I LOVE my one though! How do the cameras compare in your use? I have seen reviews but more interested in real users opinions

          • Turb0wned

            Yeah I have them both. You can’t compare cameras. The One takes MUCH better low light pictures. The biggest downfall for the X is the camera. Yes I do like the X better but you will miss the camera and boomsound.

            Also me selling my One isn’t such a big deal since my wife has it also. I first decided to try out the X because I need something with good battery life since I use my phone a lot… The X is great in this department.

    • i made the jump to the moto x last week… i am not disappointed!!

      • Curtis

        Battery life – check
        HD Display – check
        Hands free use – check
        Fingerprint scanner – huh?
        Decent camera – check
        LOUD speaker – check
        No lag – check +

        I have nothing to complain about with this phone.

        Note: I do not require my phone to have the very best camera on the market. I bought the very best camera on the market to take those pictures. Also, I understand the arguments here. You are entitled to your camera, S4 owners!

        • Shane Redman

          This guy gets it…

        • Jonathan Isenberg

          I agree with you completely. Any camera phone on any smart phone is good enough to daily use.

          People need to stop complaining about how inferior their camera phone is for taking amazing pictures. If you want great pictures, pony up and buy a real DSLR with a real sensor in it.

          Even most point and shoot cameras (~$150) take drastically better pictures because of their marginally better, and larger, sensors.

        • A.Miller

          Is the S4 considered the best camera phone out there?

          • Curtis

            It has a pretty amazing camera, but I have never owned this phone. I have taken some pictures with a co-workers in some pretty dinky lighting, so I am not your best reference.

            From what I have heard it is one of the better cameras.

          • grumpyfuzz

            Nokia Lumia 1020 obviously, although it has windows phone which is a huge drawback.

          • A.Miller

            Exactly. I should have said “Android phone.”

        • flosserelli

          You forget that some people can’t afford a phone *and* real camera. For those people, their phone IS their camera. Which is why they clamor for a P&S-level camera on their phones. Now that won’t be a reality for some time to come, but that is why people complain and have pissing matches about camera/photo quality.

          • Curtis

            I used that wording more as an illustration than anything.

            I purchased a camera that I thought would meet my expectations for picture quality (aka not the “very best on the market”). I cannot reasonably expect a phone to meet that expectation, and meet other expectations like size, design, utility, etc.

            I understand your point and I concede that it is not cost effective nor convenient to carry two devices that take pictures.

        • Sam

          One thing to consider with the camera is it’s rather wide aspect ratio (16:9 is wide for stills [especially when you rotate for portraits]. It’ll be interesting to see what direction LG takes with the Nexus, if it is in fact G2 derived, one would hope it to be a much more typical 3:2.

        • Sirx

          Are you on Verizon? Why not a Droid Maxx? That’s gonna be my next phone, and I cannot figure out why so many seem to give the edge to the Moto X over it.

          • Curtis

            Purely aesthetics (I am always near a charger).

            I personally do not like the look of any of the Droid line up. That robotic/carbonized/whatever they tried to do look does not appeal to me.

            The Moto X is a very sexy device.

    • Dale

      Played with the Moto X the other day. Although I was impressed with the speed and design of the phone (not to mention the awesome close to stock OS), I was equally unimpressed by the size/quality of the screen when held side by side with an HTC One.

      • Shane Redman

        So don’t hold it side by side 😉

      • Ryan Powell

        I’m still rocking the Galaxy Nexus and loving that so while I’m sure the HTC One would be a huge upgrade over the GNex, the Moto X might be closer to what I have with my GNex. I will admit that HTC One is a sexy phone.

        • Shane Redman

          I went droid maxx and coming from a gnex, motos new phones are like a welcomed upgrade. Their subtle software tweaks are way better than any other gaudy slap on from HTC or Samsung.

          • Frettfreak

            just curious… have you ever actually OWNED a NEWER HTC device or just talk crap cause you have seen pics? The new sense (sense 5) is pretty awesome IMO. it really enhances the OS imo. not to mention that the AOSP camera software cant hold a candle to HTC’s or Samsungs for that matter (as evidence by the poor quality of pics on the GPE phones compared to their OEM skinned counterparts).

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Like anything else, they have their strengths and weaknesses. TouchWiz = every feature you could possible want/need, Sense = unique mostly useful enhancements with a fully-themed UI, Motorola = very few but all genuinely useful enhancements. It all depends on your individual tastes and needs as to which works best for you.

            As for the AOSP camera, yes the software sucks at JPEG compression and pre-processing. Hopefully that is being looked at closely and will be rectified shortly (similar to how everyone hopes the Moto X camera will be fixed so that it is more consistent).

          • Shane Redman

            Agreed. I’ve had more time with an S4 than a One and I definitely know I’d take a One over an S4, but personally….for me….I’d take moto’s play on android before HTC’s. I can replicate blinkfeed with an app.

          • Shane Redman

            I used one for about a week…so, yeah. And if you want a phone for the camera, then go buy a real camera.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        The size is the exact same….
        Quality-wise, yes when held side-by-side the One is better. After 5-10 minutes apart, you don’t notice or care anymore (unless you are a videophile of course, in which case you wouldn’t be considering AMOLED in the first place).

      • Butters619

        The screen is exact same size…..

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      With the rumor over the weekend out of AusDroid that the 4.4 firmware will be optimized for and available to older devices, the “out of date” hardware will matter even less than it does now. Even though the two companies are separate, I have the odd feeling that Motorola has a good idea of the direction Android is headed in general, and they designed their device accordingly.

      • Ryan Powell

        Also with everything getting stripped out and moved into Google Play Services I think dying for carriers to release the latest update will be a non-issue in the near future. At least I hope that is the case.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The main issue remaining is the API level being spread so far, so developers can’t use some of the newer, better APIs or they lose out on a ton of the market. If Kit Kat brings a change to the way the APIs are handled such that every device no matter the version number is at the same API level, then they will have finally killed the most glaring issues with fragmentation.

      • WickedToby741

        Keep in mind this is just a rumor and will remain so until confirmed by Google. Remember rumors for previous versions of Android that promised to do the same things but never came to fruition?

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Precisely why I make sure to label it at the start as a rumor 🙂

          I have hope like everyone else, especially given the tagline for 4.4 that they put up, but I know I won’t be disappointed even if those hopes aren’t fulfilled. I have full faith in Google, and Motorola has me cautiously optimistic, though still hesitant given their recent severe lack of communication.

    • Ryan

      G2 is so much better.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Glossy plastic and ridiculous button placement killed that device for me. I give them credit for trying something different, but as far as I am concerned the trade-off is not worth making.

        • Ryan

          Have you even played with the real device before making an opinion on it? The button placement is actually a great idea and works just fine.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I really am genuinely glad that you think they are great, but I simply disagree. I tried it, and the way I hold my device it just isn’t natural.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well it might just be that the way you hold you phone is wrong?

            I Kid, I Kid.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Well played, sir. Well played 🙂

          • Senrab

            This is an opinion. Most reviewers have said it becomes second nature surprisingly quickly. Perhaps you would just need a little more time.
            If button placement is a killer for you, that is the beauty of Android devices right now. TONS of options and alot of beautiful high end devices. Also, plastic is a subjective thing.
            I am waiting for th N5 to release, and see. Depending, I will get Note 3, N5, or LG G2.

          • buddyruff777

            Same can be said for your statement. Have you played with the Nexus 5? Don’t get me wrong, I’m an LG fan. Just saying. They should be almost the same beast, just some button placement differences and no LG UI, so not sure how G2 can be so much better.

          • Ryan

            You don’t have any confirmed specs on the nexus 5. So no… It can not be said. The only thing that’s semi-confirmed is the look of the device. Right now the G2 is 100% better because it’s on the market and a physical product for consumers. You can’t even use a nexus 5 let alone buy one right now.

          • buddyruff777

            Not sure if that was a back-peddle or spin or what. So we’ll just move on to say, it is impossible to state “G2 is so much better” because to do so would require a comparison of a product that is not available yet as you stated above. So in this scenario your original statement is false.

            Now lets run the scenario that we are comparing the current G2 vs the assumed specs of the new Nexus which will for argument sake be the same specs as the G2 except for button placement and no LG UI. In this scenario again your statement that “G2 is so much better” is false since those differences are obviously minuscule.

            Either way the statement “G2 is so much better” in comparison to the new Nexus = fail.

    • ddevito

      ….but will always be at least one version of Android behind


      • Blue Sun

        Even worse if you own a HTC device. They tend to not support OS upgrades after 12-15 months.

    • tmofan

      you can get an app that works very well and just like the active display

    • findjaysee

      The price should be reduced by then anyway.

  • Radgatt


  • litobirdy

    I for one hope its completely different but I doubt it as well. It’s just that these Nexus phones look almost exactly the same, front is kind of boring. Moto X is like a nexus but different. take that approach

    • StuckOnVerizonForever


    • Kyle Cordiano

      I agree it looks the same, but that is what’s good about the Nexus line… Simple and Refined.

    • Liderc

      I’m glad the front looks similar, nothing looks better than that clean black front. It’s why I haven’t given up my Galaxy Nexus yet.

      • Shaggy723

        Couldn’t agree more.

    • joejoe5709

      The seamless blank front is actually a good thing for most people including myself. I think it’s professional and classy. With a black front and the screen 100% off, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    • John Kiser

      The back with the camera the way it is at least from other leaks (like the bar photos from that bartender that leaked out now) make it look way diff on the back visually. That silver on the back is definitely some kinda metal housing for something or another….

      • John Kiser

        http://www.droid-life.com/2013/09/16/videos-leak-of-nexus-5-in-action-pictures-too/ That is what someone took photos of at a bar (bartender that saw a google employee leave the phone unattended snapped some pics but didn’t steal the phone) We have a look at what might be a more finished design. Nice matte black back (hopefully soft touch) back similar to the new nexus 7. That camera sensor is hard to tell if it’s a high MP or not it could be around 10 mp so long as it has OIS though and can perform well in low light i could care less. 8 mp or even 5 mp is fine for most tasks if it takes decent low light and has OIS.