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The Droid Life Show Episode 35 is Like Jim Furyk’s 59, a Weekend Must Watch


The DL Show episode 35 went down this week live on Wednesday, featuring talk of Samsung’s two new products on the block, the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. We fought over the Gear design, decided that only Tim is ready for the Note 3 Cult, and that faux leather with stitching is only slightly less gross that glossy plastic.

Beyond Samsung chatter, we talked about the LG G2, the next Nexus (also made by LG), Apple’s snoozy announcements, and our favorite apps and games of the week. Be sure to listen or watch as you head into the weekend.

You can catch us live on Wednesday nights 6PM Pacific!

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  • ip logged

    Ahh, nothing like wasting an hour of my life….

  • schlanz

    What would it have taken with the Note 3 to blow you guys away? I mean it’s basically the most powerful Android device out there specs-wise and you guys basically sum up your feelings with “meh”. I kind of can’t wrap my head around your unabashed love for the Moto X which is quite pedestrian as far as Android devices go, then come off so ho-hum for the Note 3 which is quite literally unmatched for the time being. Nothing to say about air-command? Scrapbook? Or the new multi-window features?

    As for the faux leather, most hands-on I’ve read said it feels nice, not “gross”.. the consensus (barring DL) appears Samsung pulled it off with the material. The Nexus 7 also sported a faux leather type feeling back that was quite comfortable.. Kellex you yourself said at first it felt gross, then backtracked to say if it wasn’t for the stitching it would be fine.. well the stitching probably has very little to do with the actual feel of holding it so it appears you’re letting your overtly critical Samsung feelings exaggerate your qualms. But no matter how you feel about it, there will be of course 3rd party battery doors and all conceivable kinds of cases available that will easily address this non-issue.

    Anyway again, I can’t understand how you guys seem to be shrugging your shoulders at this. If the Moto X had specs like these you would be hailing it the GOAT. I have a Note 2 so I’m obviously a little biased seeing as I love the screen size and S-Pen features to begin with. But prior to its unveiling I had no intention of anticipating wanting to upgrade to the Note 3, expecting modest improvements that wouldn’t make much difference. However after seeing how much of an improvement it is over the Note 2, I am completely sold. Yeah a lot of it was “expected” and therefore not as exciting, because we seem to only get excited about surprises. But take a step back from those expectations and couple the ridiculous specs with the feature enhancements to the S-Pen and it’s a device that stands head and shoulders above everything else out there. I get that the size is a deal-breaker for some, if not most smartphone users.. but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

    • Rammstein

      Being the most powerful device doesn’t mean anything. Specs matter to a certain extent but what matters most is the overall device experience. As you mentioned, the Note 3 isn’t a device for everyone. It’s large screen size only attracts a small amount of the overall smartphone market and touchwiz isn’t anything to rave about. S-Pen has some decent functionality but people can live without it. The extra ram and cpu boost will be offset by all the resources touchwiz takes up. On the other hand, the Moto X may not have the beastly specs but it holds its own against other high end smartphones thanks to great design, software optimizations, and minimal bloat. I’ve owned every Galaxy S device so I don’t have anything against Samsung (besides the software bloat :P) but after trying the Moto X it definitely caught my attention.

      • schlanz

        I have a Droid Maxx as well as an HTC One and my Note 2. All three are super nice but at the end of the day its my Note 2 that I enjoy using most, even though I appreciate the simplicity and clean look to stock android, touchwiz imo is criticized far too much, bloat or no bloat.

        And yeah being the most powerful device absolutely means something. Bleeding edge means something. Its definitely not everything, and yes the overall experience holds more weight than specs as the Moto X has proven, but you cant simply dismiss the all-around beastliness of a phone like the Note. When the only things you can knock it for are touchwiz, the back cover material, and the size (which is a plus depending who you ask) you’re left with an extremely impressive device which deserves more than a shrug.

        • Rammstein

          I wouldn’t call the Note 3 “bleeding edge”…but that’s just my opinion and you have yours. The only real draw it has over other devices is the S-Pen integration for those looking to utilize it. We’re at the point where new devices, no matter the platform, are going to have to introduce something really innovative to wow a majority of people. It’s just a spec/design improvement to the Note 2, like the S4 was to the S3, and this is why I find the Droid Life team’s reaction to the Note 3 perfectly acceptable.

          • schlanz

            Fair enough. Not to split hairs but what would you consider bleeding edge then, at least with regard to Android phones? (And perhaps specifically, those available to the US market?)

      • dmagicp

        I have to agree with schlanz on Kellen’s take on the Note 3. He goes on and on about how it is too big, yet he thinks the LG G2 could be his everyday device. The LG G2 has a 5.2 in screen which is basically the same size as a Note 2. Even when he held it up in the video it looked just as big as the Note 2 and I actually laughed out loud.

        • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

          There is a pretty big difference in their size. The G2 is a lot more easier to handle the both the Note 2 and Note 3.

        • schlanz

          To be fair the G2 is much closer in size to the S4 and HTC One. The Note 3 is a half inch taller (screen and footprint) and 10mm wider. That said I’ve had very little problem handling my Note 2 and I think people tend to exaggerate the size as being too cumbersome when in fact a few days of using the device is all it takes to get used to it, unless you have tiny hands I suppose.

          Another thing that I still REALLY appreciate in Samsung phones: removable battery and storage. I don’t know why this is downplayed so much by Samsung critics. I’m not so eager to give up the luxury of a spare battery charger (never have to plug your phone in) and my 64GB class 10 memory card that has a wealth of media on it.

          Until Samsung abandons the philosophy of letting the end user control those important aspects of their device (isn’t control something we android fans have always touted?) it makes other OEMs flagships much less attractive no matter how svelte or premium feeling/looking a device it is.

          • dmagicp

            Oh well I didn’t know that. I have a Note 2 with Jelly Beans on it. It has 64 GB of internal memory now and is stock like a Nexus. It runs faster too.

  • Eric

    Kind of weird how your Verizon stores didn’t have a model to try out. The store I go to in Tucson had a floor model since 2 weeks back. They didn’t have any in stock but it was cool to try it out. Surely my next device…as soon as that dev edition is released any one of these days!

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Droid Life knows golf? That’s awesome.

  • ron burgundy

    You should call your show droid center and model it after sports center and I might watch it

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Yeah they should change the show just to capture one extra viewer…but you stay classy. 🙂

      • Steve Ballmer


        • ReturnOfTheMack

          60% of the time, it works every time.

  • Steve Ballmer

    Definitely a great episode!