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T-Mobile Expands 4G LTE Market to 180 Million POPs, AT&T Hits 400 LTE Markets


T-Mobile updated its complete 4G LTE coverage list, flaunting that the new LTE network now covers up to 180 million POPs, a number that saw a massive spike in growth last month when their CEO flipped the switch live on stage. While T-Mobile grows at a steady pace, AT&T is almost wrapped up with its rollout, though. 

As Verizon crossed the finish line first with 500+ LTE markets, AT&T just cracked 400 markets, covering roughly 240 million POPs. The network is currently seeing expansions in major markets such as San Francisco, Washington D.C., Nashville and Houston.

To catch a full list of LTE markets from both carriers, hit up the via links below.

Via: TmoNews [2] | AT&T

  • Droidzilla

    I’ve been loving T-Mobile LTE on my Nexus 4 for a little while now in Colorado Springs. Funny, as T-Mobile didn’t officially have LTE in CoS and the Nexus 4 didn’t officially have LTE capability.

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  • Mike

    I live 60 miles away from Chicago and 50 miles from Milwaukee and get LTE. For those of you getting edge, get a new phone. Those edge areas will stay edge. To take advantage of Tmobile’s network, you need a phone that has HSPA + on 1900Mhz PCS as they are not adding HSPA to 1700Mhz AWS. If you have edge most of the time, chances are your phone is dated and can only receive GSM/GRPS/EDGE data on the 1900Mhz PCS band.

  • flyinggerbil

    If anyone has T-Mobile in or around DC I’d love to hear what you think of the service. I’m taking a long look at making the jump once my VZ contract ends in November (GNEX like everyone else apparently).

  • SewWhat

    As much as I would like to drop Verizon, mostly due to their pennyanty micro management of their network and customer support, I find the fact that T-Mobile isn’t to much of a better option. If you visit their website looking for info on their network their coverage map just gives you degrees of how your connection should be NOT weather you should be connecting on a LTE, 3G or edge or whatever… that just seems a little too much like “used car sales” tactics. I’m beginning to be a little more than disenchanted with the industry as a whole. The corp.’s have us over a barrel and know it. nothing is really gonna change, freedom of our devices, coverage and service fitting the rates that we pay, until we start speaking their language with our all mighty bucks.

  • schoat333

    Too bad T-mobile and AT&T couldn’t merge, but use T-Mobiles plans and business ideals instead of AT&T’s.

    • iPro

      That would pretty much be a monopoly as far as GSM goes in the states

    • The Phenom

      They never had plans to use anything T-mobile related other than spectrum had that deal went through.

  • Butters619

    Now AT&T needs to focus on buying up or making better use of spectrum in crowded areas. Hopefully that Verizon deal will help.

  • NexusPhan69

    I know for a fact that that list in incomplete. Even their own coverage map indicates many more 4G LTE cities. T-Mobile is on a roll.

    • Ian

      They display future planned markets as well, some are likely not yet live. Hence the reason to value independent reports over bias.

      • NexusPhan69

        It’s live, I assure you. And this report is from T-Mobile, it’s not independent. They are probably just being cautious as they build it out more prior to calling it a market covered.

    • Tim242

      Their coverage doesn’t even cover entire cities, much less the suburbs

      • NexusPhan69

        All depends on where you live.

    • Josue Rios

      True. For my area T-Mobile has it listed as a single market (Seattle-Bellevue) but at&t has it listed as three (Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle). Apparently a city an hour away is part of the Seattle-Bellevue market. I don’t mind, I’d just like to see 4g LTE coverage in all towns of 5000+ people. That’d be sweet, but unlikely anytime soon.

    • PhoenixPath

      It’s funny. Their coverage maps show me with no 4G.

      Yet here I sit with HSPA+ since I got the One and LTE started popping up the last few weeks.

  • CHRIS42060

    I would love to switch to T-Mobile. They just lit up LTE here in Flint, but sadly my parents house in central PA (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have LTE there) STILL only gets 2G service with T-Mobile. I cannot spend at least 3 weeks a year without out using data outside of WiFi.

    • NexusPhan69

      Central PA is a bad spot for T-Mobile. If you have to go there often, don’t count on T-Mobile.

    • Jaredsutter

      How much extra are you paying per year in order to get better service for 3 weeks? You could go with tmobile most of the year, and an at&t sim for the month you are in PA

      • CHRIS42060

        Oddly enough for the 3 lines on my account right now I would not save much switching to T-Mobile (Maybe like $10/month). I ended up scoring a really good deal on service through a smaller provider that uses Sprint’s network. The main reason I would like to go to T-Mobile is that since I buy phones at full price typically I think it would be easier and have a bit of a better choice (i.e. Nexus line) on their network.

  • Eric

    Meanwhile at Sprint…nothing to be seen.

    • brkshr

      and that’s ok. I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that signed a contract with sprint.

  • Chase Chick

    I just can’t understand why Verizon has to be dicks. Why? Seriously? It’s like the hottest girl in school but she’s a total psycho-bitch and will probably end up marrying a drunk that beats her. The iphone is the drunk that beats verizon. Why won’t they date the hot chick who will let you do whatever you want and not bitch (Nexus)?????

    • Butters619

      You called Verizon a hot girl then asked why don’t they date the hot chick?

      TL;DR: Verizon is a lesbian

      • Guest

        DUDE.. read it again.. less South Park.. more Lumosity.. wow

        • Ian

          Fail. Butters got it right.

          I guess the only thing to take away now is more South Park.

      • Chase Chick

        I’m ok with them being lesbians (not my original intent but whatever)

        • Butters619

          I think everybody is down for two hot chicks dating.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Well that was rather confusing and hard to follow.

    • JBartcaps

      What does this have to do with AT&T and T-Mo LTE networks?

      • Chase Chick

        Cause if you want better phones apparently you have to get off of Verizon, and Tmo and ATT are options…

        • JBartcaps

          You didn’t answer my question

  • JamesU513

    I must have fallen through a crack at Verizon because I just dropped unlimited on 2 lines and got Moto Xs, but my plan did not change! Called Verizon and they are not seeing my plan change. Woohoo unlimited for 2 more years !

    I got them through the Verizon site and paid with a Credit card 2 weeks ago

    • KleenDroid

      Keep quiet.

      I hope it works out for you.

      • CHRIS42060

        Yea why would you call them haha. I would do everything I could to not tell them!

        • JamesU513

          I didn’t call like that haha. I had a question about my new plan.

    • Prox

      just wait…..

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Good luck with keeping your unlimited plan. I’ve got one too and I don’t want to lose it.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      So it didn’t change and first thing you did was call them? That wasn’t smart.

      • JamesU513

        I had a question about my new plan, then she said there isn’t a plan change. I didn’t say a word after that. She said “I see you got new phones too, I have no idea how that happened but congratulations. I’m not going to say anything”

    • Ian

      “Hey uh yea, just wanted to make sure youguys are taking away my unlimited data.”

      It’s hard to fall through a crack when YOU POINT OUT THE CRACK.

      • JamesU513

        I called about my new plan and she said there is no change

    • flosserelli

      More like unlimited for another 10 months. Don’t be surprised when Verizon takes your unlimited candy away next summer.

      But congrats on dodging the bullet.


    Anyone have T-Mo in San Francisco? How is the service?

    • Blue Sun

      Wondering the same thing (San Jose here).

      • bobfraser1

        Loving life on the T-mo $30 / mo plan. I’ve seen good LTE all along city parts of 280, Palo Alto, and downtown San Jose. VoLTE calls via GrooVe IP even sound good.

    • iPro

      I was out there for the SF 49er Division game against the Packers, GO NINERS, and had excellent coverage out there and in South SF near Coma, Colma(?), as well. No data speed issues as well, my entire family is on T-Mobile there.

  • Ian Smith

    should i buy a 16gb Nexus 4 right now to replace my Gnex, leave Verizon, pop the Nexus 4 on T-Mo and then get the new Nexus once it comes out? I would probably actually save $30/month being on TMo so that’s ~$60 off of the price of the N4.

    • Ian Smith

      i think i just convinced myself.

      • cheese

        I’m thinking of doing the same as well. Just go for the N4 and buy N5 later when it comes out. I’m switching from Verizon as well.

      • Dean

        I just did the same thing once the price dropped on the N4. T-mobile has been great so far

      • Brian Barcus

        I’ve switched myself to T-Mobile last February then my kids this week. Even with two ETF’s to pay off I will break even in six months and have paid off the N4’s by July.

    • NexusPhan69

      Nexus 4’s are actually selling for $250 on swappa. So not only could you buy this brand new from Google Play right now but you could sell it the day you get the new Nexus 5 and take a very minimal loss.

      • Futbolrunner

        I can’t believe people actually pay $250 for a used N4 on Swappa. If only they knew that’s how much they go for new.

        • NexusPhan69

          I know. People are dumb. It’s average price was $292 in August and dropped to $241 in September. Amazing resale value. The last two sales were both sold for $275 today!

  • Stephen

    tmobile is definitely my option when i get out of verizon.

    • Rammstein

      They provide great service in their coverage area. Even if you aren’t on LTE, the HSPA+ speeds are great.


      • Stephen

        yeah, a friend has tmobile here in new jersey, and he has an s2. he had 4g and did a speed test and got 25 mbps. insane! And now, they apparently have lte signal here!

        • coolsilver

          I often get 30 with Verizon LTE

          • Stephen

            so do I. I’m just saying that tmobile’s HSPA+ is pretty impressive

          • Steve Ballmer

            It is and it got better after they refarmed their 1900 MHz spectrum.

          • GinaDee

            You must not have been reading all the comments made nationwide about their faux G slowdown.

            Even John Legere had to apoligize via Twitter over it.

          • Bender Bending Rodriguez

            With Verizon if you’re not on LTE you get dropped down to slow 3G speeds. At least with Tmo the drop to HSPA+ isn’t much of a drop since it performs almost just as fast.

          • Diablo81588

            T-Mobile drops to 2g edge where Verizon has only 3g coverage. I have LTE on Verizon pretty much anywhere I go now, including the entire drive from Houston to Florida recently.

          • Chris Hannan

            Just drove from New Orleans to San Antonio two months ago and there were quite a few areas where I dropped to 3G on Verizon.

            Your first sentence is correct though. Whenever I was on 3G on Verizon, T-Mobile had either EDGE, GPRS, or no service at all.

        • Jon

          I wouldn’t even give a damn about LTE if I got speeds like that on HSPA+

        • GinaDee

          What your friend didn’t tell you is that walking 30ft in any direction and his phone is back to 2G service.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Can’t wait to switch to T-Mobile.

    • Raun Kunkel

      Is that Tyler Durden sarcasm?

      • Jon

        haha! the infamous Tyler Durden

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Good to know. Not that anyone cares.

        • PhoenixPath

          So true….

  • BobButtons

    And T-Mobile completely skips Wisconsin yet again. No wonder they’re continuously at the bottom of the coverage ratings here.

    • Futbolrunner

      On another note..GO SKINS!! lol It’s gonna be a hard game for us this weekend.

      • BobButtons

        Not if the Packers play like they did against the 49ers… raining flags.

      • Ian

        Was this supposed to have something to do with the original post? Because he said Wisconsin….which you seem to have took for Washington….

        • Futbolrunner

          We play them Sunday

          • Ian

            Touche good sir

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        Yeah buddy but RGIII started getting his swag back later in the game.

      • Chris VanAnden

        that didn’t work out so well did it.

    • Jordan Webb

      At least they didn’t call you a “Dust Bowl” state and commend their competitor for even deigning to provide you with cell service.

    • a3uge


    • Jon

      As someone from a large city (Los Angeles) I loled at your comment.

      They are going to go for the population centers first. If you want these services first, maybe you should move to someplace that has more people. But there is only so much that can be done realistically to bring these services to areas with smaller and not so dense populations.

      • Jeff

        Who has a spare million for a 2 bedroom one bath ghetto house?

        • renGek

          Well since even entry level software jobs in CA are well over $100k and programmers are still in short supply, you can work here for a few years and then go back and buy the town you live in.