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Google Glass With “Blue” Could be a Baseball Fan’s Best Friend at the Park


Google Glass is still unavailable to the general public, but for the developers and few enthusiasts that do have their hands on a pair of Google’s eyewear computer, big things are happening. Applications are constantly being created and tested, and the newest one, built especially for baseball fans, has definitely caught our attention. 

The application is called Blue, developed by Paper Model Plane, which allows game attendees to follow all of the action taking place on the field through Glass. Blue geolocates you at the park, then gives you the pitch-by-pitch information as it happens. As you will see in the video that demoes its uses, you can track which type of pitch was thrown, who is up, and pretty much anything else you would need to know while at the game.

This is the type of app that we want to see more of before Glass launches.


Via: Android Spin

  • I could see this being good for Sport Fans and in this “baseball mode” it could be good for sports like Tennis and Cricket. With tennis say who is serving and the current game score (e.g. Serving: L Robson Score: 40-A 5-3 Set 1).

    I could also see the use at say a football (soccer) match or other league sports and it being say promotion or relegation day – you can be kept abreast of rival action!

  • John Huie

    Wow. Not the hugest baseball fan, but this would totally be great!

  • F*** the giants go dodgers!!!!!

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Would be great at other sporting events also. Autosport, football. Hockey would be nice.

  • chris420o

    this…is a very cool app…i just still dont see the upside in glass until its always on and has augmented reality…otherwise its just a second display for your phone that looks funny on your head

    • SparkysShocker

      Agreed but I think we are at place as a society that we need to decide what we value more, Anonymity or the ability to have the information we need when we need it. The ability for tru augmented reality would require some much personal data, and we saw the uproar that came up when Google Now was announced.

      If Google could live up to their “Don’t Be Evil” mantra then the future is awesome, however with the Government being what it is now and this sometimes irrational fear that companies are abusing our information (which isn’t helped by other companies, I am looking at you MS and your Scroogled campaign) it may be quite a while longer before it happens. Maybe not even this decade.

  • bellapstafford325

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  • Pakmann2k

    There are so many applications for these things that I am very surprised to not see it being more stongly developed for commercial applications. Pilots could use it as a portable Heads up Display displaying attitude, altitude, airspeed, and ILS glidescope while landing. They could also use them to display traffic in their vicinity even though they cannot visually see the traffic. Air traffic controllers could use this to display aircraft in the air (or ground) that they cannot visually see with their eyes. Police and fire could use this for a variety of situations where they need to keep their hands free, but also need critical information dispatched to them. Military applications… don’t get me started. Museums could rent these out for virtual tours. Delivery drivers of any sort, could use these to track their route. Doctors and nurses could monitor all types of data for several situations. The list literally goes on and on. While this baseball app is neat, I want to see some serious applications developed. Augmented reality is a very possible reality with devices like these and there are fields that would have a direct benfit to that. Not just neat and fun stuff.

    • John Huie

      In the military, the soldiers could get a power-level reading of the other soldiers to see what they are up against! 😉

      • Stayshift

        that is all

    • SparkysShocker

      ” Museums could rent these out for virtual tours.” Things like this is where I think we will see it really get developed on the commercial level.

      I can see Frommers (or any other guide company) Sell there guides digitally and as you are looking at the sites they will pop up information. Zaggat ratings when you look at restaurants.

      Gah these things and the Sports ideas are the reason I cant wait for Glass.

  • Richard Jackson

    Waiting for the NFL version.

  • aQuickBit

    Now all they need to do is make it possible to connect to my fantasy baseball team….

  • Omar Amer

    With info like that, why even go to the game. Just sit at home and get the same information while watching something else.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Not sure if serious or joking..

    • savagebeast0123

      read much? The article says it geolocates that your at the game thus giving you the games information!

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Could be adjust to tune into games you are interested in and not have to be there.

  • Mike Cary

    Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • Kane Stapler

    Yeah right.. Even watching the game on TV has too much delay for that info to come up like that. The pitch speed would be 2 pitches behind

  • Ken Bosse

    i doubt it can be that fast, but it would be awesome if it was

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      I doubt I’ll ever own a Lamborghini but it would be awesome if I could.

    • Cameron Laudick

      some information could be that fast like who is up to bat and who is pitching. also, pitch speed comes up instantly at the ballpark… there is probably a way to make it work

      • michael arazan

        So basically it tells you everything that is posted on the monitors at a ball game? Here they post the pitching speeds on a monitor too. But I can understand getting distracted between watching the game and watching the monitors constantly.

        How about adding an app that gets the Beer guy over to me right when my beer is empty, that is truly innovative = P

    • Pakmann2k

      This would be a winning device with racing folks. They could lock on to their favorite car while at the track and get stats in real time flowing to their view. Small delays wouldn’t matter much when you are watching something that has constant motion. I can see an arrow pointing to the car with speed, lap time, place, etc, all in your open view.

      • Ken Bosse

        that is actually a pretty cool idea. I could see it working for a lot of sports. Golf being a big one.

  • 1bad69z28

    LOL, I was at this game, Go O’s!!!!! Right behind third base side row 9 seat 16.

    • Ian

      No way!

      • 1bad69z28

        Yes!! Way 🙂

    • Guest

      So what you’re saying is you saw them lose…to the Yankees…who barely have a healthy team…and still might make the playoffs?

      • OligarchyAmbulance

        Yankees? It’s a Giants vs. Orioles game.

      • 1bad69z28

        That’s right!!!!! The O’s will make the playoffs. It’s the thier pitching that hurts them. Offensive hitting is one othe best in the MLB, it’s thier pitching that kills them in the final innings. 🙂

    • Dre Fay

      i can see you!!!

      • 1bad69z28

        I see what you did there 😉