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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Out September 19, Here is the First Gameplay Footage


This morning, Rovio launched a massive gameplay trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game. Inside the trailer, we get a great look at how each of the characters will perform, as well as some interesting additions such as the NFC-powered Telepods. If you have been part of the Skylanders craze that is currently sweeping this nation’s youth, then parents, you will know exactly what you are in for.

The game is set to be launched September 19 on all platforms and markets.

  • Thomas Partida

    I love this game (SW HD), but unfortunately Rovio wants to resell a game after you have already purchased it. What a rip off! I don’t feel I will purchasing any more Rovio games.

  • NexusMan

    Game looks great, but I think it’s ridiculous that they are releasing sequels, when they haven’t updated all the levels on the current version, and still have yet to enable game sync on any of the games except for the original version of Angry Birds. With a great new feature like game syncing, you would think they would update their most recent games and work backwards, instead of starting on the oldest game and taking a slow ass time due to distractions like creating more sequels.

    • syncmybirds

      I have to completely agree here. I think the original Angry Birds Star Wars is possibly the best game ever – period. The right balance of challenge (to get 3 stars of course) and simplicity and fun and entertaining (that is the point of a game after all). This sequel looks incredible. However, I simply refuse to play/support them until they add their online sync to the game. So, my Angry Birds original is done – 3 stars, all golden eggs etc, but no other games have been played more then a few minutes (other than Star Wars-I played the first world – again it was fun). Hopefully it will be released with their syncing from the beginning. Here’s hoping!

  • Smeckle

    1:14…Jar Jar Binks bird

    • EvanTheGamer

      Oh no…not HIM! Damnit Rovio.

      • michael arazan

        Maybe they will kill him off unlike what they should of done in star wars episode 1, wishful thinking here

    • NexusMan

      Yup. They went there.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I haven’t played an Angry Birds game in quite some time, probably because I’m pretty much over all the AB craze, but I gotta admit, Angry Birds: Star Wars II looks pretty awesome. And now we get to be part of the Dark Side? COUNT ME IN!

    Can’t wait to play me some Angry Birds again!

    • NexusMan

      The Star Wars editions are pretty fantastic. I, like you, was over Angry Birds, but loved the 1st Angry Birds Star Wars, and continue to play it when they find the time to update the levels. I’ve never been a fan of in app purchases on paid games, though.

  • JoshGroff

    Another Angry Birds game to install, play a world, and then uninstall.

  • joseph barrientos

    ive given up on angry birds, but this trailer kinda makes me want to play, well done!

  • RaptorOO7

    What a simultaneous release on Android, Windows Phone 8 and ios. I can’t believe they are giving equal billing

  • Jeremy Gentry

    Angry birds Karaoke will be out later this year followed by Angry Birds Fish, where you fish for poop out of a toilet, havn’t they milked these enough?

  • MichaelFranz

    very cool that they changed it up a little, hopefully it can distract me from candy crush….god damn game..

    • JamesU513

      I’m stuck on level 102 for the past month and a half

    • EvanTheGamer

      I’m a recovering Candy Crush Saga addict, although I still play that game from time to time. But damn, when I first started playing it, couldn’t put it down. Games like that shouldn’t be so addicting.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Nobody is too old for some Angry Birds.

  • Eric

    Why are they still making these?

    • The Phenom

      Cause adults like them kids love them..

    • NexusMan

      Because they are good.

      • Eric

        A mindless game for kids is good?

        • NexusMan

          Angry Birds Star Wars is far from mindless and not just for kids. And even if it were just for kids, so what? Are you saying kids games can’t be good? Clearly you haven’t played Angry Birds Star Wars.

          • Eric

            I have played the first one and all the other angry birds. The only one I sorta liked was Angry Birds Space.

          • NexusMan

            So then, you just answered your own question, “Why are they still making these?” They are still making them because even people who think they are “mindless games for kids,” that are not “good,” play “the first one and all the other angry birds.”

  • garbagedick

    it’s not nfc. they put the pod over your front facing camera and it sees the code on the toy

    • Guest September 13

      Should have been obvious considering they were showing it on an Apple product.