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Today is an Incredibly Elegant Calendar Widget for Android


You probably all know how minimal I keep my Android phone setups. My main home screen for years has been a set of apps with custom icons placed below a constantly changing minimal clock widget. From there, I do keep a screen to the left and right of my default for a couple of out-of-sight widgets that I check quite often. To the right has been the stock calendar widget for as long as I can remember. I’ve become somewhat of a calendar addict since starting DL, meaning I can’t function in life nor remember a thing if it isn’t on my calendar. 

And that leads me to this post, where I think I’ve found a permanent replacement for that stock Google Calendar widget. It’s called Today, and was released well, today.

Created by Jack Underwood (known for Now Playing), this simple widget is inspired by a calendar widget idea that the Android team’s Roman Nurik released a couple of weeks ago to G+.

As you can see from the images, it’s a semi-transparent widget that pulls from user-selected Google calendars. You’ll see white-backed items that are happening today, with mostly-transparent items that are on the horizon. You can set the date range for items you’d like displayed, tweak some appearance settings, have it show location info, and even use it with DashClock. It really is simple, but incredibly elegant.

Play Link ($1.09)

  • Harold Goldner

    Actually, the Sense 3.6 “agenda” widget is very similar to if not better than this (and is 2 screens over to the left from home, where it has always lived). It combines any and all calendars, at the user’s options, as well as possibly other information, and, on press, takes you directly to the calendar app. It is similarly semi-transparent, and the calendars are color coded.

    I have even tried the equivalent widgets on later Sense versions and still prefer the 3.6 widget. It’s one reason I stick with a Sense 3.6 ROM on my Rezound.

  • mullerlt

    This is great, now if we could get a Email widget just like it. Anyone know of something similar?

  • Mark Roan

    What battery app is he using that replaces the bar icon?

    • terrorist96

      Probably rooted, Cyanogenmod

    • Jack Underwood

      It’s PA circle battery.

  • mec

    this is ridiculously perfect for what i want.

  • sant0s

    I’ve been using DigiCal Widget for a few weeks now, it’s got a sweet day list theme and it’s free, need to pay for the gird version but i’m always open to new calender widgets

  • Good change!

  • Wolf0491

    I’ve been using business calender see for about over a year now. Works very well and I like the agenda view mainly. You can make it transparent as well. But it isn’t quite as elegant lol.
    And my calender widget is on left haha. I also have a little 3×1 of it on my main screen otherwise I forget to swipe over and check it.

  • napes22

    Calendar Widget by +1 Labs is my favorite. It’s been my staple calendar widget since I found it. Just as elegant as the above, but free.


  • Teddy Chen

    Can this widget be used on the Lockscreen?

  • John Kitchen

    Press 4×4 on main screen , calendar on the right, Google Play My Library 4×4 on the left. Phone,messaging and two folders in the dock

  • Stevennnnnnnnn

    It’s articles like this that make me love this site and check it every day. My android experience would not be the same without it.

  • sski66

    Nice snag Kellen…I’m a calendar freak too.

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    I prefer Simple Calendar Widget which I also learned about from Droid Life. Fully translucent and condenses appointments tighter. I guess that may be undesirable for some users. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anod.calendar

    • Matt

      Same here. Love the customization options (fonts, colors, etc).

    • terrorist96


  • ManBearPig618

    Where is wallpaper on left from?

  • Ryan Powell

    Purchased, installed and loving it. Thanks for bringing my attention to this widget.

  • hiway12

    I use Calengoo for it’s Tasks integration but it’s a mother to set up

  • Rojo623

    Sweet looking agenda widget.
    What I’m still looking for is another decent month display widget. I use PureGrid right now (attached screenshot), which is nice, but it has a horrible UI and its a pain to setup. Any suggestions?

    • Mudokon83

      i use JORTE because the widget allows for what PureGrid does, a full month view.

      I’d use google calendar if it had a good month view 4×5 widget.

      • Rojo623

        Yeah Google Cal widget really doesn’t cut it. I need to see the events across the dates.
        Checking out Jorte now – doesnt look bad, but there’s only one screenshot design that I think looks clean (the dark one). Can you add those images yourself?

        • Mudokon83

          not sure, i just use default white or black , set it for month widget 4×4 or 4×5 and set it for my gcal.

    • Jeff

      It’s a shame there aren’t more month view widgets, agenda widgets just don’t cut it for me either

    • ten2o3

      I use business calendar, lots of options (month, agenda list, etc) has gotten better in the last few months with updates

  • Will P

    I like how you put “for Android” in the title as if we forgot what kind of phone we use 😛

    • trixnkix637

      Because it’s not as though they don’t write about Apple or Microsoft products from time to time right? *facepalm

      • jayray78

        And of Apple or Microsoft, which uses widgets. Will is totally validated in his comment, even thought its unabashed trolling.

        • trixnkix637


  • Brandon Hadley

    I use the APW widgets app with the 000 Clear theme and that’s been working well for me. Timeline with one swipe to the left and my calendar with one swipe to the right

  • cgalyon

    Ok, I’m curious now. How common is it for people to put their calendar widget to the right of their homescreen, or rather to set it up to swipe right for their schedule? I’ve always done it that way myself, it just feels right.

    • Dbdynsty25

      That’s precisely where mine resides too. LOL…must be a left brain vs. right brain thing.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Mine is on the left side of the screen as well. I’ve tried it on the left, but it only lasted like 2 minutes

      • cgalyon

        I wonder if it may have something more to do with reading left to right. All conjecture, really

    • duoexo

      Haha mines set up that way. Left: random Center: clock widget and quick icons. Right: calendar and power controls.

      • btod

        Funny, that’s exactly how I have my homescreens set up.

    • OreoMan

      Mine is to the right as well.

    • sk102704

      Mine has always been on the right also.

    • Under the bridge downtown

      That’s how I do it.

    • Adam

      Calendar on the left side for me. However, I use my Keep widget and power control settings more often which are on the right screen.

      • Stevedub40

        I’m a lefty as well. I blame HTC for this, as Sense always put the calendar on the left page, if I remember correctly.

        • cgalyon

          Rebels… are you also left-handed (you demons)?

          • Stevedub40

            Lol, I’m actually right handed

    • Eric

      Mine is Left: google+, now widget, play music Center: Clock and commonly used apps Right: Falcon Pro. My life sin’t busy enough to need a calendar.

    • Tyler Casilio

      I have always put it on the Right

    • cjohnson481

      i use popup widget, so its always a 1 homescreen setup. nova launcher swipe action to pop up calendar widget.

    • Droid Ronin

      My calendar widget is on the right along with my Play Music widget.

    • John Smith

      yes. my Calendar Widget (4×5 Jorte Widget) is on right of Home Screen. i blame HTC for this as my OG EVO (my first Android) had this as default set up. and to the right is the Android “Power Widget” for same reason. Center is “Fancy Widgets” BIg Clock with H7C Skin. again – blame HTC! same set up!

    • LionStone

      To the right! 🙂

    • EdubE24

      To the right also, followed by my Gmail widget!

    • Raven

      I currently use the stock Calendar Agenda widget to the immediate left and then a full screen (5×5) Touch Calender widget on my far left screen for a real calendar month view.