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The Droid Life Show: Episode 35

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With Kellen traveling last week for the reveal of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch, we were unable to do a Droid Life Show. Now that he is back, and Apple has gone ahead and unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C yesterday, you can imagine that tonight’s show is going to be packed with excitement and debate among the staff. 

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast and chat will be embedded below closer to the start of the show.

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  • Map

    I wonder what Ron’s next phone will be. Oh wait, I already know the answer to that. oh so wonderful

  • Johnny Valenzuela

    what happen to the htc one i thought that phone was rocking????

  • Droid Ronin

    Rockin’ the Moto X here!

  • Andrew

    So what phone are you guys getting if not the Moto X or the Note 3

  • Dan

    ugh more moto x enuffffffffffffffff

  • carluverdrm2004

    I think there should be an article on how to keep unlimited data when getting a new phone on Verizon! I’m in the same boat as Eric, I’m with my family on my plan, and I really do not want to give up my unlimited data. I’m pretty much 100% decided on getting the Moto X, just like Eric!

  • SamBoy

    The droid X1 had a really nice camera and it had a physical shutter!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Motorola Xphone sucks monkey balls. You guys are pitiful Verizon/Moto/stock android fanboys. Piss on Verizon and Motorola

    • Guest
    • squiddy20

      All of this coming from the guy who, a little over a year ago, would/could not shut up about how “stock Android is KING”.
      As for how the Moto X “sucks monkey balls” (Great vocab by the way. Are you 8 years old?), you would know this because you’ve had it for more than a few days to make an informed opinion on the topic? No? Well then, there’s your problem. Stupid Samsung fanboy.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    TONS of nipple on tonight’s show…. you guys are getting blue!

  • Ian Smith

    y’all do too many of these for me to want to ever tune in – you should consider cutting them down by half

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Dude they’re only once a week.

  • Keyan X

    Well this show was rather quick….

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I can’t see the show…. it says it’s over… that was WAY fast

  • MReprogle
  • Sirx

    Curses! I want to watch, but then I won’t have anything to listen to on my drive to the GF’s Friday. Decisions!!!

    • droidrazredge

      How far is the drive ? you can always listen to half of it now and half of it again later! Especially if the show will last about an hour 15 mins. Who knows maybe they’ll have Droid Life Episode 36 on Friday with all the crazy stuff happening with Motorola and Apple and it’ll be a win-win for you.

  • Johnny Valenzuela

    htc one of course.

  • Brady KEITH

    i can’t wait to hear who says the word “like” the most!
    jk…it’s a good watch…and kellen’s live blog of apple’s keynote was entertaining.

  • Radgatt

    One of my favorite shows on the webs returns!

  • I wonder what Ron’s next phone will be. Oh wait, I already know the answer to that.

    • Justin

      Yeah we know that answer haha

    • It’s a mystery. Shhhhh.

      • Warwick

        Plot twist. Ron gets Moto X

      • OneForTheGoodDays

        It’s a special developer variant of the iphone…. called the Moto X.

    • dannyWHITE

      Only real question is will he go with that gaudy gold?

    • droidrazredge

      I wonder if the one down vote happens to be Ron =p. On a side note can you ask Ron what does he think of 64-bit cores and fingerprint unlocking? 🙂

      • Definitely not my down vote. I think 64-bit is a good move for the future, but I don’t think we’ll see any major differences yet. Fingerprint unlocking is awesome.

  • s23

    i just request one thing, please don’t completely bash the apple products. We’re better than that.


    • TheRobotCow

      Fanboys get pretty annoying after a while.

    • Just look at Apple’s stock prices…that’s bashing enough! lol

  • Justin

    Excited to hear what Eric’s new phone is going to be my guess is lg g2 maybe

  • Carlos Lopez

    Can’t wait I always enjoy these

  • EricRees

    Everyone will get to hear which phone I’ve decided to succeed my GNex!

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      [sarcasm]Can we make predictions and then the winner gets your old GNex?![/sarcasm]

      “I’ll never wash this phone again!”

      In all seriousness, eventhough I am banking on it being the HTC One, I am hoping you say the Verizon LG G2… 😛

      • Justin

        It probably will be the htc one but I’m another person hoping to hear him say lg g2

      • SamBoy

        He is definitely getting the 5C

    • Gnex

      MOTO X. JOIN US!!!111!!11!1

      • Brady KEITH

        u called it.

    • dannyWHITE

      If Eric gets an iPhone we riot!

      • EricRees


    • Paul Hansen

      No idea how you make it so long between lol. I replace my phones at least once a year. Usually every 4-6 months…. le sigh.

    • dazz1996

      My GNex runs great with Cm10.2 even the battery last longer but yes GN3 will be replacing it soon

      • EricRees

        Galaxy Nexus 3? When’d that get announced?

        • droidrazredge

          Samsung Galaxy Note 3 🙂

        • dazz1996

          Galaxy Note 3

    • John

      Just upgraded to an S4 myself. F’in solid device man.

    • droidrazredge

      Is it the iPhone 5S with 64-bit architecture and fingerprint unlocking home button ? 🙂

    • Brian Wolfman

      G2!! The beast of all beasts!

    • Alexander Garcia

      I’ll bet it’s the Moto X! =)

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Congrats. I’m glad you did it.

    • droidrazredge

      Congrats! I will hopefully be getting a Moto X soon to replace my Droid Razr Maxx(OG)