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Walmart Intros Nationwide Smartphone Trade-in Program, Get Instant Credit Towards a New Phone


Today, Walmart launched a trade-in program for aged-smartphone owners hoping to get quick credit to put towards a new phone. Walmart gave some examples for what your old phones would be worth, so we can list those out and then you can compare to other services such as Gazelle that offer cash for your used phones. 

Walmart will currently hand out $50 to $300 worth of credit for over 100 different smartphones. You can get $300 for a working non-damaged iPhone 5 and up to $175 for a non-damaged Galaxy S3. If you have an old Galaxy S2 sitting around, that could be worth up to $52. #ballsohard

To see their full list of trade-in values, you can check out the program when it launches nationwide on September 21 in more than 3,600 Walmart locations.

Via: PR Newswire

  • jessicasullivan325

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  • Tony Culliton

    What do you mean “old” Galaxy S2????(says the guy using an S2)

  • jim

    Walmart is a virus

  • sk3litor

    I spit on you walmart. I spit on you Iphone. Im gonna sell my note 2 for $400 and buy a note 3 for $800 and then eat some popcorn.

  • Col_Angus

    This is only going to bring in the fools who are too lazy to sell theirs for 1.5x the value on Swappa

  • Bryan

    The article states that the phones will never be sent to landfills, anywhere. How is that possible? What are they gonig to do with these old phones? “Donate” them to a 3rd world country that will probably throw away most of them?

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Winner winner, chicken dinner! Go to the Dominican Republic or Jamaica and you will see older phones like the Eris and OG Droid alive and kicking. They are worth some bucks too! Jamaican Bucks. BTW, if you happen to travel to places like these, take your old devices with you. You could barter a free day of fishing for a crusty old BlackBerry. I love them 3rd world countries. Cheap and fun.

  • coolsilver

    $1 for each.

  • thedonxr

    In case you were wondering Gnex =40.86

    • red014

      I figured it would be easier to check the comments than to go to the site myself. I was right. Thanks!

    • capecodcarl

      That’s pretty insulting. You could sell it on Swappa for $130 easily right now if its in good condition.

  • DanielP

    top of article–> “Today, Walmart launched a trade-in program………when it launches nationwide on September 21” <— bottom

    Pick one?

    • Daistaar

      I think… Today, Walmart “Announced” that they will launch a Trade-in program on September 21 to help get in on new iPhone sales. Better?

  • jnt

    I get that these help people who don’t want to mess with selling on their own. But if people realized the difference in what these trade-in programs offer vs. what they could get on their own, I bet they’d be willing to make the time to do it… Swappa ftw!

  • Apostrafee

    Actually VZW is offering the same thing, possibly as part of that trade in program Apple has been talking about. Cracked 4S is worth $200 which is kind of crazy.

    • Buenos

      they only offer $185 for a S4!

  • Michael Tate

    Why would anyone do these trade in programs when you can get so much more for your devices selling them on eBay?

    • PyroHoltz

      I’m certainly not a proponent of these types of programs, as I’ve sold countless electronic devices on eBay. But, I can only assume that there are many folks out there that aren’t willing to go through the trouble of selling their stuff online.


      Well consider this: eBay now charges 10% for selling a phone, and then add 3% for paypal fees. That’s 13% off the price of your phone. Then another $15 to ship your device insured. Depending on the phone, you might actually come out on top using these type of programs.

      • aQuickBit

        so then use craigslist or swappa

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Craigslist is a pool of thieves and crooks. Swappa is only good for really new phones. That, and there’s a very small customer base, compared to eBay.

          • sk3litor

            Yeah because ebay is a Wonderland of good simaritans. Plus the whole thieves and crooks thing (which I do in fact agree with) doesnt really apply if youre the one doing the selling.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            eBay has bad seeds as well, but not as many as on Craigslist. You haven’t met scammer CL sellers yet? I’ve met plenty.

          • sk3litor

            Thats why I’d never buy anything of craigs list or ebay. Too many criminals in the world.the web is a breeding ground for them.

          • MK17

            Good for for you and more great deals for me.

          • kwubba

            Right..but thats why when I sell on Craigslist I meet them @ the Verizon store..let them verify the phones ESN..and we complete the transaction there. Just sold my wifes Razr 32gb for a $160. Verizon offered $50, The $160 went towards the upgrade amount price of her Motorola X.

          • michael arazan

            Great idea, public place with witness’ and cameras, and resources to verify the phone is legit. Surprised Verizon didn’t let you leave without a piece of the action, jk

          • J Dub

            I have actually bought a phone from someone WORKING at a VZW store. Not a corporate store, but still a VZW branded store. That’s all the sell. Apparently they allow their employees to buy phones that are being upgraded from. Still at the time it was on Craigslist for a good price.

          • michael arazan

            I was searching phones on ebay recently, half the phones I was looking at , SG3,and they had bad esn on over half of them. Not necessarily stolen, but something being reported on them in the least.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            The bad ESN devices are sold as parts, for people who want to fix their S3’s themselves.

    • cheese

      It’s for people that don’t care to take the time to sell it themselves. Sometimes, time is more precious than money.

    • dannyWHITE

      Ebay?!? pssshhh!!…All bout dat Craigslist!

  • Mike Hilal

    That means my old bionic might be enough for an extra value meal at the on site Mickey D’s in my local super walmart

    • Jeff Mowbray

      I hear you man. My bionic is really slowing down. Can’t be worth too much. Need to decide on an s4 or maybe the moto x

      • Mike Hilal

        I got rid of mine for the Gnex when it came out. It’s been a paperweight ever since.

        • mshahan

          Did you ditch the unlimited plan then, or were you able to keep it?

          • Scott Capodice

            I added a line when the S3 came out and my launch day 300 dollar bionic with dock, extended battery and case is now my 300 dollar alarm clock…So annoying. Everyone talking up the new moto devices but I’m so gun shy on all of them since the bionic fiasco…

          • mshahan

            I know the feeling there. My bionic hasnt seen 4g in months, and now it is not picking up 3G even. Need to upgrade 2 phones, but really don’t want to lose the unlimited data.

          • Jeff Mowbray

            I was concerned about losing my unlimited data too but when I contacted my carrier they showed me that I really wasn’t using that much data. You might be surprised how little you use it

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            If you are really having troubles, call VZW and have them send you another phone. Inisist that the phone you got it bad. They will replace it. If the second one is bad as well, have them replace that one and they will replace it for a different device. I would guess if you spent a little time on the phone, they will at least send you a RAZR.

          • jim

            Lol ive had verizon send me 7 gnex’s trying to get a good one, gave up and rooted, running bamf now

          • Jaredsutter

            Wait, so if you added a line for the S3, does that mean that you’re still paying a monthly fee for a device that serves as your alarm clock? Do you just love burning money?

          • Scott Capodice

            No I got the s3 on another line… Never activated it on that line. Instead activated an old flip phone on that line and then transfered the s3 to my line… Only added 10 bucks to my bill for the new line

          • Mike Hilal

            Kept it. It’s worth the retail price of a phone to keep.

    • ROB

      Two meals. Its worth $16.

      • Mike Hilal

        Score! Now I know where I can take a date….