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Simplenote Released on Android, Because the World Needs Another Note App

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Simplenote, an “award winning” note taking app on iOS, is now available on Android. As the name suggests, this is a simple app, for simple notes. The UI is ultra-clean and minimal, has the slideout navigation drawer we love so much, and works across platform from web to Android to iOS. You can search through your dozens of notes, organize them with tags, and share it all to the world, thanks to Android’s awesome sharing powers.

It does lack powerful features like the ability to set reminders, attach photos, or use any sort of formatting, but again, the name is Simplenote. If you were looking for a note taking app without any fuss or overwhelming set of features that also works on tablets, phones, and computers, give this one a look. It’s also free, so you probably should anyway.

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  • Blue Sun

    Simplenote is keeping things simple minded for iOS users it seems.

  • Inquizitor

    I’ve been pretty into Keep for simple notes-to-self, but with school starting up again soon to me I may actually consider using this for class notes instead. It’s been raved for years, and now that I’m *almost* done with my hackintosh, I can use Notational Velocity to sync up, and this app on my N7 with my new keyboard dock (which I’m loving).

    Sorry for the tangent, but do check out Minisuit’s keyboard case for the new Nexus 7. It’s pretty stellar.

  • Map

    Let’s just hope Google doesn’t axe Keep.

  • Joyce Tomlinson

    I have a lot of business conversations that require note taking and I use TalkNotes Plus for Android. It is the only note app that attaches notes to the call. There is also a neat feature which shows a summary line of past notes for that caller, as the call is ringing. I no longer have to depend on memory or trying to keep up with notes in a separate app. There is also appointment, to -do, contact management and cloud back up.

  • JayEvans

    I’ve noticed on several “award winning” iOS app that there isn’t much there. Graphically pretty but functionality lacking. But a quite a few Android apps could really stand to be spruced up, visually.

  • joseph barrientos

    lol read both the title and comments and kinda bummed me out, im in the middle of developing a note app haha 🙁

  • FknTwizted

    they are like pokemon, you have to collect them all!!!!!

  • Xious

    I used simplenote for the longest time. It was a very good note service that I could use on my phone and my computer. But the Android apps were always lacking because they were all third-party. Before that I used Google Notebook until that was canned. But now that Google brought us Keep, there is no reason to go back to simplenote. Let’s just hope Google doesn’t axe Keep.

  • Evernote or death

  • metalyeah

    Really? Who needs another note app? You have a rich variety of different services, some of them simpler, other more complex… I personally am a power user of Keep, now it has reminders and Chrome for desktop show notifications (at least the developer version with Now activated).

  • fritzo

    I’ve been using Google Keep more now that it has reminders. Done and done.

  • Droidzilla

    And here I was lamenting that I could only use Keep, Drive, Evernote, Catch, and AK Notepad.

  • Brian O.

    Why would you use this over keep?

    • Menger40

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Kyle Miller

        Evernote is better than both.

        • Menger40

          Meh. Evernote drove me crazy because I couldn’t easily re-order items in a checklist. When Keep came out and I saw the simple drag-and-drop feature for list items I dumped Evernote right away.

          • kimberly537

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          • Omar

            jam20 trojans in my computer…

        • Nah, Springpad is far more advance and less OverHyped then Evernote

    • Tony Byatt

      Exactly…I prefer to keep it in the family when I can…