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Roku Update Adds Ability to Play Locally Stored Android Videos


While Chromecast is slowing early innovation because its developer SDK has yet to leave early preview stages, competitors are fully embracing things like the sharing of local video files. Take Roku for example, who updated its Android app last night to include Play On support, a feature that was introduced on iOS a while back. With Play On, you can stream your locally stored Android videos through your Roku player, something Chromecast has yet to officially implement.

This new Play On feature currently works with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 (2012 edition).

Via:  Roku

  • Michael

    Chromecast back in stock at bestbuy.com right now.

  • Patrick J Burns

    Tried this last night on my Galaxy SIII, like the Music playback, uses the Album artwork as a type of screen saver and the slide show transitions are smooth, video is ok, need more formats. Overall – Bonus…

  • Spencer Morris

    No Nexus 7 2013??? Fail. I actually tried this last last night and got the error saying it couldn’t play it.

  • ArrowCool

    As much as I was super excited about getting my Chromecast, I have to say I like my Roku 100 times better. I have had issues with setting up 2 Chromecasts in 2 different locations, and when it finally does work, I just feel that the Roku does so much more.

    Time will tell, and maybe once Google gets the SDK out things will change, but for now my Roku gets my viewing business, while my Chromecast collects dust.

  • EC8CH

    Your move Chromecast

  • Cody

    Sold my Chromecast because of this.

  • Jason13L

    I tried this last night and so far it is really picky about file type. It wouldn’t play two movies I had on my phone; however, it did play phone-recorded content just fine. No switching apps on the Roku, just press play. Now to dig into the forums or FAQ to see what specific file formats it likes.

    • jnt

      How was performance playing stuff your phone recorded? Pretty smooth?

      • Jason13L

        It was pretty smooth and audio was good. Load time was about the same as Netflix for example. For reference, I played a 183.1MB HD video of 1:30 duration. The video controls on the phone were a nice touch as well.

        • jnt

          Thanks – been trying to convince my wife to ditch Apple TV and go back to Roku with the updated software and search feature. But with no Airplay feature prior to this, it was a hard sell. Though still without youtube it will be a hard sell, but easier now… 🙂

          • kimberly537

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  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    I’ll probably get flamed but I didn’t like Roku. Love the Apple TV. It just needs Amazon Instant.

    • jamdev12

      Which it will never get. Same reason why regular Android devices will not get it either. Amazon wants to sell their Kindle products and they’ll try to push users to their devices only.

      • jnt

        Interestingly, they compromised on the iPad’s and on Roku.

  • Andy

    I love android, but it just sucks that IOS always gets everything first.

    • JRomeo

      they didn’t get the Photoshop app first http://gizmodo.com/5846229/adobe-photoshop-touch-is-coming-to-android-tablets-before-the-ipad/ , they didn’t get Swype First (and still haven’t), and only recently finally got a much better google maps and youtube app compared to what they used to have.

      • Andy

        true on a few of those. They had google now before a lot of android phones. Which is way weird.

        • Milind Shah

          wait, how? google now has only just been released in iOS…

          • Jacob121791

            Google Search is available on iOS. Google Now is a part of the Google Search app.

          • Milind Shah

            yeah, but saying it got google now before a lot of android devices?

          • jnt

            It did – maybe not the latest and greatest Android devices, but iOS had Google Now in the Search app before a lot of Android devices were on 4.1, which was required for Now if I remember correctly.

          • Milind Shah

            yeah, but at that time one couldn’t do all of the google now features available…

        • JRomeo

          the only true android phone, is a Nexus phone…. all other android phones are actually “android-based” phones.