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Disa is a Unified Messaging App, Brings All of Your IM and Text Messages to One Location


If you currently use multiple applications to talk to the same person, say for example you text, IM and Facebook chat your girlfriend, life is about to get so much easier for you. Disa, a unified messaging app that is currently in the alpha testing stages, is looking to combine all of those services into a single conversational thread. 

Simply pair your existing accounts to Disa, then allow the app to filter through everything and neatly pile all of your matching contacts and message threads into a column. For anyone that uses Google Hangouts, the UI will look extremely familiar and should be a breeze to navigate through.

The app is currently available to download through the Play store, but is still lacking some of its real meaty features. For example, users will only be able to set up SMS/MMS and WhatsApp accounts for the time being, as the development team is still working on adding other services such as Hangouts, Facebook IM and others.

You can add yourself to the Disa Google+ group, then become a beta tester by following this link. Let us know what you think down below if you try it out.

Play Link

Via: Disa

  • rosewellzz

    Whatapps legal team have just asked DISA to remove all traces of Whatsapp.. great!! 🙁

  • TomHunter2

    Just FYI: I always find the latest messaging apps on messaging-apps.com

  • Mickey A Valentine

    Beta link gone 🙁

  • Biv’

    Nothing like BlackBerry’s Hub, right?

  • Andy

    Can’t find it at the play store! Whats up with that??

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Brings all of my IM and text messaging to one location is a bit early for a title, yes?

  • Austin_tacious

    I’m currently Using Slideout, but let’s give this a whirl. I’ll be excited once they add more services.

  • It only supports What’sApp and MMS/SMS right now… But it will support Steam in the future, which has me all kinds of hot and bothered, especially if they support Google Voice.

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  • Leif Sikorski

    The question is “how long will this work?”. Without an API I highly doubt that WhatsApp will be happy about this.

  • jessicasullivan325

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  • napes22

    Functionality is incredibly limited at the moment, but overall it’s a really good interface for sms/mms.

  • MK17

    Play Link and Beta test link are broken

  • Brian O.

    “Unified” is a bit of a strong word for supporting texting and Whatsapp…..

    • Alex Cutone

      Its in Beta… just give it time

  • Michael Nichols

    Google’s probably going to buy them out now!!

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    I just think they should use the Hangouts app and incorporate the stock messaging app into it. It’s such a nice app, they should unify all messaging into it.

    • capecodcarl

      The Hangouts app doesn’t show the status of the person though. I’d like to know if the person I’m trying to communicate with is online, away, busy, or offline, etc. Google Talk used to support this simple status functionality, but they broke it when moving to Hangouts. 🙁

      • Jason James

        At the bottom of the text if their picture is lit then they’re on or if it’s faded there not in the app or online. It’s been like that since I’ve been using it

      • Hothfox

        The point of Hangouts is that you message them, and they’re notified on their devices, and then come to respond. If you need to talk to someone ASAP, call them. If you expect people to be sat at their computer looking directly at Gmail or the Hangouts app whenever you’re talking to them, that’s a little self centered.

  • The app does not appear on my phone despite showing up as “Installed” on the Google Play store. What can I do

  • Nathan D

    The HTC One and GS4 look short and chubby in that photo.

  • JamesU513

    Reminds me of The Office episode when Ryan invents this service called Woof that is this same concept

  • Alex h

    the link is broken even after signing up as the beta tester

  • saint_stephen

    Signed up for the beta, hit download, and watched the download bar complete on my Nexus 4… But the app does not appear on my phone despite showing up as “Installed” on the Google Play store. Any help?

    • saint_stephen

      Restarted phone, could now find it in the Play store through the Android app… Trying to download now.

  • AJH

    This is what I wanted Hangouts to be…

  • I think I really love the premise f the app, trying it now. WhatsApp it’s really popular where I live so I can see myself using it a lot. It would be nice if things like Hangouts (yes, I know they haven’t added 3rd support yet) and FB Messenger there.

  • JBartcaps

    Disa a cool idea

  • Swa Diddy

    DISA as in the DEFENSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGENCY???? Creates an application with access to all of our messaging capabilities all into one place. This is what you’re advertising to us? Hmmmm????????

    Please tell me it’s a different DISA you’re talking about…

    • Maybe, maybe not.

      • Mike Hilal


        • michael arazan

          NSA is trolling android now, lmao. And right after News just hit that the NSA can hack all cell phones and their os, apple, blackberry, android, windows, and without anyone knowing about it, big story from last week.

          This is where alfred e newman says “Yes, Me Worried”

          • Don’t worry. We care nothing about the texts from your mom. We are searching for celebrity sexting so we can sell the pics to TMZ.

          • YoYoMa

            Keep Up the good work then!

  • are there any android apps that also sync apple messages somehow?

    • sirmeili

      Do you mean iMessage? If so, I seriously doubt that apple has opened that up to third parties (even third party apps on their own device).

      • yeah, i believe i mean that. It’s just called “messages” on my ipad mini and in osx, but I’m able to communicate with a lot of friends through that (and send photos, which i can’t do through google voice!). Oh well… fragmentation will always exist. sigh.

  • Carlos E. Rabanales

    its in beta… “You can add yourself to the Disa Google+ group, then become a beta tester by following this link. Let us know what you think down below if you try it out.”

  • duke69111
    • neverused

      Worked for me, thank you.

    • Eric

      Did that but it won’t download to my phone. Anyone got a apk download?

  • Guest

    Link is broken, and unable to find it in the Play Store.

  • marcowhereru

    The links don’t work.

    • You have to join their Google+ page and then sign up for testing.

      • rthvk

        …and you endorse this?

        Now I’m scared.

        • Actually, from the limited amount that I’ve played with it, no I don’t. I hope it gets better, but right now it isn’t that great. It needs emoji like Handcent or Textra. I have to have those on any sms app because nothing says “Huge Security Problem” like a shocked smiley.

          • Hothfox

            I think they want you to not use a parody account to actually be serious about an app review 😛

  • neverused

    Play link and link on Disa website returns an error.

  • Guest

    Link’s broken