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Additional Photos and Specs Leak for the Motorola DROID 5


Back in August, we caught our first glimpse of what we believe to be the DROID 5 from Motorola. There have been many readers who continually hope to see another phone come out with a full-QWERTY keyboard, and finally, their time has come. Or has it?First to be thought a mythical device that could bring honor to the OG DROID’s name, featuring decent specs much like the DROID Ultra or Moto X, a new leak shows that this smartphone is a mere mid-range (could even qualify for low-range in our books) device that may not even come to see the light. 

Last time we wrote this device up there were no specs to go along with the pictures. This time, the source states the device is running a 4.3″ 720p display, a Snapdragon S4 Plus dual-core processor and Adreno 255 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, supports microSD, features wireless charging capabilities and has an NFC radio. Pardon me while I basically pour one out for our fallen comrade.

The device even appears to be running an older version of MotoBlur, which probably has most of you running for the hills by now. The DROID 5 is placed next to Sprint’s Photon Q device, which is basically the same thing. Is the DROID 5 a shelved product that is somehow getting leaked now or does Motorola actually intend on putting this device on the market? Is it bad that I’m hoping for the former?

Let us know your full thoughts on the DROID 5 down below. If you’re interested in it, can you tell us why?


Via: New Cell Phones | Weibo

  • nonchalant_g

    Why are manufacturers assuming that because somebody wants a QWERTY keyboard, they’re a dinosaur that is happy with 2 year old screen resolution/battery life/phone specifications?

    Physical keyboards are simply better. I love Android, but work provide me with a Blackberry. If I have any quantity of text to produce while I’m out and about (which I frequently do) I reach for the Blackberry every time. Any mistakes in the resulting message/report will then be entirely mine, not an auto-correct issue, and I’m confident that even if there is an error, it won’t be of a type that has changed the meaning of a sentence or message completely.

    I understand that if you don’t care about the written word a touchscreen keyboard is more convenient, but to anybody that cares about words a touchscreen keyboard simply isn’t good enough.

  • I do not think those specs are true. They look like my Droid 3. I still believe you Motorola, do not disappoint me.

  • Marks Foto

    i’ll pay $1000 if this phone has 2gb of RAM and a removable battery. I will buy it at a market price if it has 1gb of RAM and a removable battery. No buy if it has no removable battery. I already ordered droid 4 on ebay and it hasn’t arrived yet and I already have buyer’s remorse.

    If my wishes don’t come true I will be upgrading to a 4 year old HTC G2 which I found in as new condition for $130 on ebay — thank you HTC for giving us outdated options!

    I own a G2 and I am on strike, my mom’s galaxy S4 is driving me crazy whenever I need to type anything so I wouldn’t even touch it with a 10′ pole.

  • firstdroid

    omg…a keyboard, motorola, and…..and nothing else.
    moto, welcome back to the usa but time to roll up your sleves and compete with quad cre, etc. you still have a strong fan base because you intergrate with other machines ( I call them metal pets). youhave the ultimate in microphones and has been so advanced beyond others.
    waiting for january to show your stuff.
    luv [email protected]

  • robert lloyd

    Hi all mmm I love my droid 3 but the new droid 5 should have been better. Quad processor would be better and 2gb of ram. I hope they keep up the compition or they could end up like blackberry.

  • Drausqo

    Gotta have that tactile feel.

  • Chris

    I am massively disappointed. I would been all over this if it had top end stats. Instead, I have now preordered a Galaxy Note 3. :$

  • Guest

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  • Delroy

    I love a physical keyboard hate lag that
    you see in most full touch screens gs4 included, but omitting iphone. The one thing iphone lacks is compatibility besides jailbreaking really no options to make the device feel different frm next iphone. But after all leaning towards note 3 multi-tasking options.

  • Adreng

    I certainly would buy any relatively good Android smartphone that has a real keyboard. I still have a SonyEricsson Xperia pro, but it’s getting a bit old. Virtual on-screen keyboard are good for entering two or three words (e.g. search term), but certainly not for writing texts that are a bit longer, and I would be glad if Motorola took the needs of people who want to have a decent way to write texts seriously.

  • antonello

    If those specs are true I’m very disappointed the droid 5 should be a beast high end flagship device I have the droid 4 been waiting for 5 might have to get droid maxx