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TJ Miller Stars in New “Lazy Phone” Moto X Marketing Campaign From Motorola

Moto X Ads

Motorola kicks off a massive marketing campaign for the Moto X this week, starting with three new commercials that will show up on TV and the Internet. The commercials focus on three primary features of the Moto X, three features that we ourselves enjoy very much; Quick Capture, Touchless Control, and Active Display. 

The commercials give off the humorous vibe, as they star TJ Miller as your “lazy phone.” For example, when you are giving your wife a nice massage with sensual oils, you don’t want to go touching your smartphone. With a phone that doesn’t feature the Moto X’s Touchless Control, you can expect these scenarios to get pretty interesting. Motorola clearly pokes fun at a few other phone manufacturers, so give them a look down below and let us know which one was your favorite.

Quick Capture


Active Display 


Touchless Control


Via: Motorola

  • Austin_tacious

    It’s the “Wilfred” of cell phone commercials. Awesome.

  • BOB Dudek

    Allstate -Mayhem ——- ?

  • n11

    One problem I currently have with my Moto X is that it doesn’t display/show anything if there’s a password system in place. Even voice actions (except calling) don’t work unless you unlock your phone after doing the voice command.

    • Joshua Vaughn

      Well that stinks.

    • gabe

      go to settings > active notifications > uncheck the box that says “more privacy” and make sure the apps you want to notify you are checked under “manage notification types”

  • LionStone

    Nice one Moto!!

  • NexusMan

    These are hilarious. Especially the bedroom and the boardroom ones.

  • TheDrizzle

    Well done, funny and functional.

  • Fresh360

    Moto seems to be doing everything right with this phone. I love it.

  • sk3litor

    Ok the balls in your court…..every one else.

  • Jpx

    I actually enjoyed these commercials. The second one with the vibrating phone in meetings is so true, always happens. Plus these have TJ Miller, I’ve been following him since the movie Cloverfield.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Brilliant. Really show the best features in a highly amusing way.

    Well done, Motorola. Keep it up 🙂

  • Sean Workman


  • Mark Faustino

    I feel like my RAZR is very much like the first video.

    Me: Hey RAZR, open up the camera through the screen lock shortcut, my daughter is doing something cute

    RAZR: Ok, just a sec……hang on….it’ll be here shortly, I swear….whup, something went wrong, I can’t open up the camera.

    Me: Alright fine, open it up regularly through the app. Hurry!

    RAZR: Relax! Geez…ok, here we go….it’s coming….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Me: *rage face*

    • Nathan D

      My Razr Maxx takes less than 6 seconds to capture from the lockscreen.
      That’s not really that bad.
      You can also set double-tapping the home button to launch the camera if your lockscreen shortcut doesn’t function for whatever reason.

  • David Narada Brown

    lol! I hate my lazy phone now!

  • Hunter

    The $500 million from Google better be worth it

  • ajftl250

    awful yea zoom that pic of the kids lol can they be more creative it? same kids commercial but now is motorola

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Really different from the 1020 commercial. Both are good though.

  • MichaelFranz

    All 3 were great….very funny…touche moto

  • WCM3

    Him laying on the conference room table had me cracking up. I feel like i’ve wanted to do that..

  • Ronald Bernard

    Creative….Dam I wish we could get some Nexus 5 confirmation. Otherwise I am really liking the Moto x. Love the way it feels in the hand. In the limited time I played with it at the AT&T store it operated quite efficiently. Atleast good enough for me!

  • John Davids

    Yeah, this is one of the better marketing campaigns I have seen in awhile. They are taking a page out of Samsung’s book and showcasing “real life” applications of their neat software / hardware functionality with a touch of humor. As a techie, it does nothing for me, but I know a good “mass market” ad when I see one. Good work, Moto.

  • Ken Bosse

    I always said my next phone would have On Screen buttons, a 5 inch screen size, and a good camera. If this was slightly bigger and had a better camera. I would be all over this thing.

    • Tim242

      You know you can put on screen buttons on the S4, right?

      • Ken Bosse

        lol Haven’t heard of that. Regardless I have the S3, time to try something new this time around that’s not Samsung

      • PhoenixPath

        Awesome. 2 rows of buttons instead of one. What an amazing idea…

        One or the other, thanks. 🙂

        • Tim242

          Nope, just one row. You can disable the buttons on the phone. The capacitive buttons hide in the bezel. Even with the home button, you still have a smaller bezel than Nexus phones. I wouldn’t do this, as I despise on screen buttons. But, the option is there.

          • PhoenixPath

            You still end up with a device that was not designed with two rows…with two rows. Disabled or otherwise. Awesome.

            Preferences are great, everyone has them.

            Wouldn’t it be great if Samsung could support more than one preference?

          • Tim242

            If they did support more than one preference, you’d still have both. The main reason I installed a custom ROM on my Gnex, was to get rid of those buttons taking up my screen. Huge bezel and huge buttons taking up screen space is ugly design.

          • PhoenixPath

            “If they did support more than one preference, you’d still have both. ”

            One option: Bezel with physical buttons, or larger screen (same usable screen size, same device dimensions) with less physical bezel. They could alternate, have two separate lines, any number of possibilities.

            This is Samsung, they have options.

            (…and that was just off the top of my head…)

            Of course, that’s also going with the idea that the on-screen buttons always have to be there…(they actually only really need to be there when you need to use them….and who says they need to be at the bottom/on the side?)

            The possibilities are endless. Why do the have to be a physical part of the device?

  • Larry Bublitz

    Brilliant. Just hammer these messages in consumers minds, then do a slamdunk later by showing how the phone and be customized and BAM. Sweet.

  • mcdonsco

    You know, I’ve got the droid maxx and I disabled the notification screen thing because it isn’t a “smart” screen notification, it just turns the screen/notification on at set intervals; that’s all it does! I wish it worked more like the GS4 where you move your hand over it and it comes up ONLY then…Doesn’t make sense for it to just come up at timed intervals all the time whether you want it to or not.

    • jbegs

      I’ve used that function on my Galaxy Note 2 and it seemed to drain the battery more based on my normal usage.

      • Adrynalyne

        It does.
        However it does not on the Moto X.

    • guesswhat

      You can nudge the phone too to bring up notifications and time, dont have to wait for it to breath

    • Shaun R

      I have the moto x. i like the notifications. Did you make sure that every app was not automatically turned on for this. Works great for missed calls and text

      • mcdonsco

        Seems to me it would drain the battery more than just turning the screen on only when you want to to check for notifications.

        • Adrynalyne

          It doesn’t have any notable battery drain. Turning the screen on lights up all pixels instead of just a few. The battery drain doing that probably equates to a day of active notifications. Not to mention that I believe one of those extra cores is dedicated to sensors and active notifications, which means the phone is barely drawing power vs turning the screen on.

          • Adrynalyne

            To whoever downvoted me:

            Thanks! Can I have some more?

          • sk3litor

            I believe you meant “yes sir may I have another” 🙂 but seriously that’s what I say, why would you waste your time down voting, just move on.

          • Adrynalyne

            Fixed. 😉

  • jbegs

    Zach Galifianakis must have been too busy (or too expensive).

    • TheDrizzle

      I’m glad they didn’t. I don’t know who this guy is, but I like him better than Zach G. already.

  • Tim242

    Those are the dumbest ads I’ve seen in a while. They are trying way too hard.

    • Sherlock Holmes


  • Cory_S

    Derek is a lucky boy.

    • UNCNYY04

      Yeah that’s my name but I have yet to see her on the weekend 🙁

  • Butters619

    Finally some marketing. We heard how much Google was willing to spend, but really haven’t seen too much out of it. Perhaps they were waiting for all the major carriers to get the phone?

  • SUNupe


  • Humberto

    the last one was the best lmao

    • bprichard

      It was, and Miguel is awesome.

  • turdbogls

    these are pretty aweseom. not sure how this guy is, but its pretty funny.
    great marketing as well. not bashing other phones directly, but pointing out their shortcomings

  • Qwerty

    Just give me the Moto X Developer Edition please! I’ve never wanted to throw my money away this bad!

    • Maиav

      I’m waiting patiently too, hopefully as soon as possible.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    he makes a good smartphone
    LMFAO @ that last one

    • michael arazan

      I really want to know what he does when he wants to be charged

  • Moto X

    When do we see these on TV?

    • I would think as early as today.

      • Al-Burrit0

        Hopefully on prime time MNF!

      • Kelly

        Actually, they are slated to start this thursday according to Ad Age.