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Microsoft Revamps Xbox Music, Puts Out Snazzy New Android App to Celebrate

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Xbox is coming up on the one year anniversary of their streaming music service Xbox Music. To celebrate, they have gone through and done some changes to their service (like free web streaming), but the biggest feature that Android users will be concerned with is the new Xbox Music application that just landed in Google Play. 

You have to be an Xbox Music subscriber to use this app, but if you do use the streaming service you can bring down all of your music straight to your device. Since the app just launched, it doesn’t have all the features that Microsoft wanted, but they assured that “we’ll continue to improve” the service over time.  An offline mode isn’t present yet, but it will be coming in the near future.

As usual with Microsoft’s newer applications, the app is smooth and easy to use, but useless unless you have the Xbox Music Pass. Do you use this music service or plan on switching to it?

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  • djdsf

    Still use my Zune HD when I go out biking or on a flight, better at running music through there than on my phone since I’m always swapping out from one to another (I travel alot and only use unlocked phones which I end up selling in different countries) Now that I can use it on hopefully my new Note 3 and I run it on my 360 I’ll be happy. If only they made it work with sonos.

  • Limited library, no social media sharing or deep linking, need to pay use the mobile app. Pass.

  • Rodeojones000

    The important thing to get out of this article is how Microsoft somehow thinks a piece of garbage band like Linkin Park is related in any way to the music put out by the Flaming Lips or The Black Keys.

  • digitalicecream

    Can anyone please post the .APK file someplace?

  • Chris Stuart

    I would totally rock a Zune HD with windows phone 8. If this had come out before All Access I would have gone for it. Zune was some awesome hardware.

  • Fresh360

    Microsoft really dropped the ball with this. The original Zune Pass was and shall always be the best Music Store/Streaming service. All it needed was cross platform compatibility, then they neutered it by changing the plans, killed the Zune HD, and then made the software incompatible with Windows 8 (may have been my ineptness but i could never find a fresh Zune pass DL link and always got kicked n2 Xbox Music). So I let it go and went all in with Google Music but Zune Pass was the best.

  • annoyed

    How is this brand new app not compatible with my HTC DNA???

    • Don’t feel bad. It is not compatible with the One either and it has a bigger audience. Could it be Beats?

  • Flyinion

    Nice, still have my zunepass subscription with the 10 free songs each month (converted to xbox music but still get the free songs). Definitely going to have to check this out. They’ve been talking about this app coming out for a year now. Took them long enough!

    edit: not compatible with 2013 Nexus 7 == fail

  • Droidzilla

    This is like pooping on your phone to change the case colour.

  • Jon

    What! I use to have Zune and Zune music pass and I begged for this for like 2 years way back then. Damn they are late to the party, but this is exactly what they need to do with their services as there simply aren’t enough users of Windows Phone for a service like this to have a presence on mobile. I will certainly consider this as I used to enjoy playing music on my 360 with my Zune pass.

  • wakeboarder125

    If this came out when they announced Xbox Music, I would have subscribed. At that point I was still using my Zune for music and loved the ability to have offline music. Buy now, I use Play Music, I can’t see myself going back, now that I have a ChromeCast to listen with.

    • Jared Tau

      ZUNE FTW!!!

    • everettedl

      It seems Microsoft has this “too little too late” thing going on with everything they do lately. We were supposed to have this app on Android back in Q1 remember? Now Google’s streaming service is here and no one cares anymore. Smh…

      I’m still a subsriber though – mainly because I still have the 10 free songs per month plan.

  • Andrew

    I would have considered it until I got Chromecast a few months ago.

  • Back when this used to be the Zune Music pass it was awesome for a couple of reasons. The monthly subscription came with ability to actually keep 10 songs a month, and when you offlined music on your desktop it was really easy to convert the music to MP3s anyway. Their current offering, on the other hand, is just silly, the new app can’t even offline music to your device. I know they say it’s coming in the future, but how does a company like MS not hit the ground running with a feature like this?

  • Stnkycheezman

    still have a zune =P

    • Heh, I still HAVE a Zune, I haven’t used it in ages though.

      • JoshGroff

        All mine broke, drive failures on the 30GB originals, and screen failure on the HD.

        • Jon

          I had two that were still alive and well and just gave them away to a friend last week. At the time I didn’t even realize they still had any value. The go for a pretty penny on used market. I guess because they are nearly extinct.

  • crazed_z06

    This looks just like Google Play Music with a green theme. Will not use. MS lost.

  • Bill Hill

    No I will not

  • uzo ufondu

    “Do you use this music service or plan on switching to it?” Nope. Play Music works just fine for me

    • Dan Lopez


    • Steve Ballmer

      I hate you.

      • uzo ufondu

        But…but…what did I did?