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Motorola Hits the Road with MAKEwithMOTO, Allows X Owners to Make 3D-printed Accessories

CornField 1 (edited)

A team from Motorola is hitting the road, traveling from university to special event site, promoting creativity. The project is called MAKEwithMOTO, traveling in a velcro-covered van across the east coast. If the vast amount of customization options on MotoMaker isn’t already enough, and you are near one of the event’s meet-up spots, then you can try to create yourself a exclusive Moto X accessory using a 3D printer. 

Accessories that can be made can be like the custom case as seen in the picture below, as well as “NFC-enabled topographic dog tags and tessellation bracelets.” Basically, anything super nerdy and Moto X-related can probably be fabricated.

To see the full list of events and how you can score a chance to make your very own accessory, follow the links below.


Via: MAKEwithMOTO | Engadget

  • llamamanc
  • James Hill


  • sk3litor

    I “make with moto” every morning:)

  • swmask

    did he ollie up there!?

  • Gr8Ray

    Or they could have saved their money on all the marketing BS and not given AT&T an exclusive on MotoMaker, and I’d own two of them right now instead of just sitting here reading about it.

    • michael arazan

      So many people passing on the Moto X because of that SNAFU. Luckily the Dev Version is black and white, but without the blue highlight, which is what I wanted. I might get it if the New nexus doesn’t come back to verizon because there are no stock android phones on vzw other than Moto X. Or maybe I will wait till next year for a possible stock android device again with faster specs.

  • zach wheeler

    That one guy is so cool he doesn’t even need to look at the camera for a marketing shot. Man I wish I was that cool.

    I have two of these 3d printers at work and they do not produce “finished” looking products. They are used for quick, cheap mock-ups. People are going to be very disappointed to stand around for an hour and wait for a cheap piece of plastic.

  • kendokan

    Yeah, you guys all have it right. No one wants to create their own stuff and watch it spit out on a 3D printer in real time. Not fun or cool at all. So totally boring.

    Ignore the marketing crap, step back for a second, and tell me honestly that being able to play with a 3D printer wouldn’t be fun as hell.

    • zach wheeler

      I have two of these 3d printers at work and they do not produce “finished” looking products. People will be very disappointed to get a crappy looking case after standing around for an hour.

  • runner30

    Has anyone seen a Moto X commercial yet?

    I went into my local AT&T store and it was tucked in between all the Samsung devices, with no signage at all. I hope the start promoting this thing and get some sales.

    • Higher_Ground

      No, and thankfully now that the droids are out I don’t have to see the preorder commercial either.
      But that GTA V commercial is really getting me antsy. Preordered almost a year ago…

    • JamesU513

      I saw a Verizon commercial where they promoted the Moto X at the end of the commercial for like a second

  • JamesU513

    That case is hideous

  • bfjdsn

    I went to high school with the kid in the orange shirt

    • Ej McCarty

      cool story bro

  • zachos

    Not relevant to this story: Why is there still a link for “Ice Cream Sandwich Update List” in the right column?… and why did I just click it? 🙂

    • Because that’s how slow manufacturers are.

  • jerryallenrose

    The Hipster Express –

    • Ej McCarty

      Boo. Get out of here. I’m betting that you have an s4.
      Just because a broad range of people like this phone instead of just geeks that get boners over specs doesn’t make it a “hipster” device. Shouldn’t you be glad that android is trying to reach out to everyone. That is how iphone’s became popular.

      • bkosh84

        Someone just got some butthurt going on.. And yes I agree with above as this is the “Hipster Express”

      • jerryallenrose

        EJ . I rock a Samsung Flip Phone from 2007 bro, and your pissed you got a phone you can’t return cause sweet treats are coming in October –

        • Ej McCarty

          I’m on Verizon so I’m not too concerned with getting a nexus, but if it does come I’ll just buy it because I have the money to do so. You on the other hand do not, so have fun with your flip phone bro

      • Jerryallenrose

        There was a time you could say and do what you want on Droid Life, now the Android I switched from a iPhone type Hipsters come and gang rape anything you say. This is what happened over at CultofMac then It stopped and they all came here I guess – Whats wrong with you people?

        • Ej McCarty

          There’s always been fighting on this site even between android OEM’s. I remember it from even when the OG Droid came out. SO i think you are one of the iphone hipsters coming in here and trying to make peace. haha. go hit up a peace rally and eat some shrooms. I’m sure you’ll be a much cooler person.

          • jerryallenrose

            Your a nigger faggot

          • j

            So you flaunt your money huh, I live what you wish you portlandia hipster nigger fucker faggot you voted fre nigger obama I bet!

    • Mike

      True story

  • JamesU513


  • PJ

    are the jeans and shorts even tight enough to be consider hipsters? the guy on the far right of the pic looks pretty old to me!

  • Stewie

    Oh Please! Let me make a Bootloaderhammer …. to jack moto with, ’cause is really isn’t VZ that’s at fault here for those headed to that network.

    • Mike Hilal

      cant tell if serious

  • Weber

    I fail to see what everyone’s problem is with customization. I love AOSP. Oh, but yet I use Nova, custom icons, custom widgets, etc…So what the hell is so bad about the outside of my device looking exactly how I’d like it to as well? Some of you need to get over that customization is important to some people. I make the decision on what phone I want. Why the hell would you give anyone crap or call them “hipsters” for wanting to make the phone even more how they want it? I’m not a hipster, and I generally hate this Bohemian movement, but jeez…get over yourself. Let consumers have what they want.

    Rant over.

    • panicswhenubered

      No problem with customization here. But that picture.

      • Weber

        I see your comment below, and I understand where you’re coming from. No need for all that noise. But if people around my age (27) are the ones that the phone is being marketed to the most, why not appeal to what people in their twenties can relate to? While I’m not a skateboarder, van brah, nor do I even appreciate velcro all that much, none of that stuff really bothers me. As long as they put out a quality product, I don’t care who it is. I do play guitar, so I guess the pic does appeal to me somewhat.

        Side note: Other appeals include: the word zing, male comaraderie, and 3-D printers. I also love my Moto X, so it’s nice to finally have accessories and customization options that the GNex didn’t have. I’ve suffered long enough.

  • panicswhenubered

    We skate, play guitar, and travel around helping you make sick mods for your Moto X. Look at our van, we decorated it with stickers, because we’re just a bunch of cool college-age guys like you. How crazy are we? We’re just sitting on top of our van hanging out.

    • JoshGroff

      Sounds like my dream job, minus the skating and guitar.

      • charles rogers

        So only the sitting on top of the van being young?

        • JoshGroff

          and traveling and making sick mods for the Moto X.

          • charles rogers


    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Does it become a different story if they make a second van but it is slammed with gold rims and woofers? You know, for the stereotypical “non white” guys? Apparently, this is the white hipster version, I am just curious?

      • zzzvyvwarner

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        Ignore the marketing crap, step back for a second, and tell me honestly that being able to play with a 3D printer wouldn’t be fun

    • Bang Ding Ow

      My dream 3D accessory is a printed functional firearm.

      • blootz

        we have a terrorist here.

        • lisax

          we have a douchebag here.

      • umbrellacorp

        FREEDOM! Why dream it? DO IT.

    • RuthBlasingame

      My Uncle Evan got an awesome month old Chrysler 200 Convertible by working part-time online. read what he said…


  • Nick S

    “traveling in a velcro-covered van across the east coast”

    The amount of insect gore that thing accumulates must be staggering.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      ^Hit the nail on the head. Gonna need a lot of car washes with that thing. Maybe they should make a shield for their rolling fly trap.

  • Rammstein

    A hipster sausagefest on wheels. Moto needs some women in that van!

    • charles rogers

      It settle for better looking fellas.

  • Kevin

    wow look at those neat dudes!

  • sc4fpse

    Oh snap! All aboard the hipster wagon!

    (Come on, Motorola. Have some self respect.)

  • me

    Further proof that the Moto X is a kids phone. Ok, mid-twenties kids phone.

    • Ej McCarty

      I’m 23 and due to this fact i can tell you to fack off. I’m sure you’re the guy that drives the ice cream truck just to get a look at the little kids ya pervert.

      • JoshGroff

        I’m almost 23 and I support this message.

      • me

        When I was 23 I had a Nokia phone that had multi colored LED’s on the side, that’s all I’m saying.

        • JoshGroff

          That sounds awesome but completely unnecessary. I’ll take 5.

        • Ej McCarty

          My first phone was that kyocera that you could change the faceplate color haha. It had the most obnoxiously bright blue screen. I did used to love playing snake on my mom’s old Nokia phone. That thing was a brick doe.

          • SoCalPaul

            My first phone when I was 20 was the OKI B1, mounted in my car with a dialpad on base and standard phone handset. The transceiver took up most of the trunk and had antenna drilled into the trunk. The memories…

        • charles rogers

          I had one of those (Nokia’s) when i was 15. Kids phone IMO.

          • me

            This one,

          • PolarBear

            Nokia 3220? That’s an old phone for parties.

        • Higher_Ground

          LOL, now that you mention it I do remember how a lot of old phones tried to sell multi-colored flashing lights for rings… and how that seemed to evolve into a notification light, which once again grew to support multi colored LEDs..

  • Ian Smith

    sounds like a sick job. cool.