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HTC One Review [Verizon]

We have reviewed it once, we have reviewed it twice – Finally, the HTC One is available on Verizon. After months of waiting for Big Red to pick up the slack, HTC’s flagship for 2013 is available for purchase on their massive network. And what a time to launch, with many people who purchased the Galaxy Nexus two years ago due for an upgrade in the coming months. With that knowledge, we figured that it would be worth it to share our opinions on Verizon’s variant of HTC’s hero device. This isn’t a full review, since again, we did that twice already. These are simply some thoughts on Verizon’s variant that stood out.

Is it worth your upgrade? Let’s find out. 

The Good


The overall hardware and feel of the One is the main part that really sets it in a different category from the other 2013 flagships. The feel of the aluminum body when you pick it up is just unmatched by anything out there at this point. The back of the device has a slight curve to it, and even the left and right edges of the phone are at an inward angle so that holding it feels solid. I could go on about how much of a joy it is to use the One, but you get the idea. Like every other One on the different carriers, the specs are the same. It has a 4.7″ 1080p display, a Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, 2GB of RAM, Sense 5 UI atop Android 4.2.2, a 4MP UltraPixel camera, 2300mAh battery and weighs in 143 grams. For the specs being top tier earlier this year, they still hold up quite well as we get into the later part of 2013.

Battery Life

Coming from a Galaxy Nexus that struggles to make it through half of a day of typical use (with an extended battery), a phone that can stand up to my use is definitely on my list of must haves. I heard mixed reviews about the battery life the One devices that didn’t have LTE, so I was fearful of Verizon’s network destroying the battery. The result was much better than I was expecting. I was blown away actually – the battery easily lasted 12+ hours every single day that I used it with me charging it nightly. At first I was monitoring my use to try and minimize the power drain, but by the end of my testing, I was struggling to use it enough to try and drain the battery. That’s good news for anyone that worries over a phone’s battery.



It’s not just a marketing gimmick, people. The dual front speakers on this device are a natural wonder of the tech world that you need to experience for yourself. Watching any kind of media on the One is better than any other Android device, hands down. Audio is not only loud, but it’s clear as well. Beats Audio might have something to do with that, but the speakers themselves are the story here. Having the phone anywhere above half volume made it feel like a bomb going off in my pocket whenever I got a text message (that’s a good thing).


Some people have given Motorola credit for trying to end the spec war with the launch of the Moto X this fall, but HTC’s UltraPixel deserves a nod as well. The camera isn’t the best out there, but it will get the job done in everyday situations that you will find yourself in, without a better dedicated camera. If you look hard enough, you can find the times where it brings in too much light or in some photos you can pick out the noise. All in all, the camera isn’t that terrible. (To check out more in-depth camera tests see our earlier reviews here and here.)



BlinkFeed is pretty much the only part of Sense that I actually enjoyed using. Once you add a few social networks to it, the page becomes a pretty useful place to get updates in scannable form that you can flick through. If HTC made BlinkFeed your permanent homescreen I would have been turned off, but the fact that you can switch it to a secondary page made it less of an annoyance. You can view more of our thoughts on this feature by viewing this post.

The Not So Good

Power Button

I liked pretty much everything about this phone, but man the power button that HTC chose drives me nuts. There is something to be said about having a design where things are flush with the edge of the device, but HTC took it a bit too far. For the first hour I had the phone, I honestly couldn’t figure out how to turn the screen off. The little black button on the top left is so barely raised off the phone that it looks painted on. Not to mention its location was just bad placement as well. For me, having the power button just a bit more raised would have been great.

Capacitive Button Layout

Going into the review, I knew all about HTC’s weird design of only having a back button and a home button. I didn’t think it would cause that much pain, though. You don’t really take for granted the 3-button layout that Android has grown into over the years until someone takes it away from you. On the Droid Life Show, I elaborated on how much the double tap home button didn’t take me to home, but instead took me to recent apps. I tried switching the layouts, but then whenever I pulled the notification drawer up from the bottom of the screen, I’d activate Google Now with that same gesture. It is very annoying, but to each their own.

htc one buttons

Connection Issues

Coming from the G-Nex where it takes about half a day for the 4G and 3G radios to switch off, the One was a dream. However, for some reason at times when I switched from 4G to WiFi and vice versa, I would be left with no data for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Not the biggest problem in the world, but definitely noticeable.


If you are looking to upgrade from your aging Galaxy Nexus or any other older device, the HTC One is a great choice. It’s as simple as that. HTC’s sales numbers might not reflect it, but they have put together one of the best smartphones of 2013 in the One. If your phone’s camera is a huge selling point, you might want to check out other devices because that is one of the One’s few weak points. Overall this is one solid device wrapped in aluminum.

  • joe

    how do you write a phone review without talking about call quality?

  • markefried

    I am not on Verizon but have had the HTC One developer edition for a few months now. It is the best phone I have ever used and I think the best on the market. My wife has the GSIV and I give it the nod over it because of it’s premium feel, outward facing speakers and superior camera. Yes, I think the camera rocks. The one area where I disagree with this review is the battery. With heavy use, I can definitely wear it down over the course of the day but I think that is common place with smartphones at this point. Also, the Verizon version may have updated software/hardware that maximizes the battery life better than my early version.

  • Pratibha

    Thanks for the review.
    Hey – did you ever figure out why the 4G WiFi switch was taking 5-10 minutes?
    That seems like a long time to wait, before getting connectivity in indoor venues…

    Did you try changing some of the Android settings (“use WiFi for data”) to solve this?

  • Andy Bones

    I just got my HTC One and I must say it’s a thing of pure beauty. Not just on the outside either- this thing chews up any task you throw at it and spits it back out at 60fps. I spent a month going in & out of the Verizon store playing with all the new phones before my upgrade (many of which just appeared in the past 2 weeks) and after loving several of them- the new Motorola’s, the GS4, etc. it came down to the way it felt in my hand. The whole thing is cased in machined aluminum with absolutely NO gaps. A lot of people have mistaken the outer ring for plastic but that too is painted aluminum (as an HTC rep pointed out). That and the specs had me sold, as of now they really can’t be beat. I’ve upgraded from a Motorola Droid X2 which I loved, so this is quite a leap forward. I really did want to be won over by the Moto X or Droid Ultra, and they are awesome, but I’m very happy with my decision and won’t look back. The HTC One is a work of art. Everything about it is cool, especially the 1080p display which makes the iPhone 5’s screen look pretty unimpressive. So far the battery has lasted through the day even with heavy use- something which the EXTENDED battery from my Droid X2 couldn’t pull. My only gripe is that there is no MicroSD slot. 32GB of internal storage may be plenty for most people, but it is pretty slim for my purposes. Anyway, the point is no matter who you are or what you like, you’d be hard pressed not to love the HTC One.

  • Joseph Dizon

    Verizon version of HTC One is horrible. I still have my HTC One from Sprint, compared it both phones side by side in performance, camera quality, screen quality and sound quality. The first thing I noticed is that the Verizon HTC One’s boom sound is dumb down. There’s no bass and the volume is quieter even when both phones are on the same volume level. Next was the Camera Quality, definitely you could tell, just by looking at it the huge difference between the phones. Verizon once again made the camera quality looked so crappy because of this reasons: Auto Focus is not “Auto” focusing at all unless you do it manually (duh), Colors are washed out, Black levels are washed out way beyond that if you placed both phones on a blacked out area (where you literally just see darkness everywhere) you’ll see that the Verizon version of the HTC One has this glowing washed out black level around the screen. Next is the screen quality, there was a tiny difference between the two phones, Verizon’s whites are yellowed (actually it goes with other colors too but it’s barely noticeable). Now the performance, the Verizon has a 4.2.2 android version, while Sprint has the 4.1.2 version. Though both phones are the same in terms of hardware and components, Sprint’s HTC One performed the best. Just on moving the screen, scrolling up and down, you can tell that the Sprint’s HTC One is a lot smoother. I used this program called Quadrant Standard, Sprint’s HTC One averages on 61fps and did not have drastic changes in fps on any section of the test. The Verizon’s HTC One, however averages a 59fps and had drastic changes in fps on 3 sections of the test. It went from 59fps to 37fps and it was running 37fps on the last section of the test.

    here’s a link of a side by side camera picture i took with both phones:

  • digitalicecream

    the power button makes an excellent IR emitter, certainly more powerful than my old SGS4. Glad I traded up.

  • Jeb Barrett

    Because of where I live and where I need a phone, I’m forced to bend over for Big Red. Is VoLTE our only hope?

  • umbrellacorp

    Hamburgers, mofo. HAMBURGERS.

  • ShopByChoice

    HTC one is superb android phone . It’s processing speed is so fast and camera quality is amazing. I never see before this features in others smart phones . Personally , I recommend for this phones .

  • mikeszekely

    It’s kind of funny how many Verizon GNex users are switching to the One. I did the same thing… only in May, and I switched carriers to do it.

  • FreedomCostsPlenty

    Massive network? A little propaganda thrown in?

  • Jon

    Battery stats are useless unless you show screen on time. Reviewer should install a program like “GSam Battery Monitor” and report back as to what the screen on time was when the battery is nearly dead.

    Obviously if you use your phone very little, you will have low screen on time, and the phone battery will last much longer, and vice versa. So the only way to give readers an accurate depiction of battery life vs phone usage, is to show the screen on time along with the average battery life stats.

  • sski66

    I’ll tell ya right from jump I’ve had my ONE for around 10 days & loving this phone. Coming from my GNEX its night & day, but I am alittle sad cause I really liked that phone when it worked properly. But out with old & in with the SEMI new, Haha. Also I’m used to the button layout already & the power button doesn’t bother me. I love the ZOE set up, I think its just awesome, & the speed of this beast is great. The only thing I wish was just a little better is the battery life, I’m getting around 10 hours but I like to watch a lot of YouTube and I text a lot. So I carry around an Anker battery pack its 5600 milly and it gives me over two-and-a-half charges. I never understood people complaining about non removalable batteries when you can carry around a battery pack which is about the same size or just a little bigger than some of these batteries today. Anyway, I have no regrets, and I’m very happy with my purchase, go for it Eric.

  • HTC one is competition product with Sony Xperia Z . They are good product.

  • Curtisleonh

    I just dropped my Gnex for the HTC One on Verizon and my god the difference is night and day, the battery life I’m getting is nearly THREE TIMES AS LONG as what I was getting on my GNex everyday. I’m getting signal in places I didn’t with the GNex, totally zero lag everywhere, the camera isn’t great but it’s easily twice as good as the GNex’s, and the GPS works instantly. The Bad? Like what was mentioned that power button is idiotic and the nav buttons are not ideal. I would have preferred for the screen to occupy the space where the captive buttons are so that on screen nav buttons could be used instead. Also, the notification LED is really small and not nearly as nice as the one that came with the GNex. All and all, it’s a big improvement

  • Devin Nickle

    I don’t know what all of you Maxx haters are smoking? I LOVE my new Maxx! I think it’s a beautiful device, and it’s SEXY as hell! Have you actually picked one up? Feels much better than ANY other phone I picked up at the Verizon store. Don’t forget, for that extra $100 you’re bitching about you get 32MB instead of 16. You also get Ingress, (if you care about a game) 6 months of Google music, AND the big battery. Not to mention the touchless controls are awesome, and will only get better with updates. I want to see what happens the first time you drop that aluminum HTC one without a case, or maybe even with one…… :-O To each his or her own.

  • flosserelli

    For those that hate the power button, there are numerous apps that let you put a power button widget on-screen.

  • Wyveryx

    I picked this one up two days ago, and I’m going to give a strong run for it’s money. I came from an ailing Gnex, I think that VZW and Samsung have blundered that one way too much for me to look at another Samsung, and if another carrier will ever match VZW coverage, I’m solid gone.

    However, so far I’m liking the One. though the power button is ludicrous. Having come from my Gnex I’m always trying to tap the side and end up raising the volume 🙂 I’m not a big fan of blinkfeed as it’s missing some of the sources that I’d like to add, and the rest seem almost too intermixed.
    I think I can get used to have capacitive buttons again, and even the layout.
    Personally I wish that we could get around a week or two to actually use devices and test others. I know VZW has the 14 day rule, but if the One didn’t work out I’d try out the Moto X, and well if that wasn’t great, then I’d just go back to the One.

    As Vader said though…

  • Tyler

    Im curious as to which phone feels better in the hand, Moto X or HTC One?

  • airrmedia

    The HTC One looks nice with all of the bells and whistles but I think Samsung Galaxy is a bit more practical.

    • mikeszekely

      Why? I actually bought an S4, took it back the following day, and exchanged it for a One. I didn’t mind the cheap plastic, and I dug the thinness and the slightly larger screen… but TouchWiz is, by a very wide margin, the worst Android skin I’d ever seen, and it ran kind of slow because of all the “features” that Samsung crammed into it that I didn’t care to use. But the thing that really made my decision was the fact that it plays a notification sound and turns the screen on when it’s done charging. Considering that I charge my phone on my nightstand while I sleep, it was a deal breaker.

      The One’s been pretty awesome, though. I wasn’t loving Sense, but I could tolerate it (especially after replacing the keyboard and launcher). It only got better when I flashed the Google Play Edition ROM to it.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i’m glad you like it, Eric. Please reconsider keeping it (assumption since you didn’t say), join us on the Xside.

  • zack

    I have the VZW HTC ONE. Battery lasted to day in the city only until like 2pm. It’s not the best but still much better than the GNEX

  • Aardvark99

    Just ordered one tonight online to replace my S3 (which will be handed down to a new line on my plan for my son). I was trying to hold out for something better but he needs a phone next week. I’m not too excited by a non-moto-maker X, the over priced and meh-screened Maxx. The LG G2 is too much of a gamble.

  • Lakerzz

    “Power On Volume (button fix)” app from the Play Store fixes your power button woes. Uses volume button to wake the device, (just make sure to turn off other options in the app like “proximity wake” unless you want it). Also download “Screen On Screen Off” app, and put a transparent widget on the home screen to lock the device. Seems like a lot of crap to go through, but well worth the effort! I’ve been using these apps for months now. (I’m on AT&T)

  • notatechie

    Just left my GNex in the dust and bought the Verizon HTC One. Man, oh man, it is beautiful, sounds spectacular, is minimal, elegant, pictures look beautiful, sound quality to the phone is perfect. I’m a happy camper.

  • Tyler Casilio

    I love the HTC One

  • EgySisi

    1) for the power button, since I got this phone from Costco and they provide a free case for it, that case perfectly fixes this problem. The case’s power button is raised up a bit higher and is much easier to press, but is still transparent enough to easily let the IR beam pass through.

    2) After 3 days, Ive gotten completely used to the back and home button layout after coming from an s4. Not hard to get used to, especially when having long press home as menu.

  • emoney

    bought this last week and can’t put it down. the power button takes some getting used to, but the rest of the package is insanely good. Put on nova to get rid of blink feed as well

  • Olay

    oh yeah five guys burger!

  • Don Goncalves

    Introduced after 5 months of stops and starts following launch? Given that track record, will the HTC One on Verizon ever see updates? This is what scared me off…

  • 4g63mark

    I already made my switch from the Galaxy Nexus. However the HTC One was NEVER on my list of potential devices. The phone being aluminum means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I ALWAYS protect my phones with Spigen cases. However the poor button configuration, terrible camera’s, and Sense UI are a very big deal. My Galaxy S4 compromises nothing. It was a no brainer to pick the Galaxy S4. The LG G2, and Note 3 look really good though

  • Marcus

    i just cant leave big red….they’re unfortunately the only cellular company who gives me 3/4G coverage in isolated area i travel on & work in…….

    • Godzilla

      same here, i camp in a lot of VERY isolated places and the only signal I get is verizon. Not even T mobile’s EDGE reaches where I camp.

      • trwb

        Have you guys ever even tried other carriers or are you just going by second hand knowledge about other carriers coverage?

        • Godzilla

          I have two brothers. One has a galaxy S3 on t mobile. The other has an iPhone on Att. When camping list time in Montana I was only one with signal.

          • M3D1T8R

            Similar to me, my mom is on my family plan in Montana, only can get Verizon. I’m not in Montana, but only get Verizon where I live outside of town too. Now even get 4G (with a complex signal amp booster system). Still unlimited data. So there’s no choice. Too bad, as I’d love to get the next Nexus. As is I’m very happy with my DNA, besides the 16gb limitation.

        • Liderc

          I have. I was on AT&T at one point, some other company that is no longer a company (Sun something) and Tmobile and Verizon is the only one that could come close to covering everywhere. Before the iPhone was available to verizon, I used to get a kick out of my friends who had iPhone on AT&T and never had coverage in our area. I’d always be the one with coverage.

          • trwb

            Its the opposite for me. I get better coverage and way faster speeds on at&t over what I used to get on Verizon in Western NY. Plus they let me drop my bill by $20 because I use Google Voice instead of text messaging.

  • Joshua Hernandez

    The phone is perfect in every single way if they didn’t mess up the home button. It literally makes me go crazy when I can’t get the phone to turn or off. Not sure how they overlooked the use of it.

  • Andy Taylor

    Ala the power button… I had same power button issue. Took it back to VZW and they opened new box and it was much better slightly raised and flat across the top. Known issue.

  • wombat90

    Just jumped from my Verizon Gnex to the Verizon HTC One. I’m pretty impressed by the camera. The Zoe feature on the camera is actually pretty neat. Tested Motox and was not impressed by the quality (felt cheap and small). Also tested the Maxx- Didn’t feel great in hand, although I was salivating over the battery life.

    Also spent a lot of time thinking deeply on what I use my phone for. I use the Google voice commands a bit, but really not that often- so the “OK Google Now” feature didn’t do much for me. Primarily I use my phone for reading news/blogs, listening to music, car navigation, and as a speakerphone.

    Was blown away by the One’s speakers and that sealed the deal. Tested it right next to the Motox and it didn’t come close.

    • TroyNikola

      I tested the One in my local Verizon Store today and the Droid Maxx Speakers were appreciably louder???

      The One was more crisp/detailed in sound, but volume wise the One was on par with everything else. I’d say equal to the Droid Mini and MotoX.

      Do you think it had something to do with that particular One or did Verizon do something to it so it wouldn’t perform well.

      I was testing using the same YouTube music videos? Did using YouTube have that effect maybe. There wasn’t anything else to test music through loaded on the phones to be equal.

      • wombat90

        Results could vary handset to handset – or video to video. I also tested with youtube (Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros).

        Side Note: I shared a video on my One yesterday with a friend. Have to say that not having to cup my hand around the phone to redirect the sound from the speaker was pretty nice.

  • KleenDroid

    No data for 5 to 10 minutes?

    In no way is that acceptable let alone an upgrade from the Gnex.

    • Tim242

      That’s what I was thinking. He contradicted himself quite blatantly

    • Bionicman

      sounds like the kind of bugs that plagued the GNex at times. definitely unacceptable and would be a huge deal for me. maybe it was a lemon?

    • DainLaguna

      A Verizon thing? My gnex and droid RAZR all had that hangup. My at&t s3 thankfully does not

  • JB

    That Five Guys burger is looking quite delicious

  • Hothfox

    So is there still no way to unlock or root the Verizon HTC One right now? I know you could do it a short bit on the first day it was out, but HTC Dev / Verizon closed that down. No exploits yet?

  • Tim

    Can we get a list of differences between this and the other carrier versions? I know at least the fm radio is removed.

    • Nathaniel Newman

      Yep it sure is! Even the renown dev at XDA couldn’t get FM working and he builds his own app.

      • Tim242

        Not that an FM radio is all that important…but why in the world would Verizon disable that?

        • Nathaniel Newman

          Force people to use their TINY Data plans for streaming radio. Then when they use it up they must buy more.

  • CyDetrakD

    I got a Note2 used and couldn’t be any happier upgrading from a Gnex. The Gn2 gets some serious beastly battery and the dev support is getting good. Roman from Aokp owns the phone too so I get my Aokp rom support with a nice screen, lots of on screen time and was a great price used since most people want the Note3. I find the Note2 to have good enough screen size and specs are comparable to the S4, HtcOne and Lg2 not to mention I can’t seem to kill the battery no matter what i do. Was holding out for a Nexus 5 but had a feeling it wasn’t coming to Verizon.

    • Bionicman

      not trying to hijack this discussion thread but honestly, i can’t deal with a phone with “bugs” anymore. my Note 2 is pretty flawless. suffice to say I hope “bugs” aren’t a normal thing for the VZW HTC One.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        They’re not. My One is a BOSS. I haven’t had those connectivity issues. I definitely recommend it. Especially since this version of sense is much better than anything Samsung has come up with

      • Godzilla

        I agree. My S4 has zero bugs, at least that I know of, and I love it that way. Coming from a Bionic that always had a bug or two, its nice.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      where did you buy your Note 2 and how much did you pay for it? I’ve been watching Swappa weekly for the price to drop, but I haven’t seen it go below $350 yet.

      • CyDetrakD

        I got it off of Swappa just be patient I’m sure prices are going to go down now that the Note3 is coming soon. I paid a fair price for it but sold off the accessories it came with and came out with a price around 350 considering I’ve had the phone for over a month now it was fair I couldn’t wait I guess.

  • Kyle Miller

    Droid DNA hacked with the HTC ONE rom FTW! Best of both worlds.

    • Dcdanger


    • M3D1T8R

      Sounds good. I’m okay with my stock DNA for now (Foxfi works and that’s what matters). Will see if we get the rumored OTA update within the next month or so.. And prey it doesn’t break Foxfi or I’m screwed (will probably have to root). Stock android buttons on the DNA are the deal maker vs the One. Too bad, would like those speakers..

  • steve30x

    That’s true, my battery on the Verizon HTC one at 12 hours is at 24% to 30% with auto brightness, a little over moderate use but not too heavy on 4g and lte.

  • JP

    Love the Five Guys burger shot.

  • [email protected]

    Verizon Gnex user here. Waiting on what KitKat has to offer to see what my next device will be.

  • JZ

    Eric, what kind of screen-on time are you getting?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Love mine a lot!. . . . Funny thing about the battery, when I was thinking about switching to At&t I had the One for about a week (also had the S4) and the One didn’t seem to last battery wise….

    When I eventually got the One on VZW (selling my S4 on swappa) I was blown away by the battery too. It really lasts the entire day and more (like you said in the review) not sure what’s making the difference

  • adbNexus

    I can’t get excited over any of these new devices and the readers seem that way too…
    Note 3 Post – 30 comments
    Galaxy Gear Post – 30 comments
    HTC One post – 30 comments
    Moto X post – 40 comments
    Mention the word Nexus in a post – 300+ comments lol

    I hope the N5 comes to VZW

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You know it’s not coming to Verizon, and if it does you’ll be complaining about lockeddown bootloaders and lack of updates.

      • Dinner Bell

        But no one dares to criticize the sacred Nexus line, even though it’s often gimped hardware or compromised. But PURRRE ANDROID. Give me a break.

        That’s not directed specifically at you, G_O_P. I just detest how everyone around here will make excuses for a Nexus device, simply because it’s a Nexus, but then rag on just about any other OEM’s devices if they find the slightest flaw, or even a less than hypebeast worthy package.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I think folks that frequent the blogs actually just prefer stock/fast updates over anything else. The upside to all this is that it looks like this will be a no compromise device with the Snapdragon 800. And a large screen. Hope they fix the damn camera software with KitKatt

        • Skittlez

          have you even used a Nexus 4? i’ve played with the One and the S4 next to my Nexus 4, and nothing compares to the experience. everything is perfect on that phone and in ever once experienced lag. there’s a reason people love Nexus devices. it’s because it’s the way Google intended it to be, and is the first device that they design the OS to run on, so it’ll be optimized in every way/shape/form. Back that up with a solid pricepoint, and it can’t be beat. Period.

          • StankyChikin

            Just because it’s how Google intended doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s perfect. I do love my N4 though 🙂

      • adbNexus

        Its a Nexus, I update the device, not verizon

        • Godzilla

          His point is that if you want to remain stock, verizon takes forever to update even nexus devices. Not everyone who buys a nexus flash’s ROMs

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          If there is no specific Verizon version of the update you’re not updating anything.

    • PolarBear

      Don’t hope for VZW N5 please.

  • Jack

    I’ve used other 2013 Flagship device cameras and the One pretty amazing.

  • HappyInfidel

    As a Verizon GNex user, I’m still waiting to see, officially, if the next Nexus will be compatible with Big Red. If not, then I’ll probably buy either this or the S4.

    • leenephi

      Same, but I also want to wait and see when/if Verizon is getting the blue or black variant. A friend of mine got a black HTC One.. most gorgeous device I’d seen! =X But blue’s my favorite color.. haha 😛

    • jayray78

      From the FCC leak that just came today, it does not support VZW’s LTE bands. Sorry.

      • HappyInfidel

        I saw that. I’ll still wait for the announcement from Google. And if it doesn’t… I may just be switching to T-Mobile. It’s hard to give up unlimited LTE from Verizon though.

        • Skittlez

          really hard, but if you’re considering it, chances are you will be happy with it. Do what i did. order a SIM for $10, get the phone, and try the $70 unlimited plan for a month and see if it’s worth it in all the places you frequent. i did and i’m going to probably take the plunge when my contract is up in December. Then unlimited Nexus devices for me

  • T4rd

    I really wanted to get this phone for my wife, but she read and watched every review imaginable and decided on the GS4. Camera and battery life are her priority and she doesn’t take much low light pics and likes carrying a removable battery just in case she away from power for a long time (which she is about every weekend). I couldn’t talk her out of it :(. She just got her 32GB GS4 in the mail today.

    • crazed_z06

      Considering those requirements, it sounds like the GS4 was the best phone her. The One didnt have any of her requirements

    • cheese

      Your wife is smarter than you 😛

  • Curiosity

    What’s the full retail price for Veizon?

    • djh36


  • Hunter

    VZW Gnex owners! WHAT ARE WE GETTING????

    • Geo

      Idk. I just now put Shiny’s 4.3 Rom. That might hold me over for a bit. I’m seriously thinking of jumping ship to AT&T for the Nexus 5. I have to have my on-screen buttons

      • Jordan Webb

        G2 and MotoX both have on-screen buttons, so that can’t be the actual reason, can it?

        • Geo

          Haha no. The whole stock experience, easy root and unlock, and other nexus kinks. Also I completely agree with you about the Gnex on signal and battery. It’s terrible.

      • Tim Buchanan

        I’m done with the Nexus line. Not a single Nexus product I’ve ever purchased has treated me well. 3 weeks in with my One on VZW, and I’m sold. It’s head and shoulders better than my GNex, and I honestly hardly ever even pick up my N7 any more, as the One is faster, snappier, louder, works more consistently, and feels better to hold. A+++ Would recommend.

        • chris125

          I agree. The nexus line is usually always bug filled and people always complain. I mean you guys can be the beta testers while I stay on a more stable and solid version of android while they get the bugs worked out. Especially with google moving their core services to updates in the play store updates are just a bonus now that you dont need the latest OS to have the latest Google services.

    • Brian Utne

      I’m getting a different phone company. lol

    • charles rogers

      G2. I think. Maybe. Or maybe a Maxx. No not that, yeah a G2.

      • chris125

        G2 for me too

    • Jordan Webb

      There were two things wrong with the Gnex from my perspective: Battery and Signal. Droid Maxx takes care of both of those things better than any other phone on Verizon while providing the closest thing to stock Android and a few new toys. I lose the removable battery, but honestly…I don’t care. Not with this thing.

      • dude

        I agree. Why would they only put a 2300mamp battery in this? I’ve had my Razor MAXX for over a year and have NEVER run out of juice…. NEVER… don’t even come close

      • Billyt

        I concur with everything Jordan says. Traded my GNex for the MAXX HD and it is just about perfect. I did load a debloated ROM because RAM utilization got to be an issue after the JB update, but with that it is fine.

      • michael arazan

        I wish the Maxx looked more like the X, the ultra is fugly, but the maxx at least has a better backing on it. But that added battery might sell me on it, wonder if there will be a Dev Version of the Maxx?

        • sk3litor

          There will NEVER be another nexus on verizon. Vzw and google hate each other. Business models are exact opposites.

    • ArrowCool

      I’m getting a new network.

      • cheese

        same. leaving verizon asap for T-Mobile $30/month. Won’t regret it neither.

        • Pedro

          I haven’t.
          I think this is the month where paying a couple ETFs and buying a couple N4s lets me break even. Money in the bank every month form here on in.

          • cheese

            I dont understand what you’re trying to say. My contract is already up and urging others on Verizon to leave. I’m giving up my unlimited data. I’m ok with that. 5GB / month is more than enough for my needs.

          • Pedro

            I left VZW last Feb/Mar. We paid ~$240/month. ETFs + 2 Nexus 4s cost a bit of cash at the time.
            Now, $30 T-mobile for me and $45 ST for my daughter pre-paid wife’s phone went to pure business). It took a few months to break even, but every month from here on in is mo’ money fo’ me.

          • MReprogle

            Even paying $50 for unlimited on T-Mobile + Jump! + Unlimited Talk&TXT is going to save me at lest $30 a month. Verizon’s unlimited text plans are rediculously priced. I just wish that Google Voice will just start allowing MMS messaging so that I can cut my text plan, but it looks like I am going to have to start looking at T-Mobile..

          • Slainte Threeseventeen

            Check your area (if possible) before you move to t-mobile. I did the prepay with a nexus 4 for my kids…service is HORRIBLE compared to my Verizon phone. That is after checking OpenSignal and Tmo for maps. Seriously, on our property, no data hardly at all. Speed test shows about 8kbps down…horrid. And we are supposed to be in HSPA+.

          • ROB

            Sell the unlimited data plan on ebay via AOL

          • Jon

            My only recommendation would be to go to swappa.com and buy some Galaxy S3s instead of Nexus 4. You can get them for around $300 each now on swappa.

            Why? The nexus 4 in my experience had terrible battery life. The screen is not as good as the S3. Nexus 4 has really fragile glass back…don’t drop it! S3 has removable batteries and SD card slot. S3 has Cyanogen Mod and you can easily have a Nexus like experience on it. Camera is night and day better on the S3. Speaker better on S3.

            Just my two cents.

          • digitalicecream

            Not to mention you also can get LTE on the S3 which is not available on the Nexus. That’d be 4 cents.

        • B C

          Just activated my Tmo’s $30/mo. plan… loving it… good to be back with Magenta

          • LanceBenjamin

            as Justin answered I’m in shock that a mother able to get paid $4698 in four weeks on the computer. important link -+- http://www.ℬay35.cℴm

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        I got a rock…

      • Suit yourself. I’m not. {{-_-}}

    • Justin Kos


    • Geekdad

      I checked out the One, S4, and Maxx at the Verizon store. For me the Maxx was a no brainer. The UI is almost identical to the Gnex, the screen looks great and the battery life is incredible. There is no lag on the phone and so far, the pictures have been better that the Gnex.

      • Derrick Jefferson

        Nevermind the fact that it cost $300, it is disgustingly ugly, it has a 720p screen… oh and it cost $300. I’m glad you guys like the max, but if I’m going to pay that much for a phone it has to offer more.

        • Wagner

          At 300 you are competing with with the Note 3.

        • Geekdad

          $100 will not change my life in any way. How is it disgustingly ugly? It’s just a rectangle like all the others. 720P, who cares, it looks good to me. Again, if $100 is such a big thing, you need to find a better job.

          • Derrick Jefferson

            Geek, I thought we were talking about smart phones? That last comment was kinda harsh… you should apologize. Trust me, I have a good enough job. I have a job that allows me to pay $300 for a phone (vzw gnex on day 1), However I am smart enough to not waste my money (like paying $300 for an ugly phone with 2 year old specs.)

          • Geekdad

            Dude, you’re on the internet. Don’t expect an apology from anyone. You mentioned the price twice. It seems like money I’d an issue for you. The Gnex didn’t have the greatest specs when it came out. The Maxx has specs like no other. Some people are not willing to try new things.

          • Derrick Jefferson

            Does it matter that we are on the internet? You are still a person and I’m a person. The things we say and do matter, even if we never meet each other. I gave my opinion on a smart phone. I don’t dislike you because you don’t agree with me. I also don’t assume that you have an awesome job because you can afford $300 for a phone. All I’m saying is that the phone is all about doing more with less. 720p screen, which is one of the reasons the gnex was so awesome…2 years ago. If you are happy with the phone, more power to you. I just think its not smart to spend top dollar and a 2 year contract on a phone that is asking you to do more with less.

          • Liderc

            “Dude,” you’re what’s wrong with the internet. People willing to treat others like sh*t because they’re behind a computer screen.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            He’s just frugal. Why pay more for anything when it’ll be cheaper for something better later on or even at that moment? IPhones come down in price within a few Quarters. Your phone will be worth 99¢ in about 5 months at Costco, and contain specs that’ll be considered a power hog and/or pointless. My gnex was pretty cool at the time in December 2011 and in April it dropped in price then again 2 months later by then it was a bad investment on my part. Sure your maxx may be nice and could be a good phone to consider, but for $300? Naw. GS4 for $199 is better, along with more gimmicks for the money. I’m putting my money on a $99 Moto X.

        • Geekdad

          Forgot to mention it offers zero lag, touchless controls, great battery life, excellent radio reception. I think that is worth the extra money. Don’t get so caught up in the specs.

          • DainLaguna

            Spec wars ARE useless, but the maxx is ugly. Sorry, it just is. With the one, nexus4 , iphone5 and xperia z1 and even the moto x being some Truly classy looking devices, there is only one reason for its existence. Battery life. I’ll take a small hit in that dept and to enjoy the benefits if the others.

          • Shane Redman

            So hypothetically, would you rather have a dead, aesthetically pleasing phone or a functioning, “ugly” phone?

          • DainLaguna

            Very rarely have I had a device die on me. My usage ≠ your usage

        • Tyler

          For starters most 32GB phones cost around $300 so unless you need a pen or gimmick/show-off features it lacks nothing any competitor have. The reason you buy the MAXX over a any other comparable phone is for the battery life. You will not find another phone with better battery life. As for design if they got rid of the capacitive buttons and put onscreen i think it would look a lot nicer but looks are personal preference. At 300dpi the screen isn’t terrible and the lower resolution lightens the load on the Adreno 320. Plus 720p uses less power according to Motorola.

          • sk3litor

            A-o, o-a just because you dont like writing and true multi-tasking doesn’t mean they’re gimmicks. True the eye thinhs are pretty unnecessary but whatever…..just added innovation. The note series are internet devices with phone capabilities as opposed to phones with internet capabilities. And as far as batteries concerned I use this powerful device 6 hours straight daily and still go to bed with 20%. So it seems like anything over 3100 3200 mamps is over kill anyways.

        • sk3litor

          (Enter stage) note 3:)

    • DroidzFX

      Nexus 5 is released jumping ship.

    • chaoslimits

      Moto X Developer Edition.

    • [email protected]

      Verizon Gnex user here. Waiting on what KitKat has to offer to see what my next device will be.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Either the S4 or the GN3. That is all.

    • Derrick Jefferson

      I’m leaning towards the G2, but I’m waiting to see if we get the nexus 5 on big red as well, the rumors are conflicting… I hate verizon but I’m stuck here for the moment, might as well make the best of it.

    • Skittlez

      Nexus 5

    • KB

      Nexus 2013!

    • Godzilla


    • Gnex

      Moto X. Just installed the fastboot drivers, waiting extremely impatiently patiently for a root exploit.

    • Geekout

      hanging for the Nexus 5!!!!! Maybe an S3 Google Play Edition if that ever comes to Verizon.. hey, I can dream right?

    • iNomNomAwesome

      A Moto X

    • Matt Larson

      DROID Maxx last month!

    • carluverdrm2004

      This ought to be a poll!

    • John

      Just upgraded to S4. Solid phone so far.

    • Nate Legacy

      Gnex to Maxx. No worries about spec — it’s smooth and quick, and the benchmarks look great. Pretty close to stock Android. And with close ties between VZW/Google/Motorola, my fingers are crossed it’ll see 4.3 and/or 4.4 soon. Screen is sharp enough to read the smallest text, without straining not jealous of the beautiful 1080p displays one the One and S4. Battery is killer — 6 hours screen time and some unplugged Nav and video is no problem. I’d love to leave Verizon but even AT&T can beat their coverage around here. Aesthetics? Meh… it’s a thin black slab of electronics. Build quality is fantastic.

    • M3D1T8R

      Already got a DNA a few months ago. Coming from the GNex, I love it in every way imaginable, other than the lowsy 16GB. With the MotoX also lacking in this category, I will probably hold on to the DNA until next year and MotoX v.2 or whatever. Maxx was tempting but not worth the cost to upgrade from my DNA, for a worse screen. HTC One buttons fail. S4 buttons fail even worse (and I’m sick of Samsung in general).

      I definitely recommend a used DNA (around $350, similar or better specs as N4, correct Android buttons, Foxfi works flawlessly) as a great upgrade for G.Nex users wanting to hold on to unlimited data, vs $650 and up for the other new devices.

    • RuthBlasingame

      my Aunty Quinn got a new green Suzuki only from working parttime off a home computer… you could try this out…


      • Gnex

        I want to cut you with a dull knife.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      buying a used Note 2 on Swappa. unlocking that beast, putting 4.3 on there, and keeping my unlimited data….for now

  • they call me Rob

    I’m currently a VZW GNex owner and I’m still trying to pick between this or an S4.

    • DiamondDaveB

      I had the S4 for a few days, but was totally turned off by the lag.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Janky! The One has ZERO lag. First time I can honestly say that about an Android Device. I couldn’t wait to get rid of my S4

        • EgySisi

          Same here, It’s basically the build quality of the iphone (if not better) and the greatness of android and it’s customization combined. The s4 is the opposite. Laggy android and bad build. Switched mine out thanks to the Costco 3 months policy for the HTC One last week (verizon)

      • PhillipCun

        And people said the moto x is “mid range” at best… yet the moto x has no lag vs the s4. Sorry a little off topic.

        • they call me Rob

          I wasn’t aware that lag was such an issue on the S4 – that being the case I’m looking more at the One now. Id an exploit drops that allows for it to be unlocked I’ll seriously consider it. The X is ok too but I feel its just overpriced.

    • fauxshizzl

      Having used a DNA and an S3, if I had to choose between a skin it would definitely be Sense. Touch Wiz is just terrible in itself and causes lag. Sense while not perfect is easier to navigate, and I haven’t noticed any speed or response issues as a result of it.

    • Bill Hill

      As an S4 user myself, I recommend waiting for the Note 3

    • Gibbs

      I went with a Moto X the other day, and honestly, I’m blown away. I was expecting to want to return it before the 14 day window but I can honestly see myself being completely happy as long as Moto updates regularly

    • EgySisi

      I came from the GNEX, got an s4 from costco in July, and I just went back a couple days ago back to costco to switch the s4 out for the HTC One. I am very happy with that decision and I feel that the overall build really makes a difference, the software is much smoother than the touchwiz crap on the S4 which made it lag a lot even with all of the smart features turned off, and I find the One’s screen to be more refined than the s4’s (sharper and the purple smearing issue annoyed the hell out of me after 4 replacements all of them had it).

  • DiamondDaveB

    I am incredibly happy with my Verizon HTC One.