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AT&T’s AiO Wireless Prepaid Service Now Available Nationwide (Update)


AT&T’s AiO prepaid wireless service launched nationwide this week, which is great news for anyone looking for an affordable option to access AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Before this week, AiO was only available in select markets, such as Florida, Texas, Atlanta, and Chicago. 

Getting started is extremely easy. There are three plans to choose from, each of which offer unlimited talk, text and data. Yep, unlimited data. The plans range from $40 to $70. The $40 plan will get you 250MB of high-speed data, which will then get throttled once you hit that limit. The same throttling applies to each plan once you hit your cap. The $55 plan, which seems to be the best deal for average smartphone users, comes with 2GB of LTE data and the $70 plan comes with 7GB of high-speed data.

To top it off, anyone singing up now will receive their third month of AiO service for free, which is a special promotion for the early birds.

Update: According to AiO’s service terms, “high-speed” data equates to a “maximum of 8 Mbps for compatible devices.” What we can take from that is that not only will AiO throttle your speeds once you hit a data limit, but your speed is already being throttled down from AT&T’s 4G LTE. If this is accurate, that is a downer. Cheers to reader Scott for spotting that small print.

High-speed access with download speeds up to a maximum of 8 Mbps for compatible devices.

Maximum data download speeds are reduced when usage exceeds high-speed access allowance.

Thinking about giving it a try? I know Kellen is.

Via: AiO

Cheers Jeff and Adam!

  • iphonefreak

    but do you get slow down to 3g or 2g?

    • iphonefreak


  • Link

    AIO is NOT AT&T.
    AT&T helped establish AIO, but then let it go.
    AIO is run by a crap load of franchise owners, and DOES NOT BELONG TO AT&T.

    I’m getting tired of seeing this misconception.

    ~former AIo employee

  • djdsf

    I love AIO, for me being a person that uses around 5 to 6 GBs of data a month the $70 plan is good. I’ve been using AIO for a while now (I live in FL) and the speed has been more than acceptable as well as having excellent coverage even at 8,000 FT up in the air (I’m a GA pilot)

    I love AIO, it’s super friendly and I am happy with them ever since I made the switch from Net 10 which when they cut their 5GB plans to only 1.5 – 2 GBs a month.

  • J Dub

    No thanks. Still going with the $30 T-Mobile plan.

  • samdori

    I have a HTC ONE INTERNATIONAL UNLOCKED 32GB bought in London.
    Im moving to the states soon and would like to either be on AT&T GOPHONE or an AT&T MVNO like AIO WIRELESS…

    These are the network bands for me HTC ONE
    2G Network
    GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
    3G Network
    HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
    4G Network
    LTE 800 / 1800 / 2600

    Since I probably wont be receiving LTE SPEEDS, which should I go with?


    • willzzz88

      The phone is perfectly compatible 100% with AT&T’s network in the US (or one of its resellers like the AIO MVNO which is owned by AT&T) on 2G EDGE and 33 UMTS/HSPA+. No LTE though. Please note that some MVNO’s (check the coverage maps) and AT&T prepaid won’t have access to some rural coverage areas of the US which is domestic roaming on a partner. This is free for post-paid subscribers. This is only needed if you go to places like rural Nebraska. It will also work with T-Mobile’s refarmed network which so far is only in urban areas on 1900MHz and will get EDGE speeds in the rest of the rural T-Mobile areas.

      • samdori

        Since AT&T has better coverage then TMOBILE nationwide, I think I will just use AT&T or AIO wireless for service. I would rather have a flat rate payment with an MVNO rather than payment plus tax, and also if you go over with AT&T thats extra money out my pocket… AIO caps at 8mbps/ while AT&T has no cap with their DATA…. I’m thinking AIO will be my best best…. What about others like H20 wireless or Redpocket?

  • SHoTTa35

    Still looking for other “gotchas” but the 8Mpbs thing is not such a big deal to me. One I heard of though was short code messages don’t work (say texting American Idol or something with those 5 digit numbers).
    I’m with H2O Wireless now (AT&T MVNO) which includes unlimited calling/text to some international countries but thinking to switch over to see if it’s better. Call forwarding and 3 Way calling i’d love – H2O doesn’t offer it on Monthly plans. Not sure if it’s worth it though to lose international stuff.

  • Andromedo

    Has anyone who has this service tried to pin up a VPN over the mobile data?

    Straight Talk started blocking VPN connections (L2TP and PPTP) on AT&T when they moved to their new APN, tfdata.

    I am happy with Straight Talk other than this limitation, but I don’t want to switch to this service and run into the same problem.

  • d-rock

    HSPA+ on ATT will rarely hit 8MBPS, but LTE will easily. I kind of like this. Faster data means you will eat through your plan alotment faster and 8MBPS is GREAT speed for a phone. It’s really almost a perfect medium.

    I will be leaving AT&T very soon for AIO Wireless.

    Even with ETF, over the course of 6 months I’m saving money on AIO Wireless. I just hope it’s up to AT&T’s standards on quality.

  • trwb

    How is 8mbps slow? You can stream full HD video at that speed

    • Justin W

      It’s limited to 8mbps, whereas with true LTE, your limits are only the network capacity (and in my area, with Vzw, I’ve been able to get 15+mbps). The difference that makes is truly amazing – 1MB of data over one second or 2MB of data over one second?

      • trwb

        Yes but most things on the Internet do not require that amount of speed. If a website takes 5 secs to load opposed to 2.5 secs, its worth the hundreds of dollars one is saving per year with aio opposed to VZW. Plus when I was on Verizon I only got about 5mbps on lte.

  • lesli_duval

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  • Dave

    I just might go this route whenever the new Nexus comes out.

  • Guest

    wheres the source link

  • Chase Chick

    I was actually looking pretty hard at this and thinking of a Nexus 5 outright when I heard the auto-throttle news. You gotta be joking me?!

  • Paul

    Nexus 5 + AiO = Cya Later Verizon Asshats

    • zzzvyvwarner

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт….­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

      I’ve had my eye on that plan for some time, but I’m paying 80ish total for my VZW unlimited data so it’s too tough a call to switch.

    • Robert Landrum

      ATT’s Go phone plans are MUCH better than the AIO option. You actually get full speed LTE, which in Atlanta, it’s been between 60-70mbps for me.

      $60 for unlimited talk and text and 2 gigs of data and full speed LTE. You can’t go wrong. I personally don’t use more than 2 gigs a month so it’s perfect for me.

      • Friday

        can you bring you own phone?

  • moelsen8

    can’t just buy a sim without a plan? bah.

  • Warwick

    Hey Tim, would you choose aio over solavei?

    • moelsen8

      solavei is a t-mobile mvno. aio is at&t. big coverage difference, among other things, depending on where you are.

    • Well, before I saw this whole 8Mbps top speed update, I would have gone with AiO everyday of the week. Now I am completely torn.

      • Joshua P.

        I wouldn’t worry much, if they follow verizon’s lead that 30+ mbps will be well below 8 mbps any time now.

        • middlehead

          Factual analysis. When LTE first hit my area I was getting MINIMUM speed tests of 20MB, now it struggles to hit 7 to 10. I can get a good 10 or 15 upload, though.

          • You mean 20Mb. 20MB would be 160Mb on speedtest. 8Megabits = 1MegaByte

          • middlehead


          • Justin W

            Lol. It amazes me the number of people that don’t see the difference though. That’s why I always try to differentiate by using mbps and MB.

  • Patrick Lahni

    I’m as interested as the next person, but explain to me why you would do this instead of Net10/StraightTalk? For $85/mo + taxes, I could get 2 lines with unlimited talk/text/data on Net10 (note: 1.5gb cap was lifted) on AT&T. I consistently get above 5mbps on 4G HSPA+, closer to 7mbps typically on my Nexus 4. Even AiO’s 2GB plan would 1) cost more, 2) be slower (yes, I know 4mbps would be fast enough for my needs, not talking about LTE here) and 3) provide less overall data. I’m certainly not complaining about all the options, it’s awesome! I just want to see if I missed something obvious because I’m switching from Verizon and purchased a N4 to test AT&T. I know I’m switching, it’s just whether it’s directly with AT&T, Net10 or AiO.

    • Doug Slezak

      The 1.5GB limit is still in net10 terms and conditions. Have you gone over yet to find out?

      • Patrick Lahni

        I have not yet, but the T&C still show as being updated 3/12/13. It appears this is as recent as the beginning of Aug. I wish I could find something a bit more reliable, but according to here: http://www.phonenews.com/net10-removes-att-data-caps-and-goes-back-to-unlimited-23238/ it shows the statements with it being removed. I’ve yet to go over 1.5gb though to test.

        • Doug Slezak

          Yeah I saw that article too. Just doesn’t seem like their customer service or anyone can confirm this change.

          • Patrick Lahni

            So basically it comes down to trust. The more I think of it, I’d trust AiO over Net10 since AiO is owned by AT&T as opposed to a company that leases from AT&T. The only term I wish was laid out more clearly is what they throttle down to.

  • Tim242

    T-Mobile, your move.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      They offer unlimted for $70? No throttling, etc.

      • socarwolverine

        I’ve had my eye on that plan for some time, but I’m paying 80ish total for my VZW unlimited data so it’s too tough a call to switch.

        • Joshua P.

          after jump and taxes + phone payments its more like 102

          • JoshGroff

            Closer to 115 for a high end device with JUMP.

          • socarwolverine

            Damn, after taxes mine is exactly 90. Can’t justify the switch just yet.

  • Ben McDonald

    Pair w/ a Nexus 5 once my VZW contract is up. Why yes, I think I will!

  • Jorge

    Can I leave AT&T for aiO? Ahaha I rather be stuck on Prepaid than on contract for another year :/

    • Ian

      how do you get stuck on pre-paid?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      ATT does also have another prepaid service you know…

  • jmsbwmn

    As my contract is about to end with Verizon, I’ve been thinking a lot about T-Mobile’s Jump plan, as well as prepaid plans. This seems like something to really consider.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    I would be down for it if the speeds were faster.

    • AT&T’s 4G LTE is arguably some of the fastest in the country, at least from my experience with it.

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        can’t argue that but you’re limited to 8Mbps.

        • Yeah, it wasn’t made clear before that your top speed is 8Mbps. That’s a load of crap. 🙁

          • Derek L.

            I made it clear in the tip I sent you guys, but you listened to other people instead of me. >:l

    • 8 Mbps isn’t fast enough for you?

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        Why not have faster?

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    Once throttled down from LTE, are you put on Edge, 3G, or HSPA+?

    • picaso86

      That is the same question I have….

    • teleclimber

      I read all the fine print I could find, they don’t specify.

      I assume it will be slow enough to make you want to spend your hard earned $$$ to get faster speeds. Therefore: slooowwww.

      • OligarchyAmbulance

        That’s why I’m worried. You burn through LTE faster than even HSPA+, so maybe Straight Talk will keep my money.

        • MK17

          Wondering the same thing, but on Net10. If my next phone is LTE I would love to access it, but I really would only need 250mb if everything after is normal 3G speed

      • Jim Davis

        I “chatted” with AIO customer service. They told me that after you go through your allowance, you are throttled to 256 Kbps.

    • Tim242

      That’s a good question. It would be OK if it was just to HSPA+. But, as long as I have my $30 unlimited Verizon LTE, I’d be silly to switch.

      • Ryuuie

        It’s been said that it’s 256Kbps of HSPA+. Source is from HowardForums.

      • ImmaDroid

        I know I was thinking the same thing. I see AT&T has LTE by my house, and kind of wanted a cheaper option. But with my VZW unlimited, and my really good data speed, I guess its worth it to stick it out!

        • Zach Armstrong

          Then go with AT&T Gophone with LTE The only bad thing about it is it has a 2GB cap

          • ImmaDroid

            Yea I thought about that. But i use probably between 5-8gb per month lately. So that would end up costing me a lot. Plus I pay $19.99 for unlimited data. Its just my bill is still always Exspensive

          • Robert Landrum

            That’s what I’ve been using. I don’t use more than 2 gigs because I have wifi at home and I make sure to do any downloading until I get home.

            With average speeds of 60mbps, that 2 gig cap is no problem at all. Plus there’s the option to buy another gig if need be.

          • Zach Armstrong

            You must have a LTE phone then I have the same plan on the Nexus 4 and the fastest I got was 8mbs on HSPA+ and so far I have never gone over 2GB of data

          • Robert Landrum

            Yeah I do. I’ve been a Nexus fanboy forever and have always used T mobile because their + speeds were amazing. But their indoor coverage is just plain out pathetic and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I dropped the Nexus and wanted to move to ATT and get LTE so I picked up a S3 for cheap just to hold me over until the N5 comes out.

        • Stev J

          My buddy had his S3 for tmobile and I had mine on Verizon. We did a speed test. On lte I was pulling 7Mbps. He was pulling 14Mbps on his HSPA+… Charlotte, NC . Verizon 4g LTE is not what it used to be…

          • ImmaDroid

            I pay $19.99 for unlimited data on VZW. An my average LTE speeds are between 45mbps an 70+Mbps. So that’s why it may be worth the extra money an stay with Verizon. Ya know. I just wish they had easier phone options also

          • Stev J

            The highest I have EVER seen was 26Mbps here in the Charlotte area. We are a big hub for the data as well due to the football stadium. I would pee myself if I ever got that at a time it mattered…

          • ImmaDroid

            Yea luckily I have amazing data speeds. Higher than I see anyone else post. I get close to 75mbps sometimes. But I can pull 60+ in my house with 3 bars!

          • ImmaDroid

            I know Charlotte used to have really fast 4G in the first year or two. But Charlotte is a big city

          • capecodcarl

            Those speeds are kind of irrelevant on a mobile phone though unless you’re tethering. With low latency and a solid connection I’m perfectly happy with 2-3 Mbps for anything I could want to do on a smartphone, including streaming video.

          • ImmaDroid

            Not really, I prefer using my phone data to download things now over my WiFi. Because they download in seconds compared to several minutes. If I was still stuck on 2-3mbps a game like need for speed would take 2hrs to download. Now imagine that 20-30x faster. HD video should be streamed at 10mbps or faster. I think that’s alil far fetched saying your prefer 2-3mbps over 60mbps.

          • Kyle B

            I do not think he is saying 2-3 mbps is better than 60, just that it is sufficient for the majority of smart phone data functions. To this, I would tend to agree, but more speed is obviously better if the price is right.

          • Well you are in the minority, many of us who live in more populated areas are lucky to see 5-12Mbps down on Verizon.

          • ImmaDroid

            Oh I completely understand. I am not trying to show off or anything. I didn’t even mention it until speed got brought up. Even if I had 30mbps I’d be happy. I just happen to get a lucky tower by my house. up until April I was stuck on 2-3mbps 3G for the past several years

          • Larizard

            LA area here with 18 Mbps up, 8 Mbps down.. Really thinking about switching to a prepaid data when the Nexus 5 comes, but it’s hard to turn back from those numbers.. and my constant tethering.. heh

          • Patrick Crumpler

            Expect those Unlimited Data accounts on Verizon to be tweaked. First two gigs, full speed. Everything after will top out at 3gig down. Some people are paying way more than $30 so they would be on a premium tier. My guess anyway.

          • ImmaDroid

            Yea I’m on the same plan. My monthly is supposed to be $30 a month but they keep giving me a $10 off discount for the past 4 years now. I’m at over six gigabytes of use data for the month and I just pulled 60-70mbps alil while ago. I don’t even know if I ever seen someone get throttled on Verizon I know people that use 50 plus Gbs a month

          • Willie D

            Wait till you see what LTE on T-Mobile is, its FAST FAST FAST.

      • HSPA+ is faster than 8Mbps a lot of the times lol

      • michael arazan

        Also will AiO LTE work with tablets and laptops for data only, or is it just for phones?

        • ur mom knows best

          we have a data plan 15$ a month for the tablets and 10$ for every additional gig. data only. the phones that have capable wifi tethering do it free of charge as of right now so if you have the 70$plan with the 7 gigs your other device will run off that

          • Rodger Ollie

            Two questions; 1) Why use a tablets when you could use full featured computers with a keyboards and a hell of a lot more functionality? It’s called a tethered laptop and they don’t cost much or get outdated very often. 2) So tell me again why you still “have a data plan 15$ a month for the tablets and 10$ for every additional gig. data”, As long as you want to throw your money out the window please tell me when you open your window every month so I can catch it. 10$ per additional gig–I’ll be right over.

        • Rodger Ollie

          Sure most android smartphones can tether their data connection from the mobile phone tower to tablets and laptops
          etc. Go to “http://foxfi.com/help/devices.php” to see a list of
          compatible phones. Go to: “http://kickass.to/” and search for: “FoxFi Full Unlocked Version 1.95 + Key + Proxy AddOn” which will then get you the full version of Foxfi before you had to pay for it at Google Play and the proxy add on will hide your tethering from your wireless service provider, so they can only see the data to and from your smartphone, when your phone shares data it relays (usually via WiFi connection) to tablets, other phones, laptops, PC etc. (a mobile hotspot) they can’t detect it. Bring your own GSM or CDMA phone that is also compatible with Straight Talk for phone service from “http://straighttalk.com” (also at Wal-Mart, but do it online) who is a VMNO (TracPhone) that has a $45.00 no contract prepaid unlimited everything plans on every major carrier. Now if that android smartphone works on AT&T tower system use it with a $6.99 micro SIM card because a few days ago Straight Talk’s AT&T service converted to 4G LTE service (8 Mbps?). I have been doing this for about a year (3G service) with my Galaxy S3 I get maximum data speed for approximately 5GB per month or more (Straight Talk won’t say what the ‘unlimited’ data use cap is or if there is one) but if I ‘abuse’ the data service (and I have done 16GB with full speed to test the limits) Straight Talk shuts off your data without notice many days later (and it can even occur during your next service month) and if you don’t want to wait until the start of your next service month for restoration of data (phone calls and text are not affected) you must call them and cancel your current service month and pay for a new month of service (don’t forget to turn your phone off and back on to reestablish data service). But for $45 (actual bill with charges is only $50.05 a month) all of your devices will have internet at any location! (I and others simultaneously use laptops in our cars or anywhere else all the time with our phones providing
          the internet service) and if this amount of data is sufficient for your needs (if not your roommate could buy another used phone and another $45 plan from Straight Talk and share its data also) you can dump your home’s hard wire, wireless USB dongle, or satellite monthly internet bill too! I’m guessing that AT&T AiO prepaid service will work the same except it’s plans are more expensive but if you exceed your plans data limit your data will be throttled (at an acceptable speed?) instead of being shut off. Bottom line is that tethering works on ALL phone service providers including MVNO’s (because they can’t detect it with your phone as a proxy data relay), not just AT&T. It’s just a matter of what kind of service (tower coverage and data when roaming), how much service you get (‘unlimited’ everything for example) and how much money each month, the technology is finally here. Reply posted from my used eBay laptop, in my used car, tethered for free with Foxfi to my used eBay Samsung Galaxy S3 with a new eBay 4200 mAh Hyperion extended battery and cover, using $45 Straight Talk service, all work great and I work less to pay for it all. I have go, the light just turned green, a call is coming in, and I just crashed my car into a motorcycle rider and crushed his iPhone while typing the last sentence, lol.

    • KB

      Had this question about t-mo this week. Sales guy said after you hit your cap you are dropped to 2G. I’m betting it is same for this.

      • Willie D

        T-Mobile Monthly4G plan has a $70 Unlimited Talk, Text and 4G Data option – the data is really unlimited, it is not capped or throttled, and offers HSPA+ and LTE where available. I know, I have it, and used 200GB in a month! I was streaming everything left and right. When you look at that against this Aio plan, you see that T-Mobile IS the better deal. If you are on the other Monthly 4G plans or on a postpaid plan, then your limit will depend on reaching the 200MB, 500MB, 2GB, 5GB or the old 10GB caps based on the last time you changed your plan.

    • Braden Abbott

      No that is bad for the network, you would definitely stay on LTE and still get the excellent ping just limited at 256kbps.

    • Willie D

      Throttling doesnt mean you move from one technology to another, nor would you be offered a specific technology speed, you are limited on the actual network (be it LTE, HSPA+, EDGE, etc) to a specific speed that Aio has set, it could be as low as 70kbps or 100kbp or 200kbps up to 350kbps. It all depends on what they set it for. With T-Mobile it generally is 2G-like speeds, meaning UP TO 100kbps, but that is not guaranteed, nor does it move to EDGE or GPRS, it will stay on LTE or HSPA+ when it limits you.

    • bizi

      I just talked to a AIO rep online… You get throttled down to Edge

  • n900mixalot