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Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Launches in October, Will Cost You $300


Yesterday, amid Samsung’s announcement of its very own Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Qualcomm unveiled Toq. The Toq is a Android-exclusive smartwatch that features a reflective Mirasol display, which will allow wearers to view it in any type of lighting. The watch also features wireless charging, plus is capable of running a multitude of applications such as messaging apps, a phone app, email and calendar. It’s your basic smartwatch, but brings a sense of luxury and efficiency that Qualcomm hopes justifies the $300 price tag. 

According to CNET, the watch will launch this October and pre-orders should be up very soon. From what a Qualcomm spokesperson stated, the company actually only intends to sell a limited amount of units, reaching to only the “tens of thousands.” No word on why they are limiting production.

$300. Is anyone still interested?

Once the pre-order link goes live, we will update the post.



  • Solitus

    I was the first one on the block to have a “Brick-in-a-bag” phone. Now I want the watch. Someone has to pay for useful R&D, and over the last few decades I have found other brave people to do so.

    You [email protected] losers can wait for the $29 version from ChinaMart. I’ll be using mine while navigating to my winter home in Valdivia, Chile, SA .

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Yeah they can stay with this especially knowing its a 1st generation that may still have many bugs & need much more improvement in design as well

  • Guest

    Please KILL the Pebble Watch already. The watch is great but the Brand and people behind is are terrible people.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Let’s see… for $300 I can get a minimalistic watch with a view anywhere screen & limited/questionable support, or something that looks like an 80’s Casio watch with more features.

    Get back to me when they look/built quality like this.


  • Kane

    Hopefully capitalism will do its job and bring the price of these smart watches to reasonable prices.

  • James Friedman

    I was expecting $100-150 for this….kind of disappointing. Oh well, I wasn’t actually going to buy it cause I can’t help but bang every watch I’ve ever owned on walls, doors, and pretty much every other hard surface imaginable. No thanks!

  • Simply too expensive for an unnecessary add on piece of technology.

  • TeeJay1100

    No idea why these companies feel the need to put a $300 price tag on these smartwatches. In a few months the market will be flooded with them. The Omate smartwatch looks better than this Qualcomm one and the Galaxy Gear and it is cheaper. Along with the fact it comes with stock Android and the Google Play Store installed on it.

  • Michael Hammond

    LOL It reminds me of the scene in Dragnet where “Pep” is watching TV on his watch. The screen on the “TV” was smaller than this!

  • Stewie

    They should have came up with an ad that said “Buy this so we can pay our factory workers more and not have them commit suicide or blow up the joint!”

    So laughable that they’ll try to sell it for more than the cost of most phones, just isn’t going to fly, at least here in the US.

  • Jon Berg

    After looking at the posts on this watch I have 3 thoughts.
    1- The form factor and sizing reminds of the old Timex LED watches from the late 70’s
    2- It looks to me as though Qualcomm is trying to generate some interest in their screen technology more than actually trying to sell a watch. Mirasol R&D has been eating up cash for a few years now with no takers and I think they’re hoping they can get a small return in it while showing off it’s potential.

    3- No one I know would pay $300 for 1 1/2″ Color Screen MP3 Player that can sync with your phone, not even Apple fans so I am having a hard time seeing this kind of thing taking off.

  • brkshr

    $200 & we’ve got a deal…

  • fauxshizzl

    It seems like if you were going to buy one it would be very wise to base your decision off only what it can do when it ships. A limited run supply with no reported developer base at a steep price makes this a tough buy.

    • Cowboydroid

      This is a first generation Mirasol display device. They’re obviously not expecting mass adoption, but any advancement in Mirasol or similar technology is a Godsend for wearable and portable devices.

  • TSY87

    I think my biggest concern for these smart watches is if they are water proof.

    • everettedl

      Right! Why is no one talking about this??

    • New_Guy

      VERY valid concern right there.

      • michael arazan

        I guess they are figuring to put a sticker on the device that says’ “Not for outdoor use, sweat, or humidity, don’t even sneeze”

  • Tim242

    Subsidized phones for $100-$200, small tablets $150-$350. WATCHES FOR $300??? There is a disconnect somewhere. It will already be a niche product. They are setting themselves up for failure

    • Agreed. The smartwatch game is too new for people to start cannon-balling in. Probably give it another year before we start seeing reasonable prices.

    • joseph barrientos

      the difference like you said is subsidized though, if they had this on contract would probably be $50, 300 to own it outright, its worth it in my opinion, hell, friends of mine spend THOUSANDS on watches with normal/less functionality haha

      • Jarred Sutherland

        They probably spend thousands on watches due to the quality in craftsmanship and materials. This is a butt ugly turd.

    • niuguy

      Dumb watches regularly cost more than 300 bucks. I don’t get it.

  • If they had made it even $249, I would have strongly considered it. Even though it’s still the same cost as the Gear, it’s definitely more worth the price (based off of the news so far). I may pick it up since they’re only going to sell a limited amount. Hopefully Google discusses it’s smartwatch plans soon though.

  • holdthiscat

    It won’t cost me anything! Not buying that hunk of junk!

  • yahyoh

    for 300$ i think Galaxy gear way better IMO

    • You’re kidding me, right?

      • KofMasterKof

        what makes this watch better than the Galaxy gear??

        • Design, portability, screen, not made by Samsung. Need I say more?

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Oh the Samsung hate. Guess that makes all their products bad. Where’s the hate for Asus. At least Samsung’s QC department is together.

          • Yea, that point was just my personal opinion. But truthfully, the Toq clearly has a better design (no screws on the front of it -_-), works on all Android devices 4.0.3 and up (which is like 85% of active Android phones), and uses the underrated Mirasol screen technology. Definitely better than the Gear.

          • KofMasterKof

            You’ve named features of the Toq now name some features the gear possess. The gear has to be the best looking for sure. it has hands down the best specs too. a battery that lasts 25 hours is good enough for me. A very good start. It’ll only get better from here.

          • …Really? Spec wars on a smartwatch?

            I guess the design is opinion-based. I simply cannot stand the look of the Gear. Bulky, screws visible, clearly no watch makers were involved in its design. The Toq actually looks like a watch.

            I didn’t know that someone could justify spending $300 on something that’s “good enough”. Proved me wrong.

          • KofMasterKof

            This isn’t spec wars on a smart watch. I was simply stating facts! The fact of the matter is the gear has better specs and better features than the Toq. In my opinion, the design is very nice and sleek compared to the Toq. You don’t have an argument. All your arguments has been based on opinions.. First You didn’t like the watch because you hated samsung? Like really??

          • Well if you bring up specs, then I assume it means something to you. Which is silly because this is a smartwatch, not a smartphone.

            I consent to design being an opinion, since you aren’t the only one who thinks the Gear looks better than the Toq.

            Portability is a major factor though. I don’t know if Samsung intends to eventually make the gear compatible with all Android devices, but that’s something they should strive for.

            My overall argument is that the Toq, unlike the gear, may actually be worth the price tag. However, hindsight is 20/20, and after all of this back and forth and thinking about it, $300 is a lot of money to thrown down on a watch, that in reality, is just another gimmick. It would be nice to have and fun to show off, but I’ve bought so much technology that I don’t need that a line has to be drawn somewhere.

            I never said I hated Samsung. I said I do not prefer their products, or their marketing scheme for that matter (those HTC commercials with RDJ are hilarious 😛 )

          • KofMasterKof

            You are trolling.. Move alone. That’s just your opinion

          • See reply to StuckOnVerizonForever below. I do not prefer Samsung products. Definitely just my opinion. But, all other points are obviously valid.

          • Jordan

            Lack of a mic/speaker…

          • yahyoh

            IMO the galaxy gear looks nicer , portability ?? wat , Galaxy gear screen is better and its higher res display than toq + amoled ( black use no power ) + Galaxy gear can run apps – it has speaker + mic + camera

          • Portability as in will run on all Android devices (4.0.3 and up).

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I think you are mis-reading somethings. The Galaxy Gear runs apps that are designed for it and that there would be 12 apps when it launches. Also, you state the AMOLED screen is better since black doesn’t use any power on an AMOLED screen. The Mirasol screen that the Toq uses is a lower resolution, but the Mirasol technology actually is estimated to use 6 times less power than an AMOLED screen since it uses reflective technology (IE: takes the ambient light in the room and reflects it back as the back light. Hence why the Toq is rated for 3-5 days of battery life vs the Gear’s 25 hours of battery life. Also, the Toq has Wifi built in. The Gear doesn’t.

          • qwerty1234

            highly doubt you’re going to take picture with a low res camera instead of your phones 8mp+. Also resolution for what? What do you plan on viewing on this tiny screen besides the time and text referencing your appointments for the day? Also good luck looking at that screen outside in the the sun. Speaker and mic..Maybe a plus. but then your 24 hr run time will diminish.


      I doubt that the Galaxy Gear will get through an entire day if you use it often. Screen on time is going to be a major factor with the Galaxy Gear but shouldn’t be too much of an issue with this thanks to its IMOD display.

    • New_Guy

      As a Note 2 owner, I’m inclined to agree.

  • No it won’t…

  • epps720

    Why not provide additional details? Screen tech sounds great but how much better on battery life is it? Do you get 48 hrs, 5 days, a week out of it?

    • To be honest, they don’t go into much technical detail about the watch yet. They say this, though – “The color capacitive touchscreen display is always on – similar to a traditional watch – with days of battery life before the device needs to be recharged.”

      • epps720

        Sounds promising. Kind of pointless to have a watch if you have to manually turn on the screen to see the time.

      • michael arazan

        So if I sit in a certain spot say to use the computer or watch tv for a while, can I use the wireless charging without taking off the watch??

        • qwerty1234

          no, you have to set the watch on its base. In this case it would be the case. The conductive coil is located on the back side of the watch face ( the part that would be pressed against the top part of your wrist.

    • Captain_Doug

      It’s about 3 days. Has wireless charging to make things easier.

    • tyguy829
    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Does it matter? Charge it every night. Unless you sleep with a watch and take showers with it.

      • Think about the possible uses for a second before making assumptions about other people’s lifestyles. You go to a friends house and decide to stay for the night. However, you didn’t bring the charger for your watch because it’s a watch. Charging a watch is not a natural thing. If you’re using the Gear, you might be SOL for the night or the next day. This watch gives you the ability to not have to worry. There are other applications, but hopefully you get the idea.

        • Jordan

          Short battery life also kinda kills the idea of things like sleep trackers.

      • I sleep with and shower with my watch as do many others.

        • Pedro

          You should get a girlfriend.

          • At first I was like, this fucker. But then I lol’d.

      • And when you are away on vacation for a week? It would be nice to not have to carry yet another charger.

    • sk3litor

      Rules of advertising; if the answere is not good, dont bring up the question.

    • Cowboydroid

      The Mirasol display should greatly improve battery life. It essentially only draws power when something on the screen changes.

      • epps720

        If that’s the case wouldn’t it draw power every minute as the time changes?

        • Cowboydroid

          Yes, the minute amount of power it would require to draw a new number, which is tiny compared to the amount required for an LCD or OLED display.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Should have undercut the gear. Ohwell

  • Ryan Markwald

    “From what a Qualcomm spokesperson stated, the company actually only intends to sell a limited amount of units, reaching to only the “tens of thousands.” No word on why they are limiting production.”

    My guess would be to increase the demand/hype for it before pre-sale/release.

    • Agreed

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Typical shadyness. Say there’s a limited amount. Then it sells out. Magically in stock again.

      • Ryan Markwald

        Then magically sells out, then in stock…roller coaster ride.

  • PyroHoltz

    Great idea with the display!

    • zukconrad

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      Typical shadyness. Say there’s a limited amount. Then it sells out. Magically in stock again.