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Thursday Poll: Are You Getting the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch?

galaxy gear

Yesterday, we asked if the Galaxy Note 3 was your next smartphone. With a large number of our readers saying “yes,” there is only one question that remains – are you picking up the Galaxy Gear to go with it? The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first major attempt at a smartwatch, and for the most part, we are pretty impressed.

Despite the fact that you need to be running a newer Galaxy device with TouchWiz, the watch does offer a few great features for users. With the ability to run apps from Samsung’s App Store, take pictures with its built-in camera and a supposed battery life of 25 hours, the Gear acts as a very productive extension to your smartphone. The only downer that we can see is the price tag, listed at $299. Is it worth that much?

We want to hear your thoughts below.

Are you buying the Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

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  • mcdonsco

    Would need to be a lot smaller for me to consider it.

  • Brandon Golway

    Nope! Maybe the second or third generation.

  • Dorian Brooks

    If they could of made it compatible with phones/tablets at least running ICS. Dropped the camera. (I find it overkill.) Three days of battery life at bare minimal. (Weekend nature warriors.) I would start to consider it at $300, as an early adapter. As is I’ll wait till 2nd generation version.

  • mikeszekely

    I’m going to pass… on this, and the Toq. I really do want a smartwatch, but not one that costs as much as my phone. And seriously, I don’t need it to have a camera and apps and games and crap. I just need it to show me the time, caller ID, and notifications for missed calls, emails, and texts. That’s it.

  • Jason Geiger

    If it was more of a stand alone device where I could work out with it on while playing synced music from my note 2 or Pandora then I might be interested. Why have a smart phone on you and this at the same time?

  • Wil Gibson

    It was neat until I read it only worked with newer Galaxy devices, and given I just bought a Nexus 4 in May, I won’t be getting a Galaxy anytime soon. I wish we would here more about the Smartwatch 2,specifically pricing and availability in North America.

  • NexusMan

    If it worked with non Galaxy devices, I’d “consider” it, but for now, I am holding out for Google’s Google Now Smart Watch entry.


    Dang, overwhelmingly NO!

  • Zack Kolev

    Nope. I moved my GS4 from TouchWiz to the Google Play rom and love it. No regrets at all after almost 2 months. Still fast and smooth as butter. The touchwiz stock rom started to suck after the 1st 2 weeks.

    This watch will be mostly useless for someone with a pure Google version of Android. Waiting for a Nexus watch or at least something from Motorola.

  • chris420o

    i just lol’d when i saw people clicked yes…so there are that many sammy fanboys on this site..hmm

  • radamantis210

    People wants smartwatch not bluetoothwatch, i dont think ill change my rooted motoactv for this

  • TeeJay1100

    Omate looks better and it comes with stock Android/Play Store installed. And it is cheaper. $199

    • fritzo2162

      Agreed. The Omate is what I have in mind when I think of Smartwatch.

  • omgitzjose

    I know I’m in the minority but I’m excited to see what Apple can do in this space.

  • ConCal

    Waiting to see what Google does.

  • Rodeojones000

    The whole “despite the fact that you need to be running a newer Galaxy device with TouchWiz” part kind of ruins it for me. I’d give up owning a smartphone completely before choosing to use anything with TouchWiz on it.

  • Steven Elliott

    It was a disappointment to find out that it was only going to run apps from Samsung’s App Store. It would have made me more interested if the whole of Android were included with obvious redesigns.

  • duke69111

    I think we can quit with all the smartwatch articles now. 96% are either not buying or are only interested.

  • NorCalDroid

    Why is everyone complaining about price? G Shock’s cost about half of this watch. A good watch costs around a couple thousand. Medium range are in the 300-500 range. This is a watch not a phone or a tablet.

  • Luxferro

    I’m gonna put some straps on my Nexus 4 and mount it to my wrist/forearm. I’ll be ahead of the curve for next years smart watches :p

  • jdk2

    I have a smartphone, a tablet, a Seiko watch and a car that all tell me the time. Why do I need this again?

  • Brian

    Ill stick with my Rolex.

  • bajanut

    I’m getting a smartwatch, pocket protector with tons of pens and pencils black rimmed glasses, black shoes with white socks, . . . resist that ladies!! yeah baby !!

  • opustv

    They will be $75 on Craigslist by January.

  • dcdttu

    The majority of this planet has no interest in this device, yet they are frantically working to get Android 4.3 out to the GSIII and many other devices so the Galaxy Gear Watch can be supported.

    I wish Samsung released useless gear that forced them to update their phones more often!

    Funny how it takes something like this to get them to do what they should be doing anyway.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I would strongly considder if it was a “combo deal” with a GN3 for an additional $50-100. Otherwise, not a chance.

  • corgimas

    nope. between my MotoX and pebble i have all the notifications i need………….

  • jamdev12

    My issue is that the whole function of a smartwatch in my opinion is to be able to use it for health related functions. This watch has:

    – no heart monitor
    – no gps
    – no accelerometer

    To me it seems like Samsung missed the boat on that. Now Apple will probably have a product that has these features and everyone will be raving on how revolutionary their product is where MotoACTV has had this for the longest. I’m wondering why Motorola has not release a 2nd generation update to this watch.

  • M C

    Maybe if it was standalone and didn’t need a phone connected to it to be online or make calls, and was water proof like a normal watch and such. I could see use for it like hey im going to the beach or something let me leave my phone behind and ill take the watch out today… but not as some pair’d with your phone gimmik so your phone can stay in your pocket…

  • Phil Austin

    I will say that this is the best looking smartwatch that I’ve seen yet and while I don’t want to pay the $300, this is the one I’d purchase if I were in the market.

    • New_Guy

      As would I.

  • bsthnker

    I’ll just duct tape my phone to my wrist if I need something large and bulky on my arm.

  • edwoordd

    I’d prefer my $100 Gshock watch plus it waterproof and durable with a 10 year battery

  • Omar Amer

    I would be sold… if they didnt include camera, and phone capabilities. they need to scale back on features on the thing. Do everything the phone can do minus network connectivity is just over doing it. It’s like the only thiing the phone would be good for is a network access and contacts list. The Smartwatch chould COMPLIMENT the smartphone, not replace it. Which unfortunately Samsung had tried to do.

  • RaptorOO7

    It depends, if Verizon pulls a D!ck move and requires you to buy it with the GN3, then I very well will, if they are still D!cks and make you a special offer on one with a GN3 I will consider it, if they don’t pull a D!ck move then I will NOT be buying one. Too big, too chunky, trying to do too much when it should have been focused. Do I really need a low res camera on my wrist.

  • Nice idea, but I’ll stick with my solar-powered, atomic clock hourly sync, never need a new battery real watch.

    • Jonathan Isenberg

      I second this motion!

      I’ll take my Casio Pathfinder any day, over any smartwatch.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    For $300 NO ONE is getting the Galaxy Gear!

  • bull3964

    Where’s the “I don’t own a Galaxy device so the gear is useless to me” option?

    Seriously boneheaded move locking it down to samsung galaxy devices only. I MIGHT have been interested otherwise (though it’s a bit too pricey.)

  • digitalmaster

    No Google Now? 1 day battery life? I’ll pass.

  • tmjmavery

    No. I would have thought about it, truthfully I wanted to, but it’s only compatible with Samsung devices…. No thanks

  • Tim242

    Even if I didn’t think they are completely pointless…they cost more than what 99.9999% of people pay for their phones. This will sell as well as the overpriced Galaxy Camera.

  • antny

    Not going to buy any smart watch. Not going to buy Glass. Call me when Google releases Iron Man armor.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I just saw the nymi video and i’ve rethought everything I wanted in a smartwatch. Sammy did not nail it for me. Moto’s trusted devices would be cool if i could adjust the range so it could be closer to the bluetooth partner.

    add: watch the nymi video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUO7Qnmc8vE

  • Guest

    First of all, it should be able to work with FAR MORE devices at launch than it does. Secondly, it doesn’t really do anything that my phone doesn’t already do…so for $300…NO THANK YOU!

  • teejaycard

    Happy with my Pebble for now.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    if i want something as bulky around my wrist, Ill take Duct Tape and connect my old nokia to it.

  • T4rd

    I think you all could make a poll that says: “Are you buying any food to eat?” and a majority of the responses will still be “No, I’m waiting for some better food to come out.”

  • JohanV
  • Stewie

    For those (Lucky?) few who grab one, hope you get a cover on that thing …

    New Poll: “I busted my smartwatch while … [Fill in the blank]”

  • p0k3y

    Does anyone else find this thing bulky? Such a first-gen look. No way it’s worth 300. It will be fire sale in two month for 200 or less.

  • Knlegend1

    um if it requires buying a galaxy device then its not on the radar…

    • Pedro

      Not only a Galaxy device, but a stock device.

      I’ll take my
      fastboot oem unlock
      on any device I own. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t get money.

  • Cody Seger

    If this was like half the price they want for it yes I’d buy one might even go as high as $200 but not $300

  • NorCalGuy

    There should be a ha ya right option…at that point I will just wear my running band down on my wrist and use my gnex as a watch

  • Foosa Noble

    won’t work with my note II so that’s that

    • n900mixalot

      But really though!

    • Futbolrunner

      After the 4.3 update in “October” it will. I wouldn’t count Verizon to be in that window.


    I assume the screen sleeps to get that 25 hour battery life. I’ll pass. I get around a week on my pebble and I don’t have the wake the screen.

    • dcdttu

      God I hope. AMOLEDs burn in, and if that thing showed a static clock screen for more than a few seconds at a time, it would look AWFUL after a few months.

      I remember seeing the poor AMOLED phones that were display units at various stores all burned in and ruined.

      • All of my local Verizon stores’ Droid Razr (and Maxx) HD units had severe burn in after only about a year of use (albeit extreme use).

  • Dan

    Can’t friggin wait!

  • Charlie Val


    This is the only smartwatch I’m interested in until Google’s or Apple’s.

    • Tim242

      Apple’s will be iOS only. At least Ron will be happy.

  • besweeet

    Not sure where to vote, but my vote would be no.

    • Tim242

      The poll is at the top of the page.

      • besweeet

        I see it, but there are no bubbles or anything to let me vote for anything. I didn’t vote yet, either.

        • Use Chrome

          • besweeet

            Already am. Switched to Safari, and the choice bubbles were there.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I think Samsung whiffed on the idea of what this device is supposed to be. A smartwatch can’t be EVERYTHING stuffed into a tiny shell with full blown apps. You need something that compliments your smartphone. Something long lasting, something that doesn’t try to be a full blown mobile PC.

    Too much is going on there.

    • n900mixalot

      Why can’t it be, especially for a first go?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Because a 2 inch screen is only useful for glanceable information. It can’t be a full blown PC within itself.

        • n900mixalot

          No, but what if the apps are optimized for a 2 inch screen?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Question you have to ask yourself is “Can I type on a 2 inch screen” then you’ll see how useless apps will become.

          • joseph barrientos

            voice recognition makes it so it doesnt have to be, also, a t9 like keyboard can easily solve that problem, you are right tho, samsung limited what it can do and which devices can use it, and those reasons alone, aside from the build, size, etc, is why 83% of people on here voted no.

          • flosserelli

            I think it is ridiculous to expect full-blown apps & functionality on a 2″ screen. That is what a phone or tablet is for. I wouldn’t mind reading text messages, twitter updates and other bite-sized info on a 2″ screen. I don’t use facebook, but I imagine fb updates would work on a tiny screen. But save everything else for a device with some real screen space. I don’t even want to read email on such a tiny screen.

          • zukconrad

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            Seriously boneheaded move locking it down to samsung galaxy devices only. I MIGHT have been interested otherwise (though it’s a bit too pricey.)

        • ImmaDroid

          Its not going to be or trying to be a PC. Even though i’m not fully a fan of it, but the point of it is only to work together with your smartphone. That’s why there will only be a few select apps, and only so many functions. Plus only being able to connect to the world through your Galaxy makes it rely on your phone and therefore it is a complimentary device. Not a separate PC as you say. This is my grasp of it atleast

        • everettedl

          Right. I don’t want to use full blown apps on a smartwatch unless it’s built for the smartwatch.

    • DainLaguna

      Totally agreed.

      I think it looks awesome, very impressed with the hardware. But as a smartwatch, I need a legible in daylight screen and more than a days battery life.

      It didn’t need to be everything. It just had to do notifications, last awhile and look good. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, but not for me unfortunately

      • It would also have been nice to have some of the extra workout features built in kinda like with the Moto Activ which can still be had for way less than Samsung’s new offering.

    • Justin Halcomb

      True. What I expect out of a smartwatch is the functionality of a traditional watch to tell me information notifications, incoming calls, the like. Not smartphone on a 2″ display.

  • NO WAY IN HELL I’d buy it since it is only compatible with Samsung products. #fail

  • tanknspank

    That’s a big N.O. If anything, out of the ones announced the Toq from Qualcomm seemed pretty good. Like pebble, decent battery life with an always on screen is how a smartwatch should be done at LEAST.

    • Charlie Val

      Did you see the Meteor? Forgot the company’s name but that one looks like a better watch than the Pebble.

      • tanknspank

        I’m by no means saying the Pebble is perfect. But a smartwatch is a watch first and it should have a good enough battery life for me to not have to charge it daily and the screen should not have to be turned on and off to achieve that.

        • Jesse Blacklock

          ^this, i love my pebble because at its heart it is a watch. If i want a just short of being cell phone on my wrist then by all means. But pebble hit the head on the nail. watch functionality with notifications and lasts a week without turning off

    • n900mixalot

      Maybe in your world, but some of us like AMOLED screens and a little more functionality than another way to view texts and the weather.

      • tanknspank

        Can’t speak for Toq’s functionality, but the Pebble has plenty. Runkeepr, which was a big one mentioned yesterday, is already working on the Pebble. I’m not saying the Samsung hasn’t done something right, but it’s battery life is horrid. And I should NOT have to turn on my watch to check the time. At that point I would spend the same effort checking my phone.

        • n900mixalot

          AHA!! I really don’t mind turning my watch on but you know, with AMOLED they’ll likely bring breathing animations to it at some point… right? Also, developers will likely be encouraged to figure out some way to make the screen come on, like peek notifications on all of the Galaxy S devices.

          The battery life is pretty gnarly, but there’s a lot of watch there … I see what you’re saying though. It’s going to take some time, but if the thing can actually run Android, you’d better believe it’s going to be rooted and flying in no time.

    • Jordan

      I’d be sold on the Toq if it had a always listening microphone & speaker. I really want a google now experience like what’s on the Moto x… but in a watch.

      • Charlie Val
        • n900mixalot

          Now *that’s* a smartwatch too.

        • jamdev12

          Now that is a smartwatch. Google or Samsung should have bought this company.

          • n900mixalot

            They weren’t around at the time. Google bought the top two, one of which is Motorola so they’re fine. Samsung will likely buy these folks, or another manufacturer who wants to play too.

        • Dorian Brooks

          Dear God. Now that’s a smart watch. Someone will snatch them up I’m sure. Hopefully not HTC. (-_- )

      • n900mixalot

        Exactly. All of that bragging and it’s nothing more than a souped up Pebble.

      • tanknspank

        Now that would be great. But until battery life is good enough I want a no compromise watch experience (haha) before the extras. If it only lasts and day I do not want to worry about forgetting to charge it. I do that enough with my S4 already.

  • Charlie Val

    Samsung is the first out of the names besides Sony. Rather wait for Apple’s or Google’s then I’ll jump on the Smartwatch.

    • I’m waiting for Google’s…..muahahahaha.

      • n900mixalot

        As it turns out, Google now owns the top two most innovative and advanced smart watch manufacturers.

        Motorola (the MotoACTV is sickening with 600mhz) and the Wimm (which had a 500+mhz processor)? They are definitely going to come out with something manufactured by Motorola that is diiisssscussstinnnng.

        • No comment 😉

          But yeah, I know….muahahahaha

          • n900mixalot

            How come I can only up-vote your comment once?!?! …

            So you’re saying I should start setting money aside NAOOOOOOO!!!

          • Maybe so, maybe not. Probably so though lol

    • The. Great. Cornholio!

      Apple’s will be highly simple and useful yet somewhat overpriced but will sell like the hotcakes (seriously, exactly how much do hotcakes sell anyway?) because they’re Apple.
      Google’s will be that simple Android hotness and will be ‘Nexus’-priced to the point that the Play Store will sell out immediately…
      … and HTC will create a carrier exclusive Twitter watch and will be bought by LG shortly thereafter.