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PayPal Launches Version 5.0, Brings New UI and Local Check-ins


This afternoon, PayPal launched version 5.0 of its Android application, complete with an entirely new look. Not only is it a refreshed look, but the way the app operates and performs has been completely rewritten, providing Android users with a seriously-polished payment app. 

PayPal also added in the ability to check in and make payments at local shops and restaurants, given that it is supported at the location. To see places near you, simply check the “Shop” tab in the app.

If you rock PayPal, go grab it from Google Play.

What’s New:

  • Use the app to check in to pay with your mobile in local shops, restaurants and more
  • Bold new design
  • Bug fixes and more

Play Link

  • Mrpicolas

    Lol.. PayPal just took 200 dollars from me for something someone bought from me with a fraudulent card.. Guess they had to pay the design team for the update smh..

  • Yat Man

    Looks better than the old one. Now if they can just give the Windows Phone version some much needed love!!

    • Ruel Smith

      I’ve heard there were Windows Phone users, but I never actually came across one, until now. It’s like stumbling into the Sasquatch…

  • TeeJay1100

    A very much needed update. It starting to look more consistent with the design of Google’s apps.

  • Annndd it breaks landscape, making it obnoxious on 10in tablets

  • Bionicman

    i like being able to keep a lot of my info hidden from certain vendors so i do tend to use Paypal a lot but i have gotten burned before by them. bought some movie tickets and never received them or a refund from either 3rd party or Paypal. app looks cool though.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i’ve had several pretty bad PayPal customer service experiences, which is not good for someone who i have to trust with my money. i try to only use them when I have to, or when i trust the other party even less 😉

    • Pretty much what I do. PayPal is terrible.

  • KraYzeE

    Make sure you backup first, what a horrible redesign.

    • joseph barrientos

      horrible? have you seen paypals design standards for web and mobile? this is a much needed update, sure its not perfect, but its a step in the right direction!

      • KraYzeE

        i’m glad you like it mate and judging by the down votes, so do others, 🙂 Personally i think its a step in the wrong direction. I guess it depends how you use Paypal. I just want the basics. I want to know how much I have in there and basic transactions. I don’t need all the other crap with it. Just my opinion though.

        • joseph barrientos

          no i get you, being a UI designer, im just saying it looks better, but from an experience stand point, youre right, they fluff the hell out of this thing, no one will need all of these features

      • Have you tried it on a tablet? They clearly didn’t think about multiple devices when they redid the UI.

    • imnotmikal