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Video: Samsung Takes You on Detailed 6-Minute Galaxy Note 3 Software and Hardware Tour


If you want to know all that’s new in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, watch this video. Samsung, as you would expect in a promo video produced by them, does a great job at highlighting the Note 3’s new powers through the S Pen, the upgrades in hardware, and how you would use it all together in real life situations.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I have always said for 7 months now that nothing would matter after September 4th. Now that it has come and gone I was 100% correct. The Galaxy Note 3 will be the best handset till June or July 2014.

  • EvanTheGamer

    If the GN3 arrives at Version in a timely matter(*laughs*) then this huge device will be my next! CAN’T WAIT!

  • panicswhenubered

    Oh wow. Those are some awesome software capabilities. Am I actually beginning to like Touchwiz? Unfortunately, my wife wouldn’t even use 10% of this things capabilities though.

    • crazed_z06

      This is why I dont really mind Touchwiz. Everyone keeps saying it’s laggy, but the recent Galaxy devices are some of the smoothest Androids Ive used. I actually find Stock Android kind of boring now. It’s a great base to start from, but Samsung is pushing Android forward whether Google wants them to or not. I was using the multi-window capabilty on my Note 2 this morning to run Google Maps and Google Music at the same time. Let me see traffic and control my tunes without swapping back and forth betwen apps.

      • panicswhenubered

        As long as the device is fast and smooth, and the UI can kind of get out of the way when I need to get things done, then I don’t mind OEM “enhancements”.

  • Kagnon

    Did she write down her password?

  • E A butler

    as a designer i’m really thinking about buying this… i had a Note1 and i hated it because it didn’t have an on screen pointer when using the pen which sucked for sketching, but i have the note 8 and love it for sketching note taking and reading…. i think i’m gonna purchase this as well and dump my Galaxy S3….. this is really nice and i love the beefy storage options, 16gb is joke. I will hold out hope for the Next Nexus, but if they don’t beef up the storage then i’m definitely getting the Note3.

  • Christopher Brown

    All the features look really cool and I could see me potentially using them, but knowing myself, I’d probably not use most of them. I’ll stick with my Moto X.

  • Kay

    As a frequent screenshot user who then mails/text messages to multiple folks, these features are AWESOME! These actions can be so cumbersome.

    • Chippah

      Holding down + power, swiping down and hitting share is cumbersome?

      • I switched from a Droid X in December 2011 to an iPhone. So…this may be my time to go back to Android. Yes, on iPhone it is cumbersome.

  • a.d.AM

    Good video but that is a whole lot of samsung going on!!

  • Trevor Clement

    Which do I choose? The Note 3 when it hits VZW in a couple weeks or the HTC One Maxx when it hits next Summer? Hmmmmm….

  • RoninX

    I initially didn’t care about the stylus at all, but that video makes a pretty compelling case for why it would be useful.

    I’m seriously considering the Note 3 (despite the terrible hard plastic “leather” back, which can hopefully be replaced with something less terrible), though I want to see what the One Max has to offer before making a decision.

  • roberthenderson

    Interesting, nothing about multimedia. Specifically camera specifications and sound. The 2 things in which I’m most interested.

  • guesswhat

    All the spen stuff looks so poorly designed.. doesn’t look like something lot of people will use it fall in love with it..

    • ObviousNinja2

      What do you expect….its made by Samsung. They have ZERO innovation. Just Copy.

  • Antonio Morton

    I still say its no better than the Optimus G Pro. oGP has brighter screen and runs so smooth.

  • crazed_z06

    Cant wait.

  • Ray

    Hardware buttons… still. Yuk! Not for me.

    When they finally release a Note, or is a Phone without hardware buttons, I will then considering buying it.

    • 213ninja

      why? you get more screen real estate for s-pen centric features of touchwhiz. i could see this complaint on a smaller less tablet-like non s-pen device…but on the note 3? i was cool with this being 5.99″ as rumored originally though….

      • Ray

        It’s something I’m finding really hard to get comfortable with. I’ve played around with a couple of S3’s and a Note 2 that a mate has but I’ve just not liked having hardware buttons.

        After using the soft buttons it just feels old and clunky IMO.

        Maybe it’s one of those things where I need to sell the Nexus 4, buy the Note, and then I’m forced to actually get use to it. 😉

        I might consider that option with the Note 3 is released. It will be a hard swap that’s for sure.

        • 213ninja

          I had came from a gnex (loved it) so I appreciate aosp and onscreen keys, and their integration. My next phone was an s3 and all i wanted to do was put aosp roms on it like aokp or cm. That said, when i got my n2 and started using spen and the native tw apps, I didnt look back. If the stuff in the video didnt seem like stuff you will use, maybe dont bother…but if it is appealing, once you get into it, you wont look back. Besides even if you miss aosp at a certain point you should be able to flash a rom and flip flop between backups…

  • PhillipNorris

    this almost makes me want to run a Touchwiz rom again….PA 4.3 is just awesome though…if there was a touchwiz 4.3 i think i would be on that though

    • Drew Blaskoski

      same. im running PA 4.3 on the s3. halo is awesome!

  • Jason Bittner

    Removed again 🙁

  • Pedro4Prez

    Please God the boatloader can be unlocked (eventually) and no stupid update kills it (quickly).. One time!

  • cantseevideo

    Back to private again.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    It’s gone… Copyright claim from Cheil Worldwide…

  • schlanz

    Wow, sold. Love the new s-pen and multi-window features. That drag and drop with multi-window is crazy. Scrapbook looks incredibly useful. Loving what I’m seeing here. I wasn’t convinced that the Note 3 would be much more than a minor hardware bump. The new software features completely sell it for me.

    • beaumac

      I totally agree but will wait to see the HTC max before deciding. The S-Pen and multi-window are really impressive!

      • KofMasterKof

        i agree with you a 100%

  • David Molina

    Looks pretty sweet. For me it’s going to either be this or the LG G2 or Nexus 5.

  • Rafy286

    At first I was not interested, but after viewing this video my thoughts have changed. Lets see what happens in the month of September. I’m still after the LG G2, but only if I could get a sense of a good ROM community as I’m not really into Touchwiz/LG UI.

  • Ill be right back…I have to change my pants…

  • jt O’Brien

    VZW customer here, still a toss up between this and the Moto X. I feel like this will make me more productive as a college student and one who runs multiple twitter accounts. But then again I’m getting a Nexus 7 so it seems pointless to get a phone this big.

    • Pedro4Prez

      Same boat, gonna get rid of my N7

      • Michael

        buy your N7 from you for $50 for the new one…$20 for the 1st ed

        • Pedro4Prez

          What do we say to the god of death?

          • Michael

            ill take that to mean sold!

          • jhlinka

            not today!

    • carluverdrm2004

      Yeah, the specs on this phone are pretty impressive and some of the features seem pretty awesome. But I love most of the things I hear about the Moto X…. I just wish it had a better camera!

    • 213ninja

      i have a note 2 and a nexus 7 and a nexus 10. for school and work, my note 2 shits on both. get the note 3 dude… dont get me wrong i love the 7 and 10 nexes but they shine more for multimedia vs. productivity.

      • New_Guy

        I have to concur. My note 2 was an amazing tool I used when completing my MBA and was vital when taking my Peregrine National Exam (using Google Now with multi-window).

        I was watching the case studies for my courses with the built-in floating video player, taking notes in one window, and using Google Now in the other. I was basically a TV commercial for a few months.

    • MikeCiggy

      You can even skip the N7 and get the Note and probably handle everything rite on there. The note and a laptop for heavier work is all I need for my classes.

  • Jim890

    I sill can’t figure out where the speaker grill is located.. Anyone?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    they just sold me a tablet with a button on the front. it looks nice to walk around with those features, but as a phone, the note 3 isn’t for me.

    • schlanz

      It’s the same height as the Note 2 and a little thinner. And since the Note 2 hardly qualifies as tablet size… yeah.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        I mean i’m buying the 2014 tab 10.1 or the 8.0

        • schlanz

          Ah gotcha. I’m kinda over tablets. Had the transformer prime.. used it a bunch.. got the nexus 7, used it a bunch, stopped using prime… got a note 2, stopped using nexus 7..

          • 213ninja

            basically. note3 will make my tabs collect even more dust.

  • LoganLopez

    Strictly stock Nexus user here. I must say this phone is tempting to take me away from my norm. Can any Note 2 owners comment on Battery life and general slowing down of their phones? That is my biggest worry with all of these new features.

    • Jason Bittner

      I use my Note 2 all day and never drop below 40% by the time i go to bed.
      As far as slowdown…… never seen any at all of any kind ever, running JellyBeans 21 ROM.

      • lakers1moretime

        been a Note 2 user since January and by far it is the best phone I’ve ever had and I’ve had over 15 phones the last 2 yrs 🙂 battery is by far the best of any other android with the exception of the Maxx. Best phone by far, I’m running a stock rooted ROM (free tethering and the stupid vzw apps off) but by far the best stock skin I’ve played around with. Definetely Samsung sign me in for a new Note 3

        • schlanz

          Wow, practically ditto to all that. Except my phone count is closer to 10 haha

          Touchwiz isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

          • lakers1moretime

            I’m a slut when it comes to phones lol. Also had the s4 but the screen is too small and my fingers are too fat for the little keyboards and yes I’ve had the iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 (super cramp keyboard)

    • Victor

      I’ve been rocking the Note 2 for the past 6 months and battery life is good. I can easily get through a full day. Mostly with 20-30% battery left when I get home. My work day is from 10-9pm and I am up by 7 am with the kids for school. So my phone will be off the charger for 14 hours and can have anywhere from 2-4 hours of screen time. There is nothing super exciting about the Note 3 that has me wanting to give up my Note 2. The S pen I use but not like some of the people in the video. I do like that fact the the internal memory is going to be 32gb. 16gb doesn’t cut it for me. Especially with such a big screen and I like to have a few 1gb games on my phone.

    • schlanz

      Battery still going strong for me, but I’m a spare battery guy. I swap it in the morning before work and in the evening when it gets low. I am a heavy user. Literally never have to plug my phone in. I plan on doing the same with the Note 3.

      Edit: no noticable slowdown after almost a year, but my phone is sporting a touchwiz based custom rom. I doubt stock users have noticed any performance issues either though.

    • LoganLopez

      Thanks all for the insight. Love the positive, but now the negatives. Besides a defective unit, does anyone have anything negative to say about the Note 2?

      • lakers1moretime

        Too big definitely, sometimes it gets in the way. If I want to sit down I have to always take it out of my pocket. Definitely the 720p screen sucks. Also all Samsung’s don’t have enough internal memory as you can’t transfer your apps to run from the SD card. Oh one more thing, a bit too plastic feeling for my test, the one and iPhone 5 feel very elegant and cool to the touch, but our notes are just blah (easily fixable with a $30 case)

      • crazed_z06

        The only negative about the Note2 is it’s main positive. The size. It’s big. You need two hands to use it. Messing around with it in the car is a death wish. With that said, you quickly become used to the size. I dont understand all the hate about touchwiz being “laggy” .. This is easily the smoothest Android Ive ever used. Even with the skin, this thing hauls ass. Battery life is crazy too. Once again, this is the only Android Ive ever had where I didnt worry at all about battery. I leave everything on at all times and routinely get 30 hours.

      • 213ninja


      • Had the Note 2 for a while… 2 probs. 1) If you are active, its too big to go running with or go to the gym with comfortably. 2) I was constantly hitting the haptic feedback back button when operating it one-handed. I am a power user that switches between apps constantly, like stocks, email, news, etc. So I press and hold home to switch apps often… well, when operating one handed, about 1/4 of the time I hit the dang back button which often returns you to an earlier state in an app, closing sometimes vital info. that is time consuming to get back. Note 3 would be a slam dunk for me, except for this. One Max has the home button on the far right. I think they considered my problem!

      • I also think resolution was a problem. But that’s been fixed with the Note 3.

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  • Nick

    Video has Been Removed by it’s owner according to teh YouTube!

  • GovGeek

    Anxious! F5, F5, F5, F5…

  • Jason Bittner

    Did Samsung take it down or did someone not upload it right? And….. does anyone have a copy 🙂

  • fartbubbler

    no bueno

  • David Rahimi

    Video is private.

    • That’s weird. One sec!

      Edit: Slow internet wifi…few more secs. Not sex, secs.

      • InvaderDJ

        And removed for a copyright claim…

    • T4rd

      It’s just 404ing on my phone.