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Spec Comparison: Galaxy Note 3 vs. G2 vs. Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One

Galaxy Note3_002_front with pen_Jet Black

Now that we have had a chance to go hands-on with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it’s time to check the device out on paper and see how it compares to other flagship phones of the moment. In the table below, you’ll see the Note 3 vs. the LG G2, Moto X, Galaxy S4, and HTC One. Also, we tossed together another table showing how it stacks up to Samsung’s last few releases, including the Note 2. 

vs. the competition


vs. other Samsung devices


*This last table shows the state of each Samsung device at launch.

  • AcemanX AcemanX

    The note 3 is the king..fastest phone, with the most ram, & biggest battery, PLUS it has world firsts like USB Micro 3.0

  • bexon

    Going for LG G2

  • A Griffith

    So does “-” mean the Note 3 does or does not have wireless charging. I’ve gotten so used to it on my Note 2 its very specifically the reason I won’t buy a Moto X.

  • Jason B

    So can we have the Pentile discussion again? I’m gonna figure the Note 3’s screen is just a larger S4 screen because even mighty Samsung is having trouble making a full 3-subpixel, full 1080p AMOLED screen.

    I hate the Pentile matrix. Even at high resolutions/high PPIs the screen looks noticably worse than say an HTC One.

  • trob6969

    I have the S4 and don’t see how you could possibly prefer the Moto X.

  • Me

    If I was to get a 2 yr it would probably be either the Moto X or the G2 w/ a custom launcher of course.

  • Where is Sony

    Where is the Xperia Z1 ?

  • chris420o

    oh the spec argument….the next guy might have 12″ when im rocking 8″…but ill turn out his girl in the bedroom to the point she’ll fall in love

  • Armus

    Oh crap yeah. Sammy finally ditched 16gb storage. Man that’s hot. Daddy wants

  • JoeInMO

    The G2 seems to be the phone to beat. Hope it’s as good in person as it is on paper.

  • everettedl

    The Note 3 that comes to the US will have a Quad-core processor and not an Octa-core one because of LTE. Can we compare that one to the Note 2 please?

  • dannydarko

    The Moto X is awesome but, its way to small. I know the idea was to make it all screen but It feels to tiny for people with big hands.(personal opinion).

  • A.Miller

    Which phone has the best camera? That’s one of my biggest wants now.

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    Its offical I am a “SamBoy” (somebody coin that for me I’m sure I just made that up……. I want to love the LG g2 so bad because it is a really nice phone with the best screen I’ve ever seen in my life on a phone, but I just feel like if I get the G2 Ove the N3 I will be losing out on something that I can’t put my finger on just yet 🙁 I’m wrost than those iheads but at least I’ll admit it!

  • David Herrenschmidt

    Anyone know why the idiot on stage said leather back, when it’s actually synthetic (apparently)? Best way to stop all vegans/vegetarians from buying it.

  • RaptorOO7

    Samsung is laying the smack down on their candy azzes, you here that CrApple, they are coming for you.

  • Ryan

    G2 still wins.

    • steve james

      I would like to look at that screen, I am sure it’s beautiful. That said as a very heavy user the fact that I would kill the battery in six months then be up a creek without a paddle has me disagreeing with you. Have to have a removable battery. The sd slot and touch pen are just icing on the cake. It is a much more versatile device.

      • Ryan

        SD slot and removable battery are all based on personal preferences. When you compare the specs of the phones the G2 wins besides the RAM. The battery breaks? When has a battery broke in a phone for you? I’ve had the extended battery in my gNexus since release and it’s still running. Although it’s lost a lot of charge; it hasn’t broken. Typical wear of a battery. You kill a battery in 6 months you’re abusing your device…

        • steve james

          Abusing? Really? I guess you don’t drive your car more than 1k miles a month either. I drive 35-40k a year is that abuse or just a different usage scenario? Seriously? I have worn out three batteries and have 5 as of this moment. I guess I just really like my unlimited data and tethering to my Nexus 7 soon to be my second gen nexus 7. I bet you live in a big city and always have 3-4 bars of excellent 4g also. I go all over and a lot of time it is on the fringe jumping between 3 and 4g. That alone will kill a battery quick.

        • steve james

          This is for your comment below as It wouldn’t let me reply when your comment is awaiting review.

          Complain? Me? I was addressing your inability to imagine a scenario that would kill a battery or batteries quickly. I am being sarcastic as obviously you understand and are distracting from my point rather than admit you were a little not so nice in your response earlier. I am glad you actually appear to be getting some use from your car. Must not use the phone so much. If you totally drain and recharge a battery 600-900 times a year how long would it last? Less than 6 months with the current battery tech. Again you do not use your phone as a power user or you would not be arguing.

          • Ryan

            It’s funny the false accusations you make based on your skewed reality. I’ll give you a hint – anyone that follows this blog is ‘probably’ a power user. I know what kills a battery quickly, but to completely drain a battery of it’s charge to be used anymore is far fetched homeslice. Especially in the amount of time you’ll own the phone.

          • steve james

            I did not say that. But as a battery ages it looses capacity. So how long would you put up with a battery that goes from full to powering down in 30-40 minutes of gameing or watching videos? I see you just can’t admidt it could happen. You must have access to better batteries. Good day.

          • Ryan

            Did you even read my original reply? “I’ve had the extended battery in my gNexus since release and it’s still running. Although it’s lost a lot of charge; it hasn’t broken.” I can go 4 hours on heavy use on my extended battery, and that’s a little over 2 years of constant beating. It’s definitely not what it used to be, but I’ve never had a phone’s battery die out 30 minutes from constant usage.

  • Robert Mauro

    Note III should have LTE Advanced listed as well. It’s (along with a plethora of bands) one of the selling points they mentioned in the event and in the press release.

  • Killer device.

  • Motocrappycamera and design

    This site should be called MotodroidLife. its more like a fanmoto site likely apple fanboys site. lol

    • chris420o

      moto stil has best hardware

  • Christopher Gilliam

    what is LTE advanced? anyone?

    • SA_NYC

      I’m not an expert, but I’ve read that it’s a new variant of current LTE that’s up to twice as fast; I recall that the GS4’s radio is LTE-A compatible so when US carriers start supporting that (and I seem to remember something about Verizon starting to do so early next year or late this year) then the GS4 would be able to. And I read recently that one Korean carrier was already supporting LTE-A.

      • Paul Hansen

        The GS4 is AWS capable, not LTE-Advanced.

        • SA_NYC

          Ah yes true, my bad. As I mentioned, no expert here. I think my comments about the speed and rough rollout timelines remain basically correct. Thanks.

  • Phillies3429

    Saw a video with huge lag at one point. Surprised with the specs. going with HTC One

  • Yooo

    Ummm why the PPI on N3 is less than others???

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      The pixels have to spread out to cover the surface of it’s massive 5.7 inch screen.

  • deadpenguins

    It is absolutely ridiculous how big these devices are getting…

    • Tyler

      How exactly are these phones getting bigger? GS4 is smaller then the GS3, Note 3 is same size as Note 2, G2 is only slightly bigger then S4, the One is tall but slightly narrower then S4, and the Moto X is smaller comparatively.

      • deadpenguins

        Maybe it’s because I’m one of the few who thinks something like the gnex is the maximum size I’d ever want in a device. Even at comparative sizes, these devices with giant screen sizes feel totally excessive and impossible to use comfortably with one hand, which completely turns me off from them. I’m all for choices, but it feels like the “smaller” (it’s funny how it’s considered small these days) 4.7″ devices are a dying breed. Guess I’m just “old fashioned”!

        • PhillipCun

          i hear the usage of a phablet is different from a “regular” screen size phone. If they can make the screen large while making the phone small go for it.

        • Tyler

          I said almost the same thing 2 years ago, when I thought that 4.3″ was a big as I would go, but I love the size of my Gnex screen. I haven’t used a 5″ phone so can’t comment on how usable the screen is. I’m going with the Moto X because I do appreciate a smaller phone with a big display.

    • flosserelli

      The Note 3 is no larger than the Note 2.

    • jaybar

      I’m more upset about the increasing size of the nexus devices (eg. LG G2 based version coming next)

    • Dee

      you a dwarf?


    Did anyone catch them talking about LTE-A for the Note 3?

  • chris125

    Poor moto x lol. This may be the phone that I give up unlimited data for and switch to the maxx plan if they still have it then

  • Visual360

    Why no love for the Sony Xperia Z?

  • ckdk44

    What happened to specs not mattering?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      In use they really don’t at the moment, but there’s still plenty of DL readers who care.

    • SparkysShocker

      They matter when Touch Wiz is involved.

    • Dave

      When Moto stopped the spec race, Moto heads had to stop caring.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    and i’d still take the moto x over any of these 2013 smartphones, because it’s the smartest smartphone.

    • Jordan Pfingsten

      The X is a 2013 smartphone other than that I agree.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        including the word other, thanks.

    • bizi

      Good for you.. Do you feel better now?

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        Your comment wasn’t necessary, do you feel better? Click the downvote button and keep it movin. Seriously, i don’t see how people don’t see the moto x is the future. A first of it’s kind. The only of it’s kind. (nix the droids) Not 1 bad review!!!!! and if u have one, send me the link. DAMN! Haters gun hate. Even on my opinion.

        You said nothing with substance, i’m disgusted.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    After owning a Moto X for a good week I realized I am so over the spec war. Gove me software optimization and I will forever recommend the phone.

    • ravenofdoom

      I agree. However, not sure why you can’t have software optimization (MotoX) on high-end specs (e.g. 1080p screen; snapdragon 800). I think motorola worked really hard in tweaking the code to run smoothly, but that ate into the point at which newer refreshes of the hardware were already out.

      difficult balance between optimizing the software and waiting too long before the hardware is obsoleted in mobile.

      • SparkysShocker

        But they have said that the X8 which most of the software tweaks are designed around “could” support quadcore processors. I would love 3 gigs of ram though I’ll pass on the 1080p though.

        • ravenofdoom

          The quadcore thing is less impressive an argument, as you can read the anandtech benchmarks comparing dual vs. quad and see that the quad CPU’s just get ramped to lower frequencies under load – the net benefit isn’t that great… it’s the architecture and integration of the GPU (and moreover, the android code utilizing the GPU) which will do away with things like stutters/hiccups which DOES HAPPEN all the time even on a GS4.

          People say 1080p screens on phones are stupid, but I can clearly see the detail watching streamed HD 1080p videos from my NAS or browsing the web zoomed way out.

          I’m eagerly anticipating a successor / upversion of the MotoX with the above.

          • Dave

            Very few apps are optimized for quad core currently. My hacker friend uses Puffin browser with side loaded modifications on his GS4 and it shows in CPU spy 1.9 with all cores used, and it’s bat s*** faster maybe 3-5 times faster than standard.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Moto could have made a more powerful chip. They could have used a Snapdragon 600/800 and threw in the Texas Instrument cores as well.

        They didn’t(yet…that comes later) because of a few reasons. Cost, heat and battery. Cost and heat being the main factors.

        Sure having a 800 would be nice. But from what I’m seeing about the LG G2, it’s running into thermal throttling. Even Nexus 7 FHD development is dancing around thermal limits. “But Samsung has a 1.9Ghz quad core in the S4!” Yeah, and it doesn’t run at 1.9Ghz very long at all. In fact look up benchmark data between them. You’ll see that a Nexus 4 or 7 can stay at 1.5Ghz(their stock speed) consistently while the GS4 can only burst to 1.9Ghz very briefly.

        Would the extra cost(which is passed on to the consumer BTW), design complexity and heat justify a better bullet point on paper? Especially when the user experience rivals devices with “better” specs?

        No. At least not yet.

        • Dave

          According to my wife’s GS4 using CPU spy it runs at 1.6 most of the time and only goes 1.9 on demand. All processors do this. I’d guess the SD800 will probably cruise around 1.9 or 2.0 and only hit 2.3 when doing serious computations. Ironically enough I thought there would not be much of a reason to go faster than 1.0 like my Bionic had. Also many people are led astray by ghz, with all other specs equal, you need to nearly triple clock speed to effectively double system overall speed.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Go here and download this. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cgollner.systemmonitor

            You can set up a floating widget that shows the speed or all your cores(or if they’re asleep). I think you’ll be surprised what speed your phone is REALLY running at.

            My 2013 Nexus 7 spends most of it’s time with 3 cores off and one humming along at 384Mhz. Sometimes it goes to 1Ghz and another core wakes up. Not often though.

          • Dave

            So what does it do with screen on and apps or browser running. Galaxy phones have a battery save switch that knocks off around 30% to the max clock speed.

          • kixofmyg0t


            BTW, my Nexus 7 is running CleanROM with the Jassy kernel overclocked to 1.9Ghz.

            Cores 1 and 2 go up to 1.9, I’ve seen core 3 on once for a fraction of a second, core 4 is asleep at all times.

          • michael arazan

            TY kix

          • Bryan

            I’ve said it on here before, the performance increases people see with the new chips is not due to more cores or higher clock speeds, it’s the underlying architecture. Chips are usually sitting idle waiting for everything else to catch up. There isn’t much that demands 4 cores running at a full 1.9 Ghz full time. And if it did, your phone would be so hot you wouldn’t be able to hold it.

      • Avery Dejuan Herron

        thank you nobody needs a phone that only works good enough right now we need phones that can stand the test of time just as the D1 did.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      That battery tho…

      • kixofmyg0t

        DROID MAXX owner here, best of both worlds..

        • SparkysShocker

          Got mine on Friday I love it, but will miss dev support for the foreseeable future.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Don’t give up hope yet.

            I can not confirm or deny that I’ve personally seen CWM running on Ultra.

            Just remember, X and Ultra are running the same chipset and are partitioned the same way….what works for one will work for the other.

        • Tyler

          I would buy a MAXX in a heartbeat if it’s design was closer to the RAZR HD MAXX.

          • kixofmyg0t

            I have both, I like the design of both. Of the 2, I like Ultra better than Vanquish.

          • Tyler

            What kills it for me is the screen size at its pixel density, and capacitive buttons. Otherwise I would be staring at MAXX right now.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about it before I got ahold of it because of that paper spec.

            Now that I have one I don’t even care what res it is. It just looks like a smaller, more saturated version of the screen on my 2013 nexus 7.

            If you can see pixels on this screen, you’re nose isn’t supposed to touch the glass. Back up and use it like a friggen normal person would. Put down the magnifying glass too. I say look at one in person. Don’t just look at the setting page, open the browser and view some pages, watch some video. It’s nowhere near as bad as some have made it out to be.

            Capacitive buttons? yeah i’m not a fan but i can live with them. It’s not a deal breaker for me personally.

          • Tyler

            Definitely going to give it a chance mostly because of that battery. I’m thinking when I put it next to a Moto X the overall feel and size is what will win me over. But will never know until that day.

          • Elwin Gill

            I have the Maxx and I love it. The pixel density is not really a factor. I get complements all the time on how good my screen looks and how clear the pictures are that I take with it. Great Phone.

          • fallacies

            and the speakers suck… but from what i hear the ultra/maxx has good, loud speakers

        • Shane Redman

          I’d get a droid maxx if it looked like a motoX

        • Stevennnnnnnnn

          Droid Maxx owner here and I hated the capacitive buttons until I watched a video on Netflix… and realized how awesome it was to have a full 5” screen. That extra half an inch really makes a big difference then. I went to an AT&T store to look at the Moto X and the screen looked way to small. Plus the back of the head (camera) was huge and the bezel had plastic around. Overall it just looked like a toy and cheap device when compared to the build quality to the Maxx. I would totally go for a smaller phone with better quality and battery life, and I think the next X iteration will have that. Until then I’m happy with the Maxx.

          • trd105

            But the soft buttons disappear when watching netflix.

          • Stevennnnnnnnn

            Good point, although the extra .3” from just the screen being larger still makes a difference… The on screen buttons switched to the side when I was testing Youtube on the Moto X so I assumed it would be the same for Netflix.

          • Sacrifist

            Did you pick it up? The X is rock-solid. No creaks or squeaks…i had my reservations about a plastic phone, but the X is just right.

      • Andy_only

        battery is AMAZING. That I can promise you. I use it as my work/business line and I’ve been going hard on it. I have 4 email accounts linked to it, I’m on it constantly demoing to customers (I work at vzw), I have truly put it to the test since I got it on launch day. I’ve had a lot of the phones on VZW over the last 3 years and I can tell you the “near-stock” clean experience with a few USEFUL features added in is the kind of phone I’ve been looking for and didn’t even notice it. Once you have “active notifications” you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. when I take my HTC One out of my pocket and the screen doesn’t light up subtly, I get sad.haha

        • Stevennnnnnnnn

          Same issue with my N7..

      • Jordan Pfingsten

        Lasts me a full day, every day.


      If only the MotoX had a removable battery…..Or at least a 3500mAh, then I would be set.

      • Sacrifist

        Are you really in a place where you can’t charge daily? Or just a super-heavy user? I did all my setup work today, downloading apps, setting up touchless control and playing with it a lot, setting up assist and connect (which is awesome, by the way) and i’ve only used 70% of my charge in 14.5 hours. With a ton of screen-on time.

        • Weber

          THIS. I go at least 22 hours with over 3 hours of on-screen time before I even think about slowing down my use or planning to be near an outlet to charge it up.

    • Warwick

      I would probably be in the same boat as you, but Motorola decides to cancel my MotoMaker order.

    • Justin Barrett

      Wisdom right there.

    • Tyler

      Can’t wait to get a customized Moto X on Verizon.

      • Shane Redman

        My dad went and got an all black one….told me I could get one too but I told him I’d wait. For this exact reason.

        • Tyler

          Along with the slight hope that there is a nexus on Verizon. Should know by the time the customization is available.

          • Jordan

            I’m really banking on it being available for Verizon when it comes out..I need a new phone desperately due to to a damaged s3 w/ no insurance but I don’t want to buy any other phone knowing the Nexus 5 is right around the corner!

          • Shane Redman

            Very VERY slight….I don’t think they’ll get another nexus till VoLTE becomes the norm for them.

      • Eric

        Here is a chat with an online VZW agent….they are offering $50 off online orders for Moto X…but obviously not ‘customized’.

        • Guest

          Wait…couldn’t you have gotten one with Verizon’s edge plan?

    • BryceM

      I upgraded from a Droid Bionic to the Moto X, I could not be happier. I finally got the phone I always wanted: Sleek, smooth, fast and it works, it just WORKS! I have had great battery life too, 56% is the lowest I have seen before charging. And multi-tasking? what a concept. Talk, and surf or download Apps! and the Apps work super fast too. Really nice size too, a customer of mine had a brand new Samsung G S4 with a rubber case that he used to take a picture of what I was showing him. I just about burst out laughing at how huge it is!! I am so glad I got something a lot smaller.

      • Sacrifist

        I made the same upgrade and i’m actually shocked by how small this phone is. Just barely taller, slightly less wide, and considerably slimmer. I’m almost bothered by its smallness after being used to such a substantial device in-hand.

        I’m sure the size will just have an adjustment period, though. I love how the device works, even if it’s not a perfect fit for my large hands. The software is about as good as android gets. For all the crying about its girth, i expected a fat device and it’s just not. It’s just right, and as you said, it just works.

    • yuweii

      Same for me. After upgrading to a Note II, and having tested a friend’s S4, I believe that any spec increments that have appeared impressive are, in practice, negligible to the general user. Rather than upgrading to the latest android phone, I’d much rather root and optimize the phone according to my own preferences and uses.

    • Charlie Val

      That’s any recent phone with a good custom ROM.

      • Jordan Pfingsten

        I used to root and rom all the time. Do you have any idea how much smoother this is comopared? It’s night and day. No stability issues, and I don’t have to void my warranty!

    • Jenny H

      Mr Pfagsten, your moto x sucks.

    • Adam Johnston

      I completely agree. I’ve used so many android phones in the past, most recently the S4, and the Moto X is by far most enjoyable android experience that I’ve had. You can have the highest specs in the world, but if the software isn’t optimized, it really degrades usability.

    • Higher_Ground

      FWIW I don’t think anyone who buys a phone every 2 years or so complains about the specs after a week, assuming they didn’t buy an older phone. Give it a year, maybe a year and a half and see. I don’t personally think it’s so far underspec’d as to be a problem down the road.

    • Cat Astrophy

      You don’t use apps that really demand great specs, then. I can’t get enough juice.

    • waf4545

      You sound like a gSheep

  • Stephen D

    What a beast of a phone. I’m buying one.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Love almost everything about this device but I do hope I can replace that faux leather back

    • Tyler

      I heard somewhere that there would metallic backs along with plastic.

    • Raj Bhatt


    • Robert Mauro

      LoL, Agreed. But I don’t think we need to worry. I haven’t seen any of the Galaxy line from at least the S3 upwards (S3, S4, Note II) that haven’t ended up having a variety of aftermarket options, including metal, carbon fiber and plastic (in a large variety of colors).

  • Trevor Clement

    Give. Give. Give.

  • ImmaDroid

    I wish the G2 had 3gb of ram. I do like the G2. Note may be too big for my liking

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      It’s about the same size, just bigger screen.

      • ImmaDroid

        The LG G2 an the Note 3? No there’s definitely a noticeable size difference. That’s like the difference between the S4 an note 3. S4 is doable with one hand an the Note isn’t.. Did you see Kellen compare the two together, it’s a Huge difference actually

    • j__h

      Is there any difference noticeable with 3GB over 2GB?

      • Joseph A. Yager

        Probably not – at least not today. But in a year or so? Maybe? maybe not?

      • Ellie

        Not much thanks to touchwiz. It needs all the ram in the world.

      • ImmaDroid

        Yea for sure. On my GS4, i only have like .25gb free with hardly any personal apps running. 3gb would def help smooth things out, an allow you to not have to worry about closing apps. Just like from 1gb to 2gb was a big difference. More tech needs more resources!

  • joejoe5709

    You know… The G2 isn’t too far off most of those specs.

    Not too shabby, LG. Now make me a Nexus5. With those specs. And make it look like the Nexus7. And put it on Verizon. KThanks.

    • It really just doesn’t have an S Pen or the extra 1GB of RAM. Otherwise, it’s right there. Arguably just as good or better.

      • Raj Bhatt

        One thing I noticed on the chart is that it shows a 16 GB G2. LG confirmed that they are going 32 GB+ only.

        EDIT: Well, the website says only 32GB but the press release did mention a 16.

      • T4rd

        Plus 4.3, who knows when the G2 will get that. I think LG’s skin and features are somehow uglier and some of the features are just as gimmicky as Samsung’s though. Plus it’s a good bet that Samsung will support this phone with updates faster and longer than LG.

      • joejoe5709

        Well… I mean the S4 is six months old so I’m sure the S5 will match or beat the G2. But for the holiday season, the G2 looks pretty good!

      • flosserelli

        But the G2 will never have same level of the developer support. If you like the G2 for what it is, then great. Because that is probably all you will ever get.

        Yes, I know one should never buy a device for what it *might* offer in the future. But I’m just saying…

      • jasaero

        You forgot mSD and removable battery for US market versions.

      • zepfloyd

        Anything on a wireless charging back for the Note 3 the like S4? Not happening or just unknown?

  • T4rd

    Not sure if I’ll sell my (Verizon) Note 2 for it or not, tough call as I’m still very pleased with my Note 2. It’ll prolly still be a few months before it’s on Verizon anyways.

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      Nah VZW doesnt play around with their big moneymakers (iPhone and the Galaxy line basically)

      • T4rd

        They launched the GS4 and Note 2 at least a month after everyone else though.

        • Ben Landwehr

          Yeah but this time around Verizon has actually announced it already on their site, not a “probably around this time” press release.

    • Dave

      Ditto, I can find a good enough reason to warrant upgrading.

  • Ej McCarty

    Still happy to be getting my moto x tomorrow. It’s more about what the phone stands for than if it has an s20000 with 128 gb of storage and a 4k screen with a 7000mah battery and 8gb of ram. The x is Google’s phone. Basically the first ever and it’s exciting.

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      The first ever Google phone? How do you figure that?

      • EC8CH

        Designed and built by a Google owned company I would imagine.

      • Ej McCarty

        Uhmm maybe because Google owns Motorola. It’s obviously got Google written all over it in terms of design and software.

        • joejoe5709

          I get what you’re saying. Google owns Moto so therefore it’s a Google phone. Very exciting.

          But it’s still not 100% stock Android and it’s not marketed as a Google phone nor is it a reference device for a new software update. The Nexus phones are far more Google than the Moto X even if another OEM technically makes it.

          • Kelvin Tso

            If you get the Google PLay edition of the Moto X, then it’s a true Google Phone.

    • Guest

      I’d say it’s the first Google & Motorola joint venture

      • Ej McCarty

        yeah that’s what I mean. You get my point.

    • joejoe5709


      The Moto X is a great phone and congrats to you. But let me tell you about the Nexus family of phones. Believe me, they stand for a lot. In fact, they’re arguably the most important lineage within Android. Specs are often an afterthought with Nexus devices and the software is usually what most people drool over. The Moto X is sooooo close to being a Nexus and it’s very exciting. But not quite. Here’s hoping Motorola is making a Nexus4 replacement.

      • Gnex

        Dude I love you.

      • SparkysShocker

        Thank you for pointing out that the hardware in the Nexus line is an after thought, why is that everyone thinks it will be the savior to the perceived “flop” that is the X. The next Nexus will probably be equal too or less than the current phones being released (G2 and up).

    • IrishSid

      I’m lmao at you. But each his own.

    • Chris

      Agreed completely, other than who cares if it has 128gb of storage. I think a lot of folks would care! Mine is arriving tomorrow, and I have a craigslist buyer (or murderer?) for my iPhone 5.