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Sony Lens-style QX100 and QX10 Cameras Now Up for Pre-order on Amazon

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Sony’s Lens-style QX100 and QX10 smartphone accessories are now up for pre-order on Amazon, ahead of their official unveiling at IFA. Since both were leaked at length yesterday, there aren’t many surprises left, but we now know their release date – September 27. 

The QX100 brings DLSR-like photography to your smartphone using the same sensor that is inside the RX100 Mark II, while the QX10 is more of an affordable Cybershot experience with 10x zoom. Both use NFC to quickly pair to your phone, so that your photos can be shared, edited, and stored on the fly. When paired, you can also use your phone as a remote viewfinder, perfect for snapping pro selfies for Instagram.

The QX100 will retail for $499, while the QX10 will drop in at $249.

More details can be found at the Amazon links below or this post from yesterday.

Amazon Links:  QX100 ($498) | QX10 ($248)

Via:  Sony Alpha Rumors

  • gge395


  • Wil Gibson

    Awesome, but when can I expect to see the Smartwatch 2 to show up on Amazon? I’ve seen some great videos for the thing, but not a lot about availability or pricing in North America 🙁 So much awesome Sony news, just not news about the one product I want.

  • Boss As Hell

    You guys better review both of these.


    :O $500? You can get a compact DSLR for that price……And the photos will have 5 times better quality, not to mention better low-light capabilities. And you can buy one of those Wi-Fi SD cards, to share directly to your phone if you wish, without having to take out the SD card from camera…….I am having a really hard time justifying $500 for one of these…..

    • Bradley Allen

      why would you get better low light capabilities?


        DSLR’s ALWAYS have better low light capabilities. The CMOS sensors used in DSLR’s are superior to everything else, mainly because of the size of the sensor. It’s huge, allowing more light to enter. This is why you can get better low light shots.

        • AussieDood

          There’s more to it than the sensor. The lens plays a huge part in this, entry level DSLRs come with a slow lens which is terrible in low light. So to get the most out of the sensor you need a fast (expensive) lens.
          This device has a fast lens f/1.8 so it has that going for it in terms of low light performance and a 1″ sensor is not exactly small.
          All that said, I still wouldn’t buy one.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Since you want to go that route, even a cheap DSLR has a larger diameter lens, and lens diameter plays a huge role as well.

          • AussieDood

            Lens diameter MIGHT help with some light falloff at the edges but most people wouldn’t notice. The aperture and sensor are the major contributing factors to the camera’s ability to gather light.

  • bkosh84

    Amazon pulled it from their website btw.

    • AussieDood

      Except that they didn’t. Both links still work.

      • bkosh84

        You replied to me an hour and a half after I posted that.. Seriously?

  • Go Hawkeyes

    You save $1.99?!?! With that level of savings I’ll buy two.

  • Robert Macri

    Why not just carry a point and shoot with you? I mean is this better then a P&S? Its certainly just as big.

    • BSweetness

      The quality of the images, particularly with the QX100, will be better than the quality of pictures taken with the vast majority of point and shoots out there right now. But that’s not really what this is about. The main point is that this allows you to take high quality pictures and instantly edit/share photos on your phone. If you’re using a separate point and shoot, and want to edit/share photos right then, you’d have to go through a few steps to get the pictures from the point and shoot to the phone (outside of a point and shoot with NFC and/or WiFi direct, which are coming).

      So, this is really for people who want to instantly share good quality photos. It’s not really intended for those who don’t care about that (although having the viewfinder completely separate from the camera could allow for some really creative shots, especially with the small size).

  • ToddAwesome

    How is this going to fit into the pockets of all the hipsters who buy it?

    • WAldenIV

      Is that a camera lens in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

      • Robert Macri

        I’m fully zoomed.

        • Cory_S

          It must be digital zoom

  • Logan Jinks

    I think I really want the QX100

  • Raj Bhatt

    I can’t think about anything but the new Nexus right now.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      whats funny is when i got on the webs today i completely for got today is the note 3 unveiling. I think they accidentally took all the thunder away from Samsung which is pretty funny

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        WOW lol I really did forget all about that too. With all the KitKatt stuff and Nexus pic

      • Destroythanet

        Was it an accident? Haha!

      • Steve B

        Samsung got Samsung’d by Google

        • myrna652

          My Uncle Adam got Cadillac CTS-V Wagon only from working off a macbook… a knockout post w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

      • Bionicman

        naaa once that beautiful “phablet” gets onstage at the unpacking event all the attention will come rushing back. im excited to see what samsung has done with the note 3. people can say all they want about less features is more but i want it all and then some. just give me an option to turn features off 😉


        Pffffffff…Keep dreaming….There might be 20 people on Droid-Life that are interested in the N5, when there are MILLIONS waiting with anticipation for the Note 3 unveil.