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Moto X Now Available From US Cellular Online, in Stores Friday


The Moto X is now available from US Cellular for the low price of $125 on-contract to new customers and newly added lines. It can currently only be purchased online, but will arrive in stores by this Friday, September 6.

Like on other carriers, the Moto X is available in both woven white and black models, with no word on if or when MotoMaker will become available.

Be sure to read our Moto X review if you haven’t already.

Via:  US Cellular

  • Keith

    As soon as Motorola opens up Motomaker for Verizon, they will have two more sales in my house. Waiting…waiting…

  • Al-Burrit0

    Have Motorola aired any commercials yet?

  • John Clausen

    Just got my Verizon Moto X yesterday and this thing is SEXY. You’d never be able to tell it’s not 1080p. I held it next to my friend’s HTC One, and maybe it was just my bias because I just got the phone, but I had to strain my eyes to see a difference in resolution. And the body is really petite, but the screen is actually a really good size. I love this thing so much.

    • Robert Macri

      Its awesome… I’m surprised how happy I am with it. Its super smooth, all bloatware can be disabled and Active Notifications are AMAZING.

      Oh and the battery life is great. Couldn’t be happier. Just hope updates are fast from Moto – I’m banking that they should be.

      • Al-Burrit0

        How is the camera software?!

        • Robert Macri

          Coming from the GNex its awesome, lol… but seriously outdoors the photos look good to me, indoors the software struggles with metering so it takes a little to get a good shot. I learned that shutting off the auto HDR really helps.

          • Al-Burrit0

            Nice will keep that in mind 🙂

  • bakdroid

    Where the hell is the Best Buy stock for Verizon? They were to be available last Friday!

  • red014

    I just looked at the prices for their service plans… Hot damn! What’s the point in using this company?

  • boybert

    Any word on Verizon in-store availability?

    • Eric

      I called my local VZW store (Dallas TX) and they told me Thursday 9/5 would be the day they would get them in store…but you know Verizon.

      • boybert

        Interesting – thanks for the info!

  • US Cellular’s days are numbered

  • Curtis

    Why is the Moto X not in stores on launch? Are carriers moving away from brick and mortar?

    • socarwolverine

      Probably a production issue. Isn’t the the plant in Texas that it’s made in brand new? Probably haven’t gotten everything worked out to stock so many stores so quickly, especially while they tried so hard to keep it under wraps.

      • Curtis

        According to an Engadget article the plant has been used before.


        • Pedro

          ‘Used before’ has nothing to do with production yields, except they can be sure that it will keep the rain off the machines.
          The first months of a new product involve constant tweaking of everything from screen printing to x-ray to placement machines to test software/fixtures.
          And, if they are smart, they’ll listen to the folks on the line who suggest easier ways to do stuff.

  • Me

    3/5 already? lol they have had the phone for what 6 hours

    • bionichomer

      sounds suspicious… haters

      • myrna652

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      • red014

        Yes. One GS3 fanboy gave it 1 star, probably never even seen it.

    • Ian

      Its been available online for a few days.

  • Tirionfive

    HTC, Take note. This is how a phone Manufacturer does it.

  • Timothy Bracken

    It’s been “days” since we last heard about the developer edition. Any word on that?

    • NexusPhan69

      Been wondering that myself. I was sure it would be before today. The Moto X is losing all it’s thunder with the Note 3 announcement almost here.

    • bionichomer

      are many of you guys gonna buy the dev edition? and that’s only for att or tmo right?

      • NexusPhan69

        It sounds like it could be all carriers actually. One model for the GSMs one for the CDMAs I would think.

      • Timothy Bracken

        I am waiting for it. No more locked bootloaders for me. If VZW had Nexus devices, that’s all I would use.
        Also if they force me off of unlimited data, I’m moving to ATT just to have unlocked phones.

        • crackers8199

          agreed on this, both points…the day vzw forces me out of unlimited data is the day i switch carriers. i’d rather the ability to have a nexus device if i can’t keep my unlimited data.

          and i too am waiting for the dev edition. not interested in 16gb, which is all you can get from vzw til motomaker is available…

      • Tio Salamanca

        More than likely just AT&T and VZW. Tmo and Sprint don’t need dev editions.

    • hijackerjack

      Was about to say the same thing haah. Sure is taking a while to be released….

    • Tio Salamanca

      Punit Soni has no longer posted on the matter on G+. Not sure how silence benefits the consumer. I was ready to buy the dev edition but now I might just wait a bit longer.