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New iPhone Arrives September 10

new iphone invite

Because we like to keep tabs on the other side of the mobile industry that competes directly with Android, we thought you’d all like to know that Apple has set the date for the unveiling of the next iPhone, likely dubbed the iPhone 5S. September 10 is the day. 

There is also a good chance that they will introduce a cheaper version of the same phone, with a variety of iPod Touch-esque colors to choose from. We would imagine that iOS 7 will come out of beta as well, and become available shortly after the new phones launch. You should then expect Apple to remove bundles of key features from it for older phones and tablets, update them quickly, and then brag on stage early next year about how awesome they are at updating in a timely manner (to half-baked versions of their OS).

Other than that, it should be a blast to watch. There is nothing more comical than an Apple presser. Be prepared for “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “revolutionary” all over again, and again, and again. And again.

Give us your thoughts.

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  • Anil Reddy

    Apple has the overused and insulted the word “revolutionary” by bringing in half eaten apples instead of good-ripe-tasty ones. Initially during the original iphone days, people thought android copied some of the designs of iOS(true to some extent), but now iOS is becoming a joke with features inferior to android.

    • allan kluttz

      Actually Android has borrowed many features from the Open source iOS jailbreak community. In fact, I would still say that the jailbreak community provides more richness of tweaks than stock Android. I have to void my warranty to get more. Android has always been a marriage of lots of other systems features. It is inherent in the fact that google does not get technically paid for making it, and any joe can change the code if he knows enough of how to do it.

      Still, I never said Android was bad, I use it too.
      You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • allan kluttz

    Also I meant to say, guess what HTC is supposed to be making a finger print scanner for the next One. I am so tired of people being so one-sided. It deters people away from the android world. Many of you guys call apple sheep and you repeat the same thing over and over again (like droid sheep). The android community is terrible sometimes because of it.

  • allan kluttz

    OMG, I use both devices. You guys are so silly. This is what samsung did for the S4. Give me a break. How about the authors use your finger print scanner to unlock your S3? I was actually trying to get real news on this… I see you guys are all making fun. The truth is that you want to see it, because its hard not to love all things tech.

  • NexusMan

    “We’ve made iPhones, out of multi-colored, polycarbonate casings and reduced the price by $100! Revolutionary!”

  • Michael Martin

    a friend of mine went in to “take advantage” of the “new” iphone trade in program at apple, turns out they ONLY take on contract phones. So for him, walking in with his 5(only one on contract as its in use), 4s, 4, and 3gS, it was a waste of time……..needless to say if the 6 isnt a ground breaker, a new android user will be born next year.

  • umbrellacorp

    What’s an iPhone?

  • Supercilious

    Finally a phone with no lag. Bye-bye S4.

    • allan kluttz

      I get lag a good amount on touch input on my One, do you get it much on your S4?

  • michael steinmetz

    speaking of keeping tabs on the other os’s what about microsoft buying nokia

  • T4rd

    The iPhone is a great phone…..