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LG G2 Global Rollout Starts in September, U.S. and Germany are Among First Markets


Over the weekend, LG announced that its newest flagship, the G2, is ready for a global launch starting in September with initial launch markets that include both the U.S. and Germany. No specific carrier dates were announced for September, but with a confirmation from LG (and individual carrier acknowledgements) that we would see the G2 on all four major U.S. carriers, we would hope that they would try to push them all out within a couple of weeks of each other.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our initial hands-on tour of the device, a spec showdown featuring the G2, and a quick preview of its unique software features (including the camera).

I know that the Moto X seems to be the darling of the moment, but the G2 should be on everyone’s short list if the ultimate in specs is what your body desires.

  • Brian Wolfman

    Probably my next phone. And yes, “specs” arent everything. Ignoring the specs, the phone is apparently great. Im not going to NOT buy this phone because it has the specs. It has a great screen, super fast with 0 lag, awesome battery life (in the reviews ive seen) and a phenom camera. If it was a 720p and dual core would it be better?

  • RaptorOO7

    Let’s hope that Samsung has a similar plan to get the GN3 out the door in the US within 30 days of announcement so those of us on Verizon don’t have to wait 3 months.

    • john

      I hope, but with the new Iphone release I thinkl they will be focusing all of their attention on it and pushing everything else back.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Logos… Christ. Thanks VZW

  • joejoe5709

    In a prefect world a Nexus5 would take care of those logos. Let’s go VZW!

  • thedonxr

    It would be nice if it looked like this… Without the photoshop smear…

    • Manny Subia

      Right!!……….I wonder how difficult it would be to remove those nasty Vz logos

  • MK

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been using my phone and I just completely forget who my wireless carrier is. This phone truly is a life-saver.

  • Mike

    NASCAR fans should love this phone with all the logos and branding.

  • PolarBear

    I hope that bootloader is easy to unlock and at the same time I hope the Cyanogenmod team supports this device, because of the softkeys.

  • azndan4

    So many Motorola fan boys in this site.

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Just can’t stand LG’s UI, not to mention the design of the phone and Verizon branding, may have great specs but that’s not good enough.

  • Teddy Chen

    Motorola is proving right now that you don’t need killer specs to make a great phone, that said, I believe this phone will be excellent for the rooting community.

    • David Verba

      I got the Moto X on friday – I’m loving every single moment with it. It’s funny, people are nutso over “specs” but MOST people don’t realize they are doing the same things with the phone as they did 2-3 years ago. Battery is great, signal is fantastic, it doesn’t drop calls, feels great in hand, screen is beautiful. It’s everything my gnex isn’t – and that my friend is a good thing.

      • Teddy Chen

        And I’m loving my Droid Maxx, so buttery smooth.

  • joseph barrientos

    lol, the two verizon logos are just killing me tho!

    • PolarBear

      Why do some people complain about the logos? I don’t care about logos. The only thing I do care about any device is its quality (how well it works).

      • joseph barrientos

        when i buy a product i buy it for not only the function but the aesthetic appeal. and over branding is bad. Im not just buying a phone, im buying the experience, that comes down all the way to the positioning of the volume rocker, to some of us, it matters, others, not so much, they’ll just slap a case on

      • fillyo

        Agreed, I can care less about the logos, although that Note II button is ridiculous.

  • duke69111

    How do LG radios compare to that of Motorola or even samsung?

    • buckley101

      The advantage of buying a Qualcomm chip is that it comes embedded with their 3g and 4g radios. This is good because Qualcomm owns the patents for cmda (3g) and some, if not all, lte (4g) patents. Therefore you’re buying a chip with embedded antennes which have been tested and by the company which produces the chip and the wireless tech. Boom goes the dynamite. Cheers for Qualcomm chips

      • Butters619

        By most estimates, Qualcomm holds around 25% of the patents related to LTE.

      • TylerCameron

        A radio is NOT an antenna. The radio communicates with the antenna!
        Yes, Qualcomm’s chips have built in radios, but the antennas are not built by Qualcomm. They’re of LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc’s designs.

    • Jillxz

      In my experience , they equal the Droids and I cannot say about Samsung.

  • Kevin

    i still dont get why the buttons are different on vzw’s version

    • Dominick White

      what are you talking about? they are the same on every version

      • Kevin

        they don’t look the same to me… look at the rear buttons as a side by side with the version that was announced by LG and then the render above from vzw

        • Rando

          Wireless Charging?

      • Kevin

        vzw has narrower buttons

      • Steve Ballmer

        They’re different. Ignoring the branding, the Verizon version is a lot uglier. The camera border is bigger and the rear buttons will probably be harder to press since they’re narrower. Verizon has to ruin everything.

        • jamdev12

          Why do I hear crying while you’re saying this?

          • Kevin

            he’s sad to be resigning

  • pookietookie

    What is the history around LG devices getting root and/or unlocked bootloader? Good? Bad? Would just love to see AOKP on this.

    • Andy Stetson

      I can speak for the LG Revolution, completely unsupported, and the bootloader wasn’t able to be cracked, not to mention the recovery on it was pretty lame. Root was the only thing achieved.

    • T4rd

      It’s the carriers that enforce locked bootloaders, not the OEMs. On AT&T and Verizon, you can expect every device to have a locked/encrypted bootloader.

  • sonofskywalker3

    Would love to see a full review from you Kellen. I really want to try this phone out since LG is the only manufacturer I haven’t tried an Android phone from, and I loved their feature phones. But I don’t buy a phone without reading a Droid-Life review.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    It didnt bring anything new to the table. Its still tap and scroll. The camera is its best feature and IMO thats not saying much. I do like knockON now. I see many cases where thats useful.

  • Rammstein

    I wouldn’t mind buying it but with LG I’ve always heard more complaints than compliments.

    • Jillxz

      Some people whine for trivial things. I have had several LG phones and they have been great. I will get another one. The voice quality , connection , call quality have been the best. Only the Droids are equal these things.

  • Dreadscar

    pardon me, i’m blind and i didnt catch it, was this phone pictured in the article on VZW? i think maybe they need a braille VZW logo! /s

  • j

    What a load of junk – let me no when Android makes something for people who care about design. Not crap like this – then Verizon, how many logos do you need on the thing, are the people working over there 40-50-60 year old scum or what –

    • j

      don’t sully my name by posting this garbage!!!
      The real j 😛

    • zurginator

      Sony, and to a lesser extent the Nexus devices.

      And I do agree – the Verizon logo isn’t even centered relative to the earpiece. That bugs me to no end.

  • raz

    Gonna wait this one out and see what the nexus 5 will be like, woulda jumped on this if the volume buttons weren’t in suck an odd position

  • silver_arrow

    Frankly combined with LG’s reputation at updates at it being on US carriers I can see it being like the Optimus G and that phone is stuck on 4.1 while a phone with the same hardware and sold alongside it is on 4.3 (LG could of updated it, the Nexus 4 shows that it can handle it but nope

    • dannyWHITE

      You do realize that the majority of the reason why devices do not get updated are carrier related. LG is not to blame, besides what are you really missing out between 4.1 and 4.2?

      • Ian

        A lot

  • David Benson

    This phone looks to be a beast. I think the customization of the LG skin is a plus, but I still hate the UI.

  • Raj Bhatt

    Can’t wait to replace my GNex with this beast.

    • Shane Redman

      I can’t wait to replace mine with either this, the motoX, some Droid….anything really. I just know I personally don’t want another samsung device.

      • Eric

        I agree 100%.

    • angelitaclav

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      I can speak for the LG Revolution, completely unsupported, and the bootloader wasn’t able to be cracked, not to mention the recovery on it was pretty lame. Root was the only thing achieved.

    • Tom

      If only it was like the Korean G2 with its SD slot and removable battery.

      • Raj Bhatt

        Agreed, but the fact that it doesn’t have those things gives a glimmer of hope that the next Nexus will based on this.

      • Ryan

        It doesnt so they could make a step battery and include an extra 500mah battery in the back where it curves. And if people want storage you can get 50gb of cloud storage for free for life from BOX.

  • jamdev12

    I would by this phone if it wasn’t for the fact that they placed the volume buttons in the wrong place.

    • Suralin

      Wrong? No. Ambidextrously different? Yes.

    • DoShe

      And the hideous Verizon logo that looks like a sticker placed by a child.

      • zurginator

        It’s not even centered relative to the earpiece! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • ßen Murphy

      … and that it’s LG. The Nexus 4 doesn’t count. =)

    • Jillxz

      Love the placement of the volume buttons. Leaves more room for screen display.