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Kit Kat Will be Android 4.4, Not Android 5.0 – Download the Official Wallpaper

kit kat android

Thanks to Sundar Pichai, we now know that the next version of Android will be forever known as Kit Kat, not Key Lime Pie. And thanks to a newly updated Android site, we know that the next version will be Android 4.4, instead of the oft-reported Android 5.0. 

Details on new Kit Kat features are scarce (read: unavailable), but Google does say that their goal with Android 4.4 is to “make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” Ready to speculate on what that means?

Also, this new Android version page includes this sweet Kit Kat themed wallpaper:

Download Link

Via:  Android

  • MindFever

    Android 4.5 a.k.a. “LOLz” …that is all

  • mahi

    This is avesome

  • John Doe

    @NexusPhan69:disqus It is possible with having a play store update. I would imagine Android would need to have guidelines and an entire new skinning/look-and-feel system written and then have documentation on modifying everything in the skin process without touching core android modules and files. It would mean every phone that adhere to the guidelines would have constant updates as the skin and the launcher would be separate from the core OS itself and simply be a layer that could be switched out in seconds. It could even make its way for developers to push entire themes for android rather than just launchers.

    • John Doe

      @:disqus Edit: The point of the skinning guidelines and system would be to allow developers completely access to the systems look and feel without having to touch core files and modules, instead, apps and the OS itself reference a skin file that can be switched. Very similar to Swing and its Look-And-Feel system

  • Will taste it must.. I think it will be more sweet than the Jelly Beans.

  • Zacisblack

    Join this community for Android 4.4 KitKat discussion!


  • Elliot Kotis

    WHY!!!?!?!?!?!?!? -.- So much for a well needed UI change, I want my New Google ui, not the 4.0 UI.

  • NexusMan

    A little birdie told me that with Kit Kat, the geniuses at Google will somehow get rid of the requirements for “higher end specs,” to run the software, enabling virtually all Android phones, tablets, and yes WATCHES to run the latest version of Android, effectively eliminating so called fragmentation. That’s what Google meant when they said their goal with Android 4.4 is to “make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.”

  • Sequence of Sound…

    so does that mean we’ll start seeing an Android cross-promotion on Kit Kat bars?

  • Frawlz

    5.0? We ain’t got time for dat!

  • kfath1978

    This has to be a joke….right? Serioulsly Kit Kat?? Android 4.4 brought to you by Nestle?? Or you get a KK when you buy a new phone.. This has to be BS!

  • Dana Alan

    Naming will be all about branding from here out. Google has officially sold out like so many others.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    “make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.”

    As long as your phone is capable of running it

    • Bojan Tomic

      The point is: They’ll probably make it more RAM-friendly, so lower end devices can run it also.

  • kirk ngo

    Named after a chocolate.Never saw that coming. Good candy thought haven’t had that for a while.

  • Godzilla

    Will Kit Kats be subsidized by google now?