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Is This the First Look at the LG Nexus 5?

LG Nexus 5

Google just posted the unveiling of the Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” statue, but there was something else in the video that caught our eye. What exactly is the phone on the left that the guy in the brown shirt is holding? It has the horizontal Nexus logo on it and matte finish like we have seen on the new Nexus 7, yet is clearly smaller than a Nexus 7. It only appears to be slightly larger than the Nexus 4 that is in the hands of the women in the blue shirt.

We can see what appears to be an LG logo, massive camera sensor with flash, and a similar styling (rounded 5-inch design) to the G2, which the device has been rumored to have been based off of.

Update: Β And Google pulled the clip.

Is this the Nexus 5? Some other new Nexus device that has yet to be announced?Β 

nexus 5

Cheers Achal and Dain!

  • Vince

    Nexus 5 on ALL Carriers INCLUDING Verizon. I’m tempted to get the LG G2 but I would rather have the same phone with no fluff and that’s what the Nexus is rumored to be.

  • qwopzxnm

    Looks like it might be this guy, Omid Kordestani. Seeing his title makes me think he would definitely be in a position where he gets to play around with the latest and greatest.


  • Doug

    Oops, someone didn’t brief the masses about what not to be caught doing.

  • gge395


  • MikeKorby
  • Aaron Block

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  • OrangeAttack

    It’s the Google Lexus!

  • Guest
  • szewc

    WTF. Ridiculous name made in ridiculous cooperation with food company. Release info made public 2 months earlier than usual, ahead of official unveiling. Now the new LG G2 based Nexus 5 is seen in public in official Google video, which has been pulled shortly after. I’m appaled. Slightly.

  • Zeph

    I know its all speculation at this point, but at some point in the video there is a woman taking a picture of the kitkat statue with a phone with an almost non-existant bezel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvc9b6GNcL0&feature=player_detailpage#t=35
    Front of the LG Nexus maybe?

  • JWellington

    The shirt is clearly green.

  • coolsilver

    Sad I won’t be getting a Nexus 5. I have my S4 and will keep it for at least two years for when VoLTE is in full swing.

  • Higher_Ground

    Me wants

  • nebula

    It looks like a metal back plate, doesn’t it? That would be awesome! I’d really love to have a metal back on it, since my nexus 4 has soo many scratches on its back.

  • PoorGuy

    who cares about the new nexus 5, I would like to know more about the blondie in the pic. πŸ™‚

    • Maximus Johnson

      Butterface, but i’d pound it hard…from the back…double bagged.

  • zurginator

    If that’s it… I’m glad I got my N4. God that’s ugly.

  • mcdonsco

    And why does LG keep getting Nexus builds? I mean with the N4, Google hadn’t completely acquired Motorola yet, but now there are phones that boot with “”Motorola, a Google Company” so why isn’t Motorola getting Nexus builds yet?

    • zurginator

      Samsung got 3, Asus got 2, now LG got 2. They don’t want to scare off the manufacturers by going Moto exclusive.

  • FrankBoston

    I hope not – the thing looks too big! And Im a Nexus 4 user and love the size!

  • The fact that they pulled the clip obviously means it’s the new Nexus. Somebody forgot to tell that dude to keep it in his pocket haha.

  • Brian Neff

    Blurry photo, but… Front facing speakers?!

  • DanSan

    the dude behind him with the sun glasses totally looks like he is rocking a galaxy nexus. somebody get that man an upgrade quick lol

    • samizad

      Hey, I’ve got a GNex. Me and the dude in the picture are both waiting for the Nexus 5.

      • Anthony Bottari

        Same here!..but knowing my luck it won’t be on vzw…

      • Higher_Ground

        and yet I’m hear with mine waiting until next summer πŸ™

  • SphericalPuma

    Personally if someone really wanted to get to the bottom of it and see if there are any pictures of the phone, or pictures of the phone, I’d be trying to figure out who the Googler in the video is and go from there.

    I remember with past devices a lot of times photos were uploaded to their G+ account that had the device information attached to the picture.

  • schoat333

    This is clearly staged. Why else would the person shooting this be looking at the fellow Googlers, and not the statue?

  • WP8_Android_iOS

    Nexus 5, Who Gives a Damn, Nexus 4 will rock for one more year for me, it is faster than most devices and performs even better with MIUI

  • Octotron

    Just a really huge dude holding a Nexus 7…. πŸ™‚

    • Weber

      Reveal your true identity!

  • Droidler90
  • master94

    I love kitkats. Great name. Google can use the name to make Android more popular and Kitkat gets free PR. Everyone wins

  • Skittlez

    That guys is dead in an ocean somewhere

  • Skittlez

    why are we assuming it’s LG? it could be FCC stuff. Looks like the same build as the Nexus 4, so possibly Asus?

    • skubadoo

      There’s a zoomed up pic of the phone on another tech site that shows the LG logo.

  • Knlegend1

    Looks like it will be 5 inches……or a really big bezel. I won’t buy one unless they include 32 Gbs though.

    • Steve B

      Gots to have the Gbs

  • Anyone know when will be released Nexus 5?

    • Steve B

      If history repeats itself, sometime in November.

  • Nayners

    I dunno, I just have a feeling we’ll see a five (5) inch device AND a four (4) inch. Google has got to know, Nexus or not, that not everyone is comfortable with a five inch phone.

    • bkosh84

      Hmm.. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7 inch screen correct? Then why is 5 inches such a big deal to some people? Is that .3 inches REALLY that much bigger? Sorry, I just don’t understand the logic I guess behind complaining about a 5 inch screen when the screen is already 4.7 or 4.8 inches.. Seems… Nitpicky..

      • Jeff

        4.7 inches is already pretty big, but if rumors are true that the Nexus 5 will be larger than 5 inches, that may well be beyond the comfort point of a lot of people. I would personally rather have a slower 4.7 inch Nexus than a faster 5.2 inch Nexus. The only reason I don’t have the Nexus 4 right now is the glass back, which is why I hope they do release a non-5 inch Nexus, just without the glass back.

  • JRomeo

    Well Congratulations Kellex, It appears you have revealed the cloak of secrecy about the new Nexus’ physical appearance in actuality it is similar to the rumors, but now we have actual photographic proof. It appears google pulled the video because your speculations are correct, and this is IN FACT the new Nexus phone being field tested by someone with links to the Nexus team. by the time Google announces this phone, they will no doubt have thousands of these in warehouses ready to ship, or at least in transit to their warehouses where they will soon ship. But before any of that happens they always let people test them out, which is apparently what this happy go lucky Nexus 5 yielding google employee is doing. not sure if Google deliberately released this or not to show the new Nexus, but it doesn’t matter, the fans will eat it up

  • Ryan N


    It’s clearly a nexus 7. And yes, he is sensitive about his abnormally large hands.

  • mcdonsco

    Oops! My guess is that is the nexus 5…bout damn time … But if it comes out in the next few weeks on Verizon and has better /similar specs to the droid maxx I’ll be bent!

    • ConCal

      I hope it has a CDMA radios in it too, but if the nexus 4 was any indication, it sadly won’t.

  • Anon

    Def a new Nexus device, google would not have pulled the video if it wasnt. Probably a higher up at google that is testing the phone. The weird thing is, that it looks like it has carrier/maker branding on it already rather then a test model.

  • NexusMan

    Why is the Nexus branding in landscape?

  • RB

    Sure hope it has 32gb and Im in… no way it has an SD card.

  • nosedive94

    That looks like one sexy beast of a phone. What’s with this sideways branding though? I don’t like it on the N7, and I don’t like it on the N5. Actually it makes a bit more sense on a tablet, since you often use it in landscape mode. Phones are 90% portrait though!

    • Allan

      I like it. It’s different. Artistic so to speak.

    • M3D1T8R

      But when you hold your phone up to take a picture (like he is) it’s usually in landscape. And that’s about the only time the whole back is normally seen, so this makes sense. Google is in the advertising business after all.

  • Ralph Luciano Padro Jr.

    It looks a little too big for my taste. That kind of sucks. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely.