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Shazam for Android Updated to Version 4.0, Brings Slick New UI and Full Tablet Support


The Shazam team pushed out a major update to version 4.0 to Google Play today, bringing an entirely revamped look, along with full tablet support. We don’t use Shazam much, but after playing around with it, it seems like a lot of work went into this update, full of great swipe-based gesture controls and smooth transitions throughout the app. After searching for a song, you are greeted with large artwork, plus links to share your recent music tag on social networks and buy the song from Amazon. We would prefer Google Play, but that’s just us. 

Here is the full changelog for those interested.

What’s New:

  • Faster in-app music purchases via Amazon
  • Beautifully revamped music tag results
  • New UI with updated listening screen that features a blue Shazam dial
  • More engaging artwork
  • Optimization for Android tablets

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Cheers Savvas!

  • anezarati

    the update broke the shazam option in the sound search extension of dashclock.

  • flosserelli

    +1 for SOAD

  • umbrellacorp

    Why use any of these devices now that Google has their own search? I’ve not had it find music yet, including some punk rock and metal songs played at the local brew pub.

  • Tyler Durden

    isn’t shazam the name of that awful Shaq movie?

    • umbrellacorp

      By awful, you mean BEST MOVIE EVER!!! Don’t you dare insult my Shazam tattoo.

    • Charlie Val

      It’s Kazaam -_-

      • I prefer Limewire. *rimshot*

  • duke69111

    I’m digging the new look. Whats the app that can tag humming or whistling?

  • sirmeili

    I had shazam when it was beta and free. It was pretty good. Then they went to pay and gave all the beta testers the paid version free. What they didn’t tell you was that they tied it to your device and not your google account. I had to have my phone replaced on insurance and I lost my “paid” status. I never looked back after that. Now I just use the built in one in Android.

  • Droid Ronin

    I remember way back when Verizon used to tout the song listening feature as part of its VCast suite of apps, of which you had to pay a monthly subscription to use. My, how times have changed.

  • jadeveon da destroyer

    soundhound > shazam

    • radiohead14

      google’s sound search works great for me. i like the widget also.

      • Gary Fernandez

        I too prefer the google sound search so that way I can get my music on All Access a lot quicker. Sometimes Shazam and Soundhound can get the songs Google cant

      • I prefer it, but there have been several times where Soundhound works but Google Sound Search doesn’t.

  • Inquizitor

    Never liked Shazam. I was always upset that because of their better advertising and promotions from Apple that they stole all the market from SoundHound, which is a much better app and lets you sing the song yourself if it’s stuck in your head. I’ve mostly switched over to Google’s Sound Search now, but I do wish it would save recordings if you’re offline like SoundHound does.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    now only if they joined forces with utter.
    “google, what song is this?”

    • Jordan Webb

      Just looked over at my phone, said “OK Google Now, what song is this?”

      And it worked. No additional software or touching required. If Utter can trigger Google Now, why wouldn’t that work already?

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        I know, im saying shazam should team up with utter and make it like google now. By the time i open shazam.

  • Sean Plantz

    Good to see they are still improving the app, used to use it out at the bars to settle disputes on what song was playing, had that ooooooo factor when it first came out, but haven’t tried it in a while. May have to check it out again!