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Samsung Gear App Screenshots Leak, Shows Off NFC Connection and Other Misc. Info

Galaxy Gear

Oh, that @evleaks is at it again. Today, he posted up screenshots of the upcoming Samsung Gear (model SM-V700) application, which will be used by Gear smartwatch owners to control their wrist-connected devices. In the screenshots, we can easily see that the device will connect to your smartphone with NFC, then you can get new apps for your watch through Samsung Apps, which was previously reported. And no signs of Google Play support, as we had talked about. 

And that’s about it. Not much else to see. There is a small view of the Gear device, but nothing too solid to take away in terms of a design we are to see.

The watch is set for unveiling on September 4, alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

Via: @evleaks

  • master94

    I want a find my phone feature. I wont lose my watch, seeing how its attached to my risk but I do lose my phone

  • Steve

    hey sammy how about less useless crap and and finally getting around to updating my note II and s3 to 4.3.

  • Pratik Holla

    Lack of play store is a bummer. I’d rather get my stuff off there than a the Samsung store just for consistency. Hopefullly, google is working hard on a nexus watch with a google now interface and it will be out within the year.

  • droidftw

    This watch will be absolutely fantastic for certain things (getting notifications and such when I cannot look at my phone). That’s all I need. I know Pebble can do this, but I’d rather trust a big brand.

  • macdaddybuff

    No support for Google music=not buying.

    • michael arazan

      until smart watches allow you to play music on them so you don’t need your phone for physical activities I don’t see a point in it either.

  • Chippah

    This is the only VIABLE way to finally make NFC payments is with this watch.
    i could give a crap about these watches until i had that epiphany.

    too slow and a pain while in a busy place to take your phone out – unlock.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      How would you set up verification so the watch knows it’s you?

      • GoBlue

        Fingerprint verification! Swipe finger, NFC, walk out the store like a boss

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          front facing camera and face detection? with live-blink check? I would want nfc on the bottom of my wrist instead of flipping it over on the screen.

    • NexusPhan69

      How do pay usually? Is it not take you wallet out, find the credit card among your DD players card and fake ID and Comic-con ticket stub, take the card out, swipe the card, put the card back in its proper place close the wallet and put it back in your pocket?
      I would see why unlocking a phone is so much of a hassle in a busy place.

    • Blue Sun

      Have you ever tried using Google Wallet from your smart phone?

      • Chippah

        Yes, On a launch day Gnex i tried to use it daily,
        it only has around a 75% success rate while people give you dirty looks for holding up the line. Ended up just using a debit card….

  • John Burke

    No Google Play so no LightFlow support (unless Andrew submits his App to the Samsung store)?
    No thanks, I’ll stick with Pebble until Google releases one.

  • Dustin

    That’s showing the watch connecting to the phone via bluetooth, not NFC. NFC appears to be in the charging station and just used quickly pair the devices.

    • NexusPhan69

      Its enabling a quick bluetooth pair when initiated via NFC.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i’m not sure how i feel about Play Store not being there. I know there’s no watch optimized apps, i know they will scale, but it sounds disgusting. Imma stick with my idea of Google Now being all a smartwatch needs.

    • Tyler Durden

      Doesn’t really matter imo. Play store doesn’t have any apps that are useful for a watch. And hopefully Samsung will have S Health integrated.

      • Well, usually a device needs to be launched, then we could see some useful apps come out for it. Like any other smartwatch out there.

        • Tyler Durden

          Well what I meant was no apps look like they could be used on a smart watch. Considering all it is, is a watch. Make calls, track workout, that’s about it. Ain’t gonna play games on it

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            i agree with tim on waiting for it, but i also agree with you. I cannot picture myself reading through tweets on a watch. haha. But i would play Dots on one.

          • Tyler Durden

            Yeah, I mean it’s not going to be big so it’s lost some productivity already. I can see workout tracking, calls, alerts, maybe be able to reply, all the basic watch features, etc

      • Michael

        Guys—Tyler is a troll–he writes stupid comments looking for you to comment. Don’t feed him.

        • Tyler Durden

          You couldn’t possibly be more wrong. Stop talking and leave the grown ups to their business

        • dmagicp

          How is voicing an opinion about what he wants to see in a smartwatch a stupid comment? Your comment is actually the very definition of what you accuse him of, which basically makes you your own problem.

          • Michael

            read his other comments…he trolls these forums like no other. im just raising awareness about this guy.

  • cgalyon

    Price is obviously an important factor, but lack of access to the Play store strikes me as very bad. I would hope to use it for fitness purposes via many of the apps presently on the Play store.

    • Tyler Durden

      S Health is great and will probably be supported.

      • cgalyon

        True, but I like having more options. Some dedicated apps may do a better job of certain things or have better compatibility with other devices and programs. Myfitnesspal, Withings, and Endomondo come to mind. Nevertheless, I’ll keep my eye out for this watch.

      • Maxim∑

        I would literally be shocked if S health was NOT on it. Obviously it will lag and get hot and have poor battery life… it is extremely obvious that Samsung is rushing to be first

  • ßen Murphy

    $199 or no dice.