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Moto X is Now Available From Verizon in Either Black or White for $199

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For those waiting patiently for the Moto X to arrive on Verizon, your time has come. Motorola’s 2013 flagship can now be purchased through Big Red’s website for $199 on-contract in either black or white. If you’d like to go off-contract and pay full retail, the device will run you $599. Yes, that is $20 higher than the $579 off-contract price that AT&T is currently selling the phone at.

The device is only available online for the time being, with in-store stock arriving in the coming weeks.

We’ve already reviewed the Moto X on Verizon, be sure to check it out if you haven’t.

Note:  The VERIZON30 coupon code still appears to work if you’d like to save 30%.

Tip:  If you are buying at full retail, use the Iconic Portal.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Michael and Ryan!

  • AHoL2206

    What does everyone think of it. I went ahead and jumped on a Droid MAXX and figured I’d use my 2 week trial to trade but so far LOVE the battery life!!!

  • Allstar

    LOL you guys are going to love this. I ordered moto x from verizon site as soon as it went live and got it shipped overnight. It came today with an at&t logo branded on the back of the phone!!!!! other than that, seems to work….

  • Thomas Cholette

    I placed my order for one today. The sales rep said I was the only one to order the Moto X since he got in. ):

  • Chris Brown

    Decided to return my DROID Mini to get the X Phone. Didn’t like the back feel. If I’m gonna have a phone for two years or so, I wanted to get a phone I could deal with. I am annoyed with Motorola that they put the headphone jack on the top of the phone…I want it on the bottom!

  • tabbibus

    does the moto X on vzw come with any earbuds whatsoever?


    When someone gets a VZW MotoX can you please confirm if Google Wallet will work on it

  • Ender311

    Lame …. VZW is not offering a 32GB variant. I was ready to give my G’Nex a well deserved rest.

    Hmmm back to the drawing board…..