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Google Keyboard Updated, Brings Long-Press Numbers for Tablet Users and More

google keyboard

Today, Google is sending out an update to the official Google Keyboard application, full of a few new bugfixes and added little features for tablet users. Listed in the changelog is “tuned keyboard layouts” when using some languages, as well as long-press numbers along the top row of tablet layouts.

Nothing major, but it’s an update, which we know you all love. Also, you might see that inside of Google Play there are no buttons to “update” or “uninstall” currently. We don’t know why that is, but Google must be messing around with something inside of the app. 

What’s New:

  • Added long-press numbers to the top row of tablet layouts.
  • Tuned keyboard layouts for some languages.
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements.

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  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Now all I want is extra number row (due to my work typing work ticket, board size, etc where numbers and letters are coming again and again mixed) like in Sammy KB… Till then I have to use AI plus KB…

  • mrjayviper

    how is the “swipe” feature compared to swype’s? thanks

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Google Keyboard is slowly becoming the best keyboard. I use it as my daily.

  • LionStone

    The Google KB is getting better…at least it’s only 2 taps now instead of 3 to save a word. I like that my DNA uses just 1 long press, boom, saved, on to the next word. I certainly welcome this update, and welcome more long press function.

  • DanSan

    ugh, cant sideload it. says there is another package installed with the same name but different signature. really dont want to uninstall and reinstall the keyboard. ill wait for the update to show up

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google KB or Swift Key?

    • panicswhenubered

      Google KB on my N7. SwiftKey on my GNex.

      • George264

        Definitely. SwiftKey on N7 is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous on all tablets.

    • Chris

      Google KB. I bought SwiftKey long ago, but I recently switch to the Google Keyboard and love it way more. The auto-correct isn’t as aggressive, but it corrects my words very well, and it has the built in dictionary too. I love the look of the Google Keyboard way more, and the layout is good too.

      • hkklife

        Agreed 100x. I had transitioned 99% the stock Google KB from Swiftkey and with this update I might as well dump Swiftkey entirely. I actually still use A.I. Type on my GS3 but on both my tablets I am stock Google KB all the way. Next update I would like to see HTC-style arrow keys added by Google for precise cursor control and then it’ll be *perfect*!

        • Chris

          Yeah if they added the arrow keys and then added the option to keep or remove them, that would be awesome. But I actually haven’t used Swiftkey in over a month, and I recently even uninstalled it. I honestly don’t miss it!

  • Thank the lord. My new Nexus 7 was so crippled by not having this. Couldn’t believe they had overlooked it until now.

    • koralroget7yq

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      The ones who know how to properly use apostrophes (and using who vs that) and those who don’t. 😛

  • sirmeili

    “Added long-press numbers to the top row of tablet layouts”

    Thank goodness!! This was one of the most frustrating things about my Nexus7. I knew it couldn’t be a space issue because my phone has a smaller screen, yet had this option! (Verizon Gnex)

  • Mike Hilal

    About bloody time

  • fabiocosta0305

    Still no compatiblity with Brazilian phones

    • KleenDroid

      Of course not.

  • Daniel

    Wait, the Google Keyboard hasn’t had long-pressing for numbers?! Guess I’ve been enjoying Swype for so long I missed that. Imo all tablet keyboards should have an option to just have a number row across the top in portrait and as a number pad in landscape if you want.

    • Inquizitor

      It has had it, but not on the tablet version.

  • mcdonsco

    Wish they would put numbers across the top on mobile phones too…that’s the ONLY thing I do like about Samsung keyboards.

    • CW Larson

      They are for my Bionic using the Google Keyboard…

    • sirmeili

      They are there on my Gnex (stock rom)

    • George264

      What phone are you on?

      • mcdonsco

        Droid maxx (Verizon, but considering leaving so I am currently using a galaxy s4 on tmobile)…why?

        • George264

          Don’t know what’s wrong with your phone, but on the Rezound, DNA, GN, it’s all showing a top row of numbers. And switching to T-Mobile too from Verizon 🙂

          • mcdonsco

            Strange…well on this gs4 it ain’t there and it is updated (double checked play store link).

            How is switch going for you? I have no 4g/LTE at home, but seems fine everywhere else (though it is annoying I dont have it at home cause my yard is an acre and can’t pickup WiFi all over yard…but 1 mile in either direction and I get LTE).

          • George264

            D: That must suck. I live in NYC(so coverage nearly everywhere) and just ordered a N4 to switch. No LTE for me, or no real LTE for me. I’m going to decide for N5 or iPhone 5S when it comes out. Yeah, iPhones are iPhones, but I have an iPhone 5 now and I actually like it a lot. The Moto X seems compelling too, but now I’m just talking ;P

  • T4rd

    I wish I could find a keyboard for my Note 2 that shrinks it to one side of the display for easier one-handed use. I hate Samsung’s keyboard with a passion, but less so than almost dropping my phone when trying to swype across the screen and almost dropping my phone.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Fozzybare

      i have short fingers and i have no issue holding the phone in one hand and swiping across it.

      • T4rd

        I have very short fingers.. I have yet to find another adult male that has smaller hands than me, lol. I can do it without the one-handed mode on, but it’s just a lot more awkward for me.

        • Fozzybare

          my hands arent small overall…my palms are large but my fingers are short. people never believe me until i show them. yet i own a note 2 and all this crap lol.

        • punkroyale

          I don’t know if this helps with small hands/fingers but i use swiftkey and find it pretty easy to type with one hand. Have you given it a try?

    • Tim242

      You can set the Samsung keyboard to one handed use and do exactly what you are wanting to do.

      • T4rd

        Try reading that again. 😉

        • Tim242

          I saw that you don’t like Samsung’s keyboard, but your little boy hands might just have to settle for it. (I have little boy hands too) : )

          • Ryan Ropero

            Its just that . . .

          • I LoL’d for real at this

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’ve had to settle for it the past 8 months, so I’m used to it now. But its swype accuracy is still frustratingly bad sometimes. Not nearly as good as Swype or Google’s keyboard that I was used to on my Gnex. One of the few cons of having a phablet, I suppose.

    • aheiden82

      thumb keyboard, been using it for 2 years and works great

  • sparty569

    Is this much different from the Android Keyboard?

    • Steve B

      Yeah, it’s updated.

  • Alan Paone

    They should bring that down to phones. Its ridiculously helpful on the CM keyboard

    • NexusPhan69

      I was just about to post that the Google keyboard has had it for a long time. Then I read your comment. Hooray for CM!

      • Inquizitor

        You guys are both uninformed; this feature has been available to phones since the beginning (although it’s only the numbers along the top row, unlike the CM keyboard). It was, however, missing from the tablet version until now.

  • Shane Redman


  • TMKvamme

    I have long been curious why there were not long press numbers for tablets.

    • sc0rch3d

      because there are only 10 types of people in this world 😉

      • T4rd

        The one’s that know binary and the one’s that don’t? =p

        • Inquizitor

          The ones who know how to properly use apostrophes (and using who vs that) and those who don’t. 😛