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Sony to Unveil Next-Gen Xperia Z1 Device on September 4


On September 4, Sony is set to take the stage and unveil its latest smartphone achievement, the rumored Xperia Z1 aka Honami device. We have seen leaks and rumors for the Honami for some time, but this is some of the first official looks we are getting at the device. For starters, we see that massive camera sensor along its backside, which is rumored to be 21MP, capable of shooting in 4K. 

And as for other specs, we are expecting the Xperia Z1 to launch with a Snapdragon 800 chip inside, a 5″ 1080p display, 2GB+ of RAM and all the other specs you would expect to see inside of a next-gen smartphone.

The question is, will it ever come to any US carriers besides AT&T? The chances of seeing it on T-Mobile are possible, but Sony’s past with not pursuing the American market heavily leaves us skeptical.

  • Bayron

    I think it has the biggest possibility of coming out on T-Mobile first since the Xperia Z actually came out on in the US on T-Mobile

  • Taglogical

    Still looking for a worthy phone to replace my Bionic on Verizon…

  • Bojan Tomic

    No one is forcing you to record in 4k. It just might be capable. You can always go to settings and choose 1080p, just like on every other phone. Chill.

  • Mel

    sony xperia display screens are too dim for me.Pass

  • DanielP

    “next gen smartphone”?

    Really? now phones are consoles. alright.

  • shecalledmejay

    We will be able to record a whole 5 seconds of 4k lol

    • chris420o

      and not be able to enjoy watching it anywhere!

  • Chase Chick

    So it can shoot in 4k? Great, I’ll have something to watch on the 4k tv that I’m not going to buy. I walked into a Sony Style store the other day in the Dallas Galleria, and they had Blu Rays on sale for 30-40 bucks that were nothing more than 1080p upsampled to 4k. I asked the rep if they were on drugs. Apparently the media industry isn’t learning it’s lesson. They tried to stick 40 dollar 3d blu rays up our butt and that didn’t work out for them. Now they are going to try 4k. Word to these out of touch execs. We aren’t going to pay 30-40 dollars for a movie no matter what. Get real!!

    • Grant Abbott

      3D = Gimmick. 4K = 4 times amount of pixels of 1080P. Not a gimmick, remember just a decade ago everyone was watching 480P videos on their DVD/PS2 or just 15 years ago everyone was watching 480i Videos on their VHS on their Tube TV. Honestly 1080 to 4K is a much bigger change than 480i to 480P.

      • jips


  • JMonkeYJ

    i’ve been loving the Sony designs lately. if they can get their phones to come out in a timely fashion and they are proven to be hackable or have Nexus/GP editions, they would probably be at the top of my phone list.

  • MichaelFranz

    remember the playstation phone on verizon. its possible

    • JoshGroff

      It’s my current Verizon phone. (cheaper to run out the contract than to ETF at this point, but my main line is T-Mobile.)

  • marko358

    I’d consider this on Verizon but we all know they won’t be offering this one.

    • aQuickBit

      I really wanted the Xperia Z on VZW and now that I think about it, you’re probably right 🙁

      • Elliot Kotis

        why….would you be on verizon?

        • aQuickBit

          Because where I’m from they are the only provider truly dedicated to providing me a reliable LTE service. I know everyone hates them (and they do some pretty boneheaded things), but they offer a great service to people out in nowhereland. Most people here want to “stick it to them” because they can do to most likely being close to a major city with options. AT&T is shotty as hell in my area. America is huge and everyone has their own unique situation.

  • Walter Partlo

    And T-mobile will be the first American carrier to get this phone, just in time for a Valentine’s day sale.


    wow…. lets see if this one makes it to the US by 2014…

    • I don’t think I’ve actually seen one of the more recent Sony phones in person. Why do we even talk about them?

      • Sohip

        In my work, I see a lot of customers with phones , and so far I noticed a lot of iPhones and Samsungs, a few lumia phones and only one Xperia phone!.

        But That Xperia phone and the the few Lumias I saw were the best looking.
        I hope Honami would make it to T-mobile, I really do…

        • rebeccaespinoza325

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  • ssl48

    If the bezels were smaller I would want this phone. Why Sony?!

  • Tyler Durden

    That camera will be nice for pictures. Couldn’t care less about 4K. Useless til it’s affordable.

    And maybe fully waterproof now?

    • Charlie R.

      Exactly. Not to mention the insane amount of storage “4k” video would consume.

      • Tyler Durden

        Maybe once the iPhone 5S has 128gb, other OEMs will consider that storage.

      • BenderBendingRodriguez0101001

        Down vote for a perfectly good response? Dang trolls. OEM’s seriously need to up their internal storage since most are not fans of ext SD. Memory capacity is cheap yet they still like to rape us with ridiculous price increases for a 16GB difference. They need to lay down a perfectly solid foundation with large storage options and excellent battery life to handle the processing/memory needs with 4K video.

    • 4K isn’t useless, it will make for much better looking photos taken from still frames of video.

      • Tyler Durden

        Still back to……where are you supposed to enjoy this stuff? Cheap 4K TVs are nasty. And Samsung and Sony are still at $4000 and above

        • Do you think no one notices the difference between 1920×1080 photos and those of higher resolution?

          • Tyler Durden

            What’s the point? You can’t upload it places without it taking forever. Video is useless because you can’t upload it anywhere. YouTube is unreliable.

          • I live in a place that has broadband, so uploading a few hundred meg video only takes a few minutes for me.

        • michael arazan

          And in 8 years they will be $400

      • TheWenger

        Any photo you take that’s over something like 8MP is already technically “4K” already. 4K video is what he’s talking about. That requires a lot of processing and has a large file size. Jack, I mean Tyler’s points are valid.

        • What I’m saying is that any photo you capture from a video will have much higher quality if the video was 4k over 1080p. Sometimes people record video and want to get still frame photos from that video.

          • TheWenger

            Fair enough.

          • Mutomi Sconi

            before that happens they need to start pumping out class 10 128gb microsd cards

    • 1080p video is crap but takes up a ton of storage already. If someone would just improve 1080p, I’d be happy.